Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I wish I could follow...

this just in ....

A large V-shape formation just flew over my house.

They were lovely,

and they were large.

Some very large looking white geese of some form...

Must google now, and find out who is visiting our homelands.... I think they might have been trumpeter swans. Not really a farmers favourites, but I like the look of the large beings flying overhead

Or I could be scompletely mistaken, and they could be flying marshmallows....

Monday, March 30, 2009

New in the Zoo

Well, that missy-moola-chickyPipster of mine has finally done it!

She steadfastly wrote about marshmallows last week, in an attempt to put a speech together that would entertain the class. It did just that! Now my little marshmallow eating chatting girl has made it to the team semi-finals. How cute is that....? Chemical compounds in the shade of white.... see... now that is exciting to listen to!

Lola Won

"This Charming Man" by Marian Keyes
It was alright, although I didn't buy the plot. A bit long, but one of her characters "Lola" did make me laugh along the way.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Happy Sunny Sunday!

It's ALWAYS a pleasant feeling waking up in the early AM, and knowing that you do not have to get up for work. Oh what a feeling indeed!

I have watched the sunrise, ground coffee, watched little Miss Till Till panic that she wouldn't be let back in the warm home after her early morning escapades to the great outdoors, sent the PIP off to volunteer at the Hyde Creek Classic... and then visited my stock pictures websites... and thought to myself that I should try uploading some more... because after all.. rejection only makes the heart grow fonder.... doesn't it?

I am feeling atad bit guilty that I didn't get myself out and hobbling about in the great big outdoors earlier so that I could try and captures some pictures somewhere.

Instead I feel like visiting the garden centre, and the cheaper garden centre store.... it's time to spruce up the yard and fill some holes where there should be plants. I have a lot of work to do..... inside and out...

The dust can sit for another day.... it's beautiful out there... and I need to find myself in the thick of it!

Friday, March 27, 2009


That is so unlike me, except that is what happens some weeks.

I would like to know how ultimately a single self-hugely boring person doesn't have the time to write one little quip. I just didn't.

It has been a rather disjointed week here on "the handley". The flag girl down the street probably thinks that all I do is drive around the streets for a living, giving her reason to raise her slow sign at me. She did start to laugh, when she saw me yet again... driving somewhere.. of course she laughed harder when I was turning the corner, waving and putting on lipstick, because I can do that in my whacko world.

Somedays I think that I get lost in a world of confusion, where the only confusion is just in my brain, and that is all. Perhaps that is the telling reason as to why I live in a dizzy fog.

After a dizzying day on Wednesday I did manage to rip out a bunch of 'defunct' bushes in the front yard, and clear away some winter debris. I have already been to the garden store scouting for some replacement parts. But of course they do not come cheaply. I think a small portion of my garden needs to be replace with a barrel. That will take care of the super dry soil areas, and the end to plants throwing themselves into death mode. Sorry plants... I didn't think that you would have keeled...

I also quickly got a lawn chair out to the back deck on as well. AFter a day of nothingness (well, not including the above & the below).. I wanted some real live spring sunshine on my face. I read my book... as I wondered where on earth my traveling/wondering son was in this little world. His school day ends only when the dinner hour has hit, and his stomach makes him come home. He is currently happy as a clam wondering about with his friends & his fifty pound back pack.

The Pippy found herself with another cold like sort of thing. It started off with a sore throat.. which she just got over two weeks ago. Most annoying. Actually what was really annoying was the fact that I sat in a walk in clinic for one hour and twenty five minutes, and then had to leave to return the loaner car that I had borrowed from Mazda... just to arrive back at Mazda at the strictly enforced time, just to find out at the service department had done some rearranging, so I could have the car until two PM. So I drove back from Pitt Meadows, back to the walk in clinic, where we proceeded to sit for another hour, just so we could get a throat swab & a prescription that I was told NOT to fill, then I drove out to Mazda again.....

I managed to get the Mazda5's windshield fixed, and some other thing that made going over speedbumps exruciatingly awful to the ears. The snowtires came off... so now I need to put some black magic on my tires, so they are shiny again. I like my rims.... it has been difficult staring at my indigo blue mazda5 without the nice silver rims.... all that black is too much to bare.

