Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Light, silly and amusing. A quick days read.

May I borrow your

Corner Rounder?

Those are the same words that come out of my mouth, every time the Debbie's and I get together for scrapbooking.

I should include a little detailed history as to the scrapbooking.

It's Debbie fault that I scrapbook. Yes it is I say. How's that for pointing fingers?

Once upon a time way back when she invited me to go to a seminar. That was my first night that started not only my love affair with scrapbooking, it also started a thing with the corner rounder. She is the one responsible for transforming me to the freak that I am about scrapbooking. For example, last night while out with a friend, doing some useless tasks ( I will come clean with the sis about the useless tasks, as that is usually the sis and mines deal... but I believe she was busy last I had to move on)... anyways.... we were looking at stuff on shelves, and the next thing you know... I saw some scrapbooking stuff, and like polar opposites... ~~~~fwamm~~~~~ I was standing next to the items, madly in love and carressing the items of interest. But, being the cheap scrapbooker that I am... moved on due to the lack of price tags on the items of interest.

Moving on...

Last year, while at the PNE I bought myself some super-sonic MANUAL mop. It has been a great love of mine for the past year, although you would never know I have had a love affair with an amazing wondermop like the one that I got at the PNE. Somehow fourty year old floors look no different on the before, during and after experience of mopping. I haven't figured that out yet.... either has the non-reno-king. He is indifferent to floors that you can not clean. So that was last years purchase... something that the whole family could love, but apparantley it was only me that was big on the attraction the wonderful mop. This year ... something different happened. I found a corner rounder. (Well, I was with one of the Debbie's ... and she pointed... then I had to crash past her) It happened all of a sudden, and there it was upon me, sitting open to the world, waiting for a pair of hands to pick up it, and make it their own. I have done as much research on corner rounders since my very first experience of using the device, and have bought other items and devices, and nothing has measured up. This one I have to say is the orgasm of corner rounders. I love my scrapbooking all that much more now.

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

The 2nd time around....

It's Tuesday, and for the second time this week I have made Mr. Husbandman dinner. I am quite the wife. Actual things that came from my head, with actual raw ingredients that didn't come from a box. It's all too amazing. I even have tomorrows dinner already organized in my fresh coloured head.. but I am just adding that to show off.... and once again, tomorrow the ingredients will be raw, and real, then formed to make something that will be delightfully edible. Yes, I say delightful. But, I will have to be careful and not spoil this hard working fellow.. he might think that I want to make this my hobby. I think of rather as happenstance.. which is what I am in the mood for this week. It just so happens that I thought of three things for dinner all in the same week... lucky him.

In other things that are good twice over... I was out earlier... and tried to buy a Reese peanut butter cup... I ended up with two packages of almost the same thing, because I couldn't find what I was looking for... which I gave to Mr. Husbandman who was quite happy with the goods that I returned home with. It's only Tuesday, and I have already done 3 nice things for him this week, of which I will admit too. I must remind him of that.

And... the 2nd time around for Hamsterson has come out as a victory. Time alone in his room to ponder his way in life is good for him. He was back to his little normal comical singing sweet self before I went out for the evening. He was even happy to see me home.

2nd to Lastly:
Now... for that second glass of water... to wash down the mess of vitamins... which I have thought about taking twice today, and am now getting to it. Here's the list for the inquiring minds: super multivitamin, which the bottle tells me it's level three potency.. (funny, I like that about my alcohol). B-complex 50 mg, zinc 50 mg, vitamin c timed release chewable tropical flavour at the moment 1ooomg, vitamin E 400i iu, Cod Liver Oil capsule, Calcium with Magnesium, Methylsulfonymethane... (which makes me wonder why sometimes I really feel like I am going to blow)... actually it's an anti-inflammatory that the granola girl down at the drugstore recommended. Granola girl was right with this one.

And lastly for the 2nd time around:
My friend and I went out to buy a book which I was going to buy for her a while back. I just couldn't hand over cash for a hard cover, when I know the soft cover will be hitting the shelves shortly.., my apologies for my cheapness... just can't do it... anyways... crazy girl herself was going to buy the book... when I made her take a second look, and pointed to the second line which gave her the CANADIAN price for the book, where she paused for a second, then placed it back on the 2nd shelf, and stated that she would wait for the soft cover. I just checked my library reservation list... I am now 5 out of 81 holds for the same book. I'm starting to get all tingly inside.....


The sweet and lovely sound of children growing up. Oh how sweet it is. I am especially fond of the "hard done by" sarcasm that the boy has recently mastered, brilliantly mastered. I will not cut him short on that one. The sad truth of it all, he has me for a mother, similar to a brick wall and a little magic. Some days I will bend and sway as he blows his sarcastic self-centered comments across my brickly self, and other days they will bounce back and hit him right smack in the centre of his face, where he remains stunned and confused for quite some time. Today he has conquered the latter. He is now building character in his room, all by himself. Him and stuff, can be as one. I will await his personality transformation, if there will be such a thing. Perhaps he will lose his sarcastic self-centered self while being on his little lonesome. I can hope.....

Adding to the list:

Interesting enough to try and wrap your head around.

Monday, August 29, 2005

This gets added too:

The things that I find in my back yard...

In other photos....

that are in need of help...

It is time for.....

Some digital camera lessons... are in order.... me and the Mr. Pickaspat could not find a setting that would allow us to take pictures in this lighting... which is why it has been changed to sepia... anything else just wouldn't do!

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Weekend Accomplishments:

I'm going to make it easy on myself.. and keep it short and sweet, and rather listfull.... it's just easier that way.

  1. I didn't do laundry for two whole days.
  2. I didn't see the bears for two whole days.
  3. I didn't type here for two almost whole days.
  4. I didn't talk to my sister for two whole days... out of fear, rather than avoidance.
  5. I didn't gamble for two whole days.... although I did drive close by to the place... and peered over at the establishment.. I didn't have any waves of longing or nausea due to this... I am cured.
  6. I didn't need an intervention. Although some people think differently, and others minds are being swayed in that direction.
  7. I didn't feed my dog for two whole days.. no need to worry..other people have covered while I was out... I am just looking for things I didn't do..!
  8. I didn't read my book for two whole days... well kind of two whole days... this day doesn't quite count.. as I will be reading it once I am done here... but I am not sure how long I am going to be.
  9. I didn't have one person stare at me with one eyebrow raised wondering what colour my actual hair colour was...
  10. And lastly ... I didn't have to tell my Hamsterson to get off the playstation.. as he is still grounded from it.

