Wednesday, February 28, 2007

the Pip and I

As I was cruising through the local newspaper articles the other day, I spotted something. It had great interest to me. There was a slideshow presentation at the library. Just try and guess what the pictures were of. You are all a bunch of cracker jacks!!

Bears, bears, and more bears. They were fascinating. The fellow had slides of grizzlies, black bears, KERMODE bears, and polar bears. There were even a few pictures of wolves thrown in for good measure. I am not certain that I would brave his style of bear watching, but I guess it's all what you get used to. He is just more advanced, and carries a bigger lense.

The Pip and I enjoyed it, even if we missed the first hour of American Idol. That's what video machines are for I guess.

She did it!

Last night I asked the Pip to take a shower. After many "no ways" she decided that this one task was not going to bring her life to a crashing halt, and agreed to the torture. For the first time in many sunsets and moon rises that girl of mine washed her hair. Of course it wasn't without her yelling out her only word that comes to mind on all occasions..... "Maaaa-maaaaaaaaa". She wasn't shrieking in defiance, she just wanted me to her hand her the shampoo. That's how she is.

Then, it came to blow drying her hair. Now that is another story. We missed the beginning of American Idol since we were feverishly trying to accomplish drying her almost blondless locks. The end result was a finely dried and perfectly coiffed 9 year old hair do. Then she rested her head on a pillow and screwed up all my handy work!

The stack shrinks

I have a couple hundred pieces of paper floating about. Some of them have hit the floor, in a messy but polite sort of pile. The rest of the paper has been monthly-ized & organized so I can give it to my mother so she can do our taxes. I have a big pink folder that I have squished everything into. Hopefully it wont explode before I get through the back door of her house. That would just be so ugly.

In other things less ugly:

It snowed out again last night. Not a huge amount of the white stuff, but just enough to make it look pretty, and very unspringlike. I want to know how I am supposed to start pulling out shrubs , laying down sand and planting grass seed if it insists on snowing like this!

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Oh ... is that what it is.

The other day I took some frozen fruit out of the freezer. I left it on the counter to let it thaw, and I was going to do great things with it. Yes, I believe very great things. It is still sitting there. I guess great things didnt come it's way. Now I am thinking that I can smell something a bit off in the 1365 square foot rancher. I believe that the bowl of fruit will have to re-incarnate into something greater outside in the food converter.

In other great things that I got to:

I made a blueberry milkshake the other day with vanilla soymilk. It was quite tasty, and I left the rest of it in the fridge, for later. Later never came. The husbandman spotted a large river of purple just about to leap to the next shelf in the refridgerator. He cleaned it all up, and dumped the rest of the river of purple that remained in the blender down the sink. Just my luck.

Things for later:

I will try and create some form of chaos for the husbandman to rescue today. This certainly keeps my level of creativity peaked to ensure adequate response from the silent husbandman.

Monday, February 26, 2007

I was thinking...

I might change the colours of this blog. The New Blogger thingy made me change, I am not sure what I was holding out for, nothing seems different now. BUT.. one thing did catch my eye, and it was the changing of the blog thingy in the bottom right hand corner. Maybe I will change it up a bit... but only a bit...

Oh, and I was thinking about Pip... she is now Pipless.. as in braids. I am wondering what I should call her next. Even her blond hair is fading away to a darker blond. Now I have a mediocre blond pipless child. I think I will go with Shark girl. Yes... I will go and try it out now.... funny, she doesn't seem to be responding.

I missed useless task night with the stalker sister, she called just as I decided & quickly left to go to the Council Meeting. There was a presentation on the Heritage & Cultural Society that this very city does not have. It was a good presentation, but once it was done, I departed, so did the rest of the audience. It is all about saving the 97 year old home & The Wild Duck Inn, which is another part of Port Coquitlam's heritage. None of which the City has any excitement about keeping. It is actually very strange.

I think tomorrow I will come up with new ways to save the planet & make a million dollars in 7 easy steps. Yes, let the synapses beging.

So..... what's for dinner?

Chicken parmesan with penne pasta in a tomato sauce. Very easy to do actually.

I love you Costco.

In other things that have little incidence in life:

I wrote a letter to Oprah the other day. She hasn't got back to me yet. I will wait for her call. I complained about her Colin Cowie episode and the fact that it was RAW-RAW fest about the man. It was embarressing to watch!

I am currently trying to decide on what book I am going to start tonight. I am so glad the Vampire books are through. They were getting a bit tiring, considering that things were always dead and all.

The Pip said something very inspirational yesterday. I was quite impressed. I wish I could remember what she said, it might come to be, but probably not before the end of this post.

I have quit obsessing about my lost pictures. I have to go with the very fact that they are indeed LOST!