I was a good friend yesterday when I drove my friend out into the depths of SURREY, and visited the health authorities recruitment office. My friend just received her work permits so that makes it legal for her to work in Canada. It has only taken a year for that to come about. In the end, she emailed our MLA in Ottawa because the process had gone on too long, and there was a single piece of paper that she had mailed to yet again some place, and they told her it would take another six weeks to process. It was just after she emailed Ottawa, and somehow magically her visa papers were processed. So now she is legal... and on my way to do my next good deed for the day... we stopped in at her place of employment, where the manager has been holding her position since August. Now she can actually put on her nursing uniform, and work up a storm in the beautiful little hospital that somedays I wished I worked at.

I finally stopped in at the mall and bought some super shaver thingy gadget "as seen on TV"... let's hope it works! The Pippy is all about wishing to shave her legs, but is lucky enough to not have to... me on the otherhand... I am quite excited about this most intriguing gimicky gadget.

Just when I thought I would get some uninterrupted reading time in... both the chicklets announced that they needed my help in writing THEIR speeches. Both of them needed help in different ways. The boy has ten million ways to write an introduction, but isn't certain of the exact way to write it... and the pippy doll just needs a speech... on marshmallows, and fast, as it is due today... but in yesterday terms, tomorrow. In an effor to get the content on the page, she came up with the idea... she wished to educate her fellow classmates on 'marshmallows'... and I helped throw in the bits and pieces that make it more interesting than "white chemcial balls".

I have about thirty Canadian Cancer Society Kits to distribute today. This should be fun delivering them in the rain... oh-mail-man-me-Miss-Deanna.

I really wanted to put moss killer on my lawn.. as it needs it badly.. every so badly... that could be a job for later.. inbetween dropping off kits....

I have to remember to collect my nephews from school today.. and then wait around the pool for HOURS AND HOURS until their father arrives. That should put me over the deep end... waiting for people when you don't know when they will arrrive... it is incredibly taxing being polite when you really do not want to be polite.

I should probably fit a trip to the grocery store in here to round out my day... as it isn't complete without the usual trip to collect the constant five dollar 2 litre carton of lactose free milk.... which is what is aiding to grow my son taller. I am not sure what is causing the girl to grow.

Well... must start my next batch of kits......they aren't going to write on themselves.. and I did sign up to do the good deed...!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Annnd.... in things that make me laugh

The husbandman calls home today and asks for his Pippy. She isn't home and I ask to take a message. ... You know, being the wife and all.

The husbandman then tells me that he has hockey tickets for the local team, (not the Canucks.. but 4 tickets & parking for the league down.. or something like that...).

I offer up the Superson as the first responder. I said to the husbandman to give the boy a chance.. he might like to go and see a hockey game ... after all.. it is hockey we are talking about right... (The Giants... which actually used to be a basketball team, but that folded in the big old no-fun Vancouver).

The boy smiled politely.... and said that he really didn't like football games.

right... the ticket goes to the sister... she will be most thrilled with going to a HOCKEY GAME!


I think I missed a post from yesterday... yes, tragic to my readers... calm down.. ... no details were lost in my moment of inmomentum.

So far....

I have woke up. It's a good thing.... I generally do. I purposedly watched stupid television until 0900. Nothing of value, with little content that I would enjoy absorbing for information that might come in handy one day.

I talked to my sister. For a long time. Made some coffee, and discussed the issue of space in my home, and the amount of chairs and tables that I am currently wishing for to fill it up. Random, yes.... but really, of importance to me.

It's all about the lighting... I need more sitting space that will enable me to read my books with the proper amount of lighting. I am lacking light in my life. I wish to be enlightened... but of course I wish for a chair also.

I wish for many things.... and.. enough about that.

The boy is not awake. That boy.... staying up late, and roaming around the world on the computer. I will inquire how late he was up... right now in fact...well... the verdict is in... he said he went to sleep when he was told to go sleep. Highly odd. While in his room I had a momentary fight with his window... it doesn't like to open. The very fact that the husbandman is a windowman during his working hours makes me laugh heartily that we have a defective window. Let's not bring our work home with us people....

That PIPPY doll of mine is still at her friends. She went for a sleepover yesterday. I think she might be growing up a little... as she was very willing to leave the homestead to her friends house. I didn't check to see if she took her very tattered blanket with her... in fact.. I will go check now...it's GONE.. of course... now the interesting part of all this... is the fact that her and I picked out some mascara for her to wear, and it's sitting in the exact spot where her blanket should be. Now there is a contradiction in terms. Oh my PIP.... always has me guessing....