Things I have accomplished:

  1. Successful mission on the perfect day for a fair. Great weather, great people to go with, and although there were a couple of bumps to the day... things like momentarily selfish children, and also the blond beauty with her little low blood sugar issue that sends her scowling from my house to yours.. where ever that may be...
  2. Mission accomplished as to that people care as to my where-abouts.... or are curious as to why I am away... as many people asked where I was yesterday... and why I wasn't at work. Then of course there are those people that you work with... and also run into you as well. I guess I didn't really lie, and said I was fine, because I wouldn't have been fine had I not gone to the CITY fair... aka PNE. Pacific National Exhibition. I will comment no further.. it will ruin the list.
  3. Kept a tidy house... as I was not home!
  4. Woke Mr. Husbandman up to tell him it was raining out at 0625 am, and he had to bring the chairs (because they have cushions) into the garage from the ugly back deck... and I was getting up at 0630 for work. I do my job, and I do it well.
  5. Managed to colour the awful hair before the day had even started.
  6. Almost continually lost Mr. Husbandman at the fair, but also managed to find him every time.
  7. Frightened Mr. Pickaspat by YELLING shut up at him while at the fair, as he dismissed the chicklets from the photo opportunity spot before my "all-of-a-sudden-I-have-a-high-maintenance-digital camera that won't cooperate with me"......... which was having a momentary hissy fit I almost mistakingly called it FUSSY.......
  8. I believe that Mr. Husbandman yelled (!!!!!!!) at me... because Hamsterson was having his own hissy fit about going on rides... so in a crowd of WAY TOO MANY PEOPLE.. he decided that he needed quiet time, and went to walk away, which was then I called Hamsterson back, which was then Mr. Husbandman started to hiss really loudly at me... which I recall now was something like......... "LEAVE HIM" and I believe he spoke a stream of words, but there were none that I listened to... which I think he hissed at me, but I was just too busy to get Hamsterson back, and busy hissing at him to stop being so selfish... everybody calmed down.. it was momentary madness for a big brief moment.
  9. If I ever see a parade with ickly-sickly sappy crappy music that plays over and over again and smiling happy people that want to shake your kids hands, and say nice things, it will be all too soon. It will be a nightmare in fact. OOOPPPSSS.. sorry to those may have liked this lovely heart warming event, or are about to embark on it...
  10. Crammed two days of working into one. The deal is even sweeter when you can bank the overtime and then take it on a day when you need another Saturday off because you have ran out of vacation time... which I haven't yet, but surely will accomplish.

OH... and, while driving home in the dark wet night.. I believe I ran over a frog... it leaped it's last leap right under my front passenger tire wheel...sorry Mr. Froggy.....

Saturday, August 27, 2005

Cough Cough

Today, being Saturday, I am busy being sick. It was a bit of an effort, I had to throw the conscience away, and just do the wrong thing without stabbing myself for it. It took me the whole week to decide whether I would have a Saturday sickness or not... and I ended up with it after all. I am sure it didn't help by ONE of my friends calling me everyday and asked me how my headache was progressing. "It looks like after Saturday, it's smooth sailing..." I would answer.

In things that are more important...

Last night was probably about the best night in the sightseeing of bear tours that one could have had. It was amazing. Bears were popping out of the forest at record speed, but then there were a small number of them that didn't know what they were doing, and would pop back into the forest a moment later. So we doubled up on some single bear sightings, but it was magnificent. The yearlings were out and about, travelling across the road together, then Mr. Indecisive emerged, crazy bear made a showing, but we didn't realize it until he got to the end of the field.. and we recognized the BLUR OF THE BEAR that was now busy travelling out in the field. Even a couple of fatties were out and about... I think they better lay off the berries for a day or so, I think I even saw ripples at their ankles they were so fat. There were bears that we were passing like two ships in the night in the berry fields. For as long as the rows would permit, we could see black bumps moving about, and every once in a while we could see them pop up, so they could check out who was in the berry field with them.... like their identical twin brother. This sight was similar to my laundryroom on Thursday afternoon when I had a flying ant infestation, and everywhere I looked I saw ants, except that I didn't chase the bears with my vacuum, like I did with the ants, a small difference there.

Well, must go and finish colouring my very bad coloured hair... it has been exceptionally awful looking with the quad colours and all... I may have created the first QUINT COLOURED HAIR DON'T this week. I had to fix it for the FAIR, that we are going to .... kind of an odd fair, probably back in the 30's, 40's 50's and 60's it was a decent fair... I find it rather interesting that people in the valley truck their cows to the city for a fair... I think it should be the other way around. But then, we wouldn't get the fine mix of people attending the fair in the country... because chances are you would only get country folk out their.. and I like the blend of wacko city folks that attend... me included, being the suburban wacko attendee.... but the hair problem will scale down the odd stares... I am sure of it.

Cough cough, must go.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

OH, what's this that I see?

These are some of the things in the back yard at the moment. The blinding rays of sunshine are creating a force field... which is forcing someone to stay away from it.....

This is the view from the lovely little lonesome shed... and what am I seeing in the middle of this picture.... I better have a close-up of this shot...

OH, I see... this is what the force field has it's spell on.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

No More!

So, after spending almost the whole day with the crazy sister... she shows up once again at my house earlier this evening. She wanted to go to the mall, but I sucked her into going to Save-on-Foods with me to grab some of their stash from the shelves, and heave it into my basket. We were out in record time. I knew the whole basis to this trip to my home.... she wanted a useless task night, but the problem was, I couldn't waiver from the crazy blond babe-a-licious.... she was waiting for a repeat performance from the bears. My word was my word for the little lady Pipster.

I ultimately knew that the reason behind the sisters appearance was the fact that I had money.. in my pocket from the casino adventure that we repeated today. She was on my doorstep... so she could help me spend it. So, between flitting off to go to pick-up some goods for the kitchen cupboards.. we made a STAT trip to the casino... where we both spent 10 bucks... and made a couple extra bucks as well. We howled so hard at our little detoured madcap adventure I don't three maxi pads stacked together would have kept us dry....AND ... I still made it home in record time to go and sit and wait for the bears.

Our once useless task night... is now NO MORE! We will now have to fit useless tasks into our daytime adventures.... which will then enable us to enter through the magical kingdom of computer driven money magnets.

The curious incident of the dog in the night-time.

Interestingly different.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

He paced around for a while...not really sure what he was in the mood for... the blueberries were just up to the right of him....
Kind of on a mission, but not really... this guy wasn't sure what he was up to.

Here is the wonderful and lovely crazy bear, running at breakneck speed for whatever reasons...

