Friday, July 30, 2004

My children are what???

I thought I had children... but I do not.... I have two young boxers... a 7 year old with a left hook, and a 9 /12 year old with a right hook. Today they visited unannounced and displayed their fine talents for the nice babysitter girl from next door.... I owe her lots of money.... or a can of pop... some chocolate... how about just a bag of sugar, a big bag of chips... or some gift certificates for a fast food place .....I am going to have to think fast... because she is coming back tomorrow for an even longer day with them..... I hope my children return in time for her to look after them... they quite like her.

So the day started with a .......??

Ma Ma !!!! Ma Ma !!!!! So Missy Lou-who woke up this morning screaming her fool head off ! I enter into the "Pip's Toy Palace Where Every Move Could Be Your Last Move".... she is locked beneath her lavender duvet cover with her face smashed into her pillow... and she is fast asleep. I'm looking at her and she is definitely fast asleep.... all of a sudden her eyes pop open... and she magically bolted out of her bed - BOOM - like a stick of dynamite - and into our bed she goes.... Pip, Pip are you in their.... as she settles in our bed... she barks.... "Put the TV on for me".....No fear, Pip is here. I wasn't quite sure what the whole deal was... but she had been momentarily locked in fright.......too bad she couldn't stay that way the whole day.... the babysitter was coming !

Thursday, July 29, 2004

No time to write.... too much to read

I'd love to write an anecdote from today.. but I thought I would give the weary readers some time to breath... besides..... I did the best thing today... I talked to some of my friends on the phone today.. which of course takes up lots of time... because believe it or not
     S H O C K  I like to talk... but then so do my friends... so it's equal............. anyways... the real reason for the non-writing this evening is that I have this book.. which I really AM NOT enjoying reading.... but I have to finish it... isn't that a law somewhere..??? So on that note... I will find where ever my girl has hidden herself... tuck her in to her very messy girly room..... leave Mr Sportswatcher in the den, and I am sure the boy will make it home... sometime tonight... afterall he is afraid of the dark.  <:=]     :)     ( :>--O<

Have a look at this.... it'll be fun !

I got it from a friend of a friend of a friend !!! Thanks Lujza !

Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Pip and the Purple two-wheeler

This girl of mine now rides two wheels. She has for a while..but the King-dad-bike-guy never took them off. I take them out for a bike ride yesterday, the safety boy brought his water bottle... in case of dehydration issues, it only took him TWENTY MINUTES to fill it up. So, who heard me yelling COOOOMMMMMMEEEEEEEE OOOOOOONNNNNNNNN...  to him? As far as I know here in big BC, especially in little Port Coquitlam... we have very good water pressure....although safety boy can magically change that scenario. WE start to ride... the girl is instantly gone... leaving us in her purple dust... and she's riding and talking.... like turning her head around and talking at myself and Mr Safety... uh Pip... could you just turn around and ride.. I call out to her. We kind of rode forever along the dike.....we were almost at a stopping point, when she decides she's had enough, and turns around to head for home. Say Pip.... who's the adult are supposed to stay with me. She says "No, this is far enough, you are going to drive straight into that bridge over their... so I'm turning around and going back home, besides, I need to get to that secret trail". Luckily I had a treat for Her Royal Beastiness. We head for home... but first we spot a snake.... Mr Safety stays a safe 10 feet away... and begins to tell The Pipster to stay back.... not her... her and her purple roadster ride right up to it. "I love that guy!!! she yells.... "Look how fast he moved... I think I want a snake of my own!!" she says. Mr Safety comes to investigate after the snake is long gone.  WE leave and once again we ride in purple dust. Along comes this hill that leads to the secret trail... so I say to the Pip... slow down... get off y.-----bi-------e.. OKAY...... don't get off you bike... you just keep going girl.... see how fast you can really go BEFORE YOU FLY OFF THAT PURPLE POWER MACHINE OF YOURS !!!! Ya hoo !!!! she starts yelling... " Ma ma... Ma ma'.. did you see how fast I went... I thought you were going to tell me to slow down... but I just wanted to see how fast I could go!" (Yes that's right Pipster... oh little girl with a pleated summer skirt, sandles and a matching spaghetti strap shirt...yes, there would have been nothing left of you..... and definitely a good experiment..... so have I written about my hair colour that says permanent.. with no fading.... well it's not doing what it's supposed to... I am not certain if it has anything to do with the hair colour at all...... or it might have something to do with the Purple Dust Creator.) WE continue on home... the whole while she's clipping along on her "magic purple machine", and Safety Boy is busy hissing about looks at what she's doing.. I can't believe that.... why does she do that.... make her stop that... she's going to hurt herself....she's such an embarassment....please be silent and ride Mr Safety....
Today, once again lady Pip took the Purple Power out for another spin... first to the park so she could go swimming... and then she pleads with me.. to go the long way home... what ever Pip... and off we go. I'm walking, she's riding. And that was that.... so... I'll see you at home K Ma Ma. Umm, once again... Pip... you are with me... remember... kids stay with adults... hey Pip... did you hear me...Pip.... kids stay with adults.... PIP !!!..... I call out to her as she cruises around the corner, waves.... "I'll see you at home"..... oh well.... I just keep walking along. When I reach the trail... their she is. Bike laying in the dust.. her sitting on a barricade. Well Pip... what happened here... I look.... her knee has been busy bleeding for a while. WE dump a bunch of water on it... she rides home.... where she proceeds to go in the house... clean it out.. find some bandaids.. comes back out... and wants to go riding with her friends. PIP ------ NO !!!!!

Can you hear that?

It is the sound of my remote controlled fan whiring away, and the echos of televisions sets. That's it. How does one acquire such a sound..... take your children to the lake where they swim for 3 hours straight in the boiling heat. I think I am going to crown myself !! Too late.... that crowning moment is over... The Pipster has made her way to me......this could be trouble.

It's JAWS !!!!

So, last night I wake the girl from her deep slumber.... that was taking place in our bed. "Come on little girl.... wake up... let's take you back to your bed..... "... with my guidance she starts to move.... I walk her out of our room... and was closing in on her bedroom.... when JAWS attacks. Hey... she's trying to bite me... eeek... the girl was just wandering along in her sleepfilled state when all of a sudden her eyes see my forearm as a midnight snack... and she lunges. Yikes... I remove my limbs from the Miss Great Whites view.. and she carries on into her bed... I had to lift her in... well her and her BRAND NEW too-big-to-be-for-real-blue-and-pink UNICORN. I attempted to buy her an "EDUCATIONAL" item while I was out... but she spotted this beast... and that was it..instantly her COTTON CANDY Unicorn was a need for the day.
 Meanwhile...the boy got a book, a funny book, he was happy with his funny book. So happy that he needs to read me all the funny captions. ALL THE TIME. Funny boy reading funny captions... suddenly things are not so funny anymore !!!!

Tuesday, July 27, 2004

The Day has been Delayed because...

I have had a couple more thoughts...

  1. The kids are going to be pissed tomorrow when I wake them up early, and we make our way to the Town Centre Stadium track where they can watch me walk in circles and "hiss" about being away from their home.
  2. They are taking this day of "nothing" on the calender a little too seriously.
  3. My children will never be able to join the swim team, because you have to be their at 0530... yes that's in the morning.... I can just imagine what words they would have for me then.
  4. I am going to become my own swim team... and I will wear a green suit, kind of a secret blogger code kind of thing... that should be good.
  5. The boy wanted to know how long "that dish cleaning thing" ran for.... the only reason being that he wanted it for his favourite red cereal bowl. Looks like he wont be eating today.
  6. My girl has changed from her Cinderella dress into a house marm dress. She won't be going out today....
  7. Oh, on the weathergirl front... I believe what I am witnessing happening in the skies above me is "SMOG". I would hesitate to guess that's what it is... although I am hardpressed to see it right over my head... even though I know it's there... I usually see the "bulk" of it sitting on the horizon..... I will be making my application to weathergirl school sooner than I thought with that realization...
  8. I wonder about this Blogger World I have entered into.... did I really have all these thoughts before... and I never wrote them down....and now that I write them.... do people actually read them... and if they do... shouldn't I have made this a little more anonymous?
  9. Oh, and lastly... I like Michael Smyth... he writes the neatest things about goverment issues....... I would like to thank the Liberal Government for being divided over the issue  about whether or not they will build ferries in British Columbia. They are willing to let $500 million dollars "slip" out of the province to be given to Germany or Finland for building ferries for us. Who ever can build them the fastest and the cheapest. Never mind the fact that it will generate 2000 jobs in BC, and result in $75 million dollars in tax revenue given to three levels of government, and other money making spinoffs. Thanks once again for being divided over the issue... I certainly know I would be.

There really is nothing on my calendar???