I have decided that I need to wake up earlier on Sundays. There is a great vitamin show that takes place about 0530 in the am... and if I could just lie there and listen to what the newsy people are busy telling me, it may be of some worth! Instead I wake up at 0600, and am too stupid to hear what they are telling me between the alarm and my lapses in wake time.

I wish I could find my yearly planner. I have currently lost it. So currently, I am lost. I hope I find it before my next dentist appointment.... I am not sure which will happen first, finding the date book, or realizing the day previous by the reminder phone call.

It's almost time to put dinner in the oven. It sure can be a lot of work pressing the "start" button on the oven. The pressure terrifies me.

In other distracting thoughts:

I have listened to my favourite "Holly holy" about a dozen times now. I am still very much liking it... how about you??? it's a raise your hands in the air and sway kind of song.... it's an over the top american idol show in your own home, quite run really. AND... if you plunk it on your Media Player, you can just keep repeating it over and over again with one click of your favourtie mouse!

I didn't get any pictures of the snow today. I wasn't in an exciting enough location to get the correct shot. The footwear didn't quite work well with the snowfall either.

I have the gas people dropping by in the next week or two to double check where our gas lines are located. I am very much wanting to rip out all of our shrubs and bushes, and other things green that line the front of our house. I am tired of this landscape. It is old and it is boring. Things that I can absolutely identify with. These shrubs are about to go through a mid life crisis, and become evicted from their comfortable resting spots. Hopefully all going well I wont rupture gas lines and have my very own mid life crisis while flying over the homes on the cresent. That wont be pretty.

Speaking of pretty. I did a doubly good job on the haircolouring. I am most impressed with my very natural fake haircolour haircolouring event. HOLLY HOLY on that note~! YAH! ( OK, inside joke on that one... if you have dowloaded the "holly holy" that I keep going on and on and on about.. you would so get the "YAH" part. I trust that you know this).

It feels good to yammer away like this... I haven't yammered in a while. I usually yammer with numbers, as in I have my list of details that I must perform all in the timeline from yesterday. Oh man, I am a yesterday yammerer.

I warned my group members today that I have sent away for some "art therapy" books. Not that I am an art therapist... but I am looking for some art like things to do with the group. It is doubly risky due to the fact that some of the people have lost their dominant hands and must use their adopted dominant hands to participate. I am really thinking of doing some hand painting. I think it would be good. I don't think they would like my "holly holy" song to be blaring, and then having me yell "YAH" when I see great things coming from them. On second thought....

I have now decided that I need an early morning intervention to get my personality cracklin". ( I am now listening to cracklin rosie.... by Mr. Neil Diamond himself.... try it, you'll like it!) Or, maybe some oxygen may help. I just dont synapse, at all. Vitamins and a hot & intoxicating cup of lemon water... that might do something.... Ah, Suddenly I See... that will do it. (Thank you KT Tunstall for helping me out with that one!)

In other things that I see:

I see that it is light out, and it's 6 PM. I like the light, it's refreshing. This is old news, I have written about this before.... but then as KT is busy singing.... "why the hell it means so much to me.... suddenly I see......"

On that note I should go, and float throught the kitchen and clean it up... because now Micheal is singing to me... "save the last dance for me...." besides... dinner is almost ready!

More heat please

The furnace worked splendidly for a week. However, this morning it has slipped back into it's old ways, and is no longer workable. It's clicking and clicking and clicking without kicking in and bringing me heat. Since we live in this huge 1365 square foot rancher, it is rather difficult to get away from the constant clicking, which rates on the EXTREME level on the annoyance scale.

IN current issues of the moment:

It is busily snowing outside at the moment. This frightens me. We have our Stroke Recovery Group today, which will undoubtably be canceled due to the white out conditions. These conditions will stop at the exact moment that the group is about to begin. So for the moment I will make many phone calls to many people who would like to attend the group, but almost maybe kind of wont be able to. RATS!

Friday, February 23, 2007

a little vampire reading.....

I can't tell what order I read them in, I can barely remember the names of them. My friend handed them over to me to read. They were alright, I like them better than the vampire series I read. I didn't even know that I would care for any type of vampire stories... and here I am reading them. Well, now I will move on to my new pile of books that have been stacking up over time!
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so inspired.

The hair needed cutting badly. BADLY I say. I jumped in the shower this morning, threw on clothes and a fresh coat of lipstick & drove the newly hair cutted daughter to school, full of her antibiotics in tow, and away I went to my favourite hair cutter place, where they do no harm, not only to your hair, but to your pocketbook! I am now sporting a shorter version of crazy hair. A grand success to myself I say!

