Saturday, March 31, 2007

Lights out Charlie!

The wonderful and loveable computer mouse & monitor quit working yesterday. I was traumatized.. and so was the boy. We have immediately put ourselves into counselling & were considering seeking drug therapy for the duration of the computer downtime.

But alas, the screen has come back, and the mouse has stopped quivering. All is right in our world, and the pills will stay put on a shelf for another close call sort of day. I can resume my senseless writing skills, and the boy can carry on building his animated stick man show.

It's all good out here now. That is all about to change, as I begin to herd the children close to their beds. There is no such thing as early to bed on a Saturday night.

I think I have decided that I wished I worked every second weekend. That is a nice plan. You kind of work, but then you don't. And it just continues that way until you take a weekend off, and then you are gone for three weeks. This is a very pretty picture!

Must go turn lights out and hear children shriek... it should be fun!

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Photos from the spring shower break!

Mr. Pickaspat told me the other day that he had taken some of his worst pictures ever the day we went to the aquarium. I told him that I had suffered the same fate. I guess we can't have good camera days everyday, although I believe there shouldn't be such a thing. I mamanged to get a shot of the jellyfish thingys. I must have snapped 10 pictures or so trying to get a complete dolphin in the frame. The picture of the boy wasn't so great, so I cropped it and kept his reflection, it is interesting to look at. I also found a rare breed of puffer fish that wears pink, has crossed eyes, and lives on land.
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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

At last.. I've made it!

I tell ya.... I don't know where some days go. They just get lost in the day. Today was exactly one of those days.

So just to serve as a reminder, I am once again going to nominate myself for one of those that WILL NOT be chosen for the amazing race, as I am truly not a contestant in any way, shape or form.

I was going to have a cider when I got home, but decided on some boring crackers, and the herb & garlic creamcheese spread.

Earlier this evening I was downtown Vancouver in some fancy old office building. The outside of the office was fancy, the hallway was fancy, the marble steps were very fancy, however the actual office was very unfancy. Right down to the old office chairs. I was almost door challenged when it came to entering the magical unlocking doors.

Prior to entering the building we had to park the car. It took me forever to deposit the coins into the meter, so long that the person that I was with began to think that I had ditched him on the street corner, and taken off with his car. I had to stare at the meter for a while to try and figure out what it was telling me to do. The words and pictures didn't add up, so I left that meter for another. After a huge amount of meter one OH! one, I finally figured out the meter plugging. I knew it was time to stop feeding the meter when it would no longer accept coins.

It was very lucky that I had any coins to put in the meter. I left the house with no credit card, but a useless credit card, and some quarters. As I was heading to my destination for pick up I realized that I needed some money. It is so handy that the stalker sister lives so close to the new route that I use. I called her up, told her to get some money ready, and sure enough she did. It was quite the "new age" of drive-thrus: call, ask for money, meet person at end of driveway, they hand you money, continue turning around in the cul de sac, wave good bye to money hand off person, who on this night was the stalker sister. I didn't even have banking fees attached to this transaction~!

Prior to calling the stalker sister for coins, I was busily making some pasta for the chicklets. Yes yes, the skills are extrodinaire, I will politely gesture a nod of the head. While doing some very fancy water boiling I was folding laundry, fixing the messy kitchen details, curling the crazily bad hair locks, brushing up the teeth with another swish of peroxide, & re-applying the non stop lipstick with a top coat of non stop lipstick. It all had to be done at once.

I had talked to the stalker sister earlier in the afternoon as I had to recount the events of the walk in clinic visit. It was Miss Pip, and she had hurt her foot while doing gymnastics. "What! .. the Pip was once a gymnast... how could she have jumped and fallen and hurt her foot... this is completely impossible!" Yes, completely impossible that she was a gymnast; falling and hurting her foot was completely believable. When I did eventually get to the school to pick her up, sure enough, it was swollen and all damaged looking. That Pip!

I had fully intended on working in the yard earlier this morning. Then I called my mom. She quickly found other plans for us. I told her I was on a time line, and had great feats to accomplish, ok attempt, well, how about just think about, ok I will settle with strike that off the list for another day.... needless to say we were busy!

It was my fault really that I became all too busy with my mother. I had a dentist appointment right at 9:00. I thought they were going to be freezing and fixing something as they normally do, but that wasn't what they were up to, and I was out of the dentist in about 25 minutes. Lucky me. I will not feel so lucky in April when I go back for the F & F.

