Thursday, December 31, 2009

On the last day of the year....

I laughed!
  1. At myself
  2. At others
  3. At my dog
  4. And my kids
  5. Really at my husband
  6. And our friends & the neighbours
  7. Clearly at the sister & her chicklets
  8. at my yard, my garden
  9. at my bad book reads
  10. at my excellent book reads
  11. at my new glasses
  12. at my weirdness
  13. at my off the wall emails
  14. at my I wont mention the words on this blog
  15. at my great advice to strangers!
  16. at my complacency
  17. at my parking abilities
  18. at my cooking skills, or lack there of .. or complete disinterest in
  19. at my OCDness
  20. at my choice in music... (currently this second... " I don't feel like dancing")
  21. at my laundry methods
  22. at my useless task nights
  23. at my bear watching friends
  24. at my bear watching hours
  25. at my current job
  26. at my ability to drive down Prairie with my eyes closed
  27. at my intolerance to the boy being chronically late
  28. at my hair colouring skills
  29. at my facebook friends
  30. at my psycho circle walking
  31. at my not eating carb non carbish lifestyle plan
  32. ay my amount of chicken wings I ate
  33. at my giving away my closet
  34. at my ability to dance (ha ah ah ha hah ah!!)
  35. at my organizing a closet or TEN
  36. at my patience
  37. at my amount of money I have given to the boy
  38. at my number of subway stops I have made with him as well
  39. at my number of trips to safeway to collect airmiles
  40. at my number of trips to a grocery store on top of going to safeway
  41. at my fridge never really having anything in it
  42. at my GRAND idea of taking the Gramericason off milk
  43. at my stupidity of not watching OPRAHS " I gotta feeling"
  44. at my chronic buying of a new christmas table treasure again this year
  45. at my compulsion to buy runners... hmmmmm
  46. at my inability to shop like my sister .."I'll take this... price tag.. what pricetag?"
  47. at my son and his endless music making
  48. at my boys humour, it's probably weirder than mine
  49. at my girl... her humour qualifies
  50. at my stock photography
  51. at my schemes and plans for better pictures in 2010
  52. at where I will be in a years time from now....
Yes people... one laugh for each week of the year...although I know I laughed way more than only once a week... I hope for each of you reading that you will find lightness to laugh everyday... it's healthy you know.... says me.. and that isn't just me "Jive talking" (remix version I will add)

Happy New Year folks!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

On the 30th day I:

Had a little eency-weency HISSY FIT!

It was more like an inside my brain activity hissy fit.

But really... it is something that I had, and am currently having.

So the lovely and articulate PIPPY DOLL says to me yesterday:

" I have a sore throat... I think I can handle it... I'll just drink lots today, and see how I feel tomorrow"... she says to me ever so matter of factly.

Well tomorrow is now today... and I called up the doctors office, and scooted her up the hill to see the GP. (The walk in Dr. guys office is just tooooooo ratty for me any longer...., can't handle the bugs that might be lingering on the NEVER ABLE TO CLEAN upholstered chairs... I have been far tooooo patient with this....)

Today... the Pip can't talk, can barely move, & her chest is wheezy... but her perfectly PIPSTER ponytail was looking all priceless & perky when I fixed her hair... so that counts for something. My PIP... she just isn't well today... some antibiotics will cure her... I dumped two into her quickly....

Now for the hissy fit....

It's the second to last day of the year....
NOBODY in the office world works beyond any real time of day TOMORROW.
Guess who is thinking that she just might have a UTI....?

I just can't believe I WAS JUST AT MY DOCTORS office... and she asked me how I was doing... I told her all was WELL in my world...

Little did I know that once I came home and PEEEEEEEEED I would somehow feel different.

NOW I am thinking... "I'll just drink lots of water, I think I can handle it...." Now how odd is that advice two days in a row...

Now... for the next event of the second to last day of the year... an H20 infusion.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

And because somedays I am amazing...

This will be the THIRD post in one day.

Of course this will just happen to not any valid information in it... just like the last two... but I feel that this should be documented....

"When the cats away, the mice will play".