And the moment I have been waiting for:

While the chicklets were doing this:

I was busy capturing photos of black bears... and more frighteningly black bears that pop out of bushes... especially when you are not expecting them. Turning the clock back an hour, this is how it all went down...... I spotted crazy bear out in the fields running for his life as usual, as I rounded the corner. There were cars parked, watching one big guy come in from the field as well, but they couldn't have seen crazy bear coming, at least not yet. People were about to get back in their cars when all of a sudden there was more rustling from the bushes, and out popped one big black head, and then another big black head. I believe these two bears were yearlings. At this point I was standing up on the blueberry field road way, so I walked back down next to a fellow bearwatchers van... and they were about 20 - 30 feet away from me. Well, the one momentarily hesitated, but then casually strolled across the road to the fields and began to happily eat blueberries. The other one wasn't about to do the same. He emerged from the bushes, but then sat down on the side of the road, then stood up, then walked across the road, but then something was still spooking him so he shot back across the road, then turned around, and tried one more time to make it to the blueberry field. I happened to be wearing a white shirt, and the fellow bear watcher van man kept saying to me... I don't think he likes your white shirt.... the big black guy kept looking in our (MY!) direction, and pacing about the road. ( I pause a moment here... I think the black bear clearly didn't like the colour of my quad colour hair don't... because I shouldn't be out in public with this mess of locks, and people keep commenting that it is quite light... so I guess the black bear was perhaps more partial to black hair, and that was the piss off of the evening for him, the audience was showing up all quad coloured and least that's what I think)....anyways.... He was trying to make it to his sister, who was still oblivious to his situation he was apparantley in, and nothing was stopping him, he had clear sailing, but he wouldn't go. He got up onto the little roadway next to the blueberry field, and started to dig a whole, but then came crashing back down onto the road, and kept looking in my direction. And this is how bear attacks happen people... I just kept taking pictures, yes I did. The heart did do a little thump a lump marathon for a short while... but I am thinking that I was standing right next to a van, and he was a fair distance away... he would have had to really charge if he truely didn't like my hair. I know what I am doing first thing tomorrow morning.

Monday, August 22, 2005

Meaningful moments

That is not exactly true, my favourite saying is the useless details of the day.... but that isn't my thinking pattern at the moment... this is more of how I feel. Every moment is meaningful, even if it serves little meaning at all. Anyways....You know... I just remembered something... I was going to have a cider tonight.. and I forgot. Well, that's alright.. now I have two for tomorrow night. The occasion for ciderism was for nothing... I just knew I had one in the fridge because the husbandman rattled it as he took a beer out for himself.

Back to the meaninful moments of the day: (aaaaahhhhh... the lovely list is here with us tonight)
  1. Waking up this morning and having the realization that "summer camp week" is finally here.
  2. Drinking coffee with cream, washing the very badly quad coloured hair for a long time in the shower.
  3. Two loads of laundry, plus the dishes... before even exiting the front door this am.
  4. Miss Fussy was very agreeable this morning... she was even agreeable to a chocolate banana milkshake for a quickstart breakfast. Hamsterson (the boy) didn't get a chance to be agreeable, he just got handed a glass....with the expression "DRINK!" attached to it.
  5. Trying not to smile too much as I said good bye to the chicklets on their way to summer camp.
  6. Trying to wipe the smile off my face as I left while the chicklets waited to roll out.
  7. Still trying, probably not as hard as I should be... perhaps trying a little harder now for that smile to wear thing.... no such luck.
  8. Finally slapping the smile off my face because the chicklets had left for summer camp.
  9. Immediately headed out with the smiling sis (her kids were with my kids on the bus to summer camp) and over to my moms for a day out at the casino.
  10. It's very embarrassing to arrive at a casino... with lots of parking in the parking lot... clearly we have nothing better to do with our days, than walk around, smile, and put the odd quarter in a slot machine!
  11. Hated to part with my money... could barely get the wrapper off the roll of quarters. Sadly realized that loads of machines loved paper bills just as much. Although strolling past a slot machine and popping in a quarter, and then winning eighty bucks was fun. The poor woman next to me almost had a stroke ( she was youngish, she recovered well).... because of my one crude action.
  12. Took the longest route in the world to get to the mall with the sis, and the mother today... but that was alright... I still had cash in my pocket and a stupid smile on my face....and I was sitting in the backseat of the sister's van....
  13. Had the rather aged stair stepper returned to my home today. The sister had been borrowing it, for the last 5 years. The foamy handle holders have been chewed off, and the plastic clock thing have been chewed away... by her son... but it's still workable. Mr. Husbandman just shook his head in disbelief. I, on the other hand have witnessed it's sad demise over the years, but just chose to leave it at her house.. unsure as to what to do with the decrepid piece of equipment... I guess I will start using it again...
  14. Shop Vac'd the ugly cement it is a clean ugly cement deck.
  15. Fed the plants out back... and then remembered way too late that I had a front yard, which included poor starving plants. Oh well, there is always tomorrow.
  16. Went up to see the bears... and we saw four of them. We even got the whole cuteness thing going on when one plunked itself down at the side of the road... and had to sit and think about whether it was actually going to cross the road at all.
  17. The stick girl bear watcher that I normally wave to and compare bear stories with decided to tell me her whole life story for quite some time tonight.... while bear watching of course. Stick girl scares me, she can't get anymore stickgirl than she already is. I will have to remind her to feed herself amongst her busy life of interesting facts. I am certain that she hasn't been penciling that (food) in for herself in the last number of months.
  18. It is best to pay attention when you take vitamins while reading the computer screen. Zinc is about as ugly a flavour as it gets when forgetting to gulp water with the actual zinc vitamin. It is truely a most grotesque taste, and it doesnt' matter how many drinks of water you take after the fact.... the taste still remain, but slicks itself up down the esophagus for a real long time. Longer than long actually.
  19. OK, for the tenth time.... me, or Mr. Husbandman will not be reporting for jury duty... until we are of the age 65. Thanks for asking, it's not happening. Go find some other happy go lucky sucker that will not be FINANCIALLY DESTITUTE if one of the family members serves on jury duty... that isn't exactly how I worded it in the letter of excuse... but I wanted to. On second thought... I would probably see Mr. Husbandman home at around 4:00 for 5 weeks... so maybe I should have put some extra thought into that letter. He could maybe... FINISH THE SHED.... for a start!
  20. OH, and talking to a friend earlier... these are the words out of little lady pipsters mouth as she sat at their house for dinner, behaving in a most unusual fashion...
    "Broccolli isn't my favorite vegetable, in fact its my least favorite, so I don't think I can eat very much!".

Here it is.

This is what the love affair is all about. It's best not to be frightened by other people's stuff.... although I couldn't work in a second hand store receiving people's give aways... that would just freak me right out. I like my junk to have breathed some fresh air before I find it. This pot was a great give away... as I found it at a garage sale a day before the garage sale. It had spent time in the great outdoors as well.

Friday, August 19, 2005

An amazing find.