  • It's July 27th... and for the first time this month... there isn't something to do...Yae. that won't last long.
  • So far this morning the boy has done what he was told....from last night. To sleep in. That boy of mine listens, he did just that.
  • I have been (OCDish like) staring at the sky.. I haven't been able to come up with the colour of the clouds that have floated into this hemisphere. Maybe I have become immune to seeing colour... the sky has been blue for so long, and with the constant heat beating down... all I can visualize is the colour blue. Hmmm... if I think hard enough it's like a high cloud yellowy  greyish/whitish film that has overtaken us..(kind of like the colour that emerges after washing dishes while camping!).. and somehow the sun is still able to creep through.... there are shadows present....would that be a filtered light Deanna? I can't wait to make it into "Weatherlady School"
  • The girl is dressed in a long gown, looking lovely for this morning non-events. She asked if she could have a blond wig.... not sure why... because she owns one... which is attached to her head.
  • I am hoping that I will be on time for TKD (Tae Kwon Do) at 6:30 tonight. It could be a tight squeeze though. Ha !!
  • The total blog the same as mine has been increased to 5. (thanks to those outthere... sending me info.. you know who you are... someday maybe you can join me at my news station... I'll be the  weathergirl... and you can be reporters!!!!)
  • I need to go... my home telephone is calling me... (I know this because a computer screen pops up... and it had my phone number attached... and to think I was already typing... I am such a multitasker.. I can type to myself, and talk to myself on the phone at the same time). Wow

Monday, July 26, 2004

Days end, ends with a Post about the Pip

I can't end the day without a thought or two not passed on about the Pip. The Princess Queen Almighty One Herself deserves to be spoken about... I guess.
 So the day started off bumpy.. immediately hungry... which makes her grumpy. Crapola, I think to myself.... nice Monday to me. I feed the beastly little hound her bagels and smoked salmon cream cheese, while she lounged on the green leather couch..... just keep chewing sweet girl.... next on the to-do list was school work. She has a huge stack of "whatever" to work through. So I invite the little beast to the table. Bad move. By this time the boy is already sitting at the table talking numbers.... and she wants to do words. Bad move, because it's a bad mix.... numbers and words.... hmmmmm.... she does a page... with my constant help......I think to myself.. should I just take the pencil and do this for you... but I manage to restrain myself from that parental infraction. I could tell by the way she was leaving about three inches of lead dust all over the page that this mornings school work would be cut short.... five simple questions... and at that she almost snapped her most beautiful barbie pencil in half.... I gave her the evil mother stare-dare.... she settled.... in the den to watch TV. Not what I had hoped... but happy to still be alive.. so there's always a compromise... meanwhile Mr. Numberboy was still doing addition facts... later.... I managed to get her hair washed... because I was still calling her "Missy Lakehead" from being at camp last week. (Our weekend was a bit too busy and she never had the chance to be soaped and lathered and hopefully cleaned). Once again... I came out of it alive. That's two for two. We went to the dentist... to of course get the Pip's teeth filled again. She hissed for a while after we left... that "The Dentist Guy" made her teeth hurt.... but now she was pissed that her nose was itchy.... and she was going to scratch if off....IF I DIDN'T DO SOMETHING RIGHT NOW !!!!!!! Well, Miss Pip... rub your nose... that way it will stay on your face, was the only suggestion I came up with. 
 We did a couple of errands... the whole while she wandered around with me... can I get something, I want something, can you buy me this,this is what I want, I like this, will you get it, I need it, this is what I want, I will not be quiet until you get me something. I looked her straight in the eye.."Get this.... you get nothing" Don't even try to hiss at me..... the whole while Mr Reading Boy sits, and reads.
 The day proceeds... then she decides that its Purple Power Sonic Boom Hour... and wants to start riding her bike. Alright Miss. Out we go.. and I watch her FLY up and down our street on her purple bike. Her pink helmut on crooked, only one pom-pom coming out of her handle bars, in a pink dress and pink sandles, training wheels kicked up high on the sides of the bike, as she hoots and hollers the whole way down the street... MA MA... she screams.... I just love it when I go fast... this is great!!!  I think, "I am frightened... I am still alive.... but I am frightened".
Later tonight.... while the boy and I were out walking.... Mr Biker Repair Man came out of retirement to put a new tire on my bike that he had taken off... who knows how long ago. Then I hear her, before I can even see her......"HEY, look at this.. what looks different.... can you see me.... what do you think???.......what am I missing ?????" The girl had her training wheels taken off. Nice. She hasn't used them in how long... but they remained on to what.... continuously bruise and bash her legs. "That's great Pip"... so now that both of the bikes had some minor repairs... we take the bikes out for a quick ride.... she goes belting down the road..... just to have a black cat cross her path... Lucky Girl or what??!!!!

What did you say to me????

The boy and I went for a walk tonight. He asked me if I had a bike. Yes son, I own a bike, but King Daddy Bike Repair Man needs to do something with it so I can ride. So we'll just walk. The boy was in a walking mood...did I say walking... I think I mispelled... it was more like a talking mood.  I am not certain what moved more... his feet or his face. He never stopped talking, not once.. ever... at all, I can still hear his little voice echoing in my head... even as I sit here madly clicking the keys... he is still talking to me.... and he's in the other room, watching TV. Hmmm.

So... we finally made it home... I think we were gone for an hour and a half, and he says to me... "OH, I see Daddy is out front fixing your bike (AAAAhhh dream come true !!!!)....and I am thinking next time we go... we should ride... that way YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO STOP AND SEE ALL OF YOUR FRIENDS THAT YOU BUMP INTO, AND DO ALL KINDS OF TALKING".

I have no freaking idea what him and I talked about for the last few hours... all I know is that he talked... now my next fear is that we talked about something.. that of course he will remember and I clearly wont... and he will recall it and bring to my attention... and I wont have a clue... I think I should be getting worried. He's right... next time we'll ride..... Helmuts and a mouthguard. (For the two of us)

So Long Suckers !!!!

Score one for the Ant Lady.... that peach coloured sidewalk chalk dust  moat has left those pesky little crawlers squirlling in anticipation....BUT GUESS WHAT.... you're not coming any closer !!! I can hold my head high tonight.... and paste a smile on my face... because I even got my pantry cleaned out to boot !!! oh wait...I should go take a peek ... to see if they are really gone... or just pretending to be gone...they could try that trick as well. Coast is clear. Mission Accomplished.

It's up to FOUR now !!!

I have officially made the count to FOUR. ( I will be my own stats counter) FOUR people with this template !!! Who's going to make the first move to change....??? Or, better than that.... we will be the mover and shakers of this blogger world and BECOME................... The Cult of Greenbloggers.............WE will write to the masses.. and every link we add to our pages.... will be another one of us.. coming to you from another dimension. whew-who..... yae for me... and yae for you! A simple side smile would suffice for now. :) , no, let's make it 2 :) :)

The Lady Ant Killer

I hate ants!!! I really, really hate ants. Especially when they start marching through my cupboards. The little super-sonic-strengthed shits. Get out of my house  little ants..... I am off to defend my territory loaded with peppermint extract, cotton balls, my cheese grater and the Pipster's sidewalk chalk. (She doesn't know that I am slowly depleting her colourful world of sidewalk chalk). I am evil.... when it comes to ants! I am going to post a sign.... "No Picnicing Here".... that should work.

Sunday, July 25, 2004

Look out it's the Laundry Lady and all her friends...

Many things can happen on a weekend. Like loads of laundry that appear in your laundry room. I have no idea how they make it their but they do... and then the Magic Maid comes along and takes care of it... I wonder who that is??? Then of course there's Gardening Girl that makes her way into the yard in the early AM to water all the flowers, and plants. I get along with her quite nicely ! She's welcome at any time at my house... but then there's Weeding Woman, she's similar to Garden Girl, those two get along famously.. and then there's the Soaker Chick. She generally hangs out in the front yard... soaking all the flowers and such. After spending time in the great outdoors... all the personalilites welcome themselves to the great indoors... and that's when Flora the Folder shows up... she unloads what the Laundry Lady has done.. and folds all of those items. But not to be outdone, Vera VonVacuum stops by for a visit. Once she shows up... then she has a great following that like to hang out with her.... Daisy the Duster, Wilma dafilmer-remover likes to hang out in the bathroom, then there's Lady Laminent-Cleaner that always has to pay a visit with Vera VonVacuum. Now you would think that playing hostess to all of these fine individuals that Cara Foracoffee would pay a visit or Ms. Squarebaker. But no, these fine inidividuals are never to be found.... they are quickly pushed out of the kitchen by Mr. Cleanandtidy. This guy stops by on the weekends only, and hangs around long enough to censor all kitchen activities, and put a stop to any form of clutter creation. Damn that Mr. Clean.

So, other things that have happened..... tell me if I was too evil. ( I am hoping that I won't have to answer this myself...) My boy was happily watching TV in our room, keeping cool and just being quiet on this Sunday afternoon. His friend knocked on the door, and asked if he could play, sure, and out he goes. Not more than a minute later.. he comes in, in a tizzy and on the verge of tears. I ask him what's wrong. His buddy set him up. .... No sooner did the boy go outside and start talking to his "friend" when the across the road boy come running out.. and beam him in the head with a HUGE water balloon. Nice, real nice. So the TWO friends are still standing outside waiting for my boy... I don't know.. but they get me instead. And I just freak. "What do you two think you are doing???? How would you like it, if the boy came to your door, and thumped you with a water balloon... it would be different if he had been playing with you.... but he wasn't... do you even think this was nice..!!!!????? Apologize now! The one boy starts to smirk... and I hiss at him.... whipe that smile from your face.. what both of you did was cruel, and you should both be ashamed of yourselves... and you guys call yourselves friends of my boy..... well you are not... now get lost !!!! Slam. I can't stand kids.

Oh, we got to go to the Molson Indy... our friends gave us tickets... well I think they were just trying to get rid of us coming over for a BBQ on the Saturday night... it was soooo freaaakiiing HOT down their...... I was practically dead... then I had to whip to go and BUY something to take with us... which I despise doing... because I like to MAKE things when I go to people's houses. Meanwhile.... the husband watered the dogs.. and had a shower himself... as I was running all over town buying drinking and eating things !!!! I was baked.... and not burnt baked... just baked from being out in the roasting heat... but I had fun watching the beautiful loud cars whip past me. Never been before, will never go again, never ever wanted to go, but I was thrilled to be able to go.

Oh, I wanted to write something yesterday.....but it was soooooo freaking hot that it came out something like this....  my fingers were sticking to the keyboard
  ;alsjar; orit fkvaslkgealkfj d;klj w;t egp] 
       TRANSLATION: Help I am melting.