I was sad waking up this morning. I was sad to note that I was not able to walk to school because of the foolish time that I had made the dentist appointment. So the Pip had to be escorted via the Mazda 5, but that was probably a good thing, since we made it to school at about 8:59 1/2. I did notice her run to her class today. She actually ran. Ran like a normal person. Ran like a girl that didn't have to think about where she was going to plant her feet kind of running. The kind of running that adds colour to faces, and a ploom of messy hair, and a sense of accomplishment when the run is done. I think it was my first time experiencing that. I believe I held up traffic in the round about I was so transfixed on the Pip's form. That put a smile on my face.

For the last two days I have gotten a tiny bit smart. I have slapped the Pip's sandwich together, as I make the boys sandwich. It was quite a revelation to build the sandwiches at the same time, but I was glad that the light came on when it did... you know the saying.. better late than never!

The alarm didn't go off, and I tapped the quietly snoring husbandman on the shoulder and reminded him it was only Tuesday. It was 6:47. I asked for the remote. The morning news always captures my groggy attention, with the constant weather and traffic reports, it is very easy to fall back into a slumber, and not even realize that you have missed three traffic reports in that time.

And that is the day... I wont bother to mention the other piles of laundry, the scattered paper work, the laundry put away procedure, the chat with the lovely hamsterson & the breakfast builder sandwich and the super coiffe all for the boy this morning. I will mention none of that,... I am done!


The sun has come out to show it's shimmery face... just in time for the chicklets to head back to school. That's alright because the world is a happier place now that it has quit raining. That is right, the people around these parts are a tad bit peppier now that we are not faced with pelting rain holding us down.

Yae for us!

In other things... well, that is just going to have to wait... remember I am boring! At the moment I am dealing with a time issue....

Saturday, March 24, 2007

What little sisters do...

Little Pipster stealing her way into the den, while her brother sleeps. The beloved blanket not too far away, her cat blanket behind her, and a concentration face a mile long.
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I think it might be raining outside

That has been the constant statement for the past five days now; however, for the has stopped. In the two minutes that it took me to lookup the official use of a semi colon, the first statement has made me a complete liar. It is raining harder so that it is now bouncing up from the ugly back deck.

In other non news worthy events:

We went to go and see the "wild hogs" yesterday. It was a good movie for the kids to see. Yes, there was a bit of language, and we had to view a mans naked bottom. But as far as I know that is one part of the anatomy that does not cause me to hide my eyes. I even enjoyed watching it. I have to admit when I take to the kids to see their token semi annual movie that usually the adult is charged twice the price, for 1/8th the viewing pleasure, this one rated pretty good on that scale.

The chincy blooming japanese plum tree is out in full bloom. It is quite ugly. A couple blooms here, a couple of blooms there.. it is nothing to look at. The japanese plum trees were cheated in their creative evolution process, and we are now hostages to the squint inducing blooms that it produces every year.

I tried to poison the handsome son last night. I made a taco salad, which I added a mild salsa to the hamburger, that had diced tomatoes in it, and onions ( oh the horror!), he picked at a couple pieces of lettuce, and a piece of meat, and couldn't possibly eat another bite. This type of behaviour has never changed since he was a little guy. He has never eaten food that appeared out of sorts in any way, shape or form. I am not worried, one day he'll realize that he will enjoy the food items that are given to him.

In other forms of cruetly bestowed upon the hamsterson; I took him for a hair cut. He looks a lot better, although he is complaining that we can see his ears. I have tried to explain to him that we have always been able to see his ears, it has just been lately that we haven't been able to. That poor boy.

I have seen what it's like here in the Saturday morning adventures of the little family. The Pipster walked up to me and asked if she could have her regular Saturday morning breakfast. She was prepared to start her smore preparation when I cracked down on that routine. She diligently ate some oatmeal, but has now completed her task of warming her marshmellows while I was distracted by the phone. Even the husbandman asked me what was wrong with me not letting the chickster Pipster have her regular saturday morning bizarrefest breakfast!

Well, I just looked outside... I believe the word is no longer rain, but PISSING out!

Friday, March 23, 2007

Saved by the phonecall....

My hysterically funny friend Shelly called me yesterday. Not the chicken farmers wife Shelly, this girl is way too much funnier. The two of us are chatting up a storm, about nothing, because we are good at that. The topic moved to movies. They had just seen the movie that we are going to see this afternoon. She told me to bring a tiss-you.