So the husbandmans BOYFRIEND is out of town (the one that he skates with, watches hockey with, goes to hockey with, eats chicken wings with, SHARES tools with.......).... well, across the big pond that costs lots of money to board the boat....


(loving this.....)

The husbandmans FIRST boyfriend called him up.... and THE TWO OF THEM are going to watch the hockeygame at the pub.

BEST not tell ANYONE in particular about this little fact....

Next up... FACEBOOK.....

ARE we human?

So... now that there is an extra MP3 player in the house... guess which song I have downloaded 10,000 times!!

I can say that I do love THAT song by The Killers!

Now I am looking for music to throw onto this thing... of course I only want DANCE music on this little baby... and it just a LITTLE baby... compared to the boys 32 GB iPod touch.

HOWEVER... my 4 GB is more than enough for this non-kitchen loving lady. (Don't worry folks.. I wont purposely burn it down.... I feel though it is probably just much better that I do not UTILIZE this space... but rather spend my time downloading music...!)

So now.... I will muster up a little soft shoe gentle sway... oh right.. I don't feel like dancing! That's a lie.

Countdown crackdown

Yes people... with the lovely overly festive season wiping it's hands of crackers and nut bits, it's time to get back to reality.

Of course there is the little issue of which reality I wish to blend with. The pretend reality that I identify with completely... or big world reality... where you have to watch news and stuff, and bug your children to do their homework... well that is an exageration.. one child gets bothered, and the other child is HOUNDED TO THE INCH OF HIS EARDRUMS. (Of which it has nil effect... must make note of that....)

In the meantime... Mr. Gramericason himself has SIXTEEN (16) s.i.x.t.e.e.n (six plus ten) assignments due. AND not because Mr. Gramericanson has an overly industrious social studies teacher... it is quite simply that NON homework son seems to yet again live up to his name as a slippery fish. If that doesn't scream redundant... but you know... are baracudas slippery... ? hmmm I say....?

Today we will open his binder.. and see if we can't break that brand new stiff binder thingy that he more than likely has going on.. and see if we can't FISH out some assignments that HE JUST MIGHT BE ABLE to finish.

My boy... always the make work project....

Monday, December 28, 2009

On the 28th day...... walked in circles

I believe I am good at this sort of thing.

I walked in the fog yesterday, and looked like a bag lady sort of type....

I really wanted a coffee... but opted to NOT walk to starbucks with my whole one dollar and one cent in my pocket.

The neighbour down the street said that it was a good call on my part ... being that I had on the oversized pantaloons, and brightly arrayed layers of clothing.

Probably should be embarressed about this... but am not.

I believe mental illness has found it's way in.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

well well well well

Isn't it just like me to forgot to post on the 25th day.

Well you know... of course it is just that day that I become ONE year older.... silly me.

To celebrate I drank wine, ate turkey, indulged in bugles and dark chocolate after eights... and forgot about the world of weightloss for only but a moment...

Today it all came crashing back to me when two of the boys at work whispered to me.... so how much exactly have you lost..... and the other wanted to know how I did it.

I told them it was a trade secret... I don't even know how I did it.....

AND on the 26th... I worked.

ICK!.. to make up for all the wreckless shopping of course!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

And on the 24th I:


Figured out that the little Missy didn't have enough gifts to open.

Seriously folks.

It doesn't matter that people are needing goats and soccer balls in this world, and maybe even some food....

But that girl of mine NEEDS to open gifts.

Lots of them.

I drove around Port Coquitlam, and the MALL... and bought her things... many things.


So ya... now she has gifts to open..... lucky her... and the BAD MEMORIED mother...

I believe that is what I accomplished today...

OH.. and I cold water defrosted the turkey.. it's a good thing that I am not in charge of cooking it!

End of story.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

On the 23rd...

I fretted.

Some how I missed the 22nd.

Could have been the margaritas.

Yes, I think it was.

Oh well... with just a little extra done... I am one step closer to gift giving day.


However... NOW I am baking.

OK, not really baking... I just have the oven on, and am thinking about baking.

I showed my friend my kitchen the other day.... she said she'd seen it before....

BUT what I didn't get to say was....

"Look, it's just like brand new.... it doesn't get used much by me...."

