Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Where the wild things are...

Right here.. in command central.

Jimmy has left the building... all on his lonesome, with a certain bounce in his step.

There is a digger out in the back, doing digging things in the neighbours back/side yard.

Fussilina has called me hysterically looking for her polkadot pencil case cause it isn't in her locker, and she put it in her locker yesterday afternoon, and the phone kind of went dead. I guess she found the polkadot pencil case. I never got a call back.

We are nearing the end of the month, and this weekend the husbandman is going to give the furnace the once over. Because he is wild like that.

Of course I will be wildly happy to have heat.

I would also like to have a sip of coffee, cause that makes me wild-like.

We never got to go and see the Adams River run... because I did not get the weekend off. I believe I was wild in my thinking that I could actually get some vacation time. Hmm... I guess I better try again.

I have written yet again another story/letter to one of the teachers at JimmyDean's school. This boy and his details... they make me wild.

Todays list of things to be done is at an all time HIGH, and in the effort to not become wild over my workload, I will probably spend time just staring at bears eating barren blueberry bushes.

Now that's wild.

Monday, September 27, 2010

HOLY crampoly.

Life has it's twists and turns, bumps and sinkholes.

Not entirely certain how the day goes from one thing to the next, but that is what it is.

I CAN'T believe that I have not visited my very own blog for almost a week.


In other things that are going on around this little city:


And it's all in the news.


Currently there is a bear out wandering our streets.

Hopefully he will stay hidden, otherwise there will be chaos and mayhem in the daylight.

I might just go take a run to see the other one's down the street.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

And if todays..

Hamburger doesn't work, let's try again tomorrow.

I was wishing to write a book... "parenting - ONE hamburger at a time".

That's the way I see it.... with the boy at least.

In an effort to keep all systems full steam ahead, it's best to feed him what he likes. Hamburgers, from Wendy's. Of course he wants a baconator, and I say .. oh no.. we need some colour in that burger my friend... he hisses that he wishes for only bacon, burger, cheese and a bun, but I saw the couple of colours that will go down the hatch with the rest will make his body a bit happier.

A lot of things can be sorted out within the time it takes to drive through a drive thru.

First the motherly/driver person can chat all about.. who knows what.

The starving and resistant passenger can take it all in, while their bloodsugar crashes, and just before the blackout point... the system receives it's chemical inducing formula to start the brain back into synapsing once again, and therefore some logical thought/ organized thoughts.

I's a very simple strategy, that seems to work, with the boy. AND this isn't a case of a tragedy amongst 15 3/4 year olds porprotion has erupted, but rather an excuse to chat with a level head (once it has been fed).

AND there you have it... another successful parenting tip!

NOW... if this were the girl... Julia Child where are you now...?

Monday, September 20, 2010

Elinor Lipman

My Latest Grievance by Elinor Lipman.

I quite liked this eccentric styled book. The characters seemed believable, and so did the story

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Don't ask me...

The pictures are backwards... but the little guy was alerted to something coming his way ( a tractor actually), and he had just been sitting in the ditch, and had popped out... then the tractor came... and he panicked .. (of course) .. and took off running... you can even see the water droplets flying off the back of him.


I have to be... I haven't had much success this past number of months! Clearly I was just out in the WRONG season.

I am thinking of a new Nikon ... currently I am researching the D5000 & D3100. I think I might even go with a bigger lens... cause I want to see their expressions, more so than just getting the details of their eyes. AND ... cause I want to take better EAGLE pictures as well. MIGHT as well be GREEDY!
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Barely BEAR central!

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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

How much can you love them...

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What a SCHMO...

I just love watching these guys... they gotta a learn a whole lotta stuff ... before they go to bed... because after this next big sleep they will be out on their own... check out how that little one is looking at his mother ...
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Playing with my lighting

And film speeds WHEN I SHOULDN'T BE.

It was tough moving in the car, not trying to spook the mother, quickly look at where my settings were, not have the flash pop up, following along as these three made there way across their territory.. and watching for traffic.
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I am not crazy like the lady in the coquitlam now newspaper.. or was it the tri-cities... but along rolled the mazda5 and this is what I saw!
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While I'm doing this...

He's doing that:
Things like axles, and rear ends, and missing gas tanks, and drive shafts ... I don't know Mr. Potts... I don't know!

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What's holding them up?

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So really..

I still have nothing to say... (that is a lie)

BUT! ~~ this just in.....

I did manage to get some good bear pictures!


I will leave you hanging!

For now.. I will just go and colur my hair..

Monday, September 13, 2010

More on nothingness

Something that I am good at.

So the boy cranked his toy.. doing nothing. It's still swollen, so I think the sprain is healing. If it is a sprain, instead of dislocating and relocating it all in one shot. Will never know I guess. He has managed to be able to cram his foot into his runner... which is all good...

The chickenista continues to be beautiful. How tragic is that ! Being a lovely tall blond. Today is her first day back at swimming after a bit of a break. She may thank me or snear at me tomorrow... I will duck at all times while next to her.

I went photo shopping yesterday for a short time... saw one pop out, but was too busy texting to snap a photo... sorry bear watchers, perhaps TODAY will be your camera day.

Am waiting for the coffee to kick in... that's when the action really starts! ... until then... this is all I have on the nothingness scale.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

On the way to bear hunting:

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what's so odd about...

The photo ....?
So I bribed JimmyDean for the first day of school picture...
I asked to take a picture of him...

He said forget it...


Double forget it ... said that JimmyDean..

Then the most loved words...

"I'll give you a ride ..."

Hence the photos .. of the same pose...

Even when I asked to make it crazy...

He said he was going all out...

And did his crazy pose.

Yes. ... his hair is crazy.

HER'S ... it's just luscious!

The chicklets... Sept edition

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The cute black visitor!

Who can believe that this guy is 12 years old! ... and for those that thought that they were going to see a bear...
NOPE .. just the sisters dog!
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