Thursday, July 22, 2004

The Day the Gas Station Stood Still

Fourth day of camp for the kids... fourth day of freedom for me. Yae. Exept that leaves me with time, time to find "things" to fill my blank canvas with... time for me to connect thoughts and ideas in my head.... this is just not safe. First I have to write:

I have to admire those out there (????), who are notably writing all about their political views and theories. I seem to come across them quite frequently.  Good for you. In fact today... I found a website that had a template that was the exact same as mine. Mind you this is a borrowed template and all... but there are so many "out there" I rarely see duplicates... except.... the one I read today had a whole political thing on it.... clearly not mine. I am not polilticaly minded... and I wonder what it takes to become one.. except that, that type of info doesn't find its way into my head... I hear about... and then its gone. Oh, and the other thing.. they (the people witht the same template as myself) had a baby today as well!!! Congratulations to all of you, whoever you are.

I dropped the kids off today, and went to go get gas... since the prices have dropped to a mere 81.9 cents a litre.... (but considering I am willing to pay a dollar fifty for a cup of 12oz coffee that gets me where????? It's not so bad). So I drive in, to the self-serve... I am too cheap to have someone pump my gas.. and there's cars and people.... but nobody seems to be moving. Alright, this is interesting.  I sit and wait. I begin to doubt where I am and what time zone I've entered into..... and don't do this to a woman that has the whole day to's only going to make begin to think wild thoughts to write about.... and no sooner did I think it... .then it all began to unfold. Little Lady Slowmotion came out of the Chevron doors, and stopped. Stopped and looked around..... as if she had lost her car at this place...."it's not the mall" I start screaming in my head. She begins to fumble inside her purse, like she had written a note as to where she had left the car. Finally, someone lit a fire under her ass.... and she scurried to... . the car right in front of her. I begin to pull into her spot... but then I have to stop..... because another person emerged.... apparantly she had gone "Chevron Grocery Shopping" for the rest of the freaking month..... I almost got out of my 14 year old SUV and asked if she needed help with her bags. Mr. Coke Delivery Man filed out of the back of his truck.... with his dolly loaded with stuff..... I must have seen him scurry back and forth 6 times while I was filling up.... and I wasn't exactly on empty either !!!! Oh, and then someone starts yelling,...... waving, and yelling and woo-hoo-ing...... I look over.... and this person makes eye contact with me.... I stare for a couple of seconds.... when the fellows "Date for the Day" says something to him.... and he stops. So I am almost finished filling up my 14 year old vehicle.... when I see him. I saw what a fat comic strip person looks like... in real life. I couldn't believe it... I screwed the gas cap back into its spot, then picked up my jaw, and closed my mouth... Cheese and crackers Deanna.... have a little decorum. Uh-uh.
I couldn't help it... I had entered into this twilight zone and this was the final encounter.  I draw people that look like this... he even had the walk... little arms and legs swinging away, back and forth, back and forth. On a sincere note.... I would hope I am not truly that evil... and I wished the man that he would find a method for weight loss... and he might have to start making those Pepsi's a Diet Pepsi instead. (I can't help it, perhaps I have a faulty perception meter........ I just write what I see).

I make my way over to the wonderful Town Centre Stadium... with it's amazing rubberized track. I love it. I then begin to walk... in circles and circles for an extended period of time. (It is not a long long time... I have too many things to do... I have no kids with me today, nor do I have to pick them up anytime soon !!!!) Once again,  I enter into "A Zone of Extreme Intrigue and Story Gathering Tales". First thing first... it felt like the movie "GroundHog Day"... the same people were there ! I tried to keep the laughter inside my head..... it's not safe to walk around in circles laughing out loud..... people will really stare at you. The same group of boys wandered in, and took their post at the hurdles, the spitting man was still their spitting, the little chinese lady with the purple winter gloves sat crouched NEXT to the bleachers in the shade clapping her hands, ( she did have a choice of many trees  that would have provided shade to clap her hands mind you), then there was the "Sheman-manshe?" (This person I am not certain what gender he/she was)... he was still wearing the same clothes as the other day).  Then there were the laughing asian ladies up on the stairs... I think they were still laughing from the other day. I'm not even certain what they were doing. One would be up... then down... then they would all be done.. and then the leader would pick-up one ladies leg, and put it down... then they would all clap... and I don't know the rest because I was still walking in circles. Once again I had to withhold laughter..... I considered cruising up the steps and asking them if I could join. My thoughts were that they would start screaming " AAAhhhh white girl... white girl... you get out silly white girl"... I thought best not do that. Then there were the Tai-chi people. They had there music playing, and they were swaying... then they would stop, and talk, then continue.I was happily listening to their peaceful music...when...... the "Quick-Walker" shot past me... got me on the outside rim. Then the bastard lapped me.  I didn't even hear him coming. He was wearing the same clothes as he was the other day to.  Then Mr Grampa-with-the-baby-stroller came up on the inside.. and passed me. Shit!!!! What am I doing here??? I wondered... the one day that I show up... and do not concentrate on walking "on the line"... is when my life goes crazy !!!! You see, today... I walked between the lines.. meaning that I had a whole lane to myself... normally I concentrate on staying on one line... not sure why.. I just do it.... probably some OCD thing...anyways.... since I was having so much space to walk in today... I had the opportunity to explore strategies and ideas that I never really give issue to. I was enjoying the scenery and the breeze, of course all the people... and asking the big guy upstairs if this was my lifes destiny.... to be walking in circles, only to jump out of that realm when my help was needed. I gave some thought to those questions as I continue to circle.... and finally when I took a good look around....  all of my "groundhog day people" had left....there was me, and a fast runner left on the track... I didn't even notice the people back the gloves, and mats and music and leave.

Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Pardon the Post....but it will be good for your brain.

Trust me... for those that are "age-worthy", the comments/memories listed below will be good for you. Really.  Take some time to read it.. it is a bit lengthy, but it will spur up some memories of long ago... let that brain have a work out...... challenge it into remembering happenings from your past. I do remember some of these,  and some of them (I am glad to say) I am too young to know about... all the same... as a parent, it's interesting to have a look into the past and see how other times were.... enjoy....oh... and thanks to whoever thought this up!

All the girls had ugly gym uniforms?
It took five minutes for the TV warm up?
Nearly everyone's Mom was at home when the kids got home from school?
Nobody owned a purebred dog?
When a quarter was a decent allowance?
You'd reach into a muddy gutter for a penny?
Your Mom wore nylons that came in two pieces?
All your male teachers wore neckties and female teachers had their hair done every day and wore high heels?
You got your windshield cleaned, oil checked, and gaspumped, without asking, all for free, every time? And you didn't pay for air?  And, you got trading stamps to boot?
Laundry detergent had free glasses, dishes or towels hidden inside the box?
It was considered a great privilege to be taken out todinner at a real restaurant with your parents?
They threatened to keep kids back a grade if they failed..  and they did?
When a 57 Chevy was everyone's dream cruise, peel out, lay rubber or watch submarine races, and peoplewent steady?
No one ever asked where the car keys were because they were always in the car, in the ignition, and the doors were never locked?
Lying on your back in the grass with your friends and saying things like, That cloud looks like...
And playing baseball with no adults to help kids with the rules of the game? 
Stuff from the store came without safety caps and hermetic seals because no one had yet tried to poison a perfect stranger?
And with all our progress, don't you just wish, just once, you could slip back in time and savor the slower pace, and share it with the children of today?
When being sent to the principal's office was nothing compared to the fate that awaited the student at home? Basically we were in fear for our lives, but it wasn't because of drive-by shootings, drugs, gangs, etc. Our parents and grandparents were a much bigger threat!             But we survived because their love was greater than the threat.
Send this on to someone who can still remember Nancy Drew, the Hardy Boys, Laurel and Hardy, Howdy Dowdy and the Peanut Gallery, the Lone Ranger, The Shadow Knows,             Nellie Bell, Roy and Dale, Trigger and Buttermilk. As well as summers filled with bike rides, baseball games, Hula Hoops, bowling and visits to the pool, and eating Kool-Aid powder with sugar. Didn't that feel good, just to go back and say, "Yeah, I remember that"? I am sharing this with you today because it ended with a double dog dare to pass it on. To remember what a double dog dare is, read on.  And remember that the perfect age is somewhere between           old enough to know better and too young to care.
 How many of these do you remember? Candy cigarettes, Wax Coke-shaped bottles with colored sugar water inside, Soda pop machines that dispensed glass bottles, Coffee shops with tableside jukeboxes, Blackjack, Clove and Teaberry chewing gum, Home milk delivery in glass bottles with cardboardstoppers, Newsreels before the movie,  P.F. Fliers, Telephone numbers with a word prefix....(Raymond 4-601).  Party lines, Peashooters, Howdy Dowdy, 45 RPM records, Green Stamps,  Hi-Fi's, Metal ice cubes trays with levers, Mimeograph paper, Beanie and Cecil, Roller-skate keys, Cork pop guns, Drive ins, Studebakers, Washtub wringers, The Fuller Brush Man, Reel-To-Reel tape recorders, Tinkertoys, Erector Sets, The Fort Apache Play Set, Lincoln Logs, 15 cent McDonald hamburgers, 5 cent packs of baseball cards, with that awful pink slab of bubble gum,  Penny candy, 35 cent a gallon gasoline, Jiffy Pop popcorn.    
        Do you remember a time when... 
Decisions were made by going "eeny-meeny-miney-moe"?
Mistakes were corrected by simply exclaiming, "Do Over!"?
"Race issue" meant arguing about who ran the fastest?
Catching the fireflies could happily occupy an entireevening?
It wasn't odd to have two or three "Best Friends"?
The worst thing you could catch from the opposite sex was "cooties"?
Having a weapon in school meant being caught with a slingshot?
A foot of snow was a dream come true?
Saturday morning cartoons weren't 30-minute commercials for action figures?
"Oly-oly-oxen-free" made perfect sense?
Spinning around, getting dizzy, and falling down was cause for giggles? 
The worst embarrassment was being picked last for a team?
War was a card game?
Baseball cards in the spokes transformed any bike into a motorcycle?
Taking drugs meant orange-flavored chewable aspirin?
Water balloons were the ultimate weapon?
If you can remember most or all of these, then you have lived!!!!!!!  Pass this on to anyone who may need a break from their "grown-up" life . . .I double-dog-dare-ya!

in a hurry, in a hurry

I don't have much time... on the way to summer camp... but I can't help myself...
Yesterday driving home: Mr. Nine year old thinking boy says to me... "Do you think God is happy"... "oh brother... here it goes.. I think".... "Well", he continues. "Do you think he is at least 50% happy with the world he created?"....  oh oh, these out there conversations, always a stumbling block for me.... "Why do you ask?" I ask.... he continues... "You know, with all of the weapons, and warfare, and people dying, and bad things happening in the world, people hurting people,  and all of the drugs that are everywhere, people have done this to themselves... and I was just thinking if they could find a place to put all this bad stuff.... then they could rid of it... and the world would be a nice place... and then I think God would be maybe 75% happy with his world again.... what do you think?" Gulp, swallow.... brainstorm... oh were home, whew.