So today... I am .... making caramel popcorn.

I think I burned the first batch.

Yes, how the hell is that possible?

Hmmm... tragically troubling...

I think I might have just burnt the second batch.

What the DOUBLE hell.., I have been following the directions.

I DESPISE using my kitchen..

So, on the 23rd.... I shut down all operations that involved the kitchen.

The End.

Monday, December 21, 2009


Went to the mall.

Need I say more?

Brought home a bag of goods.

Not really.

Wrapped gifts.

Looks like the boy isn't getting a whack.

But the girl is.

Still have managed to spend more on him.

Went out tonight to buy more things.

That is what this world is made of.

People and their things.

If only I could get something for the husbandman.

He might like me better.

Or not.


Sunday, December 20, 2009

December 19 & 20

Did you really think  I would miss out... did you really thing..... hmmmmmm??

I arrived at Starbucks both mornings .... promptly to collect my coffee... that made me happy.

Of course on the 19 & days of December I worked... there is nothing exciting about that.

WHAT was exciting... going to the PUB with some friends... now that was fun... AND this one wild and crazy has not been to the pub in months. ( I need to get my head screwed on straight I think....)

AND on the 20th..... I watched Survivor.. that is why people. I like survivor... me and the PIP really like it. AND so does a certain elderly gentleman that lives in this home... except he watches it at different times than us.... Silly man.

That is all.

Friday, December 18, 2009

AND on the 18th day of December.

I sat back.

AND enjoyed....

The GIFTS of friendship.


Now I am totally pissed up drunk, hugely fat, completely lost and tragically in tears.


And it's just after eight in the morning.




But ... I do have the opportunity to be... only because...


I had two FANTABULOUS friends come over. Well,... one made it to the front door.. which is pretty good .... considering that we do not really ever see one another anyways.. except on schoolgrounds, or in schools... and that is all.

AND lucky for me... I received some gifts!

A book of poems, (the tragically tears parts), a banquet of places to see and go around Vancouver and beyond (the completely lost part), a plateful of homemade cookies (going all bigga bigga here), and a freshly bottled chocolate cherry port, or raspberry chocolate, or something BERRY chocolate... which I am quite certain I will like... or liked considering that I am supposed to be piss faced drunk already...


So ya.. isn't that the nicest!


BUT NOW ... on the real 18th.... I scurried, and hurried and frazzled about.
Laundered and sorted ... and cleaned the girls room out.

Forgot about gift giving, and all that assorted stuff.
Made a list for myself, so the gift giving wouldn't be so rough.

Thought about the plans, and how things should go.
Worried about wrapping paper, tapes and bows.

I wondered if Mr UPS would stop by soon.
Hopefully to drop off a gift, before I go out at noon.

I wished to go walking, but this morning there's rain.
Ahhh... I feel like today that I am in a little pain.

A wonderful excuse for a woman with lots to do.
As I am sure most of the world is very likely too.

But, natter as I may, you will laugh at this:
I have already managed to clean my gift bag cupboard.. in complete merry bliss!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Today being the 17th...

And on this day so far:

Woke with a startle. I am not sure over what.
I believe I am dreaming of that mother bear and three cubs out there somewhere... because I know of their existance, and semi know their locale.. it's hard to stop thinking about them... they might have been down at Minnekhada at one point, as there was a mother plus three down there... but you know.. with the excellent feeding supply we have around here... I can see why these lovelies are producing families of three.

I will have to come back to this... I am an escort again for a certain TALL someone....
I must go walking!


Well ho ho ho there lovely readers.

How did I go so wrong....?

What in the world was I thinking?

How could I have missed the 16th Day of December?

I lived it. I  know it was the 16th... but I have missed it in blogger world.

Yes, that's a shame.

Hilights from the 16th... not exactly in order, or relevance due to the limited brain capicity.