I have no plans for today. It's raining. It's Friday. I haven't completed all my weekly chores. I work tomorrow. I still have some bossy-ness in my for the chicklets for Monday. I have work to accomplish before Monday... I have lots of trinkety things to do.... so SBD5 may not in fact be an actual day off... with exception to the fact that I did not rise early... (although I was awake, nor did I have to make the chicklets do the schooling adventures... that is the real difference.....)

Who knows if the details of the day will change.....

Thursday, March 19, 2009

So far today.

I have woke up.

Off to my walking group.

Pleaded with the higher power that hopefully I was the only stupid person in the crowd to go on such a rainy crappy day.

Clearly I am a dunce... as I was the only person to arrive!

Much to my happiness.... I quickly left.

I stopped at starbucks for my wasted efforts for a cup of lovely hot java.

That made me happy... where then I came home, and stared at the kitchen... nothing doing... thought about a grocery list.. nothing happening... stared at the laundry room... nothing moving... grabbed my camera, and have been here ever since.

My boy has woke up..... that boy of mine... a little late, but still before noon. Still an accomplishment.

The girlie girl is still nestled on the couch, doing computery things... or I think I hear voices.. she might be watching a movie.

Speaking of movies... I really would like to go see one. But that would mean that I would have to organize my day, and accomplish great things....

Like I did the other day....

Oil changes, walking group, boy haircuts... all before we headed out to whiterock... where the children had preplanned the day down to a science. Which is howcome there is a photo of the boy sitting on the stairs. THEY had already decided that their demise would be the "pier of death...." which then they would start hissing and fighting and doing things that good children gone wrong do....

SBD3 cont cont

that girl and I kept driving until we found Fort Casey State Park. She was quite thrilled that her and I adventured out on our own to find this place. I am amazed as well.. as there are no signs of any state parks, and we just kept driving and turning... not that I was driving anywhere in particular, in fact, I was looking to find a spot to turn around... when lo and behold... we came upon the sign!
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Nice looking gates, and things that are found behind gates (3rd pic). WE saw the jet take off over the mountain from the vantage point of Deception Pass. We went down to Whidbey Island Naval Base but we didn't attempt to get a pass to got through. We only wanted to see the runway.
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Windows from the past.

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SBD3 cont

The boy did not join us today... oh what a bad boy he is. So the PIP and I made our way to La Conner, but didn't see any daffodils... but that is alright.. we headed towards the little seaside village and took a stroll through time. We found a sleeping cat, and some cute window cats, and this statue called "dirty biter". Apparently he was a dog that lived on the streets, and the locals knew him.
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Spring Break Day 3

the PIP and I went across the line yesterday. We toured through Birch Bay... and came across these seagulls. They were quite interesting to watch... as they were fishing. They were jumping up and down in the water, almost like a popping action. Anyways... in an instant, one guy flew in, and disrupted the whole festival of events... and the next thing you know...I spot "guess what" in my view finder... I am not even certain when he arrived on the scene... but it was quite interesting viewing the photos on my program at 150%, because you can see some type of interaction between the gulls, and then the frenzie of everyone leaving. Clearly the loon in the background doesn't speak "gull" language. He never flapped his feathers once. The eagle ended up sitting in a tree, probably recovering from all the craziness .
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We spotted some eagles... hunting down on the sandbar. I think this guy had picked up some seaweed. I love the second photo, although it is still a distance away... I love the fact that he is in flight, carrying something, and then double checking to see if he still has a firm grip on it.
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cont. to the fourth

I like him... he is very photogenic. I might be a little biased.
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cont cont cont

all my great thoughts that I could catch a train pic went out with the tide..... these heavy duty workers were on the scene the whole time

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SB Day 2 cont cont

the Princess and the King. I changed the photo up to enhance the drama!
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Day 2 Spring Break cont

FYI: The completely stern face for your viewing pleasure is just that... he loves his photo being taken.... and then I caught him in an off moment being his regular self.
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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Spring Break Day Two

I did my morning computer reading. People and their tales... I am going to have to find some sparky reading....somewhere.

Went to walking group.

I didn't want to go. But I felt I should. I am glad I went. Two ladies showed up. That was a good thing... as I was ready to turn around and go home again. Not sure why... there is nothing here to do but work... surely the walking was a good avoidance tactic.

I did stop at the bakery. That of course put a smile on my face.

Bought a cup of coffee... so now I am starting to feel perky.

Tried to wake the boy up.

Waste of time.

I think I will go get my oil changed instead.

Ther are other adventures in store... just have to go and find them.....

