Thursday, February 26, 2009

Stick girl

Over the last year I have been slowly seizing up. I guess it was most obvious in the grey matter department... but I think that is just who I am, and not necessarily the very fact that I am excrutiating stupid at times....even though it's ok to be that way... as long as the stupid times only last for minutes at a time.

Beyond that... it's been a strange process... as in ... I can not walk up stairs... that freaking kills me.... if I drop something... somebody better look out, because I can not bend to pick it up.... and I instantly start flipping out.. (gee, shocking).... I used to be able to squat down (when picking weeds out of the grass, and last summer I started doing it less and less since the weed picking became to0 excrutiating)... and now I can longer do that at all... I can't even get up off the couch any longer without the aid of my arms. And now just lately... I can't lift my left leg to get into the car, I mean I can lift it with my arm... but once again... it's freaking painful to ask my leg to do it's on it's lonesome.

I went to the doctor last week, and she asked me how many weeks this has been going on.... my answer was about close to 52. I just wanted to be sure that I really was seizing up was my answer.

I am heading downtown for an appointment next week to see a rheumatologist. He specializes in my life long chronic disease that I have had, but haven't really been bothered to be followed by anybody for, but this isn't what is afflicting me now.... as this is something very new....well, almost a year old new I guess.

In the meantime.... my fingers are not seizing up.... and I certainly know that my mouth isn't seizing up (it's only the large muscles that are actually....).....

So, in an effort to gain some knowledge I have been doing lots of internet searching... and I have stumbled across some very soothingly & reassuring treatment methods... none of which involve any sort of anti-inflammatory shit that only suppresses your immune response. I am very certain that this doc will know very well about the "antibiotic protocol", and I will be back to feeling my 10,000% psychoness very soon... besides.. I have a wicked amount of yard clean-up & grass regrowing to be done.... and I can't be feeling like a stick girl to try and accomplish all of this.

so..... in the meantime


The neighbours dog has been barking for a couple of hours now, I've had enough..... see.... I am totally fine....

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

bad hair... good coffee

So the mom calls me up today.... I was cleaning the livingroom... and then she invited me out. In a shot... I was gone... however; the sister and her were looking all wonderful and fresh, because they had just gone to the hair makeover people. I on the otherhand looked like the poor hobo sister... because you know... I have chronically crazy hair, that always is in the state of needing a makeover.

It didn't matter... we drank coffee, and ate a sandwich... which was great....

bad hair and all.

keyboard challenged

I was checking up on the boys progress with his music.

I can't figure out why he hasn't been playing with the full amount of vigor that he has shown in the past number of weeks. Well... the results are in ... and there are three sharps, that change into three flats. I personally am afraid of sharps and flats on certain days, so I am getting the hesitation in moving forward.

Hopefully with this weeks lesson he will move onward and upward.... or I could shock the living crap out of him... and play it..... of course I will load up on some anti-flatotics & de-sharpulizers in the process... but really... all should be fine.

Back to my regular programming....

Sunday, February 22, 2009


All I want is a clean car.

All I want is for the Mazda 5 to shine.

All I want is for all of the above to be easy.

Apparently not so.

I wish it was easy to haul out a hose, and a bucket and wash the car to spit spot polishy shine.

Things like this are not so simple.

I have a crazy little tilltillsmileygirl to deal with.

With any hint of heading towards the great outdoors, the littlecrazygirl goes all skitteryjittery.

It seems like it should be an easy feat to wash the car, in theory yes....

I have taken to the car wash.

If only the car wash would take to me.

Fridays adventures involved a rinse of water and a rinse of soap, and then a rinse of water.

I never could get the brush to work...

Of course I could ask someone... but that's right.... these are DIY carwashes, sorry, no humans allowed.

So it's either I drive around this world with a half assed clean job, or deal with the little pain in the ass Miss Lucy (aka Ellpee) scamper around and cry, and get all tangled up in the hose... and then cry some more.

I prefer the easy way out... that way when I actually let the little miss out, she can enjoy herself... because after all... I really do enjoy the Little Smiley&Crazy... probably because I can call her anything I want, and her tail will still wag in some form of happiness.

Hopefully I will get better at this car wash thing.... it's all kind of strange.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

If only...