Tuesday, July 20, 2004

A thinker and a comedian... it doesn't matter what colour I change him into.
Ellpee waiting to go for a ride, comfort level-high, worry level-at the crest of the moon.

Hissy and Licky

I had been sleeping since around midnight. All I can hear is crunching, and crunching and more crunching. It's 4:00 AM. I get up walk down the hall shut the pocket door, and the french door, and walk back down the hall again. There waiting for me is the cruncher, sitting up in her basket, anxiously waiting my return.... move it out missy.. as she begins her long scary walk down the hall. She's bumping into me the whole time... then cautiously surprises herself and makes a bee-line for the laundry room... regrets that move, crashes into my leg, and follows my lead. I open the sliding glass door... be free basket she scampers away. Next.... from the depths of the living room it starts. Hissy wakes up. Hiss, whine, cry. Hiss, whine, cry. The french door heaves. Hiss, whine, cry. Another attempt at banging the french door. "Wait your turn", I say.... I am now sitting at the computer, which I awoke from its slumber... and it's now busy blinding me. I can hear the basket cruncher still moving around outside... she's confused.... not certain what her next move should be... after all its dark.. everywhere except for that orb in the corner... I call to her, and she re-enters the kitchen and sits down next to me.. and starts to lick... lick, lick, lick .. my hand. The hissing, whining and crying has become almost more annoying than the basket crunching. Except now I am awake....not dreaming the crunching sound. Licky wont move... she has decided that under no circumstances she will be making her way back to her basket crunching... she gives me her paw... licks that then licks my hand. This step gets repeated over and over...until I give her her paw back.. then do the quick stand routine.... all right missy.. back to bed.. realizing her danger level is at a low level, she slowly makes her way back to the basket.. settles in and sighs. Now for the hissing beast behind the french doors... she is what nightmares are made of. She rushes out, comes and slams her body up against the chair that I am sitting in.... throws up her paw, falls to the floor... then eyes that the sliding door is still open... in a heartbeat I hear her tinkling around the backyard..... she has not returned... all is quiet. There is the occasional tinkle, and she is just waiting, and waiting to see if the basket cruncher will return, so she can attack from the depths of darkness..... Eventually, she gets bored of  her early morning hunt and makes her way back inside... and takes her post on the leather couch in the den. All is quiet and still once again. Well, except for the psychotic owner who is clicking away at her keys at four freaking thirty in the morning. Freak.

Monday, July 19, 2004

Here's the the cabin, happy because he is stil holding the remote... he's just hiding it !!

I really love you, but you gotta go !!!!

Today was the first day of summer camp.... I then have nothing to write about. Pip was busy pulling other peoples chains, and Mr. Sensible was busy talking peoples ears off. I like summer camp.... it's just so good for me. It's almost like school, but we can be late... the bus doesn't pick them up until 9:20. THEN... the better part.... I don't need to collect them until 4:15... that's a whole extra hour of doing things. I like that. I did many things today......

  • most importantly... got a Tim Hortons
  • went to the bank.....
  • found my way to Home Depot....stared at the orchids for a while, made it outside to their garden centre... was disgusted at the crap they had left.... well it was colourful crap, not the stuff you think of, when you read the word
  • dropped off film at Costco
  • found a track and walked and walked and walked in circles for a large period of time
  • then my sister and her two kids spotted me, slowed me down...then I had to leave
  • went to the  Art 'n' Knapps (garden centre) for new flowers... I wasn't happy with the progress of my huge barrel arrangement... I think the heliotropes had actually shrunk since I put them in the growing spot... or maybe I didn't tell them they were in this spot to grow. Bought some cool pots, and more plants for cheapo dollars !!!!
  • met my sister at Costco with her two boys, to give her the eldests birthday pictures... I hope she didn't wait long for me... as it turned out.. I was only able to give her two pictures..... I still had that roll at home ......ooooppppssss !!!!
  • I didn't colour my hair.. I should have but I didn't ... oh well... people will just have to get used to the woman with the "rainbow effect" hair colour... not in the exact colours of the rainbow mind you... just shades of brown... starting with lighter at the top, to quite fashionable dark at the ends.... now that is truly attractive... can't wait to go out again tomorrow..... that is priority one for tomorrow morning.... before the drop off with the chicklets
  • Made it home... made a conscious effort not to vacuum...I think the hair balls grow while you are out. I am sure when I left the house there weren't that many floating around. ( I have to vacuum every day because of the two evil beasts).
  • Dug out planter boxes, repotted junk from the front barrel, fixed the front barrel, cleaned out the unknown zone... (dead space that I use for a planter box garden... not sure why the morons that built our wooden deck before we owned the house...didn't make the side of the space a deck... cheap bastards !!!).
  • Was able to make it through the garage and find a ladder, hammer and nails to put back on a piece of the crapola deck roofing that has been off since last year... the King Repair Man thought he was going to redo the whole deck...... idiot !!!!
  • Painted the back screen door kick panel.... this, (like the rest of my day) wasn't planned. I was looking at buckets... that I thought were paint... found a colour that I thought was blue.. found a tarp.. and starting painting... hmmmm this is a bluey-smokey grey colour... oh well the King might not notice....
  • played the piano... Elton might have a smile on his face if I continue at this pace... "the candle in the wind" is getting a "titch" better sounding.
  • posted some pictures....fiddled with my photo editor... checked out how things looks when I decreased the saturation to create a black and white photo. Cool.
  • Walked around hammering the heads of nails back into the deck... they seem to creep up after a while... will save some screaming from miss you know who.
  • Funs over... left to collect the weary day campers. Brought juice and cookies to charge the missys batteries... because I know she would require some form of refreshment.... and besides it would give her mouth something to do rather than bark out orders at me. They both started fighting... Mr. Sensible was caught being Mr. Idiot... and he didn't like that... so Pip started to tell me his woes.. he didn't like that... they starting fighting.. I started yelling.... Oh, I see everyones back!
  • Stopped at the sisters to collect Super Sonic Reading Boys Books
  • Took them for a drive... not that they didn't just have a drive... but it was that awful 4:30 hour.. that awful time when it's still ok to find people to play with... anyways.. made it down to Minnekhada Lodge... we sat and watched a bear in the field. Then we drove to the other side of the park.. and in someones sideyard we saw two huge bears cruising around. WOW, three bears in one day.... 
  • Made some hideous chicken surprise for the chicklets... Mr Hate Everything Unless its a Hamburger ate it all up... hmmm... The Pipster on the other hand had some story as to how come she didn't like it.. but then she liked some parts and not others... and oh please, Pip give me your plate.......
  • Mr Cool King Dad gave Pip her stuff so she could ride her bike. I was on the phone. (she had been standing in front of me... tapping her feet, and throwing evil stares at me... waiting so she could go out and ride her to-small-for-her-purple-bike, with training wheels still on, but raised to the level of the rear fender to act as a kick stand). Then the screaming Mimi just kept riding up and down our street at full speed. She's not going to have a face left... I just know it. I pumped up her back tire... she loved the extra speed she got from that.... she was as big as a thumb nail... and what's that I see... oh she has fallen... oh thank you she got up. It was a slow ride home. She walked up onto the lawn dropped her bike and her helmut, and demanded her blanket, that she needed to lie down, and where was her cold cloth. She was done. As only Pip would want, King Video Dad put on Santa Claus is Coming to Town... guess who picked it???
  • Found my book I am reading.. got distracted by the screen saver.. and here I am.
  • Yae, it's only Tuesday.... they will have fun again at camp tomorrow... so will I !
Let's see if her personality stays the same in black and white....
One day a fishergirl.. and the next day a beauty queen....
That's it Pip... catching some trout at Mr. Rick's Cabin.
Loon Lake.... with some magical colours inserted.
Bits and pieces from long ago.
Welcome to the garden... if you can get through the gate.

Sunday, July 18, 2004

They're Back !!!!