My friend and I have always had something great in common. Although I think that HE is worse than ME. We have compared our great finds over time and we both seem as bad as the other... but he also collects bikes, so he has to be worse than me. WE both love other people's junk. It's soothing for the soul... to find a magical piece of something chucked out by the side of the road, unwanted and unloved, then we happen upon it. Somedays in our lives both him and I will spot something by the roadside... drive home, think about, do a "U-EY", or compare notes as to what stranger got to it before us.

Yesterday... I didn't even have to leave my driveway, and I found great things. The first great thing was a beat up little table that was hauled out of my neighbours back yard... I told the Mrs. of the house that I had found this in her junk pile. I let her grab a glance, and then immediately offered it back to her... as it had come from her yard. She took it. But not to be withered by a great find that got away... I turned to look at the pile of growing junk... and found two old lovely lawn chairs... the old wood ones that fold up. I immediately fell in love with those way more than the little table.

Now today... I have planted some of my summer pots on top of these lovely chairs. It is a glee filled moment. I will tell my junk friend about my great find... he who patrols the streets of Vancouver. I wonder if he is allowed to to put great finds in the trunk of his police cruiser?


Interesting, but not rivoting, although it kept me reading for a great part of the evening... as it is 12:22 am... and now I am here. Similar to a movie that is just good enough so that you are able to keep watching without falling asleep.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Thinking straight

Today was full steam ahead... clear sailing, steady as she goes, the express lane with no traffic. Somehow I managed to secure two children gone... one for the whole day, and the other for a great part of the day. Not sure how I managed that great feat... but it was done. On top of that, I was able to quietly go about my business, and do the mundane chores of life, without the addage of two lovely and wonderful most of the time kids squabbling and hissing at one another the whole way. I had the amazing ability to think straight, and even felt kind of lonesome. Yes, and that made me happy... it's enjoyable being lonesome while running menial tasks of life.

I will now take this opportunity to thank those people (and objects called "outdoor swimming pool") involved in contributing to my achieving many details of the day in a sane manner.

And now... I am feeling so normal that I do not need my de-escalating vitamins.... I think my personality has been altered.

On the book front... I put a book on hold once again at the library today... and I am only the 256th person who has requested a copy. I might just chuck some change at the Chapters people before the end of the year... because I am not going to see this title before then.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Connecting the Dots:

Now that I have connected the dots.. which was all to do with collecting my thoughts, all the pieces have fallen into place. It only took A LITTLE while, but I finally managed.

I have now spent the last hour cruising through the top ten bestsellers list, and then requesting my selected items from the local library. I am certain that I have thought of this before, but have never done it. Although... some of the books that I have requested have close to 90 holds on them... but I'm all OK with that... due to the fact that some books have 60 holds, and 30, one has 9, I even came across one book that was actually in the library.

I have issues with the library. I would like for the books to fall off the shelves into my hands and declare "Take me home, I'm one hell of a good read".. but that has not happened to me yet, or I have misread their signals. Damn.

In the meantime I will be waiting until close to next year to get any of the books on my request list... but, now that I have it all figured out, I'll be requesting the little buggers before they have even closed the doors to the print room. That's what I know now...well, now that I have connected all the dots.

Monday, August 15, 2005

Sushi and the Bears.

We had dinner out tonight. I went and picked up the favourite sushi rolls from the great sushi maker....and drove along until we rolled up to the big white irons gates... parked, watched and ated. Yes, ated..... everybody was happy... blueberries for the bears, and sushi for the sightseers. I am really wondering though.... if I could offer up to the black beauty's to share a couple of their berries for a smidge of my roll.... hmmmmm... it has salmon in it.......

To Feed or to Tame?

Somedays you are met with the no win situation of owning a beastly being called spawn. Today was that day. It's not even 3:00 in the afternoon, this all happend before one o'clock. Some days it takes a little more than an extra pancake to keep all forms of beastly activities at bay. That's alright.... she WILL behave tomorrow due to the fact that we have to be out, in human public, with my work friends. Which is why her constant natterings have taken me for a test drive today.

The long hazy days of summer.

Today feels like a school day. I need the chicklets to be up, and quite simply they are not. Last evening we/I did attempt to contain them in their own kingdoms, but there were books to be read, and "The Iron Chef" to be watched. Little lady Pipenza loves that show. Now I have to do the shake and wake, or is it shake and wait... Meanwhile... somewhere over the ridge, just 10 minutes from here there appears to be a forest fire burning/contained... so are those clouds I am looking at or smoke drifts? Must go wake chicklets now!... can't miss another appointment with the orthodontist

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Roast or toast?

It is fairly warm (!!!) outside at the moment...I have a couple of options: go into the front yard and weed out some infiltrator plants disguising themselves as perrenials in my front yard... or I could choose to stand along the back cement patio, and be roasted. Since I will be watering my plants, there should be a little self basting going on. It's a toss up. Am I in the mood for peanut butter or a baked potato?

Friday, August 12, 2005


This has been the moment we have all been waiting for. We have had a breakthrough people, yes we have. I have dreaded it all week long...everyday would pass, and I would think, just one more day. Not until Friday, it will have to wait. Today was the day; and now that it has passed, it can be duly noted that it has gone without incident. This has been the day of immense growing and maturing, similar to the like of recorded events in history. Today will be the day that it can be noted that the Lady Pipster entered the shower on her own accord, which I then succeeded in shampooing her thick blond mass of locks that have been soaked in chlorine up until yesterday, then sea soaked today... without an ounce of screaming blue bloody murder. It happened here folks... in my very bathroom. I don't have any pictures to proove it, but I have my eardrums...and so do you. Now be thankful, like I am right now.

At breakneck speed...

I am trying to make it through this.... although it poses a challenge when life gets in the way of the pages.

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Very unprepared.

Last evening a most aggravating event happened. As usual, I will measure it on the scale of worlds events, this one rates at a minus 52. But, in my little world it was most aggravating all the same. It goes like this....

