Wednesday, July 27, 2011


I am in the midst of being rattled.

It's a battle to be this rattled

I know how to fix this ...

Get away from it all ...

Which is what I am doing tomorrow.

Today is just filled with organizing.

No more battling with this rattling.

Now that was easy.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A little story coming from the woods

Well it's not really from the woods ... I'll just say it is ... cause I'm good like that.

The girl is into DAY 3 of her summer camp volunteering.


It is just the best thing in the world that we have ever decided to do.

She loves it.

It is purposeful honest helping work, and the littler girls just love her. They don't like their leader. Cause he is old. ALL 18 years of him. THATS how old their leader is. AND he is a BOY. Which makes him even more DISLIKEABLE. The Fuss is in charge of smoothing over the girls, and calming the waves of hysteria that are generated with each camp task. She is also a good workhorse ... gathering the requested firewood by BEN the much elder BOY LEADER.

She is hilarious. Listening to her stories ... and best yet .. she gets weekends off. FREE TIME is now a cherished event in this homestead.

In other things:

Jimmy is a lot of work. But when isn't he? Oh .. I know ... when he is sleeping .. but then .. who knows when those hours occur either.

Am currently waiting on ... wait for it ... waiting and waiting ... for a NEW JOB! Yes people .. I have gone out and done it again .. I found a little job that kinda interests me, in only a way that a little job can! I think yet again .. that this is a smart move job ... so I am very much hoping that I will be contacted.

Well .. must move forward with the day. Their are angrybird levels that I must conquer. OK .. not really .. cause I have conquered them all .. just waiting for updates ... actually there are book pages that I must turn. I think I am going to spend every extra waking hour sitting in my yicky sometimes dusty livingroom... reading my books. Cause now I have a basket loaded with them. I will treat them like angrybird levels ... I will not achieve three star status until the last page is turned!

Old meets new

The fellows were playing at Sapperton Days a number of weeks ago ... I'm not really sure what Sapperton Days really are .. but there was/is a caps cycle that has been home to this street for as long as Sapperton has been around .. at least I believe. It's a bit of a street festival where people gather with their sometimes happy, and sometimes not so happy children, eat, get painted on, collect balloons and FREE bags from local businesses, and listen to good music ...
bascially an excuse just to have a small event to welcome in the summer.

It is all good, along with this local band seen in the background.
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Monday, July 04, 2011

Another year ...has left the building.

Thank goodness for good things. More drama and chaos than a bunch of 13 year old girls ... except that it wasn't the thirteen year old girls ... it was a singular sixteen year old.

I am still be fuzzled over the waves that smacked me up side of the head over the last number of months ... clearly I am numb from the events . Interestingly enough while it appears that the Jimmy egged on a number of events that took place in his music program ... that music program is far removed into the community as well. So much so ... that the music program instructor laid claim to an event that happened over the weekend, and questioned certain attendees reason for being there .... the gob smacked former music program students sat there ... and replied ... "because this is a public event, and has nothing to do with school ... which we graduated from LAST year ..." All I can say .. is that I am ever so thankful that "the Jimmy" was nowhere to be found amongst this young group of individuals ... cause that would have been cause for CONSIDERABLE chaos in the next number of years. Luckily JIMMY was stationed at his work place ... for once in his already drama filled life, he was at the right place at the right time. I feel for the guys that the altercation took place with ... cause they were all his bandmates & his manager .. so he would have been right along side of them if it hadn't been for his stressful 4 hour evening shift! Thanks WAL.mart!

In other events news worthy in my life filled with happy humdrum ...

I just drank a mojito for the very first time the other night. ABSOLUTELY incredible. When did alcohol start tasting so good!? Then I had a second one last night. I might even have one again tonight ...

Had to chat to some very very very concerned parents last night. I feel for them. The boy and THAT band are/WERE going to apply to cbc canada and submit an audition to be on the show. They put together a video, an EXCELLENT video .. and after I chatted with the very very very concerned parents I went on line to see what some of the story was ... I had only quickly scanned it the other day ... AND that was when I noticed that the VIDEO couldn't be used. .. thus put them in great jeopardy of not applying for the show ... (WHICH!) is a huge committment ... as in living away from home for 10 weeks ... or MORE!  Anyways ... am still not sure on the details .. or even if they are going to be able to apply ... what a disappointment for all of them ... it would have been an opportunity of a lifetime. DESPITE the fact that the JIMMY would have been in school ... but then so would the other band members, or keeping them from their jobs ... HOWEVER they are young ... and these types of things only come through very few times in a lifetime ... so .. now that the Jimmy is sleeping .. I am not sure what the final decision has been. The issue if over the BASE player .. he has decided to leave the band .. and they made the video ( on Canada Day) with him in it .. and you can not use anybody in the video if they are not applying for the show. WOW .. wished we would have known that then. That said .. it was a difficult decision for the base player to leave the band .. I have a feeling he hasn't quite left yet. SEE ... spiraling sparks of craziness happening when one is least expecting it.

The PIP .. well we found some truly horrific nail polish that tastes like dandelion juice ... guess who has stopped biting their nails now!  She is now moving onto HIGH school ... and will be re-acquainted with her brother inside the same walls of the education system. She will just fly this girl. The right amount of common sense, and a certain drive to do well will see her through. She has her sights set on the choir, (going to CUBA this year!) and getting into the play ... which I have NO doubt she will manage to succeed.

I have been thinking of purchasing some new runners ... just need to get to the location at which to make the purchase ... I ran a 10k last week ... not sure why I decided to do it ... I think it could be the chatter that goes on about "10k". I thought I would try it out for size. I did it before, ten million moons ago, when I was less than half my age now ... and I can still do it. OK yae. I think today I will go out again .. I just haven't figured out where ... I like the track (easy on the joints, and pretty view surrounding you, but BORING going that many circles), I don't mind the roadways around my house (quieter, gives you some scenery, but long and boring), and the dyke is alright .. (but I "run" with music, and you are out there alone, and the rocks get into your shoes ... but the scenery is just that ... SPECTACULAR!) ... not sure what the decision will be .. sometimes it just boils down to convenience .. what's good for me RIGHT NOW. Well .. I will figure that out later .. when I need to make that all important decision!

Must fly .. and make my hair look people friendly.