Monday, March 16, 2009

Spring Break Day One

Day One:

It hasn't really started yet.

I have had my lovely peanutbutter and raspberry jam jumpstart. The coffee is just brewing. I have announced to the PIP, that today is the day.... that she can come with me to the group. Today is a good day for the PIP to come to the group with me... we are doing a craft. Not necessarily a bad "non-manly" craft.... but a craft that has some benefits!

This craft is something that we can work on for the week, and then people will find out about next week! I hope the plan works.

The dog is appearing a bit depressed this morning... as the husbandman decided not to take her with him to work. He said that he would take her another day, when we are out for the day. "Dog" doesn't understand that, and now is sadly sitting on the couch... oh wait... she always appears to be sadly sitting on the couch. "Dog" is her new nickname. It's a random name that sometimes we refer to her as. Similar to me calling her "Monkey... come on Monkey...", or "Miss!" She hasn't proclaimed that the only name that she will respond to is Ellpee.... so we give her much more than she has bargained for... and look... does she seem unhappy not really knowing her name in life:

The boy is not awake yet. I will make eye contact with him before I leave. I might even make him talk. I am talented that way. Similar to our renaming fashions... we do refer to him as "Boy".

Apparently I am doing springbreak all wrong. We are not jetsetting to some sunny location and spending gobs of money "doing things". I will save the airfare, and spend a bunch of money this week... doing things.

I will however think of a couple of my friends who have found their ways to Mexico mind you... and wonder how their tutti-fruitti drinks will be tasting by the poolside.

I will be ever so efficient to update on the springbreak adventures day one... as the world unfolds.... or better yet... prepare yourself for being disappointed!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Friday the 13th take two...

Yes people... in our calendar of life, we are getting a second chance at having good luck or bad luck!

In fact, we get three chances this year. November will be our next Friday the 13th.

Updates will occur as the tragedies/winfalls unfold... or not!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

this close...

  • To getting the girl to school this morning.
  • Colouring my hair yesterday, but that has been added to todays events.
  • Have managed to get my boy to realize that he has two assignments to finish by tomorrow.
  • To remembering that I have to call the house insurance people... today
  • 470 kilometers I have travelled on a tank of gas.
  • To booking a holiday.
  • To refinancing, as we are closing in on the home stretch, but I just want to get their quicker!
  • To having job #3.
  • To freaking out if someone arrives from Venus & applies for MY job #3. (Yes, I will say it is MY job, as I have been the one to continually promote & encourage the use of a Recreation Therapist in an acute care setting, where the manager is on board as well with this concept).
  • Finding out howcome I am chronically stiff, and can not walk up stairs!
  • To freezing.... it is way too chilly out there.... (for this location, in this hemisphere, at this time of year.... !)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Colour & Cut

The magical hair do has hit an all time long. I must have this hazard fixed immediately!

I saw in the flyer the other day that they had my hair colour on an AIRMILES special. I missed the boat on that one.

I also think that the coupons that the cheap hair cutter place sends out doesn't send them to my house.

This is equally bad.

How am I going to continue with my cheap hair manuevering system if in fact it isn't cheap at all?

My life can't be compared to bad hair = a bad day. If that was indeed the fact that I would walk around with my head slung low, and a constant scowl on my face. Instead my hair lives on the edge of constant craziness, and I just follow suit.

Except that this week I just happened to miss all the sales.

Monday, March 09, 2009

Crazy fingers

My fingers were pushing buttons like mad this morning in an effort to cancel the group.

I DESPISE cancelling the group.....

It's like I have let myself down at coming through for people.

Well.... there was snow last night, and maybe somemore this morning.. although the skies seem to be clearing... but it is still cold, and slippery.

Probably not a good combination for those that only have control over one side of their body.

All the same.... I can't stand cancelling......

I will have to get over it.... I should already be their by now!

Sunday, March 08, 2009

hold onto your hats people


another one of my stock photos have sold....

I am now 30 cents richer.

Take a bow, flink!

Friday, March 06, 2009

Connect the dots.

  1. 6 apples
  2. 4 granola bars
  3. 3 juice boxes
  4. 8 sandwiches

  • Various stages of composting
  • Sticky and broken
  • Seams on the verge of bursting
  • Full blown colours of green

From the basement portion of one certain BOY child's backpack.

And to think that I was DEAD nervous about him keeping the extra hamburger in his backpack a couple of days ago, in the event that he may decide to eat it after all.

Also... I was kind of staring at his floor yesterday... when his backpack left a skid mark.