I have been visiting the beautiful bears for the last number of months, and although we have had tons of sightings.. I haven't had the opportunity for a good close up picture. Last evening... without giving it a moments thought, where did I find myself... up checking out the bears. There is a small stretch of road where the bears POP OUT (we call them pop-out spots, because before you know it, you are staring at a bear). On the other side of this narrow roadway there was a slimmer version of Grizzly Adams (temporarily renamed Blackbear Adams I guess) on a bike watching a pop-out spot. As luck would have it, out popped a bear further up the narrow road and very tentatively crossed the road.. the whole while Mr. Grizzly Adams just stared into an empty pop-out spot. I was just dying to roll down the window and hiss at him... turn your freaking head Mr. Grizzly, but I refrained, it wasn't my car to go all psycho in... I can not believe that I didn't have my camera...yes, I am without an image to present... because I let myself be unprepared. It would have been a beautiful shot, really.

~~~~~~Insert of what could have been a lovely photo of black bear~~~~~

In more things that have irritated me in the last 24 hours.... we go to a pub. Life is fine, when you are in a pub, until Mr. Curlyhead approached, and wanted us to play trivia. My answer was a slightly curt NO, (with the phrase piss off... do I look like I know trivia... I am a freaking wizardly suburban boring mother... that types stories on her computer because I drink too much coffee that starts my mind reeling with obsessive ideas!!!). My friend nicely apologized for her declining to be a part of his idiotic pub game. Well, at least one out two people were polite last evening. The game started, and all we heard were bits of tunes, and people horraying, and him yelling into the microphone, and it was all bad. Meanwhile... prior to all of this, I was watching over my friends shoulders the 4 people that sat behind her, and as they got their orders of food, they took turns taking pictures of the person, with the food, making stupid faces. I didn't quite get that... but of course I look forward to being 73 1/2 and not caring what other people may be seeing. I just can't wait to do that... now that is an event that I can prepared myself for.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

EEEEEK! Clouds.

I looked above my head this morning upon rising... and what was above me... but one huge cloud skimming across the horizon for as far as the eyes could focus. I have heard that these are only temporary obstructions cruising through the atmosphere... and in no way will it affect out summertimeness. Well, kind of.....
  1. Except for the idiot dogs out the back.. their barks are much louder.. the clouds are giving me some rebound.
  2. The chicklets do not believe that they should be outside... since the clouds may hit them in the head.
  3. The girl believes it's now winter, and is dressing accordingly.
  4. The boy has taken a notion to gut his room,... and wanted to know if I would move his bed around. NOPE!
  5. The flowers are taking a breather... and are a bit happier now that all the water they are drinking is moistening their roots.... and not just filtering down the sides of the pots.
  6. I should have planned more carefully.. I could have been trimming my wild shrubbery today, rather than yesterday in the blazing heat.
  7. The non Tim Hortons coffee that I have had.. has given a case of the jitterbuzz...must go take advantage of my new found busy-ness.
  8. Unfortunately the jitterbuzz haven't given me any form of braveness... like tackling the Lady Pipster's disaster area, otherwise known as her bedroom kingdom.
  9. Since the clouds arrived, I thought it was best to play some notes on the piano. (Not sure of the correlation, other than letting sweeping noise filter through my head with the jitterbuzz that is affecting me right now) I think it is best that the clouds keep going...I don't want to hear that again.
  10. OH, and ten, the lovely tenth thought of the moment... this would be a great time to go and visit those bears... they may be out cruising for berries since it is cooler out... rather than waiting till later in the evening for some good spottings... although.. the gambler that I am.. will go and see if there are any hanging around tonight. I need some pictures.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

The Art Lesson

There was no art lesson... but it was an artful exercise in colour management and the expectations as to where it should be on the canvas. Of course there was the brutal problem with the bee that set the lady Pipster to the moon and back... but after a while of manuevers she managed. Of course there were tears, which lead me to the saying that there is no such thing as crying while painting. She didn't believe me, and almost became a kite flyer with her square canvas. That was between the attempts to boot the canvas across to the other side of the river. In the end, she was quite happy with her creation, and wanted to know when we would be returning for more colourful encounters. The boy and I agreed that this encounter was more than colourful.. but since we have one more canvas to create on.... we will return to another location... some day.

I have a problem

The problem all started with the lovely digital camera... and the ability to take about a trillion and five photos, nonstop. ( the husbandman loves his dog more than me, it's vice versa with my camera). I have no restraint.... I just click and click and click. Sometimes I may trashcan the occasional photo.. but to do that means that you are erasing a moment in time... and you can't do that. That moment has already happened, and whether how good or bad the outcome, it has been a documented moment in time I say!... who am I to trashcan it.

That problem has now moved into my computer... because as I download these images onto the computer, I still have blurry photos of whatever the subject matter has been. Still, the delete button is not an option... I now use my not so sharp memory to re-create the image in my mind to be far crisper than it appears on the screen. But that is only me. I was the one that recorded that moment in time.. so I am the only one to remember what it should have looked like. There's one problem:

The camera does not like my superson. It seems that there are way way too many pictures of my fine boy... that are a little more worbly than they should be. The poor guy, he has his one documented picture in history compared to his sisters 73. It's not as if he is Mr. Action-incorporated to catch an image of... the photos taken of him were still life, which is similar to him actual life.

Now... I have a bunch (bunch!) of photos from our little space and time away.. and I am hardpressed to find some still life of the boy to put in the scrapbook album. Last night I created a page... expressively for him.. and every single one of them were remarkably blurry. The whole page was a blurry mess. The page documents Mr. Safetyson out in the ski-doo tube thing... riding over the wake of the waves.... it is possible to see his mouth open... it possibly could be a smile, but I think it was his screaming... as I wasn't able to capture the persons hand that kept covering his mouth to muffle his noise... but nobody needs to know that!

In the meantime... I should be finished this little holiday book by 2007... I managed to create 3 pages, and I only have about 67 pages to go. I think I will not recharge my camera batteries for a day or two... that should keep the picture-snapping-problem down to a dull roar.

Goggle this.

So, the boy and the girl have taken up swimming for many hours in the pool that is a 5 minute car-ride down our long stretch of road. It is a kingdom where no one enters with out complete payment of one dollar and fourty cents. It even costs that much to talk to your children who are standing on the deck of the pool... if you are inside those gates. It's almost like a pool prison, because the only way you can converse with your chicklets is through the fence, if you do not wish to part with another one dollar and fourty cents to stand on the pool deck. I choose the cheaper route... because for the same amount.. that's the same price for a cup of coffee from my favourite Tim Horton's. So, if we have to exchange words we stand at the fence, the boy of course keeps his goggles attached to his face. Kind of similar to being in a nightclub, and someone cruising around with their sunglasses on. (it's not my job to tell them they are a moron) Anyways.. they remain there for many hours of waterly bliss. I don't necessarily know if they would remain in the pool for many hours on end, or it's the fact that I tell them they are not leaving until the bitter end, but that's not important... they don't need to know that part. I have figured out something though... the boy does swim for the total hours that he is in the pool. I can just tell, because his eyes do not like chlorine... which is why now... he looks like a goggle head.