  1. woke up
  2. got out of bed
  3. dragged a comb across my head
  4. found my way downstairs
  5. and drank a cup
  6. and looking up
  7. I noticed I was late
Wait... I wasn't late.. nor do we have stairs...I best start over

  1. milled around
  2. made some coffee
  3. said goodbye to half the family
  4. chatted with the tallest family member
  5. drove him to school
  6. because I like him
  7. went walking at the track.. today it was open-only at the far gate
  8. sped around the track
  9. caught up to some girl who was speeding in front of me.
  10. she might have slowed down
  11. talked to a woman with a greyhound, they are interesting dogs, decided didn't want to own one
  12. returned home
  13. my house gave me the evil eye
  14. finished organizing christmassy things
  15. laundry
  16. dishes (hey they area a given & probably shouldn't count)
  17. talked to the sister
  18. talked to the mother
  19. vacummed
  20. bathroom (it wasn't a break)
  21. I wrote an email to a friend... it wasn't a ten second splashy psychotic one.
  22. cleaned the dogs utensils
  23. made my way into my bedroom
  24. feared that
  25. greatly
  26. opened up closet doors
  27. decided to clean the rest of it out
  28. packed away a laundry basket full of clothes
  29. please remember that I gave away six reuseable grocery bags last month
  30. then I hung up the remainder of my clothes
  31. I took to hanging up summer t-shirts
  32. feeling desperate
  33. it was time to fetch the nephew
  34. picked him up, drove him home
  35. drove back down, picked up own child plus another nephew, drove him home
  36. dropped girl off at home
  37. made my way to grocery store
  38. (we are out of the four different varieties of milk, plus cream & orange juice)
  39. relived the moment where I was told not to carry things.... yes.. hmm.. right.
  40. flew to a little gaming store.
  41. rushed inside.. thinking I was going to buy a game. Bought some points.
  42. Went to pick up the boy from the GF's house.
  43. Took him to piano.
  44. drove home, wrote a check, found a book and stuffed some key lime shortbread in a bag, threw chicken pieces & snow peas in the microwave (youch hot.. but I ate anyways), heated them, then threw some potstickers in the micro for the crazy boy, heated then left to go back to piano.
  45. picked up boy.. where the piano teacher told me that they boy was psychotic about finding a beatles book... and I didn't buy it for him.
  46. dropped the boy off back at the GF's house where he could continue to build pieces of newly purchased furniture.
  47. drove over to the music store... bought the beatles book that I had asked them to put on hold last week.
  48. arrived home, plugged in the straightener, flatener, whateverener it's called.
  49. proceeded to straighten the girls hair, now that's a process.
  50. decided to straighten my crazy hair... because it was looking crazy.. fly away crazy bits sticking out everywhere & all over the place.
  51. oh.. no time left.. had to leave to get to christmas like concert at the girls school.
  52. returned home... eight thirtyish... called the boy... PLEASE COME HOME.
  53. he wasn't quite done putting screws and things in cabinets
  54. I waited about until 9 PM, then left to fetch him, ready or not.
  55. returned home, plugged in christmas tree.... and then proceeded to listen to the boysy play his piano .. and of course that guitar.
  56. by 10:30 that was enough...I shut down this party for one day.
  57. turned on Seinfeld...
  58. And somebody spoke and I went into a dream
A day in the life....

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Walk...? Not. Not walk?

So this morning... I have already attempted to go walking.

On the fifteenth day of December I wished to go walking first thing.

Well almost wished.

I wish for many things.. walking as the forefront not so much.. but you know.. when the boy refuses to go to school, one must CAVE and drive him.

I realized very quickly that was the very basis on him not wishing to go to school.

Of course being a ROCK SOLID mother.... ha ah aha ha ha h haahh a... of course being the true evil person that I am proceeded to go into great details about how HIS FATHER is deeply concerned for his future... and this could greatly put him at risk of turning out like a washed up musician playing at bad events... and him and his scruffy dog living on the streets. While that didn't really get him out of bed.. the whole "ride to school" was the ticket to my success.

So.. since I was out.. and looking ever so ugly in the process... I dressed for the event, and drove to my favourite track. (The one in which I lone-lll-leeee walked around on Saturday night...). This time the gates were still locked. OK.. what's the deal... it's 0810... why can't the gates be open... ? I was hopeful that the track would be far less slippy than the walkways leading to the track... but you know.. I really wished to walk.