King Camper Husband Man made it back from his boyfriend weekend. He said he tried to call. And call. And call. And call again... Aha... my ESP was working nicely... I knew he made it up there alright...So, he's just sitting in the kitchen reading the newspaper, minding his own business... doing his own thing, making some hamburgers on the BBQ (very low maintenance). Oh, and the Pip is back... yes, The Missy Madmouth is Back. The Boy and I went to go pick her up this afternoon... "oh, her" he says... "couldn't we just forget about her...because I kind of already did, and leave her where she is...the neighbourhood has been nice and quiet without her". "Come on boy, face the music.. life isn't the same without our Pip", I say. "Yes, it's peaceful, quiet,  and no silly hissing girls running around MY house", he says. Well, you do have a point... let's go Mr. Comedy.....
( oh a side bar from last night...... )....I was here, at my post... and Mr Funnyman comes walking in the kitchen from his friends next door, they had been bouncing on his trampoline... it's about 10:40, "where is everybody?", he asks... "It's just me Mr. Funnyman, all on my lonesome, me, the keyboard and my thoughts" I say. He sits in the kitchen chair and sighs.... then says: (He comes up with some ...hmmm I'll guess southern drawl...) "What about me mama, I'm here with ya... you must'nt forget about me...". I crack up.  Nice boy, real nice.........................
anyways... back to, the girls home. IMMEDIATELY IT STARTS. "Well you know.. I am board, and I think I am thirsty" she begins.... I look at the clock. Hmmm, she's been home long enough to hug her Super Camper Dad... and look at her room. 2 minutes. Yae. "You go fuss", I say to her... "you go find a friend". Ha, she forgot the drink... I think to myself as she marches across the street to ambush her friend that was locked away in her home. Life is good... until the friend had to go in. Now she's back.. and she's pissed... and guess who she is taking it out on... me. Me, in my garden. I was just happily watering and feeding my flowers. Then SHE arrived. Now she's thirsty and hungry..... and mad. SHIT!!!!! She wants a TOFU milkshake. "Can't you just eat the hamburger that Grama made for you, and I brought home because I knew you would do this????" I asked her. I don't like hamburgers she said. " Freaking Liar" was the first thought running through my head... but me, being the ADULT, I am not allowed to say that to Miss High Maintenance. "I want a TOFU milkshake, as she holds the package in her hand....(this is not safe... ). "Can you ask Daddy to peel back the lid, and you can eat like a pudding.... "No! It's a milkshake or nothing! she yells (you bet it's nothing missy I think). "Pardon me"....(I eye her).. then, in a calmer tone she repeats it. That's when King Camper Super Evil Dad pipes up... Pip, that's enough, bring it here...... but it was too late... she had already tossed the TOFU out across the patio... see that... see that.... I opened it just fine, she states... I didn't want the stuff anyways. "Miss Fusspot... go to your room please" I call from the backyard. "Fine! I was heading there anyways...." as I hear her footsteps march into the distance. Ahh.... she's back, she's back, she's back... I say to myself as I finish watering my odd assortment of flowers. Cicely on the otherhand is having a nice refreshing TOFU break fresh off the deck. Eventually I make my way over with the hose... it was an easy clean up. Great. She's back.. and full of remorse... crap. Miss Blondy is busy bawling. I remind her of her badness. She claims she wasn't. Pardon me, throwing TOFU across the patio is not bad... well it isn't good missy. So then she apologizes, and then states clearly she is thirsty, and that's it. Fine... go get a drink... have some Soya Milk... and so off she went... tear stained.... but a bit remorseful. ( I think). Well, by the time I have made it out front with my watering can and plant food. There's Pip; on the front step eating another  (and proudly opened by her) TOFU container... this time in her favourite Barbie bowl. "See what I did", she happily admits. Great... did you get whatever you needed to drink I ask her. "Oh yes, see". (she has the BIGGEST glass possible... full to the brim with Soya Milk). So the young lady (she's 13, and our babysitter) from next door comes over. Pip finds a book then reads to Tina.... and finally, when all is said and done.. I ask Miss Pip "did you finish your TOFU"... "oh no" she says... while I wasn't looking... some ants crawled in it.
These are the two that light up my world.. in more ways than one...the girl that can create a human rocket (mother blowing her top), and the boy...(I need to be at the top of my game to match wits with his humour!)
I have them contained... in a rock bubble!
Here's my colourful world of The Pipster, and Mr Safety.

The Magic Rules of the World

Hey !
Isn't it fun to read about yourself..... and you know it's you, and you don't even read your name   S  P  O  O K  Y !!! 
.... the blogging people should send out notice when it's making changes....(like a flashing  little red blotch with a yellow NEW in the middle of it).. I'm pretty new to this... I don't know if you have to have spend a certain amount of time typing with a bad templete to earn rights to get a new and improved model... are these the Magic Rules that people just end up knowing, without anyone saying anything. Speaking of rules....
WE have these two dogs. They're German Shepherds, females, one, we picked and the other picked us. They really hate one another. Really. They like people. (Lucky for them). But... there are so many freaking rules about owning them.... and then of course there are the non-rules, or, shall I put it.. the back up plan rules about owning them.... the first one, "Cicely" named after the fictional town in Alaska from that show "Nothern Exposure", (which I think should have never left the air due to it's innate ability to add quirkiness to your lives at just the right moment !). Then there's L.P. (or Ellpee,  since people ask me how to spell her name, and at the risk of sounding like a total creep from the down under... I just spell her name out.... of course the whole time thinking to myself.... OK it's back to kindergarten for you..... ) Anyways, these two beasts have drafted up the most detailed list of do's and don'ts you'd think they were poodles. Ha ha, if they could read, I would be dead.  They not only hate each other, they hate poodles, well they hate all of the rest of the four legged world. (We've been trying to keep them away from bears, gorillas, apes and kangaroos... they could have some difficulty with these). You know that saying something like "if one door closes, another one opens"..... I should have made it up, but not for the hopeful opportunistic reasons it was intended for.. but rather to separate our beloved beasts from ripping one anothers throats out. (So far this method has worked) They are very similar to ships that pass in the night.... we open the sliding door, one goes out, as the other comes in... sometimes they bump heads, my heart skips a beat and I wince, I reach forward to give them a little nudge... and all is safe...until next time. LP... the dingbattish one of the two, sometimes forgets that she is not allowed in the yard when Cicely is out there. I was busy outside one day, and out she saunters... with Cicely sitting next to me. unnkg. gulp. I drop what I am doing, walk to the sliding door open it wide, make eye contact with the dingbat and ask her to come. A wrong move on my part would incite Cicely... and she would run over to LP to show her dominence.... and then the fur would be flying.  They are very good at both lunging onto one another... and doing some kind of death roll (similar to a crocodile with fur).... this has proven to be a difficult separation attempt. So, that is why we have Babygates. They work, for big dog fights... I have many times just pushed the babygates between their two faces, and separated them... and then when they lunge back for more... there's already that magical door effect... and they go back to their different parts of their world. AAhhh, it's nicely clouding over, and I want to go and work in the yard... so will continue some new rant later today

Saturday, July 17, 2004

Blogger Buddy Bursts Bubble !!!

I just want to tell my blogging buddy..... and you know who you are..... you blew out my already blown out of porportion Deanna-World to blogger bits !!! Kaboom, bamboozled, blammed, and now, just bummed out.  he he he... had ya !!!! I am feeling a little worse for words after a day at work.  Say all of that three times quickly, except don't mistakingly put in the word "hard". I didn't have a hard day at work.... I was just their.... doing whatever it is I do.  Tonight is a night for another list....once again, I have so many things to say... but no real off-beat stories to flip onto the screen.