I really wanted to fix my hair... then I wouldn't be like a complete crazy woman while I am grocery shopping this morning. So sad... so so sad.

That said... at least I know how to put lipstick on in adequate quantities, and within the parameters of the lipline... that keeps me looking a little less crazy.

Oh lucky me.... in other things that make me lucky... I am hoping that I have some chatty walkers back again today... last week, I walked the the silencers.... it was a long number of steps, walking... without talking, or even chatting... just me and my thoughts inside my brain, and silence on the outside. I don't believe that is a safety feature for me!

Sunday, February 15, 2009


Because.... here's a pic of "the Till" sitting in the back of the Mazda 5.. she was patiently waiting for me... and I was highly amused that she never bothered to leave the car, but then this little cat dog is never really bothered to do much of anything, other than worry.

Oh, and because we all love one another so much around here... this is yesterdays "fake" moneyfesttheivery dinner festival....lovely butter chicken! Made by none other than the husbandman himself...
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What the sun brings out....

I took off to boundary bay airport again today... as the homestead was off doing their own things.. so it was just me and the furry girl....As I was on the home stretch this afternoon, there is a sign down and around the corner where it lets us know that there are deer in the area... yes, well there were four... the last photo I took staring into the blinding sun... I didn't know what I was capturing. the interesting thing is that this little lady had three youngsters with her... now that doesn't seem fathomable!
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Blue skies mean...

Go find raptors!
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Should your German Shepherd....

sleep on your couch?

She's happy.

But most of all cute.

Who wishes to deny their lovely little furry friend a warm and comfortable spot?

I know the very second I leave to get the camera.. the cuteness will wake up, start her crying episodes, skitter around the kitchen and want for more people to keeping company.

So, for the time being she is very low maintenance, and the recipient of human adoration.

She doesn't know her place in life, and yet still chooses not to challenge it so.

Oh... the Santa that didn't get put away is once again shining in the corner of the living room. It does seem a little gnome like owning this guy, especially since the shiny christmas tree didn't make it into a box either. For the moment it works... as there isn't something that is filling that corner anyways... now the dust will just land on them instead.

Well... back to real life, and I wish to grab a cup of coffee, which will wake up the dog, and end her cuteness festival....

Thursday, February 12, 2009

What I see...

The PIP changed the desktop to this... she is claiming that she is not responsible. I claim that she is currently telling me bad stories.. because the father doesn't know how to do anything with "desktops", and the boy doesn't dig around in eagle photographs, and since the dog hasn't taken to the computer as we had hoped, my guess it wasn't her either... all except for the PIP.

This is a neat shot... it's taken along Coast Meridian midway up Burke Mountain looking towards Coquitlam, and further west. It looks lush enough... along the fence top... but wait.. if I take another step closer.. what is this that I see....? Oh yes... the sign of the times.... clear cut land and rows of homes.

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At last....

The girls hair is not so spastic now, and we were able to put it back in PIP tails. Hopefully the hairs will remain in place until the end of the day.... it has been a rather disastrous haircut from the get go. The challenging part here is the fact that the hair cut isn't a bad one, no, not at all... it's the PIP's hair reaction that has gone over badly... that girls hair doesn't like to be cut into layers, and frothed about. Hmmmmm. ... this is sounding oddly familiar.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Fog and Chain

Back in January we were inundated with fog... for days and days, which turned into weeks... the fog sat around these parts like dog hair stuck to velcro, it was awful. Eventually it parted, and we were back to seeing the colours of the day. We found this huge tree, with the chain wrapped around it. I wondered how old it was. I guess the only way of knowing will be the day it falls down, and we can count the rings, which probably might tell us when the chain started affecting the growth of the tree. It's one of those forever unknowns that we walk through life wondering about... well, at least I do.
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The meeting of the minds

The chicklets and I were talking last week, as we would normally do. At least I think that is what a normal household does... which would be to chat... but that is only a guess because this is the only household I know that also talks to a stuffed dog on a regular basis, so maybe my thoughts are a bit skewed.

Anyways.... I confided with the chicklets that I actually got their father to speak. In more than two sentences, and it didn't involve work, or his hideous jeep forum. I think as a direct result of feeding the man.