Now I am home... with the smell of coffee still brewing in the home...and once inside this inner sanctum... it's hard to return to once was.

I am trapped inside a virtual vortex.... and that is how it is on the 15th!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Fussy Mussy Fourteen

Now typically I would speaking of the crazy haired blond girl with a title like that.

Today I am not.

However... you know that ALL my titles are the opening statement to the words going down the page.... certainly... as that is the way.

Today is different.....

Today I PERSONALLY have been fussing, and fussing and fussing.

AND.. because I am me.. more fussing.

Another true feeling of christmas has arrived in our homeland, if only it is all temporary.


Snow is nice.. snow is lovely.. snow is... you know... all white and crispy and clean feeling, and welcoming at this time of year.

It brings out that extra flavour of festive to this lovely season.


Today is supposed to be our last meeting for the group...

And with snow... that just hampers the whole little shin dig.

Do I continue, do I not... what do I do... do I cancel.. do I not... what do I do... should I make it next week, should I not ... what do I do... I shouldn't cancel because some people will come, but maybe they wont, is this asking people to do something they do not want to do... what do I do....

AND that is where the lovely OCD part of the brain kicks into high gear..... and endless round of questions. I am the image of the hamster on the running wheel at 3:26 in the morning. (Well.. except last night... my brain was too tired to be bothered to wake up with any more thoughts on the subject actually...)

Hence now the Fussy Mussy Me this morning..... sporting Frizzy-Izzy hair to make the look complete.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Whoa little doggy...

Almost stepped on you ... yet again...

So on the 13th day... I returned to my working.

Go me...

And decorated a tree.

Wished to cook up some chicken.

Which is quite usual you see.

I would like to go walking.

But that wont go well.

I'll slip across the white stuff that has suddenly fell!

Not sure what I'll feed this family of mine.

Hopefully nothing that will take up too much time...

I believe I am allergic to something called a stove...

It's makes me all itchy, and stuffs up my nove.

Yes, that's right, I said nove... shut up all the time!

And I believe this about the right time, to put a complete end, to this little rhyme.


AND... on the 13th day of December.. I wrote a poem!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

How in the heck did this happen....

On the 12th day of December...

I returned to work.

THAT seemed forever away ... way back in September... and October... and then November....

I managed to have the hair coiffed, and looked semi-normal. People did not recognize me.

Other people wanted to know how my holiday was... and where was my tan.

I wanted to know when I was going to go on holidays... and I too am looking for a tan!

NOW.. the trouble is figuring what to wear tomorrow. I have a fairly limited wardrobe... it's a good thing that I only work two days a week!

Friday, December 11, 2009

On this eleventh day of DECEMBER I:

HAND delivered a christmas card to a wonderful friend who I DO NOT spend even close to enough time with!

Of course there was the chance meeting that she would be at the school where I was doing pick up at.. and the fact that she only lives a couple houses away....

BUT it beats last year when I assured her I had a christmas card... (STORE BOUGHT !!! ICK!!... but at least it was sparkly!)... which she never did quite get... but I did see a couple of sightings of it throughtout the year.... and with the best of intentions... never quite got it to here....

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Oh...! and on the 10th day of December....

Mommy Dot was still needing to be released from prison.

I heard it on the radio!

True story.

Fashioned in the mind of a youngster from many moons ago.

I KID you not!


OK... so truth be told...

Once upon a time when I was a child.... those years are stretching further and further away...

I used to hear this song on the radio ... and I believed it was about this Mexican family that had their mother (Mommy Dot, as she was called) sitting in a mexican jail (for reasons unknown- like putting too much butter in the shortbread or something like that...), and all they wanted for christmas was to wish her a merry christmas, so they stood at the jail gates and begged the guards to "Release Mommy Dot!" (You must now picture the whole Mexican family standing at the gates... with Mommy Dot on the other side, waving at them....oh, and Mommy Dot was kinda a bigga bigga lady because of all her baking...)

Now put it to music.....

"Release Mommy Dot... release Mommy Dot....release Mommy Dot... release Mommy Dot...." (add in some spanish sounding words here)

And then.... some more lyrics....

"I wanna wish you a Merry Christmas"
"From the bottom of my heart"

Yes people... it's all true....

