Thursday, June 30, 2005

Just one more.....

This is what we found this afternoon... for the cousins birthday party at the waterpark.... blue background and white fluffy stuff... far better than the grey backdrop with wet stuff dripping from it. Oh thank you wind goddess!

What a shock!

There's more.... I have more to say.... and the reason why... today I can sit and watch the minutes tick past on the clock... and enjoy knowing that I do not have to hustle that crazy little Pipenza girl of mine...AND..... as only a good servent can do.. I have served her a warm Cheese English Muffin, which she graciously took, and thanked me for... as she sits with her blanket and pillows at a quarter to nine.

I am most pleased by the silence that comes with the summertime festivities... from the boy. At this time on any regular morning he is hissing at me to hurry up the impossible to hurry sister.... and grabbing keys to unlock the vehicle... so he can sit and wait and hiss... all to himself. WE have none of that right now... at this very moment he is wandering around... and talking to the Elpmeister... and shutting the microwave door that I purposely left open... because like his father... he just tidies up stuff like that....the boy just doesn't realize he is in training right now!

But... in a short while this little bubble will burst.. and the caffiene that I have just ingested will kick in... and then I am going to start on some morning chores... with things that make noise, or use tools that just get in the way...

Aaaaahhh...... 9:02.... in the am... and the boy is busy doing a piano concert for me.... this is so just the way....

Happy First Day...

It is now official....summer has arrived for this little family, and so has the rain... hip hip for the rain, that will surely drive me insane!

The little Pipster was absolutely delighted when I told her that all she had to do this morning, was go and watch her favourite shows... I wouldn't make her get dressed, or make her eat, or try to brush her hair and give her a "do", or even make her put on shoes and brush her teeth. Perhaps later... when she feels the need, she can go and jump on the trampoline... which is mostly protected from the she can jump... although eventually she will have to make a move, as we have a little birthday party to attend.... I better go back and check the weather report!

The boy is big into reading his stack of comics that he took out from the library the other day... we may be seeing him well into the weekend...where he will emerge for a glass of milk, and ask for chocolate chip cookies, pencils and papers... then return to his room where he will start drawing all the comic book characters....funny boy he is.

I, on the other hand have been blinded.... so the story goes like this.... As I was heading into Costco the other night I spot something..... I turn to look at the great sky and clouds and sunlight peeking through .. and see an amazing could I not... the colours of the world strike me with hugeness... and I absolutely had to take a photo. Of course, it was heading right into the direct sunlight, with clouds circling and quickly changing.. and the Canada Flag wavering between them. I took many photos... because you can never not look at the sun long enough. Nice.... for the longest time I saw purple blotches as I traveled around Costco.... but I got the shot...that's what counts...I'll worry about the eyesight later.... and all the purple people out there!

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

The No Good-bye.

Today was an interesting day of sorts... An ending to another chapter in the chicklets lives. I have some issues though. As always they minor in comparison to the worlds events, and are not really issues at all.. but thoughts.... that I guess I should express here. Because that is what I do.... I guess.

First off..... do you say good-bye to someone when it isn't really a good-bye, and you have said good-bye to them many times before, but this time they are actually leaving, and a good-bye would be appropriate? Yes, that one is a tricky one. I have had to say good-bye to many really great people in my life, and this would be another... and I am really getting kind of tired of these good-byes. Jesus!

Now, the people that you really would like to say good-bye to, got missed. The reason... there was nothing really to say. It bothered me greatly that I couldn't even send a thank-you card... but that would mean that I would be thanking two people that I am not certain that I would like to thank. They are nice, they are people, and I like people in general...and it really bugged me that I couldn't say thank-you...but I had trouble saying thank-you for what....if anything I would have liked to give them a lesson in listening and understanding, but that would get to complicated for what was supposed to be a thank-you note. Let me think a moment.... right... not much to think about here...."thanks for making the tallest boy in the class; a good part of the time feel like the smallest"..... oh, and thanks for overlooking him, not seeing him, not hearing him, not reading him, and dismissing him...and on certain occasions, ignoring him... that really boosted my kind hearted boys ego...but I guess he was tall enough.. so there was no need". Ok, that kind of stuff just doesn't go in thank you cards... some words.. are better left unexpressed... well of course.. unless they make it on here...
For only a brief glimpse in digital camera time I thought that this special guest soccer coach was giving out flying lessons...
Here's another picture of Pip... oh wait... it's the personality similarity I am seeing here... check the picture below for the actual girl....
Since I was the only person there with a camera.... I gave up caring that the girl opted out... I captured some nice images of her in the meantime....

Whoops.... then the Lady Princess Pip had had enough of this thing called soccer... and she found blades of grass to inspect instead... The Evil Mother that I am told her to go back and continue like the rest of the class... but this is what stared me down.... say no more... call her a quitter if you must, but I know my limits at making her do things.... and she has her limits as to what she will do...
For a while we had some happy times playing with soccer balls for Pip... look at that form... but that would be short lived... kind of... although I don't believe it had anything to do with tieing the cleats too tight....

Yesterday was yesterday....

This is how the day started.... finding Little Lady Pip in dreamy land.. this image could not go unrecorded...

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

The calendar of nothingness.

Tomorrow at this point in time I have a feeling the chicklets will still be up... and showing no signs of sleepiness. Tomorrow is the last day of's a happy and sad moment really. Saying good-bye to old friends, and yet embracing what stands before them... opportunity for new experiences. It's all good. I am not frightened of the experiences that will be heading my way... I look forward to coffee mornings, primping flowers, random outings to paint, draw and to visit the library.... but most of all.. not rushing to make sure lunches and children are all at school at the same time.

It is this time of the year that the clocks and watches mean nothing... and we aren't heading out the front door to be off for some scheduled lesson of some sort.

Included in that calendar of nothingness will be the schedule of "non-play" on the computer and playstation... with the exception of the young son and his blogness that he has adopted... I will go for that kind of computer action. Lady Pip will be made to clean her room... corner by corner, inch by inch....and I'll work at this at a snails pace... because any more than one corner at a time, will see her sitting in a corner ... as I know she will be slightly psychotic.... I will venture forth with great aspirations and with mild trepidation....I fear those that collect stuffed cats... you never know which one may come with claws.

Balancing out the calendar... will be the fact that my Monday group is also done for the summer. I will miss all my people.. not that I own them... but they are mine, if only for a short time... in the meantime I will still plug my group for those that will hear it.... And, as usual... in the month of June I always have new members inquiring... just when we are wrapping up for the summer... hopefully their interest will remain until our group meets again....

So, if I am deaf and can't talk by September.... the readers of the world will know that this summer didn't go quite as expected... as I am expecting to enjoy every moment of the chicklets and our adventures this very summer.... really.

Monday, June 27, 2005

Go with what you know.... or ....?

It is interesting to go with what you know..... or what you are feeling. Earlier today the Terry Fox Library was screaming to me.... there was a lot of noise in my head... and I had to ask it to settle down, (because the other noise that was happening at the same time was the gift bag game that I brought to my stroke group, very successful BTW for all you REC. Therapy people out there)..... I acknowledged my sudden great excitement about the impending library visit... but for some reason I told myself to wait.... sure enough.... when I eventually made it to pick up the chicklets from the school for the perpetuation of poor practice in leadership by the grandmaster puppet principal... the boy stares me down, eyebrow to eyebrow, blue eyes to blue eyes, lashes to lashes.... "Mommeeee, we need to go to the library ... NOW", he states.

"Funny... I was thinking just that" I say to him.... he instantly feel back into the front seat and deflated like an untied balloon. That was to be interpreted as "he was thrilled"... by just those words. The girl on the other hand was most displeased to be heading in the direction that wouldn't be considered her home, or past the store in the direction of the bears.... we both told her to be quiet.... she can be so Pipsterish at times.

Later... as the boy and I were heading back from a successful night at the library, and a visit to the local save-on-foods where I was able to find Advil gel caps for the ailing back injured as usual husbandman... all said in kindness.... anyways... I tell the boy ...... I have a good feeling about the bears.... he says sure... as is eyes never leave the page of the latest Mad Magazine. It is at this point that I have decided that I have seen the squished black squirrel one too many times today, and almost cancelled the visit to the bears on that issue alone.... if only I could avert eyes from the black and red squishy mess. I cruise past it with a tentative ease, and eventually we make our way past the 12 school buses that are now parked in the blueberry fields.. which also brings the knowledge that the berries are coming into season.. and with the berries, come more bears.... As sure as shXX... sure enough, we saw crazy bear, and little bear... tearing around the back field.... apparently crazy bear is not crazy over little bear... and the people we met up with say that they have seen them before behave in this way....the boy took it all in, from inside the car, behind the pages of the Mad Magazine.... I was thrilled, but then again... I knew that I would be thrilled.... because I knew what I knew...

Sunday, June 26, 2005

The Mr's. & The Mrs's

Way last week Mr. Husbandman spoke out loud to me. I first had to take a deep breath.. as he was actually speaking to me, and he spoke of almost great things. He had it all sorted out in his head that he wanted to go and see a movie ... with a friend. I was not included in that last sentence. He did include his night-out-away-from-family-life buddy Mr. Pickaspat. The idea didn't turn great until I invited myself and Mrs. Pickaspat to come along... only then did he come up with a great idea. He did acknowledge that it wouldn't be right to go see Mr. & Mrs. Smith at the movies, without the people who it was made after, The Pickaspats.

At that point, all the arranging was up to me... Mr. Husbandman came up with the almost great idea... and now I had to put that idea into action... I immediately consulted with Mrs. Pickaspat.. and it was settled...we would go.... if we could find some teen age children that would be willing to work for cheap, and still have a smile on their face. My teenage helper left town, and the Pickaspata hired up someone willing to take on a challenge.. but it didn't matter... we were all heading out!

The plans were looking good... but then the Pickaspats did a silly thing... they decided that they needed to "de-toxify" themselves before our very eyes.... the Pickaspats had "herballed up". They were hoping to increase their energy fields. This created a furrow in Mr. Husbandman's brow... "why don't they just drink beer... that will detoxify them for sure...", he said. The Pickaspats had now delved into the herbal world of the great unknown.... and now were plagued with endless bottles of horrible smelling good for you vitamins. This didn't put a damper on the Pickaspats.... it was desperation all around... "get out before the childen realize we are gone".... we even made plans to have dinner first... even with The Pickaspats mile long lists of "what not to eat" herbal extravaganza they had embarked upon, it didn't stop them from going out. I did cringe when we entered the place, even with an empty parking lot... and there was one couple in the quaint space... I almost felt responsible for wrecking the herbal hell that The Pickaspats had already put them in... by making them eat at a place, where we had no idea if it would be good or not.. but we took the plunge and headed in. I feel that I could virtually see their energy force fields growing as we ate... kind of like The Grinch you know.... even Mr. Silenthusbandman came to life....

A night with all the Mr. & Mrs's... was good.. including on screen and real life. The Mr's appeared to be happy to have Mrs. Smith with great hair all the time, energize their eyeballs for a couple of hours... and I came up with some new ideas about being The Mrs....

Saturday, June 25, 2005

blech blech blech

I am truely desperate.. someone hit me. I sanely stood in front of the coffee pot, carefully measured up a beautiful little concoction ... and then waited while the fumes permeated throughout this vast 1365 square foot rancher... only to put 1% milk in it. I am such a desperate idiot.

In other things blech....oh, I mean nice....

We have a baseball BBQ to go to in 42 minutes... that will be entirely engaging... I can't wait. Some people only have a bounty of games to remain seated at for the whole day... whiners. he he he he he he he.

Careful of what you wish for. Posted by Hello

If I'm not searching for clouds, I 'm searching for interesting light spots. Posted by Hello

No bears here either. Posted by Hello

Looking for bears. Posted by Hello

Finding blue skies. Posted by Hello

Just in case you would like some colour...... Posted by Hello

More poofs of colour... for those that were finding things a bit clouded. Posted by Hello

This one could be close to cloudiness.... Posted by Hello

whala! Posted by Hello

More colour. Posted by Hello

Fragrant little things..... Posted by Hello

And another less cloudy picture Posted by Hello

The clouds were I found these instead. Posted by Hello

Friday, June 24, 2005

Here's some stuff that you really didn't want to know:

  1. I found the lost lid to the green waste bucket that I swore that I held in my hands... and swore about it and swore about it... I even had to accuse little Miss Ellpee of taking it.. because she did take the bucket, why wouldn't she want the lid... anyways.. I found it in the dishwasher... clean.
  2. I have still lost the flower food that I bought... only the polgergiests know where that is.
  3. I went to bed with my typical bad hair... and then this morning had a shower.... and just left the hair.... it looked exactly the same as yesterday.... I am not sure how to take that.
  4. Good thing that the husband man is home to do household chores.... as I rake away the moss from my back lawn... and I don't have a clue why I am doing that.... it's freaking too much work....
  5. Mr. Husbandman asked me to ask our friends to go out....Yes... it was the Husbandman that dreamnt up this little adventure...things are good,... he had a thought, and he spoke.
  6. The quad hair is getting some attention by that fact alone... all going well, it can transform to a steady shade of boring brown... but I wont hold up hope... I still have much raking to do out back.... grass takes presidence over hair colour... it's the law.
  7. I have some fancy work to display here... but if I can't get my picture thingy up working again.... it may just be words.... and that could be scarey..

Thursday, June 23, 2005

knock knock ... who's there?

Since my friend has insisted she is tired,...and must retreat to her bed for the night... I am left here alone.. listening to the sounds of the night.

I am alone this evening... which is the reason why the children were once again up until all hours... (apologies to some teachers, and not to others)...I did make a good effort to fluff them into sleepiness... but that clearly did not work... one hovered, and the other howled. My luck. Eventually after some hissing, they became frightened of me, and drifted off to sleep. Thank you little children that are too tall for their own good... that thought alone is just freaky.

Anyways... since their departure to dreamy land.. I have been faced with a harsh reality.. either there is a ghost in my house, or the kidlets are still awake...and doing things that make me jump in the night. The little sleepy four legged furry princess is now happily settled in the livingroom, now that she has realized that her master is gone for the night, except for a moment ago .. when she sat bolt upright... and looked around. Nice... that makes me feel even more settled.... especially for me... a believer in ghosts... because there are ghosts...and you can't tell me otherwise.... and the reason why.. because I just know.

I need to go and fold laundry now.. so I can first find the covers, and then hide under the covers of our bed. I will bring my sleeping four legged princess with me.. the jingle of her collar will certainly send me through the ceiling.. to meet any ghost that may be lingering. AAAhhh.

What to do , what to do....

My friend told me earlier that she and her happy husband were on a cleansing diet... which made me think of the lovely soup diet that I have a recipe for. I just need to find it....and then buy the ingredients, and then make it... and then eat it. This could be trouble. Mr. Husbandman and I have done this before...a long time ago, and we are still alive to talk about it... and it wasn't that all. And that is no lie....I just have to catch him in the right frame of mind.. and then suck him in ... lock, stock and barrel....I am thinking that if I go and buy the ingredients, and then bestow before him... " I now present to you .... your dinner..."... that he will have no choice...because I do not make very good dinners... and anything that may be already prepared for him... may be better than nothing at all... after all... I did suck him into eating a fancy baked potatoe the other day...I was quite amazed by that maneuver... surely I could suck him into soup kitchen hell for just one week... he might even thank me.... but for now.. there is cake... oh, the troubles.

I'll take a round....

Yes, I will take a round of hearing aids... because someone here needs one, or ten. This is where boys get their real practice of being husbands... because they just practice not listening while they are young... so by the time they are of whatever age to find the woman of their dreams... . they are already well versed into tuning out any form of information that might be heading in their direction, they are professionals. I am thinking... that when they get their graduation certificate from Grade 12, they should also receive a diploma in "Proficient in Intently Deflecting All Female Input that Prooves to be Useful" as well.... now there's success.

I am not sure how many times this late evening that I asked/told the boy to be off,... it's time to go to bed... but sure enough... here he was, there he was, here he is, there he is..... non-stop. It didn't matter that I now withheld the Playstation 2 for the rest of the summer,... he didn't hear me anyways... It took me, holding his hand and escorting him down to his room/prison cell to get him to go to bed.... where he will stay until the AM... when once again.. he will not waken to my lovely voice .. that will sing to him... until his eyelids flutter.....

The Pip on the otherhand, just likes to exercise her tongue.. if she doesn't like what she hears, she just sticks out her tongue... and that way I know she has gotten the message. Other people.. would take offense to that... but not me.. it's a form of secret language between girls and parents.

What was I thinking?

Earlier today I spent some time in the dentists chair. I almost made him cry.... well, I think he did cry... but only in a manly way. In case he did have a back when he started, he didn't when he finished. I didn't give it much thought as I entered the big guns chair that I would have this capability... but I managed, even without trying. In the end he told me that conventional dentistry no longer works for me. I found out that the only kind of dentistry that is going to work on me now are the expensive kind... the kinds of dentists that have letters and specialties behind their names.

I am thinking now that my trip to Safeway to get the extra airmiles was a good thing.... because I do not think that we will be making it to Disnesyland with real money any time fast.... and those silly thoughts of going back to school are just silly thoughts, and the hopes that Mr. Husbandman was going to make a new kitchen magically appear, is just a bit further beyond our reach once again..... Mr. Dentistman told me that this isn't as easy as ripping out your teeth and putting new ones in... it's more complicated than that...and the facts beyond that get lost in the translation of: this is all going to cost me money....FUCK!

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Idiot boys

The husband and the boy are playing a golf game on the PS2. They're idiots. I am wondering.. can you take away the controller that belongs to the person that makes the most money in the house.... on the account that he is an idiot... I can't tolerate that.

In other things that I can't tolerate.....

Is there a way that I can magically get a new carpet in one work day... without the husbandman knowing... I am done with our smallish and oldish livingroom carpet...

Fussina Dollina Evlina Pipenza Growlycat.... STOP THAT! That is what I say to the girl that gives me too much grief when she takes a 2 minute shower. She attracted so much attention to herself that the husbandman came wondering into the bathroom... where she confidently stuck her tongue out at him, and continued to hiss at me, until I called out her PISSING ME OFF name... then she knew to be silent... because it took a while to listen to her badgirl names.

OH, and being the airmile lover that I have turned into.. spent 199.27 at Safeway today.. and tomorrow if I would have spent $200.00 dollars I would have got 250 bonus airmiles... I'm going back to that Safeway... and see what magic they can perform, or not.. I'd be willing to buy a pack of gum....I'll see. This adventure might make me crazy though.

The idiot boys are still at it...I must go find silence in my castle... I know these idiot boys will not stray far from the PS2.... sorry ... all you gamers out there...

Instead of cleaning bathrooms or vacuuming... I spend time in the great outdoors raking the clover from my lawn... and then reseed it.... all painstakingly tedious, but life is good when you can lay down grass seed. Posted by Hello

The Pip and her friends Posted by Hello

And just like that... the clouds cleared away. Posted by Hello

Exceeding Expectations

My sole goal for the day was to remain upright. I have done that plus more... it's all very amazing here in little PoCo....

In other expectations......

I almost managed to buy a new hair colour by a different maker... I got kind of nervous and bought the "old but useless & faithful".. at least this way I know my hair will turn many shades of brown in 3 weeks, not right after it has been coloured.

I also managed to remember to buy Soya Milk in the Soya Milk section... by the time I reach the milk section I always forget that Soy is not in the Milk cooler, it's in the Soy cooler... which is way on the other side of the store... well, in Safeway it is at least.

Amazingly, and to my shock and horror... I spent a wicked whack of cash on groceries....BUT I did manage to get a whole TON of airmiles.... I mean I only had to buy ten 2L containers of yoghurt to get 100 airmiles.... I am such a sucker.... and the list goes on from there.

AND, finally in unexpected findings, I surprised myself by taking the 15 year old smudgy white SUV for a little TLC at the Mr. Lube station.... it should feel loved and cared for now.

My head will not like the unpacking of bags... but I believe that the freezer stuff is busy unfreezing right at this moment....must slowly fly....!


This will make you melt.

It is early enough in the am... I have been up for a while, but have been clicking away doing things and hoping for tea, which I finally just had to make myself since I was tired of waiting...and besides that, it would make the Tylenol move further down the digestive track and perhaps work better... anyways... more on the melting issue....

The girl makes her way out of her very messy and very messy again bedroom... just her tall self, and her ice cream cone slippery (satin) pyjamas, and her blanket... I marvel at the fact that she carries this around... but she does... and it makes her happy. She wonders around, finds little Ellpee on our bed, where she is not supposed to be, comes back to the kitchen and asks:

"Do you have a hug that you can share with me".

My Pip... I hope I am feeling that awestruck with lovely thoughts in about 35 minutes... when she is still poking around getting ready for school.

get ready get set.... GO!

I boiled the kettle awhile ago... it's a tea kind of morning... I am still waiting for it to arrive by the imaginary maid person... who hopefully will do the vacuuming later on..... while I sit idly by... reading a book, because perhaps with no movement I can get rid of the FREAKING FUDGEMASTER headache that I have somehow acquired. I think it may be caused by the build up of good karma floating about me, and I can't take it......

..... it took everything I had to go to the PAC meeting last night... I first went to the bears for their help... but none were there, so I had to head back to the school... and sit on a hard chair in the library. This was fine, except that it hurt to sit... but nobody needed to know that .... I hope nobody noticed the crossed eyes. Eventually I got tired of sitting and stood up and leaned against the library shelf... that was next to an open door... all the people wanted to know if I was having hot flashes... since some of them apparantley were.. but I didn't know that... not me. I just wanted to stand... it made listening to whatever people talked about easier..... and then I decided that I needed a drink... and promptly tripped over an outlet... I was the classy guest last evening.......

But I have to say... the effort was worth it... because I happily voted in new people to do the jobs of whatever I was doing, and hold the formal title of Vice President. I hope the next person knows what she will have to do... because I never did.... or perhaps I chose not to do anything... anyways.... I'm done, and that's all that matters.

Where is my tea??.... good help is hard to find, now I am going to have to boil the kettle again.... and go make it myself..... perhaps the 1300 mgs of Tylenol Extended Release tabs could START WORKING RIGHT NOW... and that would make things easier.....

And finally..... to my friends who were confused about the clouds... you are right, we had no clouds the other day... but if you were reading very carefully to these words of good works, and pure magneticness, which keeps you coming back for more... you would have read that my photo thing was not working.......... so, that was my little grouping of my study of clouds... which happened probably two weeks ago... hopefully you are feeling sane again... because I know that worried you!!!!! Cheers Lou!

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Silence of the rain.

It is quite warm outside, even though the clouds have rolled in... and it is now pouring. Today would be the day that I like to hear the rain fall... it's a pleasing constant sound, and for now I like it... I am not certain I will have the same feelings tomorrow when I am trying to accomplish big things. But as luck would have it....I have some place to be tonight... a secret society ... filled with crazy people. I fit right in. I am quite happy to report that it is the last PAC meeting of the year... and I will never have to go to another one... if I don't feel like it... and that is a pleasing thought~! I would not have gone to the one tonight if my friend had not reminded me of tonight's activities... so out of guilt/clean conscience I have to go. It is not so bad... they serve alcohol on the last nights meeting.. so that is worth the effort... although...last evening as we were drinking and calling it scrapbooking... I drank some lovely red wine... my hands swoll up.... but I had to drink it to the last drop... just to be sure that it really was the wine causing this annoying freakish event..I will go with something different tonight.

Meanwhile it is raining, and now I must go to the meeting of the minds. HA!

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These clouds were rolling along, not causing any troubles. Posted by Hello

I found these two clouds floating through the sky last week... Posted by Hello

On the way to the little sushi place that turned out to be closed... we passed a couple hundred towers throughtout Vancouver.... Posted by Hello

This bridge scares me..... Posted by Hello