Monday, October 24, 2011

Again ...

I ask the question ...

Or more like a comment .....

Wait .. a mere expression ....

No, it's exasperation ...

Try an eyeball roll with a fixed glaze ...

Nothings good enough.

Again .. another sigh.

~~~ In things fairly funny, at least to me it is ~~~

I txted the Jimmy the other night. It was 4 AM. I asked where his ride had left him, other than high and dry. He said that his ride was sleeping, so were the other people that were also depending on a ride. So were the other other people that they had gone to visit, on foot, minus the ride. OHMAGAWD. Jimmy ... really ... so there he was STUCK at his friends house .. in the middle of the night, didn't know what to do ... so he was sitting there. Since I securely had him in place via the txting machine, he promptly and silently slipped through the front door, and began marching home ... the trail would have been the quickest easiest route to stealthly find his way home .. but since bears and coyotes inhabit dark trails at night, he set out along the LONG ROAD HOME. My Jimmy ... the musical genious, movie trivia marvel, the social robot. Seriously. He is out ... walking at a pace faster than his heartrate (probably over 200 beats per minute!) .. making his way home in the dark and fog. He is giving me a play by play of the horrifyingly scary event ... so much so that he proclaims .. that he is LEGEND.... and is walking down the centre of the street in an attempt to not meet up with random bears, thugs or zombies. Eventually, just as the battery on his phone is about to sparkle away .. the LEGEND says ... come pick me up ... you will see me ... I am the ONLY one out here ...

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

What I would like today:

More humour.
More craziness.
More laughter.


Well I have already done all that.

Since I have completed my days request as a smooth 11:11 in the am, what do I have left ...?

Well there is that laundry detergent that I forgot to buy ...
There are the pansies and kale, and bulbs that I am most excited to plant.
I have to continue to empty pots .. which really does excite me!
Of course there are the blue sky colours to catch, along with the vibrant fall colours mixed among it.
AND .. because I am daring I am throwing together a pot of soup. AND because I am even more daring ... I don't even cut up the vegetable .. I just wash, chop the ends and throw in a pot. Sounds strange. Of course it is .. but that is how I roll folks. Must get that done by 11:30 .... it's 11:14. For no other reason that I have to get outside and enjoy this most


OH .. and wash my car that I just spent 13 bucks at cleaning .. clearly I am not good at the car wash place either.

Monday, October 03, 2011

Someday itsa Monday.

AND that day is TODAY!

I like my Mondays, I really do.
It's the end of my working week.
I like the people that I work with.
I like the people that I get to see.
I like everything about a Monday.
It fills me full of glee.

In other things adventuresome:

Going to collect the mother tomorrow.
She has been visiting my aunt.
I am sure my aunt had to go buy a freezer just to keep all the stuff that they baked.
I am sure of it!
We will adventure off at 0600 in the morning again.
The weather I think will be the CRAPS .. and it's my turn to drive through the crap weather and crap location! (Past Abbotsford, Chilliwack, Hope ... not a great drive in the blackness, wind and rain) ...

BUT then ... when we get to Kamloops we will be meeting up with a friend for coffee. How cool is that ... three times the charm. I put some pics up on the page ... and our longtime friend says ... what the heck .. you guys are driving through .. and you are not stopping in to see me!? So tomorrow we will!

In other things ...

Saw a friend last week ... it was good to see her ... in fact great to see her ... got to go to a fundraiser ..... nice to see a whole whack of people out to support someone that needs some help ... thatsa  good feeling.

In other things far more boring but mind boggling ... I need some help in the education department, and navigating through it. Or not. I would prefer THE "or not" ideal, however I'm not sure that is the best way to proceed. My brain is telling me to go with the "or not" situation, but something is propelling me to act on my instinct. I'm confused, but this isn't the first time.

My daylight hours for the bears are running slim. Will have to conquer at least ONE good picture before they head off to bed ... that is my next goal. .. Well, that and get my memory card back ....

I'm off ...