On the 10th day of December I heard "Feliz Navidad" for the first time... of course cleverly disguising itself as "Release Mommy Dot".

I think it's time for some professional help ....

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

On the ninth day I:

Got it together for approximately 33 minutes and did some Christmas shopping.

How incredible am I?????

I even went to the boys piano recital thingy-er-jig.

It was all good.

I put together a picture frame that I only have had for a year.

AND wrote out ONE thankyou card.

OH.. and I best not forget the three sprigs of christmas cheer that I arranged onto the kitchen table.

This has been a day of days.... !

So.. I will not tell the list of details of the many millions of things that I should have done.... I only wish to give out the smallest of things... because you know.. I live a life of mystery and intrigue...

(and semi-forgetfulness)

I will save that for another occasion....

Monday, December 07, 2009

AND on the 7th day I decided...

That my hair seems shorter today than it did last week.

Perhaps this is just an early morning messy hair observation or something.. but really.. it does look a LOT shorter.

I also decided that I  WAS NOT going to go walking at this very early hour. I wish to... but you know... it's that cold and all excuse coming out again. I believe I will go later.. I did that yesterday.. and the day before.

The people on the crescent are bored of me now.. I am a constant in their livingroom windows... there goes freaky lady... walking in her circles. There is the ODD occasion that I do the track walking... which I very much like, but for the QUICK STAT like walk, it's out the front door I go.

I started in on the Christmas cards.. although I am not good at it... as I say to myself.. "oh, I should actually write something in that card, not just sign it..." which results in a whack of cards just sitting, half written, labeled... for this person to scoot to the computer and drone out some insight into life in the big fast lane for the past year... I might want to write out ONE organized letter,... but that would take some keenly ACUTE skills of organization or something.. and I am far better on the random side.. and you know.. not everybody wants to hear about my boring life on one page.... I just want to give them the headlines.... like... "this summer I spent every single night of the week down at the bear location.... this is the ONE picture I was able to get...." OR... things like.... I gave up alcohol.... not for any other purpose than probably just being crazy....", or better... "the husbandman spoke with me last on November 3rd around 7:20 am, he mentioned that he liked the thought of summer coming soon...." . SEE, it's those random thoughts that everybody doesn't really get, and nor do I. I should probably just close up the self sealing envelopes... (dont be jealous about that Lujza!), and send them off...with a coded message... like text messaging but in christmas speak...



And so....

The day moves ahead.... the PIPPY has made a wonderful 12 year old choice that her pale pink yoga jacket is going to keep her warm making the trek up to her cousins today.

I wish her good luck.

Sunday, December 06, 2009

Book titles on this cold day

The Golden Spruce ... this was an excellent book.

Fugitive Pieces, not quite what I am used to reading.


Yes... it is the truth... on the sixth day of December it is cold here.

Go West Coast!

Cards still undone.
Hair done.
Floors done.
Due to living in home, floors now undone.
Laundry, done and undone.
Christmas decorations, in dollhouse shed.
Put up one snowflake, second one still lying on table.
The glassman husbandman brought home a piece of glass.
Have been waiting since the summer time... good to know he has some skills in the department.
Picture printer temporarily seized, not good.
Scrapbooking supplies scattered, must unscatter.
Curled hair THREE times yesterday. The last TWO times was within an hour of each other... hair is strange.
Had troubles figuring out what shoes to wear out last night.
Had troubles just going out last night... the pants, the shoes, the shirt, the hair!
Have been awake since four. Then semi not awake, then awake.
Could be the THREE glasses of wine I drank! Ha! Haven't drank anything since middle of August some time...will need to start this task immediately.
Need to come up with a plan for tomorrow. Ok... this is a STAT like thought process needing some cueing to the top of the brainthoughts here.
Need to wash two more sets of sheets, get one bedroom cleaned out, and a closet. Must happen today.
Probably would like to go to the SantaClaus parade,... but you know.. it's cold and stuff.
Now drinking coffee.... cheese and crackers... my thought processes are being fired here every 2.5 seconds...

Perhaps this would be the best time to throw some ink on cards...

Can't wait for the coffeee to kick in....