Huh? I said.... "is this movie sad?"

"Well, you might not want to bring just one tiss-you" the now serious Shelly said to me.

So there you have it... what do I despise a great deal?? To pay big money to sit in a dark place, eat popcorn and sob. No thanks.

It all makes sense to me now.. that lovely Hamsterson of mine said he was not interested in seeing the sad movie, which he did not tell me it was sad at all. He just claimed that they had read the book in class, but made no effort to tell me it was sad! Now, that boy of mine has lead me downthe right path of choice making with the great movie title of "wild hogs". Now this is extreme badness at it's best! I am sure we will laugh though!

Thursday, March 22, 2007

More for a Thursday:

I can't believe that this "spring break" is almost over. The week has shot by so fast that it has happened in a blur. I have enjoyed the fact that the regular duties of the days have been all jumbled up, and I have been doing other stuff that I wouldn't normally do.

I did manage to get mounds and mounds of laundry done. The washer and dryer spent the whole day humming and spinning behind our french doors in the beautiful laundryroom. The final load was put to rest when it came time for the "catdog" to go her "beddy", and her wicker basket full of comforters and mattress pads were clean, fresh and warm for her to curl up in.

I think I even managed to clean out some of the boys closet, my closet, and the girls floor. It was incredible really, and to think that earlier in the day I had gone on the "mission impossible" drive with the little lady chickster. It was funny to watch her sitting all the way at the back of the Mazda 5. I think if she could have worn a sparkly crown and donned white gloves, it would have been more her style, but then the vehicle would have had to been a "rolls royce" or something.

I was thrilled to hear from a friend earlier today. I will have to say she was the blame for me not buying my new mop today. I need a new mop, and was prepared to purchase it before I went to the group this afternoon... but then her and I started chatting, and that was that. I should have bought a new mop when the Pickaspats and us went to the PNE earlier in the summer. I just knew that I would have wanted a new mop for this year... and now that PNE mop is failing, I can't wait until August to purchase a new one. I am not certain if we will go to the PNE this year, as the PIP is really wanting to ride the roller coaster over and over again.. so I might just bite the bullet and purchase a "Playland" ride pass for a day, and fill her wishes that way... it's still early into the year... these thoughts could change at random!

I was thinking about a cleaning lady... I mean the chicken farmers wife has a cleaning lady, and up until this year she didn't work ... or work in the real sense of leaving the home for many hours and that sort of crap. One of my Kim friends has a cleaning lady now. She was rather cheerful when I talked to her on Saturday about her non-duties that she didn't have to perform, and instead was colouring easter eggs with her boy. I am really in love with the "cleaning lady" thing. I was even reading a blog earlier about how someone needed something cleaned in her own home, and the cleaning staff wasn't available to her. Now how inconvenient is that, to have to actually clean something in your own home, because 'someone' wasn't available! I wish for that irksome moment anytime. "Random cleaning!" As I continued to think about a cleaning lady, a great thought came to mind... I have children... I have aging children... I have aging children that wish for things.. I have aging children that wish for things, but really do not have any money... So then.. I wished for my aging children to start making some money by doing some "things" around here to earn money.. I think I already have the schedule half planned in my head.... see, I may have memory issues, but I believe that my mind is still brilliant... cough cough cough.... so what this really means is a cheaper version of a cleaning lady when she is in a pissy mood so she only does a half ass job. Not bad really, because the employer isn't going to be paying any shit hot wages! (They will never know... he he he he eh he he he hehe he he).

The Pip and I went to the mall earlier today. We found some good deals. Of course the boy felt very cheated that the Pip came home with three pairs of shoes, toys, and a picture of her and I. The boy left this house knowing full well where we were going, but instead chose to leave and run to the neighbours house, and when I yelled for him, the door slammed. I was of half the mind to not bother dropping off a key, but thought better of that, since the family next door just may kick him out, and there he would be sitting on our rain soaked front porch... hmmmm. Anyways, he was pulling some hugely sad face, when I cut it short telling him that we had to actually hunt for his new bedding, and spend time trying on all kinds of runners for her. It was no picnic, well except for the part when her and I ate some sushi and shared an iced tea, and wondered through that evil empire of sweetly sickly happiness of build a bear... and I told him I probably would have found some poor soul to cut his rooster head of hair anyways. He was silent after that.