Monday, August 08, 2005

A strange thing happened:

Lady Fussina-mussina Pipenza Evelina!

Say that fast and with a make believe Italian accent.. it catches the girls attention. Little lady Pip believes that this is part of her name, and I haven't told her differently. I save this name calling for all things good, and sometimes all things bad. I can't make up my mind on the division of the name calling to enforce the laws of life, or to re-inforce the miracles of menial daily life. I mean is it really set in stone what you should and should not be called in life? The same thing day in and day out.. it kind of gets boring really. Renaming the children, husband and animals keeps everybody at full attention in the home, it just works.

There was a slightly large incident, (but small in the scale of the worlds events) that happened with the lady Pip this morning that was cause for great make believe Italian accents to emerge. It all started with her favourite morning call out from deep behind her bedroom walls: MA MA! (momentarily silence)....MA MA!!! she yelled again. I cautiously opened her door.. I am never sure what potentially could be going on in her kingdom of Pipness. There she sat, hair all strewn about, and squeagy little morning eyes... "Ma Ma.. I will tell you something that happened... I didn't sleep with my blanket all night!.. she says in a deranged wide eyed blanket deprived way. She smiled, and was in disbelief herself.... and then the next thing happened...... (small on the scale of big things in life, but big on the scale of the Pip's life).

She actually got out of her bed, and walked to the cupboard and made herself breakfast... yes, it was a bowl of cereal... but the Lady Fussina-mussina Pipenza Evelina managed to do this all on her own.. without the usual frustrations that go along with the high tech abilities of cereal pouring.

I am in a fog at the moment. This wont last... she hasn't woke up all of a sudden today being completely independent.. I will wait.. she still has her shoes to put on later.

Sunday, August 07, 2005

How can it be August?

I have barely even seen July.. and it's already August. I have too many things on my agenda for July... we will have to work harder and faster. On that thought.. tomorrow morning.. I am going to take the chicklets out for some painting... I am not sure what we will paint.. but I am ready to take them to some not so secluded spot.. and chuck some paints and brushes their way.. and hope for some little Reniors or Monets to emerge. I have already decided that the Pip will not be allowed to paint things that are any form of red or white.. because that will surely cause the colour pink... and unless it's a beautiful flower... I don't want to see it, or the "cutesy-wootsey" animal form that will take shape.... but of course it's all about the freedom of expression. ... right? WRONG! I will be handing out various colours of blues greens and whites.. and see what kind of magic they will be able to perform.

In other items that I will need to bring with me... my bike helmut and Vitamin B and perhaps a clove of garlic. Both of these items will ward off the potential scariness of the Pip... like chucking canvasses at my head, and keeping me calm while she scares even the bees away. The garlic will serve no purpose... I might just chew it raw to keep my thoughts inside my head though. I could be diving from a very high cliff tomorrow.

Hopefully I will catch up to Augusts agenda soon...

Let's all be GAY.

I kid you not. Mind you, there would be none of us left, and it wouldn't be all that enjoyable.. but it's seems lovely to be gay. Things seem prettier when there is gayness involved. I am clearly of the opinion that whatever floats your boat... but this isn't my cruise ship of choice..all the same, I was intrigued by this mysterious life that lives on the surface in the daylight hours, but really unfolds after dark... and I knew I would be.

OK, the only reason I write this: because in my sheltered little suburban life I managed to find myself at a gay persons birthday bash down in the lovely partly richly part of Vancouver. I am certain that if I threw a similar bash, it would NOT have had the elegance, and perfection that this lovely birthday party permeated. I probably wouldn't have had the gay singer that impersonates females either... but he/she was definitely fun to watch. I was highly amused at the way he smacked his/her ass, then kicked his leg up, and continued to lip-sink.. and his nails looked good, I think... if you are in to claws. AND.. I loved the whole black waiters outfits, with the long black aprons that the server people wore. This was very impressive as well. I might get myself some... just to come and hang around the house on an evening kind of basis, and mix up some crantinis with a smile on their face... perahps they will serve some form of dinner as well. But, that is a rather gay thought..... not something that would happen in my suburban life.

Now... of course I had the time to people watch.. well, it was mostly man-watching that I did.. and I loved the amount of demonstrative activities that go on with this single sexed crowd. I never remember my Mr. Husbandman and myself wrapping our arms around one another so tight that I couldn't breathe.. and have a smile on my face. Interesting. I was never interested in running my fingers around his lips, while talking to another person to my left. Interesting. I don't remember when you had to bend over and swing your ass up and down to dance... I have such a bad memory. Wait.. this isn't a memory.. it was all new to me....I learned a lot last evening. But, all good things must come to an end, we had to leave... I am sure it was far too early for the real festivities and gayness... but then... there was already so much gayness going on.. I am not sure what I had already missed, or was going to miss.

All the same.. it was a great evening. OH, and the big fireworks that happen in Vancouver, and draw about 350, 000+ people down to the shorelines, rooftops, balconies, boats, planes and buses .. happened just beyond the house... behind the lovely trees. I missed sparks flying there as well.

Friday, August 05, 2005

Hula Hula

Lady Pipenza doing a little pre-party hula-ing.

So far today:

  1. The hair is still bad.
  2. Two cups of tea have cured the allergy head that exists in me.
  3. There are no voices coming from my back yard.
  4. The idiot dogs are still sleeping, or their robots have not let them out for the day.
  5. My little catdog is busy checking the perimeters of the yard, as I can hear her little tinkling (as in collar) and then coming back to the back porch where she sits because she thinks that there is a door in her way so she can not enter. She is the blond of the dog world.
  6. The crows have so far been surely annoying someone else in the city, as they are not here this morning annoying me.
  7. The chicklets have remained horizontal. I spoke too soon.
  8. First word out of Pips mouth, was cupcake.. and that wasn't a nickname for her cat... that's apparently breakfast this morning.
  9. I should be more obsessive about the things that are floating on my kitchen table.. as in the lady Pip's scrapbooking stuff.. it's still there from yesterday..
  10. I need to rescue my forgetful little catdog that she has already done a perimeter check of the yard at least 7 times now, she can quit.. and have a rest in her lawnchair.
  11. As a defect in the personality I will add an 11th bit, not because I have anything to say, but rather to end on an odd number, which represents my personality, as well as tempt my almost obsession of having to end on the number ten. he he he he he he he he. Now I am off to make noise.

My hearse has to have roof racks:

These are going to have to come with me

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Looking forward to .....

  1. Tomorrow I will have a way better hair day... I didn't even try today.. it was just bad, I tied it back in a stupid backwards pony tail bun thing... it was just silly and sillier. Oh yuck. Tomorrow there is bound to be an abundance of bizarre frizz and curls to look forward too. I believe that my hair is still in camping shock.... and is treating me badly right now.