  1. The Pipster called me at work today.... and her little voice (she is only little while on the phone... otherwise she's kind of an amazon girl.... tall, blond, blue- eyed, oh, and at this time of year even with sunscreen...tanned.... what a dog !) anyways, she announces that she really likes her Grama Cuckoo (sound worse in print, but it's all really OK !), so she'd like to stay their tonight. All right Pip... be good I said to her... she dropped the phone and went screaming around the kitchen.... hmm I say to my Mom... you can have her.
  2. Mr King Husband Thing "Boyfriend Weekend" Man never called to say they made it to their destination..... so if anyone here's from him... could you let me know !!!
  3. That boy of mine is turning into a mouse, he has red eyes because.... he had a marathon  X-Box/Playstation 2 kind of day, with a Birthday Party  ( with swimming ) thrown into the middle of the day for diversion.... needless to say he's happy, and I think I see a tail beginning to sprout! ( I have a little dark secret for him tomorrow.... it's right back to the one a hour a day starting tomorrow.... )
  4. I need a maid. I stopped by my favourite Sushi place.... because that little Sushi man that I dreamed of that would be in my kitchen.... I think he was here... but I think he made Sushi for other people, and he left a big mess here. I don't think that I want to start dreaming of a maid... I think that would be kind of sick.... I will add that to my "eagerly await" list, to fend off any strange dreams !!! ha he he
  5. I saw one of my friends at work today... and she howled in laughter at me when I told her that I had grounded my sweet blue-eyed son for two weeks. Then her eyes bugged out when I told her that I stuck to my evil wicked ways... and kept him grounded for the whole two weeks. She was frightened to know what it is that he did... and when I told her .... "he didn't listen to me..", she laughed even harder. Now I am left wondering.... am I "Queen Evil" ( I wonder if that's howcome I call our oldest shepherd "Evil Queen"... dogs do take after their master... well if that was the case... then I guess calling Mr. Husband Man's "Boyfriend Weekend" isn't wrong..... is it... ???) .... the pieces of the puzzle are all starting to fall into place..... he he he. !!! only kidding. Anyways, back to the facts.... See, in the end, I kind of thought that the whole grounding thing was really a holiday... for me. (oh, Mr. Blue-eyes was grounded from TV, PS2, and computer). It was very peaceful. For Me.  I didn't really see anything wrong with it... but from parents extreme reactions... perhaps I was a eencie bit harsh.... ah, who cares..... I have a sweet boy with blue eyes... that listens, only because he can now hear his name when I call him about 20 times in a row, instead of listening to his computer "rollercoaster tycoon" blabbing away at him.
  6. The Pip thought she was grounded the other day..I told her she would catch some troubles (like lose the use of the computer... and she loves her Princess crap that she plays) if she misbehaved. (She's a natural when it comes to misbehaving!) I had to go to a periodontist.... so I brought the chicklets with me. They're 7 and 91/2... they are quite capable of sitting, reading a book, and remaining silent for 20 -25 minutes.. without acting like fools. So, I'm in this dentist chair.... and I'm only their for a consult... they want to do "A" gum graft. Now, to me, that means ONE. That's it. Well, apparantley.... "A" doesn't mean ONE anymore!! (Have these people never heard of A-1 before ??) So, I want to know how ONE turns into FOUR. Now the fun part begins...... I can't quite figure out howcome it's going to COST $600.00 to move 4 pieces of gum. That's $600.00 each.  Now times it by 4. That's right.... you can do the math.  I'm kinda thinkin here something is "amuck"... because you know when you travel;(across provinces that is).. you can pay a return fare.... well of these pieces of "gum" are only going one way.. shouldn't there be a reduction in cost? And besides..... I am supplying my own gum, so that should result in further reductions.... am I right. Wrong. hmmmm ....I am now standing at the reception desk, leaning on the counter, staring at this paper... the whole while, Mr. Responsibility is standing next to me... shaking his head, tapping my shoulder, and pointing at "The Pipster". She is standing in the centre of the reception area... caught in the act of being "My Little Pipster".... she starts to cry. So I say hold it, you can't cry, I'm going to cry.... I leave my paper and go sit down with her. Mr Responsibility informs me of her antics while I was busy having my bank account drained, all the while trying to keep my teeth in my head..... so I say to "Pip", is it true, did you stand in front of the mirror and dance and sing quietly... did you really do all that??? The dam overflows, she turns to jelly and the little Pipster is nodding yes... well, I said, "Did you do a good dance?" She nods again. "Well, good for you Pip, I'm glad that you danced... because good quiet little girls that are politely dancing, and not bothering their brothers are wonderful!!! Mr Responsibility was looking at me, The Pip was looking at me.. and the desk ladies were looking at me. I stood up to collect the "A4" graft statement... and the reception ladies were most impressed with the silent kids that they had. They couldn't believe that the kids sat quietly, they at one point looked up to see if they were still their.... they didn't even see they had a dancing queen underfoot..... My Pip..!. To thank them I took them out for lunch after that... because as I know... the very second you get that girl into the vehicle she's hungry... we listened to her howls of hunger pains the whole way.... even into the restaurant my actress turned dancer was leaning on me..... I got her a drink of milk (to shut the beast up!!!)..... and when her food came.... she sat and coloured her Arthur colouring book... and we boxed her food for home.!!!
  7. I'll call it a day... I will have to venture out tomorrow to find some human interest stories to fill my head with... and then offer up the points of interest for tomorrows post.

Friday, July 16, 2004

Hey ! Look at all of this.

Hey again, what's with all the new fonts.... is it a mileage pay off... if you write over 12,000 words in under 65 days... you get better features.....ooooohhhh, I am in love. OH, I think I am fondling the template... I can add colour, and images... and I don't have to write from left to write... and they have numbered paragraphs...... and the font can be changed....... there really is a God ! I believe...  I really believe !!!!! Enough of that crap. However this got here.... oh happy day.  Well, here it goes:

  1. You have to check out this blog.... beFrank..... I think its He will instantly become a must read. Anyways, he was planning on doing some reformating... and I (and a bunch of other people) basically begged him not to... if you check out his site you will know why.. how would I write it.... it's just cool. So, on that note.... every body has a say.. and votes do count, so pat yourself on the back if you do it... and remind yourself (if you don't) for next time.
  2. Look at that... my second thought... coming right at you..... I am worried for the people of North America. It appears to me... (as I was driving home from work today after 3 weeks off from work), that people are spending way tooo tooooo much money on clothes and hairstyles.... but lacking in funds for mirrors. I was frightened by some of the concoctions that people had put together... actually what I really said was... "Holy Shit.... what blind person dressed you this morning". ( Am I safe in writing that... I don't want to offend the "well dressed under-sighted")
  3. The song of the day (on the piano) is "Midnight Special" found in my Reader's Digest Treasury of Best Loved Songs, ((Note; some of these are not best loved..... I was playing the theme from Love Story the other day"Where Do I Begin"... and Miss Pipster (blond 7 year old) says to me... yuk... is that dying music?))...... somehow a person named "Huddie Ledbetter" AKA "Leadbelly" reshaped this from overhearing folks songs from a Texas prison. I figured that I better give this one a try, since Elton John would still not be impressed with my "Candle in the Wind"..... he's probably burn the sheet music I was playing from.
  4. King Camper Mr. Husband Man has gone away with all of his BOYFRIENDS this weekend. It's a free weekend to boot. All year long they strip metal, and recycle it for cash.... which they dump into an account... and then for one weekend in the summer they go away.... all expenses paid.  I think if they were really kind hearted gentlemen they would fork over the freaking cash and just let the wives go shopping. Maybe then I would quit calling everyone "BOYFRIENDS". Until that happens.... the name remains, as well as the pink lettering !
  5. I HATE THE WALK IN CLINIC. Both of the chicklets are coming down with colds... they never really have colds that amount to nothing... or that a couple of mega doses of Vitamin C could cure... they always have to get stupid things... things that make me go to the walk-in clinic... because their actual Dr. is always too busy... and, is actually a pain in the ass to drive to. SO.... best alternative is the walk-in clinic. For whatever reason... these guys just bug me. I always feel like a mother that has "Muncheussers", or however we are spelling the word on a Friday night....but on that thought... they 9 1/2 times out of 10 walk out of the clinic with a prescription that will inevedibly cure their ailments.  Since I am working all day tomorrow, I am sure Sunday morning we will make our way their. In the meantime... I will send Mr. Funnyboy to the neighbours (first thing in the morning, to play x-box with my friends  4 year old son... so she can sleep in, ---because her husband is away and busy studying to be a "Vancouver Police Man"), and get this...  then off to another boys birthday party... that he generally my Mr Funnyboy doesn't even care for. The Girl will go to my parents place for the day... where they have their "New 8-year-old" dog..... and she can drive them crazy with all of her blond Pipster comments....
  6. My apologies... I had way more to say earlier... but I seemed to have forgotten them. Which is quite sad... considering how important dribble is actually worth these days.
  7. Over and out for now......

Thursday, July 15, 2004

Ready, Set, Q U I E T !!!!

For all those home schooler people out there... you must be either deaf, or simply crazy. I have a couple of books for the chicklets to work on over the summer. Just enough to keep their little brains stimulated.... and more than enough to make the mother 1 inch closer to insanity. Today, I will call him "King Comedy"...( he is working on some math)then he starts to carry on.... first, using all of his home-made accents to ask me questions with, then when I start to laugh... then King Comedy turns into a crooner. With every word I natter away at the Pipster, (who is madly cutting out her words to paste onto her page), he sings his every thought. "KING COMEDY!" I begin to escalate.... he immediately sings back... "Ooh.. my mom is getting angry... I better be quiet..." Alright King Comedy you are done..... I say to him.... "Go and brush your teeth for at least 10 minutes... since you managed to miss doing them yesterday" I say. All is quiet. The Pipster finally gets mad at her paperwork, and throws it in a heap, and leaves it on the table. Well that's a wrap for "Homeschooling on Handley".... and then I sit here and begin to write.... BUT, King Comedy isn't done... he wanders back into the kitchen after about 10 minutes... and he says to me... "I broke it down... I have spent the last 12 minutes brushing my teeth, which I broke into sections in my mouth... he then begins pointing at his cheeks....2 minutes here, and 2 minutes here.... and on and on it goes..." which brings me to tears in laughter. This would be why I believe in the Public Education System, it all comes down to safety... it wouldn't be safe to try and teach these two personalities at home.....they could make me lose my mind. Well, must go and get real things accomplished today...

Lock the keyboard, she's here !!!

The silence of the morning tricks me into thinking that I have the whole day ahead of me... the list of jobs can wait one more hour... the cup of coffee will remain steaming next to me. The little people begin to rise, and the fluffy four legged beasts take their posts... one inside and one outside.. and continue their 13 hour naps. The whole while that I am cruising the Blogging World I have this rant that continues through my head... "I've got to do this, I've got to do this, I've got to do this, I've "......meaning that, I have a list of things to do... and it continues to grow, the longer I sit here in the morning. The truth be told... I have way to much curiosity inside of me.... and as I always say.... "If I was a Cat, I would be dead... a long time ago...". Further to that thought.. I always have something to say. If I read something of someone's.... I comment... and who knows why, and for what reason I am compelled.....I just have to..... It's that Cat Theory I think. So people out there... You are forewarned.... you may have more readers than you know, but it's really the commenters that count !

Wednesday, July 14, 2004

This has to be the LAST POST !!!

So, all I want for Christmas is.... NO ! I want it now !!! I want a little man, I will call him "Sushi Boy". I want him to stand in my kitchen, and make sushi. And that's it. He will have clean hands, and all the supplies, including the green paper that looks like grass. yes, that's what I want.... is anybody listening......?

Big Sale at my House

7 years old, has blond mop on top, needs a bit of a tune-up
(shifts gears, but kind of slowly;
requires fluid levels to be topped up at regular intervals;
hard on its treads, will need new ones every couple of weeks;
has short periods of complete dysfunction but recovers nicely, nothing to be concerned about.. just hard to deal with)
body is good; a couple of bumps and scrapes,
the most notable mention is the sound, sometimes purrs, sometimes hissing and sputtering.
All this, for a quick sale.... it would look good on you !!!
Don't delay......Rush on over now.....
you will get complimentary 6 pack of fluid of your choice,
AND, a special gadget package to dress up your purchase.
HURRY !!! There is only one "4 QUICK SALE".... make it yours today !!!