It's odd to be sitting here at this time of night, as we are usually engrossed with the show that nobody admits they watch (survivor), or more importantly.. I am scrapbooking with the Debbies.

On that thought.. scrapbooking.... as I was going through my very full closet yesterday, I was once again storing all kinds of cards, and trinkets for some sort of memory box. A lot of this stuff can be pasted onto pages and stuffed in an album. I need to find an album that I can just paste stuff into... because, that way when I am maybe two years older than I am now, I can look at the thank you notes, and the pictures of peoples children, and be able to re-live memories. I have oodles of christmas cards that are far to personable (home made) or pretty just to toss away. I must keep them... keep most of them... keep some of them... keep a couple maybe... but anyways... I was thinking about all the piles of STUFF that I have accumulated in the closet, and it would be appreciated much more on a shelf, stuffed in a book, where the dust only collects on the edges of the shelves.. I mean, ever since I build the husbandman the "dead dog album", I look at pictures of our "evil queen" way more than when I did when they were in a tiny album.

So that is it... I think, I could still be back, or not, as the boy has happened to come along and wishes to control this space now.

Here is it Thursday...

And what do I have?

Health & Happiness. It's plain and simple.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Todays Mission

Well, we finally did it. That Pip of mine has been asking me for weeks upon weeks to drive out to Mission. I am not entirely sure what the complete mission was, other than the drive, and the hopes for lunch somewhere. We were able to accomplish both, and also included a tank of gas for 97 cents a litre. Not bad considering even Costco has it 103.4 at the moment & the gas stations are even higher.

I know for a fact

That I actually SAW my post from yesterday. I saw it on my blog. It was really boring. Perhaps it was that boring that it disappeared into the no mans boring land. I know I saw it! I know it, because it was boringly humorous, in a boring sort of way. I can not recreate that type of boring humour, it was near almost impossible the first time, the second time would clearly be hugely impossible.

In a memory that is failing by the moment it is troubling to think that bloggers memory is fading too. This is not a good combination.

Wait a minute..... that post was from the day previous.... see I knew I had seen it! It was hidden under March 19ths date. I am in deep deep trouble. I remember typing yesterday... it was an email to the Auzzie visitors!... must. get. to. vitamin. cupboard. now.

Monday, March 19, 2007

That was quick, I am back.

This would be about the same time that I get down to working and organizing my group for the day. I am back on schedule, including doing laundry details.

I have decided that I am extremely boring. Even the book that I am reading that might be funny, is really boring. I have to keep reading it, as one of my Kim friends has told me that it is a vile act to quit reading a book that you have committed yourself to. If I really wanted to get crazy, I could just give the book away, with the bookmark two thirds of the way through! What an accomplishment!

I even asked the husbandman some questions the other night. It was all about a new job that I had found. I asked him what he thought... any thoughts.... helloo......knock, knock... anything... anything..... The peanut gallery remained silent. CCCHHHHEEEEEE-sus!!!!!! So, am I that boring that the husbandman doesn't even speak. I guess I have to take into account hockey was on, and he never really talks anyways. What was I thinking!

In an effort to perk up my smile I have bought a new bottle of hydrogen peroxide. The sister told me that she has been swishing for a while, and she appears to still be alive, I thought I would chance it, and do the same. I was using the more conservative method of pouring the hydrogen peroxide over the toothbrush and cleaning the teeth individually. Now I am just into chugging, and if I happen to spit.. well BONUS!

The very fact that green waste is back up and running in the city has excited me. With that thought... GREEN WASTE excites me should really say something about myself. How much more boring am I going to get? I am completely thrilled with the very thought of picking up sticks and branches and clutter and other earth elements and cramming them in a green waste container. Perhaps since I am very excited about it, I should get the larger version green waste container, maybe all my dreams will come true.

In other things that are excting:

The kitchen is looking great, it's all renovated, and modern and clean, and sparkly, and matching, and a nice environment to be in. I don't even have dust anymore! It's just too bad that the molten laval rock has grown up from the earth and is smoldering away, and causing a huge eyesore once again.

That was my dream that I woke up from this morning. This is seriously boring stuff people... must go create an exciting reality now.

I found it, a posting template.

Hello big world out there, I have found my space once again. I can't figure out why myself, the 'queen of impatience' insists on waiting around some days for this blog to load. It is freakishly slow, and in that time that I hover and wait I start to think of many things that I should be doing.

This morning I haven't had many tasks so far.