Thursday, March 05, 2009

coffe crisis vs conondrum

I cleaned out my small coffee section in the kitchen today.

I came across a couple of things:

  1. I am not a slave to "what's hot" in the coffee aisle.
  2. Apparently I am "into" dark roasts.
  3. It seems that I am a fan of "any flavour goes".
  4. I have this almost empty bag affliction.
  5. It is convenient to keep one almost empty tin of Tim Horton's in the cupboard.
  6. Ooops, it looks like I had a thing for beans as well.
  7. I am not afraid of......
  8. Mixed blends.

I now have a three quarter full tin of mixed blends coffee.

Life is interesting....but only on somedays.

Out of control

It's probably best not to watch the news.

Somehow it just feels nicer to not be informed.


When the sun shines through the clouds it gives the illusion that our world is a pretty one, that darkness never enters our corner of the universe.

In reality we have the equivalent to bulls in china shops running rampant through the lower mainland, and we never know when they will arrive, or the amount of damage they will do on their rampage.

On top of that we have a very ugly tazering death inquiry going on, which has got my blood boiling over the idiocy of hearing antecdotes of the RCMP's accounts, and more importantly the death of an innocent person. Somehow a man with a stapler that only speaks POLISH, is threatening to 4 police officers that only speak ENGLISH. Something is very wrong here people.

A gunshop opened up down the street, next to my dentists office. How lovely... when it used to be a fruit & vegtable store. FUCK people.... what was wrong with NOT giving them a business license... because guess what... the owner has already been arrested for owning ammunition that isn't even legal in America, let alone Canada. It leaves my head spinning to find out that the owner of this gun store lives in the same location where 6 people were murdered last year... all relating to gangs. Unfortunately... 2 of these people (who were doing work in the suite) were killed simply because they were at the wrong place at the wrong time.

AND... on a note that hits far closer to home, than the gunstore down the street... the TKD master that USED to teach my son has gone missing.... to where.. who knows. This man has been charged two counts of sexual assualt. This is our reality of justice... has plead guilty, but is allowed to walk free until sentencing... and WHOOPS... goes missing. WTF!

It sickens me....


Anyways.. on a lighter note.... despite the heaviness of my brows, and bad taste it leaves in my mouth... I did enjoy your little recount of the event L. You really are a supersleuth in training aren't you... I just want to know where was my call for back up?

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Chasing the sound.

I could this very minute be outside throwing green waste in the garbage container. I hear the truck outside of our home, but where outside is the real question. I hear it outback, I hear it outfront, I hear it from the side, but it still puzzles me where the actual truck is. I know that once I make the commitment to run around the backyard with the greenwaste container that I am going to have to haul ass to get it back into it's resting point in an effort to get things picked up. AND... even at that point I am not even sure if it the greenwaste truck, or the actual garbage truck. They are all big, and they sound the same.

Wait a moment....

I have sneaking suspicions that I do not have to go anywhere.... I think my greenwaste is filled to the brim... of which I did this two weeks ago.... just in case it started to rain, and I didn't get a chance to fill it before today.

On that note... the coffee is done!

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

The Pip and the Prance

The Pip tails are growing. Thank goodness.... I am not so sure that I enjoy the PIP's hair this short. Believe it or not... it's a lot of work when it's long... and it's even more work when it's short.... there is a lot of wave in this chickies hair, so to try and let it just hang when one would think it would hang, doesn't really hang at all.

See.. the dog does go everywhere... check out the love happening in that dogs eyes... can you see how she is alive and well in our home?

The Pip and Prance, peeking out from behind the bodies that were trying to hide her. To no avail.
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It all started....

With the fact that I have no memory.

Well... that is a lie, as I have a fairly intermittent memory... one that can equal smacking a curling iron when the light turns off. So I have one that occasionally works. It's a beacon of hope, without the smackdown.

I did remember on Sunday that I should tell the kids that they have dentist appointments on Monday at 3:00 pm. OH.. but I didn't.

That was my last known thought of dentists until yesterday at approximately 1:17 pm.

I wondered around my little place of employment wondering how exactly I was going to get my children to the dentist for 3 pm.

I did recall that Pippy had her phone, but it wasn't charged, and that Hamsterson might have his phone, but probably couldn't find it, and oh ya... it probably ran out of battery power too, but that was if he even had it with him, as he never has that phone with him, except to download ringtones, and to take calls from his admirers.