  2. Tomorrow I might put my vacuum cleaner back together... I chucked a quarter down the moveable hosey thing... the quarter stopped just far enough down so when I pushed down my long skinny umbrella down the hosey thing..... the blockage was just beyond the reach. Is there such a thing as draino for vacuum hoses? Good lord... I might just have to get out the broom.
  3. Tomorrow will have to be a Tim Horton's morning... I am out of coffee, and out of cream. The chicklets don't know what they are in for.... we can walk there.
  4. Tomorrow we may even see more bears than we saw tonight. It's great fun to hang out at the blueberry patch.
  5. Tomorrow the ratty teenage kid will have fallen off his dirtbike and be brain injured so he wont be able to ride around and scare the bears from the blueberry fields. Loser.
  6. Tomorrow I think I will chop down all the shrubs in front of the front window... oh, that is I am guessing that I have a front window.... although it makes for great spying on the neighbours.
  7. Tomorrow I will check to see how many more people that I have to wait on before I get some books from the library. I may have to just go and purchase them...this waiting shit, is just that ... shit... coming from someone who doesn't do line-ups. I might have waited in a line-up mind you to purchase the pink flip flops that are now planted out back on the ugly deck portion of the yard. Luckily... I have given the King a great idea on how to expand the ugly deck.. to make it bigger.. and better... with those pink flip flops hanging out... nothing could go wrong. Unless he broke one.. and then he would surely have to leave.
  8. Tomorrow I will surely take all the pictures to the film developing people. I tried doing this yesterday.. but forgot the mega disk of my pictures... therefore everyone suffered along with me.. nobody was able to get their pictures developed. I will need to take out shares in photo paper.
  9. Tomorrow I will witness the absolute miracle of the lady Pipster picking up all her cars from the front room... surely I witness this.....because I will not stop asking her this until the absoluate miracle has been performed.
  10. Tomorrow I will not come up with a list such as this. I will be on a totally different tangent, at least I am hoping to be..... just guessing for tomorrows list...

All the things that go on....

I have many ideas to present... but now is not the time. The King is busy speaking.. I must go listen.. I am certain today that he has more things to say. Major problem being.. I have only got one cider.. and I drank it. I will hide his tape measure... certainly that will keep things down to a dull roar. This is a time when I wished I stocked ice and coke in this house... margaritas or rum and cokes.... certainly something that would have been nice to give to a guest as well... oh well, it must wait.. the King just continues to speak.... and BBQ.

Glip, glub and gag.

This is the truth that I speak. There are such things as glippiness and glubness... and it makes you gag. Well, it makes me gag at least.

A long time ago, in a memory that is almost as far as the galaxy to the left.. I remember a segment of my life that was spent in the school cafeteria. It involved french fries. And vinegar. It is in this space and time that the word GLIP came to my lips... as I split the small packet open and poured what was supposed to be clear fluid across the french fries...rather, in horror I watched this conjealed clear mass escape the opening. It glipped across the fries, in one long string... and there it sat... a mound of glippiness glistening in it's new found freedom. I sat there in shock and revoltedness, as this mass stared back at me. This was my first introduction into the known fact "Glip Happens".

That thought takes me to my next set of circumstances... kleenexes can not do the job that a paper towel can. I will go know further on that glubberish talk.

This brings me to this morning, and all the glubberish details of life. I can not believe that my not-outdated-cream gave out on me. I watched the white bubbly mass glub it's way into my steaming hot cup of coffee, in my favourite snowman cup.. in fact, it took on the same image as my snowman. How is it possible that cream can go glubberish.. if I didn't know any better.. I think it might have even glipped.

So.. who feels like a glip, glub or gag?

Love thy master.

Little Miss Ellpee busy panicking that the boys are doing toolish-man things down there... Mr. Husbandman turned to talk to her... check the tail, now that's devotion. She's a freak.

And away we go..

Right now, at this not so early hour of the morning, but clearly before school hours would have began, so that must qualify for something... I am here with the back doors open. It's the oddest thing. I can hear voices.

This isn't a mystery novel that I am sporting here this morning... it's the actual real-life factual truth that I am typing out. The voices I am hearing are coming from behind the fence... but I am unsure as to what direction. The reason that I write this... is because the only thing that we can generally hear are the idiot dogs barking.. I don't believe that actual humans live in that home, but robots that work on remote controls that only let their dogs in and out at certain times of the day... sunrise and sunset. I am so not used to hearing voices coming from the backyard, (except mine that tends to ECHO the chicklets names some days....) I believe that there are visitors back their... it's a good thing I don't ... I just tried to put cream in my coffee, and the not-out-dated-cream plunked into the fine black hot's a good thing that I make coffee with my eyes open. Anyways.... even the little idiotic Elpster is moving her head in odd directions.... looking for these voices. Now she is doing a perimeter run, just to confirm her senses are correct. I will have to go and tell the crazy dog that it's actual people actually existing beyond the scope of our backyard. Even I am having a hard time with this. Real life drama here this morning. My bad hair, and unlipsticked face will be only a memory now... it's all proper dress for me from here on out... those voices back there also carry a set of eyes. I am so not used to this.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

And still drinking:

Well, now I have moved on to plants... and they are busy drinking up all the fine water they can slurp up. One pot of plants got nothing. Not because I do not like this particular pot.. it just got over done in the water department, and now has a temporary aversion to it.. so I can tell by it's ugliness. I am in the process of unuglying this particular pot back to it's original state of prettiness... but that should take a day or two. My free plants that were ugly until I got them, and started giving them plant food are doing quite nice... especially since I had to pay ten bucks for the pot to put them in.

I myself have moved onto lemonade.. in the crystal form... I couldn't actually buy lemons, and chop them and stuff them in water... that would be so cleansing and good for the system... I am going with the preservatives.. it will probably extend my life for about 3 extra hours this way. Speaking of preserving lives, and needing watering... I am getting a very pleasant view of the workboys across the street... except they are not work boys.. this is the neighbour man (a better version of the lovely and handsome Ken doll), mixing and pouring concrete for his new front steps. Drag... he has just put his shirt back on. Shows over. Actually, it will be over soon anyways... they are moving... their house goes on the market in 2 weeks.. and it will be gone, and so will the picture show. Must continue my viewing pleasure while I can. I need a drink!

This is different

For some reason this very morning.. I have woken up and started drinking. Yes, yes I have... I have already two drinks.. of After Eight hot chocolate stuff. I am puzzled as to howcome my Tim Horton's coffee is still in the can, and the coffee maker sits idle.

In other things that are different:

We got an invitation to a party /BBQ on Saturday, we actually got two. The first invitation came in the form of a postcard.. and it almost looked some kind of coupon for some place that wants our money for something or other. I almost threw it away... when all of a sudden I looked at the highly grained cartooned photo of the persons face... it was Mr. Husbandmands friend that he has had since Kindergarten. We never see him. NEVER. Great guy, great catch, perfect gentlemen, thoughtful, plays the piano (played for our wedding), very sharp and quick witted. Any person would love him, so does his boyfriend. THAT'S why we never see him. He lives downtown and does downtown life things... we live in the boring little suburbs and have lengthy conversations into the night about tape measures and countertop heights. I should have fun people watching on Saturday evening.