I haven't:
  • asked anyone to get up
  • told anyone to hurry
  • asked mind warping questions like "where is your backpack?"
  • reminded anyone to pack swimming gear & goggles
  • driven anywhere
  • brushed anyones hair
  • helped find a coat
  • loaded up lunches
  • told the catdog to be good and not get into things
  • heard a bell ring at 9:00

Clearly this must be spring break. And,.... as I am officially eight minutes into it, I have been enjoying myself immensely. Mind you, I only have one little soul awake so far, all should be quiet for a while.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Finding my own colour

This is my favourite tree in the forest. Look at the roots of this elegant giant. My photos do not do it justice!

Here's another of the little red bridge. Once again I was feeling the need to be saturated with colour!
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I have a little surprise

for the children......

I think in the next five minutes I am going into each of their rooms and pick up everything off their floors and put it in a big plastic bag on their beds. I will add a bow to each of them for good measure.

The boys will be far easier than the girls. The maximum crap allowance for his bag will be the hoards of DVD's, and magazines that he has collected. I will throw in the tidbits of garbage that he insists on not picking up, and the floating underwear and socks just to keep it interesting.

The girls will be trickier. She has to be exempt by the boxes that house things underneath her bed... AND, the fact that she has just set up another play area with her ten million plastic toys. Everything else will be sitting on the bed when she gets home.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

List time:

I am thinking in fragments at the moment. The best way to get around fragmented thoughts is to put a number in front of them. What an idea!
  1. I want to know where the morning goes when one starts it at 5:25 in the morning? I am still not showered or dressed, no lunches made, and it's 7:30.
  2. I was most pleased yesterday with the handsome son in his swimming. He was hot on the tail of the superstar swimmer. I was pleased with his efforts to keep up with the pace.
  3. I braved the clock last night and had a glass of wine at 9:30. Now I am not sure what the deal is on that thought. I think it has something to do with if I have a drink in the evening, it is usually around 7:30ish, but I never randomly drink much later, unless of course I have started earlier, and haven't really stopped, then it's totally ligite!
  4. Somedays the brain just hurts with all the rules that I randomly come up with.
  5. Yesterday at the group a photographer came by, he borrowed my pen, and then he gave me his to use. I couldn't use it. I asked him for my pen back, because along with rules, I also have a certain love of pens, all my pens. I think it is an OCD thing sparkling through!
  6. I am uncertain whether American Idol will be on tonight. This might be a good thing. I told the PIP that I would like her to wash her hair. This could be the deal clincher on not getting it done.
  7. Yesterday that PIP of mine sniffed out her friend down the street! I can't tell for certain how she was able to do that. One moment she was in the backyard playing with the crazy cat dog, and the next moment she was screaming through the kitchen that her friend was in the driveway, and she would not be returning any time soon.
  8. I was out walking in circles again last night. It was an enjoyable time, until I got bored, and quit. Perhaps the stalker sister will join me for some circular walking time a little later. I will start sending telepathic thoughts now.
  9. I am hoping to do some big things today... as in phone calls, laundry advancement... ha ha hah, I don't think there is such a thing.
  10. I think I was supposed to write a list here, now I must construct a new list for todays real adventures.

Monday, March 12, 2007

One lunch too many

Last week I had the opportunity to ride the bus with a bunch of grade sixers. WE went down to the CN Imax for some educational movie time, and a cruise through "historic" gastown. It was quite the educational experience, for many of us.

I got to be the parent that sat at the front of the bus and quietly did her Soduko (on the way home). I very much was happy with my diversion. I did chat with some women on the way down, but I believe I scared them for the return trip, hence the happy Soduko book.

The day went good enough. I thought it was highly disorganized, but other people seemed to know what they were doing, and carried on doing things. That boy of mine did ask me why I got on the wrong bus, but I didn't think I was on the wrong bus...I just followed along with one of the familiar teachers.

I had packed the boy a sandwich and a banana, and the same for myself. What I didn't know was that we would be visiting the foodfair across from Canada Place. The boy was quite happy to learn that I had brought my debit card, which meant that packed lunch would stay put. I was ultimately happy that I was able to purchase a lovely cup of Tim Hortons.

While I was quietly eating in the big food fair area, and happily doing my Soduko, along came a scruffy stranger. She wanted money, I gave her a banana, smiled and wished her luck. The boys pack of friends sat and stared wide eyed. They wanted to know what I was doing. The boy replied that I was feeding people because they asked for money. My boy smiled at me, as the eating boys wondered about feeding people bananas in food fairs.