I sent this to a friend today... I haven't heard back from her...

Power Outage... so out we go !

So my son, I will refer to him as Mr. Safety. Quite simply because that is exactly who he is. Mr. Safety was concerned that the power went out, more importantly would that television continue to work after the power came back, and will his computer "Star Wars" game be saved. He was "banking" on playing two hours worth of SW. He had apparantly saved his one hour from yesterday, which I payed no attention to, so now today, that gives him two hours. Oh yae. The girl (the Pipster)on the otherhand was concerned as to whether the water park would work. (She was armed with a limited amount of information about water and electricity....)So off we go.... we walk over to the waterpark... just to find that it doesn't work. Hmmm. "I told you about this power outage" she hisses at me as her eyes begin to narrow and her blond hair growing bigger by the second. I think I also saw the cat claws begin to emerge... Well, let's just go for a little walk around the neighbourhood and see what everyone is up to. "No" she hisses again... "I just hate this neighbourhood now that the power is out". So Mr. Safety and I begin to walk, as she follows in a skulking/stalking fashion that only a very sly angry cat would move. We kind of walk fast, not letting her too close to our heels. As we meander through the neighbourhood she finds some friends from her school. "Well, I better cover" she proclaims, "I know these boys don't like to see girls wandering around with their bikinis on". (That-a-girl Pipster... if you could only have that same thought 6 years from now)...... with house alarms ringing throughout the neighbourhood, we rounded the corner to home.

Elton John where are you?

Candle in the Wind. It's a beautiful song. Except when I play it. I REALLY admire people that can sing and play. (That can sing and play well all at the same time.... like Elton that is). I can barely put my fingers on the correct keys to keep the song flowing let alone noise coming out of my mouth !!!! On that NOTE... I will go play it again Sam !!!

Good Morning !

My world hasn't even started for the day... And I already have something to write. I am proud of myself, I can look in the mirror and smile, well, for me just laugh hysterically !!! A preface for that statement should be a confession that I have been cruising this morning..... and once again I have come to the conclusion that people are just plain nuts !! I haven't started a side-bar of the places I visit.... (I guess that would be pointing fingers now wouldn't it)...but I have them tucked away on my "favourites" spot.. for quick access, or quite simply, to give myself a boost that I am not as crazy as I think I am. Now this is a good thing. Now where's that third cup of coffee?

Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Learning to Read....

Alright, I have had the most interesting useless day on record. (Not including the 5 days I spent at Loon Lake). This morning I was clearly confused about time... this afternoon it seems that I was clearly confused by reading. Somehow I managed to take the kids to TKD for a 6:00 class, if there had been a 6:00 class. WE show up, and the class is half over. How is it that I am a moron ??? So, then this woman ( I will call her a "newbie", since she is a white belt and all) shows up. She and her son regularly come at the same time as us... but now it's summer hours.. and things have changed. So, Miss Newbie wouldn't even be so kind to answer any questions. My friend asked her what class she was going to.. and she snottily said "6:30". So, there I am in.. in utter confusion... looking desperately at the schedule..... willing the numbers 6:30 to appear before my eyes.. but to no avail... and no where do I see any class starting at 6:30. Heck I was confused by the words - Family Class Monday-Friday 6:00 - 7:00. Doesn't that qualify Tes/Wed/Thurs to have a class at 6:00? And now Miss Newbie has thrown a wrench in my confusion... and wouldn't even answer a question. That's OK, because I have watched her do her punches... and I don't like the way she holds her hands.. she looks like a boxer... not someone doing Tae Kwon Do.. take that Miss Newbie wherever you are !!!!!

Loon Lake... How Could I Forget...?

So the big trip... How could I forget to write about that event. Let me get the details straight..... we had a great drive up their.... nice scenery on the way up, the truck did not break, Ellpee was fine in her kennel (2nd German Shepherd.. but a crazy/schizo version), the kids were both quiet..... 4 1/2 hr drive.. !!! (Graham with his 35 comic books.. might of had something to do with it.)Ditto for the drive home and another 4 1/2 hr drive. And that's a wrap. .... Oh, on an after thought... I remember at one point on the Friday night... I said out loud to myself... only two more days of hell until we get to go home.

Can Somebody Tell me What Time It Is???

In our little house we have about 15 clocks, 1 on the computer, 6 watches and 2 cellphones. Each of them tell time. Oh, and then as a reminder there is also one in the vehicle. If I do the math correctly today that adds up to 25 items that could potentially help me. So can somebody tell me why I would show up one hour early to a Birthday Party? The whole sad part about this catastrophe is the fact that I barely make it on time for anything, that's including fun things to. So, today I make it to the party with 10 minutes extra to spare..... "I rock", I thought to myself... "Is the start of the rest of my life being on time!!!".....But then panic sets in.... the doors to Silver City are still locked... and the birthday party people are nowhere to be found... let alone any other human. "So am I at the right spot"... I wonder to myself. So, I call my friend (I have taken her daughter with us to the party) to inquire if I am at the right spot. "Ah damn Deanna", she says to me. "Do you realize what you have done????? she continues.... " You had me convinced that it was later than it was, and now I have just fed all the kids lunch.....(she runs a daycare, and has 5 little people under the age of 3 about her).... and I can't figure out why they are not eating.... it's only 10 to 11.... you are supposed to be there at 10 to 12" she informed me. OH. Shit. So that would be the reason that I didn't get all the things done that I needed to do this morning, I didn't think that I was that much of a loser, that I couldn't get myself organized for the day. So, there I was in the boiling heat, with three excited children and one hour to kill at a Movie Theatre that wasn't even open yet. Yae for me. Does anyone have the time?

Trouble With Templets...

He.. he... he.... I snickered away at myself. I have added a stat counter... now for what reason I am not certain... I believe it is a way as a self monitoring device.... or, how many times I access this word play in one day... I am just tickled.. only because I have been fussing with "junk" and have not been successful until today. I still have round edges on the corners, and the colours are still green and watery... it's all good. (But then I haven't left the house yet, and it is 9:19 in the morning, the Pipster is awake but has not spoken yet, so that could just be a premature thought.) I am worried though. Now that I have manipulated the template... I know I will want more. Flashing lights, sound effects, blinking boxes all striving for my affection, little pop-ups with "PICK ME !!!" jumping from my screen and touching my keyboard themselves.I wonder if they have a screen buddy out there somewhere....(I'm looking for something that fades in with a ghostly appearance) something with a scratchy voice that says "Step away from the keyboard, you have other things to do, there is nothing for you to report or comment on.... and the world hasn't said anything either!" Hmmm good thought.... but then again, everyone could own a Pipster, and now she has made me crazy, and will not leave my side, and keeps saying "I am hungry, I am hungry, I am hungry, I am hungry, ....." So there you go, I didn't have to look far.....

Monday, July 12, 2004

Gone Away, Dog Gone It.

Well, we are back. All alive, intact, including both the beasts familiarly referred to as dogs....this was the list that I gave to the lady that looked after our 10 1/2 year old german shepherd. She's kind of high maintenance, and we have never left her with anyone... she just doesn't fit "The Kennel Experience", so this amazing woman down the road kept her for us...
Cicely’s Vacation Requests

I am otherwise known as the Evil Queen…. He he he…..
I am really a good dog…. I’ve just gone bad….he, he he….
I mostly like people, and I tolerate kids. See my Do’s and Don’ts list that my human friend has come up with…… most of them I will agree to, some of them I am proud of, and the others require no comment.

Please Do:
I like to be petted, a lot. And when you stop… I will paw at you, and probably tell you not to stop.
Give me two scoops around dinner time… I won’t necessarily eat it, but then that will give me something to do later when I pick up a mouthful and run into another room, spit it out, then eat it. This is a great game; it drives the human’s nuts!
I like to talk, you can tell me to do things… and I will almost always give you an answer. I will tell you when I want to go outside, just ask me.
I like my pills with cheese, or sometimes with a cracker… if you have something extra around… because I really like people food…. Although the kitchen staff doesn’t do a very good job of serving it… I especially love watermelon and apples.
If I am just sitting staring into space, I like to be reminded that I have a bunch of toys that need to attended to. Right now I’m in love with the new soccer ball… it builds my jaw muscles… doesn’t do much for cleaning the teeth.. oh well
If you like, I love big rocks. I carry them around; toss them on the ground…. And have quite a bit of fun hissing at the little beasts
I noticed your strawberry plants yesterday…. You may need to stop me from eating them….. As far as I know, I am colour blind…. But I can’t resist the taste.
Remind me to settle down. Sometimes I have just so many things that I am thinking about that I begin to pace… and I need to be reminded to relax, a Queen’s job is never done.
I do fetch. Fetch and return, no thanks, that’s simply too much work.
Ask me to speak, shake a paw, lie down, sit, and rollover.. (the latter only occasionally)
Please DON’T:I do not like to have my tail touched. An adult can touch it… but I will run away if you try!!
I don’t like you to take my toys. They’re mine. I do not share. I never have and never will; even those people that I live with can’t make me. Besides, I will just pick my stuff up and walk away anyways… I will always win.
Blow in my nose…. Those people do it… just to get a rise out of me!
Don’t worry if you do not give me a pill everyday…. Those people do not give one to me every day… only when it looks like I am favouring this little elbow of mine.
Make me race up and down the stairs, I’m not too used to them… and it’ll make my arm sore. I’ll keep that to a minimum thanks…. Do Queens’ even need to exercise????
Don’t worry….I know, I know…. Leave the bees, butterflies and birds alone…. But while I am in control of your yard… I must be diligent in driving them away.
Also, do not worry, I have never bitten a human and I do not growl…but I kind of make some kind of hissing noise when someone tries to take my toys. Usually I have already grabbed my beloved item and ran off anyways.
Don’t worry about trying to get me to stop barking… if you call my name enough times, I might take the time to listen to you and stop. I don’t really bark for no reason.
Worry if you forget to bring me inside, I have on occasion “been forgotten” by the common people inside….. I will wait for you…. As I waited for them….. WHEN THE SUN CAME UP. (Beasts!)
Don’t feel that you need to take me out for a walk. I enjoy dragging my humans on occasion around the neighbourhood…but I do not enjoy idle chit chat with any other four legged “anythings”.