I called the school. (which is an abvious answer, but this really is the tricky part....) I talked to the secretary, who was very nice, but made no claims that her attempt to locate the children would be met with success. I said to her "let's hope for the best". I also said that it was important to retrieve the boychild, currently acting like the happily wondering black lab pup. If he made it out the school doors on a nice warm almost springlike afternoon, there would be no telling what direction he might head in.

The Pippy wasn't a problem. If we missed her, I could cut her off at the pass, collect her and deliver her to the location without incident.

As luck would have it just yesterday... I called the school back, and asked the secretary if she had any success with collecting my children on my adsent mindedness part. Mr. Gramerica dutifully reported to the office in a timely fashion, was given the information, and promptly walked out of the office to stand and give his possee of pretty ones good-bye hugs. It was my exact timing of the phone call that the secretary had told me hadn't left yet... so I said to her... "get out there and yell at him.... exactly like a psycho mother would...."

Her response.... "I'm on that.... " and she slammed down the phone.

Coffee and flowers coming her way this morning.

Monday, March 02, 2009

A round in the crescent...

The clouds are rolling over the homestead quicker than gravy running from a boat. The crows are flitting about and soaring into the wind. I have always wondered if it's fun to fly in the wind (minus being encased in rivoted steel, more like on your own power.. as in birds).

It's a good thing that the PIP washed her hair this morning, and then I spent 15 minutes blowdrying it.... she has now entered the outdoor blowdryer... to bad for her cute "do".

I had the boy shave off his catepillar last night. He was quite thrilled. I made the husbandman help him, since he would not attempt this feat on his own accord. At least he will now he will stop referring to it as transplanted pubic hair. How adoringly awful is that? There is nothing that I dislike more than icky facial hair, that is all unkempt and uncombed. At least the Hamsterson kept his catepillar under control. Although there was't much to control.

I think I want to take my snow tires off. We had some snow last week... but it remained for the day, and that was it. I am almost certain that their services are no longer required... and I can put my silver rims back on, and stop looking like a ghost car from around these parts. I have seen many Mazda5's with silver rims out on the streets. You do know that Mazda fives are taking over the world don't you?

The girl and I watched "the devil wears prada" last night on CBC. I believe I was quite patient with it all. At the beginning of the movie... the commercials start out slow... but from probably half the way in, until the end, the sponsors want their kick of the cat, and every (seemingly) couple of minutes there is more commercials. I said to the PIP I wish I would have had the bright idea of actually renting the movie for her and I. Anyways... it was quite delightful watching her reaction to Meryl Streep, as the PIP is very used to her in MamaMia, and was quite taken aback with the difference in the roles that the actress played.

OK.. back to springtime.... the tulips are starting to pop up in my barrels, and the heather is blooming.. except for one.... I think it needs an H2O transfusion STAT. Although I think it might be too late. Rats.. now I will have a little hole in my front shrub spot.

On that note... must press on with the day....

Sunday, March 01, 2009

4:08 am

That's what the clock said on the bottom right hand side of the screen just a moment ago.


It's raining outside, our neighbours truck just drove off, but other than that it's pretty quiet sitting in this livingroom. I thought that the coldness and silence of the night would send me reeling back to bed.... well...it's been a while, so that hasn't happened. My next manuever is cereal and television.

I am very thankful that I do not need to be at work in the next three hours today... I would be most almost undelightfilled to be (more than likely ....) very tired, and have to be nice to people. Completely a-nnoy-ing.

Speaking of being delightfilled.... I was telling two coworkers the inner workings of my life yesterday. (OK... these are young beautiful single chicks that live downtown....). I am kinda am who I am at work.... not necessarily hugely different... except that I keep my mouth shut a bit more at work, although some people have told me different.... anyways... I was sharing the slightly quirky side of things out here on the crescent... even things that I do not write about here... ** shock! ** gasp!! ...... needless to say... they couldn't believe all the junk I mill about and do & get up to. I do no know if I left them screaming in hysterics running away from married life with children, or just screaming in hysterics.

The truck is back... I wonder where people need to go at four in the morning? It's not like I am being nosey and looking out the window... the neighbour's truck is a deisal. If I was really crazy I would walk right into their house at this hour.. and ask him where he went...kinda similar to another situation on the crescent.

Certainly a little bowl of cereal will cure the late night boredom fest....I should really drink some warm milk... but that involves all the work of putting it in the microwave and watch it spin for three minutes.... gawd..........that takes too long.

Moving on folks.. I'm moving on.