So, I have had some troubles the past number of days. I thought that the haircolour makers had suddenly stopped making my hair colour. I was actually fretful & fearful & in complete dismay. I thought I was going to have to buy a new whole new brand, and a whole new colour and strike out on my own once again into the land of "colouring one-o-one". Interestingly enough my memory contacted my brain at the exact moment I was looking at a new brand, and I realized that the number & branch of hair colour that I was searching for was the one that I quit using last year. "Oh, there's my girl and the matching number over there" I said to myself outloud. Just as I was thanking my brain outloud one of my old neighbours just happened by. She looked up to see the idiot chatting away to herself, and BOOP, it was me.

It's not even 2:00 in the afternoon and I am cut and coloured all in one day. OH MY GOD! I am truly the pokiest person around when it comes to cutting and colouring. BUT not today... hmm, I will now go and unveil the towel on my head and see what the colour is that I actually came up with...


The Hair will be donated to EVA & Co. It is a local outfit based in Vancouver where it makes free wigs for kids for BC Children's Hospital. That was 2 years of growth that was snipped and 12 inches donated. That a girl PIP!
It's kind of sad that Britney Spears could not have had this revelation last week.
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Monday, February 19, 2007

Read the signs... if you can !

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The Puff of Pink

The Pink Puffball, of course with all her drably clad entourage in the background.
The stalker sisters children with the boy.
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Fourth Year

The kids had a Pro-D on Friday. We have managed to visit White Rock for the fourth year in a row. Pretty good really, considering it is the same time every year in February, and we have managed to do an outside activity each time, and we live on the "wet" coast. Todays weather: RAIN! We lucked out again.
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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Some things are working...

I got my computer back yesterday. I took it away to have the pictures files retrieved. I have about 30,000 photos to work through. I don't have actually 30,000 photos, BUT any picture that my computer looked at was retrieved. I can't figure out why it brought some photos, and left out a whole whack of others. I can not connect the files to get them to open. I have 650 files in the Kodak Easyshare, which I can see, but I can do nothing to retrieve them. Well, I have to be happy that I have had some restored... like these oldies! Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Look out.. it's Wednesday

I am enjoying waking up in the mornings. I have various reasons, mainly of which I believe I am better off awake than I am asleep.

I think I know where all my headaches are coming from: I clench my teeth so hard that the pain in my face wakes me up.

In other reasons... I was busy having a dream, and I was at work, outside of one of the patients doorways, when I heard this woman call out "I think I am falling".. so I peeked my head into the doorway, and sure enough her hands were clenched on for dear life to the short end of a bedside table. The dream had two endings, one of which I slid a chair behind her knees and said fall, and the other ending was I had no chair, but walked up next to her and let her slide to the floor, by this point she looked to be unresponsive. "Shit" I said, and left to find someone that would be more willing to help her now than me.

In things gone awry:

I got a new AIRMILES mastercard in the mail yesterday. I didn't ask for one, and my current one had not expired. It was stuck to a very official note claiming that somehow my card had been compromised, but it was clearly not Mastercards fault. It didn't say anything about extensions in limits or lower interest rates, things that I really care about.

The Pip wanted to start knitting last night. Well we started, of course the yarn that we had needed to be rolled into a ball, which we promptly screwed up immediately. That took quite a while to disentangle, the whole while the Pip just talked and talked and talked and talked. I believe it was enjoyable, and I wasn't sure if that was the reason that my headache had come to light once again, or the ball of wool was just pissing me off that much. We started our casting on. The Pip sat right next to me, watching intently, and checking the book for any errors in my ways of casting on. After casting on for about 10 stitches, and only coming up with 4, I announced that her first knitting lesson was over. I told her that perhaps tomorrow when mommy gets her thinking brain back we should have more success, and move onto actually making it up to 10 stitches to work with. She was overjoyed with her first knitting lesson. I had some Tylenol.

There will be more stories... I just know it!

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Tuesday tales...

The adventuring continues... perhaps I will drag my camera out and about with me, and take some photos of the details. Of course that is if you want to see pictures of inside grocery stores and other useless tasks of the day.

Things that I really want to do...

GO BUY SAND! Yes, bags of sand. I have a very bad section of lawn that is in dire need of some attention to the moss problem. I am going to peel back the carpet of moss and replace it with sand.

I would like to dig out a tree/bush that has fallen over in the front yard. I would like it gone! (And not the chincy cherry tree that I have complained about before) I think I have to wait for the weather to warm up a tad to do that... but we are heading into the spring season... so I am just itching to get going!

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Sunday night song report..

I Don't Feel Like Dancing... The Scissor Sisters.

It's my very latest love filled limewire download.

Oh god it's soooo goood!

Well, except for a brief synthesizer thing in the middle of the song, I think I really like the laser sounding beams that flash through the song. Somedays I could just be so twenty again.