Then... the boy informed us that he to lead the father to talk, where he detailed the events, and his strategies for success.

The girl chimed in her very own success story of "getting the man to speak", and I thought it was highly amazing that she too was able to hold her own in a conversation with him.

You see... the screen may sit silent to those of you out there... but deep inside the split pea green of our walls, chatter boxes do prevail!

Our next meeting of the minds will take place in a random location & at a unspecified time, however; all data will be collected and distributed to those that are affected by the silence.

My friend and I.

One would think that I am talking about the Eagle being my friend... did you look into the eyeball of the second picture... ? this guy was no friend. Actually.... I was talking of my friend over at Ms. L's, and she told me how she posted some Eagle pics... which reminded me that I had photos in my camera from last weeks adventures with the PIP. This guy was so not interested to see us that he positioned that hiney to shoot great things from it. I was later told that that means something great. OK.. ouch not thinking the same thing.
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Thursday, February 05, 2009

No confirmation needed!

I went to a meeting yesterday .... five teachery types.

I felt outnumbered.... I should have a representative at my side... or something.

It was just me and my new dark hair.

They had complete confirmation as to how the boy has come to be... I think it might have been meeting of the round table just to confirm the fact that the boy truly does have a clearly psycho mother.

I know I came away with an A+ in that department.

That's alright... at least my hair looked good.

It's a new day.. it's a new ...


Referring to my hair of course.

The sister came over yesterday, just as I had my hair gunk on my head....she even came coffeeless. Which was OK, because I had coffee... just no cream... the sadness of it all.

Anyways...the PIPPY was curled up in our bed, busily being sick (bad cold), and so we chatted, and chatted, and chatted... and then I said to the sister.. I think my hair is going to fall out... I forgot that I had colour on my head... now you would think... "how the hell can one forget about the colour on their head....?" Well, I speak the truth....I wondered that fact myself... in the end... the hair is actually looking fine, and I even made an honest attempt at finding the grey that hides just around the ears. OK.. so when I was colouring my hair... I think the whole front of my head is grey... because I didn't see much colour attached to the hair follicles. Rats.... I better be careful, and keep colouring my hair... someone might mistake me for an ancient grain.. and I might end up in a loaf of bread!

OK.. must fly....

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

bad hair goes for a drive

That boy of mine must be growing.... again.

His back his sore, and he tells me is grumpy.... and he is very very tired.

I drove him to school this morning... otherwise I do not think I would have been able to get him their. He was happy for a warm chariot on this fine morning...

In other things not fine... that hair of mine is up to it's usual tricks... looking hideous, all the time.
I must colour it, and cut it... immediately....

Before I do that ... I decided that I needed a coffee... and since there is a starbucks drive-thru... I counted out my twenty dimes, and off I went. It's nice having bad hair, and having drive thru's... you still get what you want (more or less), even when you are looking the dowdiest of all.

The PIP is still home today with a nasty cold. I very much dislike not sending them... but I also KNOW how greatful I would be, if parents would think to do the same. Just yesterday someone said to me.. send her to school, that is probably where she got the cold in the first place... BINGO.. she was probably right... but it doesn't make it right to do the same.

Well.... must go do little housely things.... whatever that is......AND my other junk that I do.. because I am going to have an implosion in the brainspace if I do not get done, what I know I have to do today!

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Oh my....

Polar Bear: "I come in Peace"

If you don't already think animals are far more spiritually advanced than we humans,
think again. Stuart Brown describes Norbert Rosing's striking images of a wild
polar bear coming upon tethered sled dogs in the wilds of Canada 's Hudson Bay .

My friend sent me this email... and I had to cut and paste it... I am sure the world has seen it THREE times around, but this is my first time... and as all you readers out there know... I have a certain fascination with these furry beasts.

Sunday, February 01, 2009

And... because he is as sweet....

Here's the little "Bobe-Dee" (as we used to call him, and some days still do...) with Phil the bear.

This is the former live wired loving evil queen known as Cicely... can't you see the love bursting from her.... in the form of fireballs.... ? She tolerated the smallish type of humans that inhabited the home, and got in the way of HER toys.
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Where the hair all started....

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The PIP....

What do I call her now?
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