Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Almost the end ... Near the end ... Happy for the end!

It couldn't be any truer !

This time last year I was quietly waiting for the end of the year, and hesitantly happy for the start of the new year ... Although apprehensive ... But all the same ... Ready to embark upon a year of recovery from a foot surgery.

Wow ... I got more than I bargained for ... An extended journey into hell, three surgeries, a bone infection, and a fourth surgery which resulted in my leg being amputee, my wound still not healing after five months, no chance for a leg until at least February, and a license not amended so I could gain back some independence and DRIVE myself places! And the uncertainties of a CT Scan that will not be resolved until the end of January. This year has been met with truly some challenges.

Even still, I am in a way better place than I was at this time last year ... Although I am still missing my body part, it will come to me, and I will be stronger!!

I am ever so happy to be ending off this year in some solitude that life will resume it's regular pace, and I will be pleased to help individuals as the need arises. Sounds odd, but those "go fund me" pages that request money for things ... To help people out ... They are a good thing ... So I have decided. Where currently I can not do errands for people, or offer up any type of hands on help, I can offer up the gift of money, in their times of need.

I so can't wait for the end of January to make it's appearance ... !!!! A leg, a tooth, and a left gas peddle adaptor are all on the horizon ... Now all I need is for that sunrise to make it's debut!! I will be so grateful for the end of this year's darkness ... It's almost the end!!!!

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Ho Hum ... how is it I feel so glum?

Well .. I can tell you why ...

I am way more emotionally invested in this "band" than I wish acknowledge.

This is my boy, who at the end of Grade 9 was "given" a beautiful $3500.00 keyboard. This thing did NOT get wasted ... for a single second. What did get wasted was the time that he (including the band) spent playing at venues with perhaps a dozen people to watch them,  ... in awe of their raw talent ... which is something they did not lack in ... in any regard.

 I am so so so grateful that I took the time to go and see him play, and record these events, and throw them on YouTube; where for as long as YouTube will be around .. so will my boy and his fantasmical playing ability ... that never got to see the limelight as the other parts of his band over shadowed him.

So tonight ... he called a meeting ... and told the band members to be there ... even though they were all heading out for a party at six oh four records ... as he could not wait over their "christmas break" to let them know that he wished to step back.

The nicest part of my son is this .. while he completely wants to walk away (it has been six years), he still felt that he wanted to help them with shows around "here", or with recording backing tracks, and finding a "replacement" ... (which NOW he deeply understands how UNREPLACEABLE he is) ... sounds all big shotted and fancy-pants speaking about "my boy" like that ... but that is what it is ..

This has been two years in the making ... he has stayed for two additional years ... just to ensure that he was "certain" about his decision about removing himself from this band.

And now tonight ... it was important that he tell these really talented guys ... there are lots of talented guys ... there really is ... but finding them is a challenge ... and for MY BOY .. moving on to growing up is a bigger challenge when you have to give out these types of let downs ...

So back to me ... I am in tears .. perhaps just ALL OF LIFE catching up to me ... perhaps the knowing that he did what he could do, and this is the end of the road ... and yet I know that it is the end of the road in THIS REGARD, but a whole new road to be traveled on his own. But I am sad. I am just sad that while he didnt have big hopes and dreams (that this was his golden ticket) .. it just didn't work out for them ... I feel sad that I was never able to hand them over $50,000.00 and say "go make your recordings" ... and "let's find you guys a real agent" ... and so none of that happened ... so they didn't happen. I am sad for the music that is now left behind. I am sad that they will just drop him, and say .. ya, it's been nice.

When the boy gets home ... he may or may not tell us stories .... thus I wait .... so glumly ... 

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

The Band No MORE Boy

So ... all good things must come to an end. Sometimes.  I am feeling a bit apprehensive for the boy today .... as I have a feeling he is very much feeling that way himself. He has remained hidden inside the confines of his room ... just "chillin" I am guessing.

He has decided to end his good times with the band that he is in. Mind you .. in reality he really doesn't wish to quit. He wishes to NOT quit so much that it's eating him up inside. However; in an effort to grow and expand into his adulthood he needs to move on. He can't move on, while he is forced to remain at something where he ONCE loved, but somehow knows he just needs to go.

He spent a month back in September/October traveling and playing ... he decided that THIS was not the life for him ... He didn't like imposing on complete strangers couches, and the unknown of where he would shower at the start of the day, or for how long would he get to sleep before they had to pack up and leave to their next destination. So not what he wishes to do for the "rest" of his life.

My boy has simply said that his style of music has changed, he doesn't wish to be a "part of the background." Not that he is going to "go it alone" in his musical ways, although he very much is wishing to move on with his musical self.

I have always said ... and still say ... He is completely Elton John, but a 21st century Elton John. He isn't meant for background .... this guy has just got what it takes in the front of the show talent department ... and yet has the graces to not let it go to his head ...

