Monday, August 29, 2011

This is ...

Fussy's country club.

I am not sure how many 14 year old girls would go off treking into the big high mountains, minus all things that make us ever so comfortable in life .. and still wear a smile. AND this girl does! She loved it. The husbandman went four wheeling with his jeep club .. somewhere into the mountains, and this girl was up for any and all kinds of adventure. This misadventure is MISS Adventure at her finest. Her only complaint ... she ran out of macrame twine, while they were stuck on the side of the road when they broke down. (The now VERY MYSTERIOUS end result of the breakdown was actually caused by water in the husbandmans gas tank, which he tracked back to the last place he got gas, up until that point the BELOVED jeep had run to perfection).

Ha! too bad the wife doesn't!

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Rock girl

Rockin with colour.

Rockin the wave.

Rockin the coolness.

Just rockin the day.

I am rock girl.
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Absolutely the weirdest

Feeling in the world.

The other night I had to drive (as usual, not complaining, happy to do it, pretty much, I'm thinking) the boy and his people.

This is where it gets weird.

We are flying down the freeway ... well, me and the three youngish characters .. in the grandious indigo blue mazda 5 ... everybody is silent, with the exception of the CD that was blaring out through the speakers, at volume set at none other than the highest number possible.

The sounds that were penetrating the eardrums, was the incredible collaboration of the three young characters that were sitting in the mazda 5.

It was a surreal experience.

Not only are these young characters just three hard working guys ... they are incredibly talented musicians .. so much so that they have just finished recording their CD. The oldest is 18... soon to be 19, but not for a number of months away.

What floors me in the most extreme is the very fact that I can not wrap my head around how they were able to pull off this CD without someone having any input into their music, except them.

I am of course biased .. I am the mother of one of the musicians, so therefore I should like the music. Not entirely. If I didn't think the music was pleasing to my ear .. I certainly would not listen to it, I know I would have a hard time encouraging my "elton john boy" to rock the death metal ... which this music isn't.

AS a parent I am intensely apprehensive to watch and see what happens next, if anything. I am apprehensive to see my boy get caught up in a life that may only be as good as recording this music will get. I am fearful that this may be the un-doing of all my doing.

In the meantime, you would never know that the group of characters sitting in my car the other night had the almighty power of creating some very powerful music ... something that resonates in your brain, long after the music is over. Strange.

It's all so bizarre.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

I go to the Rockies:

And this is what I come up with??

Oh .. has anyone seen my other memory card ... it seems to be gone.

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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

oh dear Deanna.

Keyboard stuck?

Computer broken?

Thoughts lost?

Camera unavailable?

What is with the absence of intelligence on this page?

None of the above.

Just absent ... minded.

I have been on "holidays" ... whatever that means.

Staying away from addictive sorts of endeavors .. like this. Of course FB is much quicker and easily accessible to my needs!

I miss this addictive endeavor ... how do I get to share my idiotic stories of complete and total duldrums of one persons life? .. if I do not live here in mysterious world ..

I have pictures of our time away ... of course I can't find the memory card. How convenient is that .. I have a feeling that a certain someone has made away with it .. and now has given it to their friends .. who have promptly misplaced it ... cause now I have a certain somebody elses memory card ... which I KNOW wasn't in my camera last week. FUCK. It's gone forever now.

There is dust on my computer desk. THAT is how little I have been settling into this computer location.

I do have a freezer loaded with blueberries .. of which I did not pick, but rather just bought from a from down the street. They are ever so beautifully delicious. .. AND if somebody wishes to hand me over MORE blueberries .. I would gladly take them ... I am not shy about this blueberry business.

The SIR required SURgery. On his arm .. after he blew his tendon that holds his bicep up. KABOOM! Tendon sent sailing into the wind.... or muscle. I am ever so thankful that the young man blew it up at work. Helpful in the FINANCIAL department .. cause this could have happened at home ... and then that would be challenging .. given my aversion to working extra hours and all. Look at me .. Lady Picky.

Mr Jimmy has been recording his album with his band the last number of weeks, actually this is their fourth week. Today of all days .. FINALLY .. I was drifting home from way the other side of 200th ... in Langley .. and there are close to about 3002 lights along the way .. I managed to ride through them all .. BUT one. Incredible.... however today was my last day of giving these characters rides back and forth out there ... wouldn't you know it.

Oh .. and the biggest news of ALL. I left the province of BRITISH COLUMBIA .. yes people I did... I really DID!!! I so WANTED to see a grizzly while I was out and about in the province .. but I did not .. BUT I did see some signs that told me that there were grizzlies in the area ... but NONE were spotted .. although I did get to spot a whack of other life forms. I actually managed to go and see the Rockies. Wow .. what a concept. I have pictures .. somewhere... it's a blur now.

The Pipenzadoll has been more than busy since ...  uuuhm ... I think July 1st. She really has. Everything this chickster has done, she has had to schedule. Quite possibly the best vacation a parent could ever plan for their child!

I have not yet managed to read one book this whole entire summer ... (not sure if its hit its entirety ... but anyways ... ), haven't had a chance ... no I have not. I have done a little reading here and there ... but nothing that amounted to me closing a book and saying .. "wow ... that was a good book". So the stack continues to grow.

I am currently in limbo in my working department. I am very much wanting to hit the SEND button on my email at work stating that I am leaving the weekend post. I'll think on it ... for a bit longer ... cause what do I do on the weekends anyways ... ??

Well .. I am going to leave now and go somewhere .. off walking .. cause that is also what I am a professional at. Not that I have a certificate stating such a fact ... which is what you need nowadays to get a job ... little piles of certificates. Guess it doesn't bode well for tree hugger lady that refuses to print things.

OK .. am off ... who knows what day I will return .. could still be out walking!