West coast amazons

Some left standing
others crashed to the ground
some almost turned into butterflies
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One more makes three

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Two out of the tree isn't bad

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The latest events...

I have been battling a headache all weekend. Tylenol ES Easy Swallow has been my best friend. I think I got it the other night, Thursday evening, while in the middle of scrapbooking. (Funny enough... I am still the glueless scrapbooker....)Hmmm.... I was just sipping on the red wine, and BOOM I felt it start up.

OK, someone ... please tell me that you have Limewired some Neil Diamond music... "I am I said", "Holly Holy"...... come on, just tell me you have... even the lovely 12 year old know it all Hamsterson listens to Neil.... if only by accident!! It will empower you.... OK, get back to me.

I am currently very underpaid in my little weekend job. Yes I am. Or perhaps I need to quit doing so much.

OH.. and that boy of mine is a walking songbook. I like him for that. It is most convenient when it comes to downloading music, without a clue of what the artist or the title is.

AND... if that little catdog of ours could talk, she would have talked tonight... I let her out of her so-not-cat-like but very-much-required-to-save-her-life-cage earlier... and she ran amuck in the house, and then out of the house, and then back in the house, then ate her dinner, then ran around some more, then crashed into the computer desk, then went bananas when I asked her if she needed out again. I swear she was going to talk to me. Then I let her out where I stood and watched her run in circles. She is quite the little catdog german shepherd.

If I could crank the music on my speakers any louder I would. So, who has downloaded "Holly Holy" yet... ??? Just try and tell me that this music doesn't reach down to your soul and doesn't touch you... JUST TRY IT!!!!

Clearly my Tylenol has taken effect.

Friday, February 02, 2007

The Music Machine.

I need to take my computer away, and get the little picture problem taken care of. Two years of pictures are currently floating about in the "tower", and I can not find them. I am having some problems with taking apart all of the cords and mayhem that exists behind a computer terminal.

You see, it's all about the music. I can't help it. I have built my lists of music, of course right now being mostly Neil Diamond, (which I have to admit was Russ's favourite music of the time), so I am having a hard time giving up the thought of going a day without Neil. Oh, I most certainly have a CD player, but it doesn't work like the computer works. This computer of mine is right hot when it comes to playing music. It's almost like Nick off of CSI, but in an inanimate way.

Celebration of sorts.

The stalker sister, my wisdom filled brother, my crazy pull tab sister in law, and the mother that leads us all astray and I went out for lunch today. We all had a toast to Russ (aka our dad, and husband). Mind you, I didn't drink beer, as I never drink beer, but Russ always did.

Cheers to an interesting character that helped shape who I am to this day. I learned many lessons from him in my younger years, and interestingly it was his own predicaments that he found himself in that helped me to learn what not to do in life. His life lessons were based on pure practice, and little theory.

I miss his practical jokes, humerous antics and kinda sorta crooked smile. I miss other things, but that will wreck the happy celebration of sorts.

Excuse number three thousand and seven

It's Friday. On Fridays I generally try and come up with some sort of perfect reason why I can not possibly go to work on the Saturday. I think hard and I think long, but it seems that on most occasions I do not have much success, and I end up going to work as usual. I haven't quite figured out I go through obsessive thought process, I guess I am looking for the ultimate reason for getting a day off.

Life can be so challenging sometimes.

I should be doing....



More than this.


Neil Diamond is cranked.

So is KT Tunstall.

It's hard being quirky.

Some days it takes more work,

than just being normal.

I bought my MIL a birthday gift....

What do you give somebody that has everything?

And can't eat sugar?

I guess I will go and collect my equally strange daughter from swimming then.

Another day of BLUE!

The day is beginning to emerge, and so are the brilliant colours of the day. I do see some cloud formation, but it is nothing that I am highly offended over. The blueness excites me!

In other things that don't really have me excited, but are worthy of mention:

The boys dry sense of humour has taken another dip towards the desert. He says to me this morning: Wow, you seem to like that song (KT Tunstall - Suddenly I see) as I have heard it now 10 times over, how many times did you try and listen to it quietly before you cranked it, or did you just stay up all night listening to it over and over again?

That boy.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

The next cause on the agenda...

There is a 97 year old house that sits on the other side of town. It is slated for demolition since the people that own it do not find it useful any longer. They are considering replicating that style of home, but making it far more functional for the clients they serve.

I believe I am getting a twitch in my eye again.

I am now hunting for email addresses of our local council. It is such a shame that the culture and history of this city lies in the hands of a society that deems the structure as unsuitable.

A heritage home was torn down last year due to property development. The 97 year old structure will soon see the same fate, and the city doesn't have any bylaws to put a stop to it.

Soon the heritage and cultural society will have to discontinue their "heritage walks", and make it a slide show event, as there will not be any more homes to walk past and observe.