Sunday, July 04, 2004

I really love my mouse...

Earlier today I wrote about lol abuse. Seriously, it's a serious issue, nothing to laugh at, inside or outside. Now, I will comment on Mouse Love... I love my mouse so much that I just left this poor woman who is busy having labour pains with her 6th child... a word of encouragement 3 times over... the same message three times over that is... only just because I couldn't remove my finger from my beloved left clicker. I just love the way that little mouse feels in that hand, and the rubbery texture of the wheel. Who could not want to touch this mouse at all times..... so ... my apologies for the mouse issue. Perhaps its a safety feature... it only scurries when my hand lets it... and the only time I see red, is when I lift my mouse up. Once again, that's it.

A lovely day in paradise....

First thing is first... I send my sick husband to the walk-in clinic. Even if he wasn't sick they would surely give him antibiotics just to cure his complaining. That over and done with, we then drag him out for an adventuresome day of ... driving our 14 year old SUV around Vancouver... with the new tires and shocks... almost a new vehicle you know. It made the girl happy to go "out"... the boy of course was a little pissed that he had to leave his neighbourhood, because that removes him from the closeness of his computer and playstation time. Boo hoo for you Mr McGoo. That was my grown up answer, be happy with it. Now the fun thing about going out with Mr Husband is the fact that we don't actually go out at all. We all drive in a vehicle... and watch everyone around us "out and about", and we the people on the sidelines are forced to sit in our 14 year old SUV and side smile at people. We ended up at Dundarave, just to drive around a turn about right down at the warf. Hmmmm... look at all the happy smiling people... they are out, well, we must go. Now I must be honest... I believe we were allowed to exit the vehicle at the Clevlend Dam. I think the only reason was the fact that Mr Husband needed to use the facilities. (In fact I don't think we were given the green light to get out... the truck got turned off and I think the rest of us just fell out). At which that point we rushed to see the tourist attraction before he could say this wasn't the place we were stopping. He has a funny habit of saying.. I will show you this place.... so I watch for the place... and then I finally ask.. and then he says, "oh, it was back there". Anyways, I am happy just to be able to look at some nice houses along the waterfront, and thoughts passed through my head that I could thieve some cuttings of some nice perennials if it was closer to the night, but then I have the whole exiting the vehicle problem, so that thought quickly was dismissed . All the same it's a nice drive when the girl (Aka The Pipster) starts to shoot her mouth off that she's hungry, and she'd like to see more people around these parts, and don't they have any parks, and that house looks ugly, and what's so expensive about it here they don't even have enough money to make a straight road... and on and on it went... so I say to Mr. Husband. Alright, things are going bad.. let's get the girl some food, otherwise it will be living hell inside our 14 year old SUV. The man complies, we go to Horseshoe Bay. I was stunned. He delivered.. and without incident I might add. But then again, he isn't thinking straight... he's actually sick, and Dr Walk-in Clinic doubled his antibiotic on the first now he's got the, he needs to use the facilities again anyways. We get out of the vehicle (there was confirmation to open the doors and exit at this time), and we head in 4 different directions..... except that the two adults are the ones with the money, and the penniless children are merrily making their way for fish and chips and pizza. Everybody Stop !!! Let me introduce you two shorter people to something called 'HEALTHY', I took the Pipster with me to watch the sushi guy make some Sushi, and Mr Husband took the boy to purchase some Subway. WE meet up and take our purchases down to the warf/park/patron filled areas/next to the bay. The boy is already asking what time is it, and when will we be heading home, and does he get to have his couple of hours for computer time when we get there, and can he have something to drink, because he didn't get anything, and is it safe to sit by the shore when the ferries are coming and going.....luckily we found our spot, and I told him to stuff his 6 inch sub into his mouth and concentrate on chewing. Please. That said.. the girl is now crazy because the bees are after her. And they are. They are after me. So I close up my Sushi shop and package up her sandwhich and walk her to a table in the shade... and it starts... I hate this place, what a stupid place... the bees are everywhere... and that ferry is going to make the whistle sound, and that whale only has a small spout where the water drizzles out of... look at that park, it's too small for me. Don't ever bring me hear again. I open her sandwhich.... eat this, and I walk away. I sit back down, and look like some obsessive person open and closing my sushi package... the whole while, Mr Husband sits, and eats his sandwhich, not one word, nor one bee. Even the children stay away. Then the screaming starts. Of course the bees have found her again... and she races over to our picnic table... and tosses her sandwhich at us... and then demands that we live this horrible place, and why would we take her here... besides she's like to go to that place..... and points over to the nice and fancy restaurant "The Boathouse". There, I'd like to be in that place she commands. Well, time to go Mr. Husband says. He walks off towards the pier with the boy. I am left with Miss Fancypants herself...Lady Golddigger, Miss Wine and Dine me, Princess Platinum. Great, and we follow the boys to the pier....Well, time to head for home... actually it was quite a nice day... but of course, it's never enough for the Pipster. So, when we get home she starts... I want to go to the water park.. because I have been out all day, and I want to play in the water, and besides all I got to do was go to 3 different places and look at lots of different things, and get to have lunch and a treat, but I didn't get to play at the water park and now I am hot. All the boy wanted to do was get home... I don't know why, because Mr Sarcasm got caught (being rude) and I took away his privileges for his 2 saved hours. Then as soon as he had done it, the sly fox tried to make it seem like a joke. Too late... 2 hours gone... and they wont be coming back. So, now it's late, I'm back from the waterpark, the girl has eaten a piece of steak, so other than choking on it, she's happy. Huh, I just caved. I gave him back his one hour saved from yesterday. (Just because he has beautiful blue eyes, and he's so freaking sensitive and sweeeeett....!!!) I didn't think that was fair... what's fair really?? So, that's the day..... but then again we have to put that little princess to bed yet.... I could be back.

lol abuse

Hey, this world is a humourous place... that's because people and all that they do are funny. Plain and simple... funny, funny, funny. When things are funny, this makes people laugh. Very simple concept. People are funny, other people laugh. So WWWWHHHYYYYY, is there this constant abuse of lol, or LOL.... I am certain that the when people are delivered a punch line, they will laugh. If they don't get it... they wont laugh. I want to know why I am constantly reminded that people are lol-ing....or need to lol, or pause to lol... there is just too much of it... people need to stop... we are going to pollute this planet by lol-ing on all 176 corners of the earth... what ever became of the simple side smile... :)

Saturday, July 03, 2004

Just one more word....

So, I think I have figured out my blog situation. I am not the classic moron that I was thinking that I was. Wow,..... say that 10 times in a row. So now, with patience I think I will add some junk to this junk that I already contribute to. Oh, and I cruised through some of my high interest sites.. and who ever she is in the world hasn't had her baby. Of course that has peaked my interest, although she has already stated it's a girl... where's the fun !! All the same... I keep going back for more. I once again have made that mental note to myself... if I was a cat I would be dead. I had to call my friend to confirm that she was infact going out on a date. So she invited me to come over so she could model some of her wardrobe. She's a size 9...what could she not look good in. I wouldn't be visiting today. Nothing of extreme interest happened today.. but then I would have to leave my home to find that sort of thing. I had a vacation day today.. and where did I spend it... at home. Only because Mr Man needed to fix our 14 year old vehicle before our VACATION that starts next week... oh, I will add the dates... it is quite extensive, and the planning has been exhausting, so we have come up with the itinerary, I hope that all the people will be able to keep up... July 7th to the 11th. Did you get all that???? I am sure that it will take him the next four days to continue on with his preparations, I am not certain why I even agreed to go.. he's going to make me crazy just watching him.... and now I have to spend time with him to... ? So, the girl decided that at 10 to 10 tonight that I needed to take her out for a ride in the now new shocked vehicle. So she proclaims that she is not going to bed until someone gets her out of here.... because she has not gone anywhere yet today...I pity the poor man that agrees to be with this young lady... if they don't come equipped with two bank accounts and a rich uncle... things will never work... but she will have a good time along the way. So we're driving down our little country road... and she says... "Do you think anybody will notice I'm not wearing underwear?" Hmmmm. Let's answer that .... she's just had a bath/shower, she's 7, and blond, yes, a big thick head of blond hair. Need I write more ?? So then I ask her where she thinks I'm taking her... we were just out for a test drive after all. So she says; "Well, since we were out... could we stop by the sushi place, at least my feet are clean" she answered. My Little Pip, always the comedian. That's a rap for the day... more happened, but I am just not motivated to continue on.... these keys keep transposing themselves... so it's more work backspacing than typing !!! And then there's still the spellcheck thing.....


Why oh why do I have grey hair?
Why is it that everytime I add something to my blog, the edges go square?
Why can't I figure out how to add smiley add ons...
I am forced to view my blog with many yawns...
I keep digging for details to make it exciting..
I will not find it with my drool that I call writing.
I view through my travels the exciting finds..
which of course I haven't been able to add to mine.
This makes me I continually see my shades of green
I have been able to post a few pictures, which some may have seen.
I want to download images from my Microsoft Word...
I don't think I can... unless some else has otherwise heard
I work in colour... a rainbow of shades as big as the sky...
Which none seem to emerge, as much as I try.
I am tired of this blog... and the limitations before me
Any word from the wise that can be delivered to thee?