A while later we were wondering through Gastown looking at stuff. (We were supposed to be looking at the architecture, but oddly enough all the tourists shops were the main attraction!) The group of five boys had merged with a group of five girls, the planets were in total alignment! We had stopped to let someone have a bathroom break, and as I stood there uselessly waiting I spotted another person looking for some lunch. This time I had to chase them down. I crossed the street, and tried to catch up to the fellow, but the down and outer had too much of a head start, and I was losing my pack of kids that were now sitting outside of the sandwich shop "subway". I had to just let it go that I couldn't feed the world today in one outing, but as luck would have it, I passed a garbage can, and a man busily looking for pop cans. He had just found a sandwich that had been tossed, when I handed him over the lunch bag with a fresh sandwich and a banana ... mission accomplished.

The boy had a lot of explaining to do to his pack of friends waiting outside of the sandwich shop.


So it has rained pretty steady over the past number of days, with yesterday concluding the festival with pounding rain. As I was driving home yesterday evening I crossed a number of hoses that were being drained from people's basements. My friend down the street had computer equipment learning to swim in their basement. ICK! We had a swimming pool welling up in our back yard, but it seems that the trampoline stood it's ground and claimed it trampoline territory only.

Now the wind has picked up. I guess the next fear is wet roots leaving their groundling nesting spots, as we have witnessed here over the past number of months.
Stanley Park

I have noticed one little treasure to the eye, and that is the deciduous trees taking on pink and green hues as their leaves are just about to emerge for the season. This time of year always excites me.

Oh, and I noticed last week that the great blue heron nests had survived the winter storms, and what looked to be empty nests last week are actually full of baby blue herons. I saw perched on top of their nests on my way to work in the early morning WET!

Stanley Park

soft shoe gentle sway

Some lines from the scissor sisters.

It will have to get me reving this morning, and the girl.

Time now is 8:32 am.

I have been awake since much earlier... but I haven't accomplished early morning tasks to get me ready for the day. Although I did take out the recyling container, made some coffee, and wrote an email (the downfall!), drove the boy to school and hunted for some money to give him.

Must go wake sleeping beauty, and redo the events.

Friday, March 09, 2007

Neil, Micheal & the Scissor Sisters.

I have taken the chicklets to their respective places of opportunity and advancement for a Friday afternoon. Now it's just me and the computer and my music to keep me rocking for the 45 minutes that I will spend her quickly doing things before I go and start gathering them up again.

I live this life every Friday afternoon starting at 3:00 PM.


Thursday, March 08, 2007

The New Blue

This is my mom's new dog, Bacardi.
She had to put her wonderful and lovely perfectly soft and blond lab "Blue" down back in November. She was distraught over it. It was hugely sad, but it was also hugely kind that she put had the power and the love and the courage to say good bye to a very short lived friendship ( He was 8 when she got him). Out of absolute kindness to her companion she said goodbye. She wanted to go out and get another dog right away, but I cautioned her, and suggested that she wait for a dog to come her way. I knew it would, I just didn't know when. She made phone calls and talked to people, but a dog just didn't appear. I kept saying to her... "when the time is right, one will walk right into your life"... and it did just that. Bacardi comes from a great home, he is two years old, and is supposed to be a Golden Retriever, even though he currently gets lost sitting in front of her kitchen cupboards. The previous owner had to give him away simply due to life circumstances. I think from the very second he entered her kitchen he was in love with her. If I could have gotten him to look at the camera for more than three seconds, you would be able to see his face. But of course my mom was standing over to my right. The tail doesn't stop wagging either, especially when she is around.

This is it for tonight

I heard the boy clicking away earlier. He was busily doing something on the computer, which didn't appear to be building his slide shows. It was getting late so I asked him what he was up to. He told me that he had searched for the words to its a "Mad World", and had retyped them into a larger font. Things became silent for a while after that, but I could still hear him moving about, with the printer just slighly humming above the quiet. I have to love that HP! Just when I thought he had taken the words on paper and snuck away to his bedroom I managed to pick up the slightest sounds. It was his voice, singing the words to "Mad World", with the piano tune in the background.

He demonstrated to me the other night that he could play the song with his right hand, and then sat there and plucked out the words from his head and sang the song. I was impressed with his ability to place words and music together.

