Monday, September 26, 2011

Big and small ...

I see it all.

The LITTLE  dogs were doing some BIG barking the other day.

I should have taken better notice. Well I did notice, but didn't realize that only a LITTLE part of our fence was knocked over by a BIG bear that is currently touring our neighbourhood.

There is a BIG field next to us, and today I noticed that there is now a LITTLE gate that has opened up the field to our viewing pleasures. However, there is a rather BIG notice parked on the LITTLE gate that there is still no tresspassing.

BIG thanks, from LITTLE me.

Last night ...

I was down at the BIG fields, looking for LITTLE bears, however all I saw were BIG bears, looking LITTLE in all the fields.

Can someone please tell me what BIG setting I am supposed to be taking pictures at, in an effort to get one LITTLE picture?

The husbandman has had the OK to take off his arm holder thingy that makes him look like roboman, whatever that is.... now I have BIG plans for his LITTLE problem arm .. now that he is back in partially working order.

I have this not so BIG stained glass window that is over a hundred years old, sitting propped up inside our LITTLE laundry room. It needs a BIG effort to have a LITTLE frame built around it ... it seems like the perfect physio effort for the roboless husbandman to undertake.
Currently I have the LITTLE heater throwing out some BIG heat while I am typing this .. the weather is wicked and wet and BIG raindrops are flying over our LITTLE homestead.

The BIG girl that I now own had a LITTLE bit of her lovely long locks chopped last week .. now the BIG blond ponytail is a LITTLE on the smaller side ... but not by much, however it was enough hair to make a BIG change in her LITTLE attempts to actually do her hair.

This morning the BIG son had me fix a LITTLE spot of his hair, which creates such a BIG ordeal for a LITTLE smudge of hair that insists on sticking up. I think we will make a BIG trek over to the LITTLE hair cutter place to remedy this LITTLE situation that creates such a BIG time waster event in the morning.

In more things about me ... I didn't go for a BIG hill challenge yesterday, because of the LITTLE time that I left for myself after the working adventure. Now that today is filled with BIG raindrops, I am left with LITTLE options as to what I will do to ensure that this BIG body gets a LITTLE exercise.

Well ... there is a LITTLE bit of coffee left, and I have a perfect BIG enough cup to fill it with .. before the next BIG adventure begins for my LITTLE workday....

Monday, September 19, 2011

Missing things

The sun hasn't even left us for the season and I already miss it.

It will be out again in full force tomorrow, and then in hiding by Wednesday. Thursday it rains, and Friday is cloudy .. and by then it will be official ... fall will have arrived.

I miss summer already.

I miss many things actually.

I mostly miss my time.

I have a limited time here, and I am not sure when I am going to reach that potential.

Most of my time is obligated. If my time isn't obligated then it is used up, taken up, borrowed, consumed and manipulated.

Even when I think I have time, I don't.

There are days when I say to myself .. "ok, will get that started when I have time"..... still waiting.....

Of course the time is now ... and some things need to be flung to the back burner when other time sensitive events happen.

My friend commented the other day that why am I sitting listening to the Jimmy play, when that is the reason he has a CD now. Ok ... he might have a CD, but he also has about a minimum of 5 hours worth of music sitting in his fingertips, which he always wants me to listen to. It's a double edge sword .. he is willing to sit and play, and converse, and build his repetoire, which springboards him into being a better musician ... or I could go out walking/running and build muscle and burn calories, and yae for me I did it ... but at the end of the day ... I will still be able to do that .. tomorrow .. and who knows where the Jimmy will be tomorrow ... so HIS time is now.

Am I kind with my time, or simply kinda stupid?

Where is the Mr. Husbandman in all of this ... he doesn't care to take an interest in this sort of endeavour .. however .. I know all too well if the boy would be outside chiseling up a hunk of wood with bandsaws, whipsaws and seesaws there would definitely be an active interest by the Husbandman .... in the meantime ... while the Jimmy is under our crumbling roof I will lend an honest ear to the time that it takes to watch a musician in the making. I think this is time well spent.

In the meantime I will continue to miss our longer well lit days, and admitedly accept the narrow length of time that the sun will bless us with.

Of course with the darkening days of the fall quickly approaching I am warmed by the thoughts of my beautiful new reading lamp that I purchased back in the summer time .. when I thought I had lots of time to read, and still didn't find the time.

Now if all my time obligated to working could actually go to a new supersonic chair for doing some reading in .. instead of things like roofs and trips to Cuba for children .. then it would be most stupendous!

Miss Pipalot is HELL bent on getting to Cuba this spring. I congratulate her efforts ... and I was wishing that I could make the trek with her .. but that comes with competition from a whole other whack of parents all clamouring for the same trip (for free... cause we would be chaperones after all) ...OR we would have to pay for it to accompany her. Without a doubt this little chickster is going to CUBA ... and I don't care how much money it costs .. this little lady is going on this trip ... cause she is worth it .. and more. I should maybe throw my hat in the ring ... TIMING could be everything.

Time .. right.

Monday, September 12, 2011

double trouble berry bears

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berry bears

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The face of the Fuss.

Hands down ... this Pipalot is a sure fire Chickalot.
Love her-a-lot.
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Spy at work.

I'm working at being a spy. I spied some pretty flowers, along side the of the racing flags in the cities downtown core. Love this time of year when they put the racing flags up ... just for the car show! The geese came to town, in an odd location. I spied him, and he spied me. I spied this gate edge, because it was fancy.

Yes, this spy has gone back to work.
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