Saturday, December 05, 2009

AND on the fifth...

day of December....


Just guess.....

Just take a good crack at it......


I did not decorate....

I re-decorated myself actually....

with a fresh box of hair colour.

yes folks.. it is all true... now I am down to doing the haircolouring event every three weeks.

the hair just grows that fast...what is one to do?

In other things extraordinarily boring...

Last week I suggested to the little homesteading family (dog STILL included) that we should just haul out our huge to life Santa Claus (that sits behind one of the chairs in the livingroom for about 10 months out of the year... because people... we do not have any place to store a TRUE to life form such as this guy....) that we should just put lights around the guy, and put him ON the chair, and leave it at that... kind of a new tradition to the christmas time festivities...

HENCE no fussing over trees, and decorations... and ten zillion lights, and you know..once we are done with the festivities... SANTAman can just go behind the chair again...  I thought it was a brilliant plan. EXTREMELY brilliant.

Oddly enough.. none of the rest of the family took to the idea. NONE of them.


So today I came clean....

I told the FOOLS that they really were FOOLS tobelieve me in my highly excited grand plan.

Of course then the husbandman began to regret his decision for the FOOLISH plan that was layed out before him... because now his job is to make a retreat to the little dollhouse shed across the yard, and bring in the 10 shipping cruiseship containers worth of christmas decorations now.

Oh silly man.... why ... why would you forsake such a brilliant planned scheme by the ever so loving wife with newly coloured hair..... why?

Could it really be that the chemicals and fumes have really affected my brain?

One should not question...

OH... and really.... what day should I start the christmas cards.... because although I tried to steal L's wreath from her front door last week... (pictured below)... I can not steal her already created, endorsed and sealed christmas cards for the bloggedy blog blog.


In other things....

Today seems like a good day to get out some glass cleaner, a vacuum and a mop....

Friday, December 04, 2009

Sat YES to the DRESS!

Because I am ever so organized this morning.. ah aha ha hah  haha hah ahahha... whew, pardon me...

I have decided to PVR the back to back shows.

The girlie girl has left some sort of FAKE like animal thing meowing away.... I just can't find it.

I should probably colour my hair... it's that day again....

OH.. and christmas cards... they are calling to me... sort of.

I think I should go walking now.... it's blue sky and cold out... it all makes sense to me.

AND where's my coffee this morning... I didn't make any yet....

I am going to have to get myself in gear here people.... I just need to google "getting one gear" to see what that actually means... this could take a while...

Thursday, December 03, 2009

On the 3rd day of...


I hunted for an article of clothing to wear out on Saturday night.

What a waste!

How is it that NOBODY has ANYTHING~!

Far to picky I am sure... but you know.. I am not a glammy or glitzy...

I just want a sweater that isn't up to my chin, nor past the waist line.

Why is this so challenging I say people....?


The PIP and I just got home from the mall... and ICK... there was nothing there... just like there wasn't anything at the mall last night either.. (different mall)... but I went with the boy last night... he was actually quite helpful... despite the no luck situation.

I guess I am having to go with Reitmans... and their selection is practically NOTHING this year!

AND tomorrow... not sure what the fourth day will bring... I am still thinking about that...

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

And on the 2nd day of December I:

Went to the Ford dealership with the mother.

Just a tune up folks, not an early Christmas gift!

I think I am going to rake my backyard today.

It has needed some attention since the leaves fell off the trees... and the winds blew cedar bits off the trees.

I also have Christmas cards that are needing the plastic covers removed from the box, and every so NEATLY scribbled in!

In an effort to keep the family believing that I am an OK mother... I might even have to resort to some form of Christmas shopping. That is my function in the home at this moment.... as the husbandman has managed to successfully load and unload dishwashers AND combat the laundry.

I maintain an equilibrium of camera usage and book completions.

"Hmmmmmm... what's that... we need something from Costco.... oh... I'm sorry.. I don't really shop there any longer...." says the NEWISH crazy haired mother.

No seriously.... I may even just clean out more of my closet today....being all bigshotish and all about myself....

OK family... off to school and work you go.... I have THINGS to accomplish here...

ya right... see post below.