He has practiced quite a number of times since last week, and now can play the song with both hands, including the pedal. It sounds quite good. But when he started singing, it really came alive. I was filled with a huge amount of happiness to sit and listen to him play.

It was just a couple of weeks back when I told him to tell his piano teacher that TODAY (whenever that date was) would be his last lesson. I wasn't wasting money any longer on something that gave me a rather large headache, as I manage to fall upon headaches without the aide of him. That said, I knew deep down in my heart that it would take just one song to get his attention, and he could fly with it.

I think he has taken flight. I hope he can keep his momentum.

See his eyes, while we still can.

Monday, March 05, 2007

"The Producers"

My mom and I went to see this the other day. It was very good, and definitely a different kind of show. It made me laugh, but not the type of laughter that leaves you with your sides aching. I appreciated some of the humour that came about due to the casts presence on stage, rather than anything that was said.

I haven't been to a play or a production in quite a while, so it was a welcome gift.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Must take Vitamins.

I am surely positive they will help to keep me smart. Otherwise I will instantly become immobilized with stupidity, and start cooking and baking for the family. THIS CAN NOT HAPPEN!

I will and read my book now...

Saturday, March 03, 2007

The heat is on on.

No it's not.

The barely used into it's second year furnace has had a breakdown. It's circuits have malfunctioned and has left us in the cold. I am going to have to rely on our little plug in heater and shut the door to the den. I just want to read the papers.... ! However I do not want to freeze to death while doing it.

In other things that do not require heat:

I organized my scrapbooking crap. Wow, I have a lot of it. Well, I have a lot of paper items and sticker items, and more paper items. Mind you I do not rank in the paper file as one of the Debbie's does, now she has a lot of paper. Now that she has new cupboards in her basement, I can not sit back and admire her stacks of paper from afar. Perhaps when I go over to the Debbie's I will just open up her cupboard so I can let it stare back at me. I do know one thing, it doesn't matter how much paper I have, it is never enough, and it is not the right colour, or shade, or design, or feel, or this or that! While I was cleaning out my SHELF of scrapbooking supplies I found a number of pages that I was working on from the summer, with an album already attached to them. Wow, most impressive on the colour spectrum.

On the rent-a-movie front:

We watched that movie... I want to call it the Detailer, or the Detector, damn I need to go get the rentamoviebox to find out the title: The Departer. For the longest time I had to sit and ponder who was Matt Damon, and who was Leonardo Dicaprio. Once I figured that out, I had to sort out what was going on with who. Who was good, and who wasn't. I didn't like the ending, it was a "cop out". HA!

Friday, March 02, 2007

Let's close the curtain on this one.

I am beginning to think that I have a shower curtain liner defect happening.

I mean, do you wash a shower curtain liner? Are you supposed to? Did I not learn this in happy marrying day school many years back? Where do you learn this kind of stuff? I don't remember going through this many shower curtain liners. How much are you supposed to scrub a tub! tub! to keep a shower curtain liner happy? My liners really hate me. They believe they beyond their lining capacities, and are only for hanging in show rooms. Perhaps if I introduced the liner to it's new intimate friend, the shower curtain, I would get more life out of it.

It doesn't matter how much the packaging tells me that it is an antibacterial non moldy growing things, it just reappears. It freaks me out really.

I will wait to draw my conclusion on our newest addition to the bathroom.

What the heck!

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Clock issues:

Everyday this past week the internal clock has woke me up earlier and earlier.

Mind you, this morning was due to public drinking, and a drug bust. I just happened to be in the middle of I don't know where, and was walking with a cider in my hand to an undercover area. Another person came running up to me, gave me a small clear baggy full of weeds and other little packages, and then took off. Wouldn't you just know it, the cops just happened to be there. Fortunately I was able to slip away un-noticed, however; the little creep with the dark hoody over his face found me in the parking lot while I was just about getting into the indigo blue Mazda5 machine... he had a knife, and he was mad. At that very moment I remembered the lock feature on the car, if you press it, the horn will honk. Insteading of honking it made a dull "gnnaaaaaaa" sound, and then pause, gnaaaaaaa, and then pause. Wouldn't you just know it, I had a snore horn.

On that dismal realization, my mind let me wake up and it was 04:47.

Two hours later, 2 cups of tea, and 2 posts + way too many games of spider solitaire.

It's almost time for cake!

Inbetween a busy day: