Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Way out there ...

I really have drifted ... a long long way.

Not for any reason in particular .. I am just "out there" ...

Way to start ... clearly I am hungry ... ! I am trying to type, and eat my max flax bread with peanutbutter at the same time, and wondering why I am not able to write anything.

OK .. back to square one .... moving onto the cup of coffee .. so things should get easier!

  1. Here.. this is easier .. numbers in front of sentences increase the opportunity for complete randomness, something at which I have come to be good at.
  2. I experimented with lighting (film speed & aperature) the other night at the boys first "little" rockshow with the FP's.  I managed to capture a couple of photos .. minus the flash .. which I didn't want to use anyways, but attached it just in case.
  3. I went to work last Friday and didn't really work at my hired position, but the fake position that nobody recognizes as valuable, and much needed .. the nice thing was ... what a cool moment to be in ... sitting around a table playing card bingo with a bunch of ladies who had dementia, alzheimers & failure to thrive.
  4. That boy of mine has spread his wings, and has begun take off ... of course currently he is residing on another planet, but has his limbs firmly attached to this address, which makes owning him rather tricky, and often difficult, but none the less completely enjoyable.
  5. That boy of mine went to his very first job experience on Sunday. It was a very proud moment for me as a parent to embrace the notion that he is making attempts at moving forward in life. Or more importantly earn enough money so that he can have unlimited texting, picture & messaging on his phone ... cause the $550.00 dollar bill needs to be be paid somehow ... and it isn't from me ...
  6. That girl of mine also grew leaps and bounds this past weekend also. She and "Aunty J" went off to the spa together ... the two of them ... lavished in mani/pedi's, then off to the mall .. and shopped together.
  7. That girl of mine gave up biting her nails a number of weeks ago ... and the result was that of a spa experience .. well and a gift for a most awesome 14 year old girl.
  8. Nails polished and looking lovely .. she headed out the door this morning to get to choir, and then will be forging ahead with her woodworking JEEP project ... because that is the kind of girl she is ... if we could put her in a ballgown, with safety boots and her hair coiffed, she would happily march around the woodworking room and build her projects. The Tech Ed teacher does laugh at her strong girlish wood loving ways.
  9. The husbandman is currently owning a jungle of a backyard ... last night he made the good efforts of collecting the gas it was going to take to make it throught the jungle of a lawn we are currently owners of.
  10. The husbandman also has his little 12 foot aluminum boot on our ugly back deck tipped for repairs. It makes my job of spring (now close to summer) clean up a bit dicey ... of course the weather, being that of icecubes up until ... I don't know ... last night at 12:30 am ... one of icecubes as well hasn't left much room for yard clean up availability. Global warming .. hmm ... more like global swimming .... thoughts of mad max and the thunderdome movie .. with mel gibson .. ??
  11. Have paced myself into the adventures of running ... I dragged my iphone with me the other day ... and clicked on the app where the lady talks to you at intervals, and lets you know your progress ... of course I didn't click off the app, and proceeded to keep running for close to 24 hours. No wonder I could hear cheers coming from somewhere .. but I wasn't sure where ... and eventually figured out it was my phone cheering at me ... in the end I deleted that first timed run ... clearly I am not marathon material. But it was a 5k that I aimed for, and accomplished.
  12. Somedays it's just a marathon of ones mind, it's that simple.
  13. Today is also hair colouring day. It has to be ... otherwise that little person talking to me from my iphone that I could barely hear ... will be screaming at me. I just no it.
  14. I watched the boy at rock. the fox last week. Very cool. I got to watch him sing and play an Emine.m set with Elton.John singing in parts ... guess which part the handsomeson did? It was cool. I am glad that I was there to see it in person ... because otherwise the videoing of it comes across as darkness from the left hand side of the stage... which is where he was. In fact .. the funniest of things ... him and the rock.school teacher had a rowl about what keyboard he was going to play ... the grand piano (facing the crowd), or the keyboard .. facing the curtains & the side of the stage ... too funny.... the boy ended up playing the grand piano ... it was an exciting moment ... even if he didn't have any real lights on him!
  15. In more things that are out there .... oh wait ... time is catching up again ... I'll be back ...

Sunday, May 29, 2011

that boy of mine ...

Had a small concert the other night ... they rocked it ... at the Senior's Centre
.. minus the seniors, well not including me that is.
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Sunday, May 15, 2011

What is going on ...

Around here ?

Not much.

Just busy.


Waiting for a bear.

To come back.


Or a bobcat.


The dryer is drying.

Things are washing.

I just mastered TWO financial statements.

Not sure how.

That's what's

Going on around here.

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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Fun fact of the day

The girl said I was crazy.... she said to not use it as an excuse ... she boldly said I was crazy.

I have a very bad 14 year old daughter. VERY BAD.

WHAT am I doing with a 14 year old daugher anyways ... I'm not even sure .. I really must be crazy!

FYI ... she is VERY BAD, in the same way I am VERY CRAZY.

Thursday, May 05, 2011

I think I'm serious ...

About some things ...

And not so much about others ....

I'm thinking about buying back some time ..

BUT from where ... ??


It's barely 0830 and I have already had two breakfasts ... hows that for buying time!?

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

So I'm thinkin ....

I might just take up running .....


I kid you not ....


In other news ....

crickets sound insert.