The second invitation that we got... simple and straight foward... no fancy type or pictures. An email in regular black font: We're having a BBQ, bring your slab of meat and drink, and we'll hang out. We should all be so gay in life.

Speaking out loud

An odd thing happened last night. Mr. Husbandman spoke up.. all on his own accord. It had nothing to do with me. First of all he went looking for our neighbours down the street THE PICKASPATS to talk to... of course it was all about his favourite subject.. windows, but I was impressed that off we he went... looking to talk to someone. Then when that failed, as they were not home.. he came home and proceeded to talk to me... Mr. Husbandmanmotormouth. Included in all of his talking were drawings of the new kitchen that he has designed. This was accompanied by the potential people that we would have to hire along the way to do SOME of the kitchen renos, but then there were the reasons given to justify these people doing some of the renos, he wasn't slacking off on this one... and on and on..... He just kept talking and talking and talking and talking and talking. Although.. I have decided.. talking to him just costs money.. and more money. Him and his big ideas.. that I know that he will follow through with, by the end of the night I had already racked up so much cash spent, I had to call it quits. OK, and this is the secret of the day... when it got to be 11:30 into the evening... I called it a day.... and I politely slipped away.... from him and his plans and his ideas and his measuring tape. I believe I was in shock. This man really does speak. The Pickaspats should be thankful they were not at home last night... so lucky I say!

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Late in the evening...

Late in the evening,
and all the books are read,
nothing more to do...
other than make the children go to bed.

All I have done all day...
is sing a single little tune
I have done a wee bit more...
Rather than dispell myself as a loon.

It goes something like this,
a fairly simple song,
the words are fairly easy,
and it isn't very long....

One container, two container,
three container four.....
all the laundry is done,
and there isn't any more!

Wash it and dry it
and fold it with care
stack it in a pile
except for the underwear

Now the day is done,
and all the laundry has been groped
As I worry for tomorrow's load...
as now I am out of soap.

I need some detangling here

Well.... I have found what I think I might be looking for.... of course I am not sure about that. The facts are revealing themselves slowly... almost painfully. I am puzzling through the pieces of information, and trying to come up with a best case scenario that will work for the little family.

I have managed to find a Rec. Therapy position that is only 4 hours a day. .... from 0930 - 1330, it's chicklet friendly.. as in no before or after school care required. It sounds very pleasant... I think it might be very pleasant.... it would be perfectly pleasant... I am having a hard time giving up 18 years of seniority... for this perfect pleasantness. I am wondering why I am so hesitant?

I know for one, it has something to do with a superson that has braces attached to his teeth... and my benefits are attached to those braces ..... what to do what to do.....

Another book, that's all.

Perhaps when I am feeling brave of heart, I will add a link section... in the meantime, this will serve as a reminder for me as to what I have read... because I do not want to take a book out of library, read 2 1/2 chapters... and then realize that YES DEANNA... you have read this book.

This will aid me....

In keeping track of what I have read.

The Santa Claus and the Campsite

It pays off having the Santa Claus of camping make the camping list. There's none of that hitting the forehead and screeching "OMG I wish I would have packed that!". There is none of that talk or incidence that emerge across the camping horizon.
The Santa Claus can morph himself in King Camper. Really and truely.... before your very eyes. My sole role for the camping adventure was to wipe Pip's tears away (which luckily only happened once a day for brief moments of Pipness, and then it was done, my job over), read my book, and try and come up with four letter words for my crosswords. King Camper took it upon himself to conduct himself according to his campsite laws that he had made for himself... and that was to busy himself with all the details of the day, including doing the dishes of all the meals that he had made, then.. hanging up the dish towels to dry. If I had been a very smart observer I would have taken notes of all his devilish deeds of camping desires, and reproduced them here .......and then all of you would become great campers safe with the knowledge of the secrets to king camping abilities. There was only a slip up once... when I started to dry the 2 cups and 3 forks in the camping adventure... King Camper froze in his tracks, and almost started to convulse... I backed away from the precisely placed dishrack, and picked up my book.. and life returned to regular campsitedness from that point on. It was a close call, I almost got given my walking papers. Good thing... I got kinda lost in the campsite... 3 1/2 hours from home.

I am still good for something... The Queen of the camera. I managed to take 170 pictures while we were gone. King Camper.. his hands never even touched the little device. I have rules too.

The Loons of Loon Lake:

The King is out on that ski-doo raft and the ever watchful Ellpee kept a close eye on him. She spent the weekend sitting in this boat, she thought she was on a cruise apparently. The chicklets found a moment to pose for the camera, and then continued on with their Loon Festival.

Just while my back is turned

Things go on all the time..... but life gets in the way of noticing some adventures that should stand out and be noticed.

So, while I was out.. some minor things went on..... of course worthy to be noted here, but not worthy for a lights and cameras....

It has been six months since Rusty (actually Russ/my dad) has left this worldy place. In that amount of time I have made up my mind that spirits are left on this earth, even if the person that resides in them haven't. He has been to visit my uncle, (his brother) and has made his presence known at my parents home. Really. Seriously. Well, it's just what I believe. Anyways... the funeral people call my mom last week, and tell her it's been 6 months, can you come and get him. (I did make the attempt to try and pick him up a number of months ago... and somehow the lady at the funeral home thought I was just crazy enough... so Russ remained sitting on a shelf for a while longer..... she didn't think that riding around in the back of my 15 year old SUV would be a safe spot for him... little did she realize that he would have been happy a clam to be out driving around the country side!)... anyways, my mom did the deed. The first place she put him... in the back of her way newer SUV... and took him for a ride. Then, all in a flutter.. because she couldn't just take him home... she headed to Costco, which he used to love to wander around in (which is rather funny, because this man hated shopping of any sorts)... and she bought stuff. She then drove him home, and took him out to his shed with the lettering (R-horseshoe-M = RUM shack) and put him in a shelf with his drill bits, empty mickey bottles & cigarette packages. So.. not only now can he haunt his shed, but he has taken up a permanent (semi) residence their once again.

In other things that are of less importance, but worthy of a mention: I found a job that seemed suitable in the paper for me. I faxed off a resume.. without really thinking about it... and then we left on our "Tour de BC".... and the people from the place where my resume has landed... have been calling me ever since. My first impression of the messages left by the people that are only temporarily stalking me... they sound happy, and I am not certain if it is drug induced. I need to investigate their gives me reason to pause for interpretation.

Now.. back to my regular life... speaking of spirits and happy people... the laundry fairy is calling me.

Monday, August 01, 2005

A return to real life...

Mission Accomplished: Everybody status quo. The King is still very kingly, the children, still childish, Ellpee is still an uptight psychotic mess, and me, still thankful that I am not interested in those real-life adventures "Quest for the Simple Life". I like showers, toasters, microwaves and hair products.
Moose sighting successful. Here... have a look.