So today I am feeling sad for him ... he wants to tell them tonight at band practice, and yet is not going to, as they have a show tomorrow night ... so he doesn't wish to wreck their HIGH.

Well, ... but moving forward .. it may open doors and opportunities for other engagements that he can participate in ... a young lady said to him last week that she could sit and listen to him for hours ... the nice part about that comment was the fact that she was a piano teacher herself, and had been playing for twenty years ... so a compliment to the boy himself as to the level of talent that he possesses.

Interesting though ... eventually things change ... as time moves on.

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Here's hoping that

This week can be a whole lot better. Way better.

EVEN though last week was still really really good .... it was rough. To a degree.

So I have had to come to terms with this NO LEG thing until the middle of January. I just really wanted to get MOVING on. So fucking hard to move on, when you simply can't. So the part of the body that was trying to kill me is gone. Long gone, as in 4 1/2 months ago gone. Now the left over person is milling about ... unable to truly "get out there" because I am still missing a kinda sorta vital body part to keep me moving on. A wound that is barely anything ... as in .4 cm x 2 cm is left sitting on my wound edge. Just sitting. It's slowly filling it's way in ... and violently slowly at that.

So ya, no leg till January. Then things will roll.

I have this weirdo ottoback tube thing that I wear now, it's a liner betweent he prosthetic and the leg. I can wear it for about two days, during the day ... and then ... the leg goes violently itchy and blotchy red, and a little extreme on the ouchness of wearing this thing. I am unsure as to whether it is almost an allergic reaction, or it's part of getting used to the silicone. Very bizarre. I did not wear it on Friday, so I could get the leg to settle down. It did, and again I wore it for the two days, and tonight I had to get it off, as it was writhingly turning violent. Odd.

So my fingers are still partly numb, especially the right pinky & ring finger ... now it's seeping into my middle finger ... the left side is not as bad ... just a bit less. AGAIN .. I need to get off this walker mobile ... and life will settle back to boringness. As one can only hope.

And not to be outdone by the fingers ... the right shoulder is ever so slighty destroyed ... it hates me ... still. I thought it was settling down ... but the little bastard is still reminding me that it is every so deeply unhappy with it's efforts in all this walkerness.

Finally, I can say that the face is stopping all it's bullshit hand out pain overload .... It is still every present ... however much more duller than before ... so I am thankful for the itty bitty things that are filtering their way from my life.

And the last point of unstoppable stupidity is this mammogram I am waiting for. God fucking damn it. January better not be the month of my un-doing all over again ...when January 6th rolls around ... it will be a year of "when the big mess started" ... and I would like this next year to be Total Clean-up. Pure and simple.

Meanwhile .... it's me the yoga mat and the christmas tree !!

2016 is going to be the year of replacing lost body parts ... that's all I am looking forward to! Getting my leg ... getting a new tooth put back in my head ... seriously ... just give me a tooth and leg .. and life will be all sweet !!

Wow ,...

Guess what I found ....  MY CARD READER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It had been "missing" for quite some time ... SOME LOTS of time it seems. I was never able to upload photos of this beautiful bomb shell. However; now I have ... and thus ... Grad photos from MAY are in order. This day was brutally WARM ... little did we know, THAT this day, along with weeks upon weeks filled the calendar ... all the way up until October.  It was quite the weather spell we were under. 

So here is the beautiful babe ... and just like when she was just a wee babe .. this brother loved her to the moon and back ... just the same way he did when he got to meet her for the first time, and the same as this day, her graduation day!

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Burgundy brown.

That's my hair colour.

I washed it today .... the water ran pink.

I pay actually money for this, this is not a mistake ... I repeat .. NOT A MISTAKE. How the hell have I gone from "once upon a time" looking like Snow White ... to mother of the year in the hair styling department ... ?

This hair could win awards in the prettiest flower colour of fall ... I am the perfect PANSY colour !!

I spent the day hunting ... BIG time hunting ... not big game mind you ... HOWEVER .. it was a big game to try and find what EXACTLY I was looking for .. which is a knitting pattern! I want to knit a particular type of sweater jacket ... and it's taken me hours to LOOK for something that MIGHT be the best thing to put together ... !! Of course we have to keep in mind that I am a fairly amateur knitter ... so big projects have to be on the simpler playing field ... there's trade off's you know !!

And WEIGHING in heavily in "trying to not overthink shit" ... is this whole bullshit that I have happening inside my left chest ... WTF ... waiting for "the next test" to confirm what SHOULD NOT BE GOING ON ...

And now ... settling back to my next baddest boyfriend in town ... BOB ROSS !!!!

Friday, November 20, 2015

Are you FREAKING kidding me ...

I hate cancer. As anyone should. I really fucking hate it.

On my agenda this week: going to see the Lego Man ... for the start of the rebuild of the leg that is missing due to cancer ...

Then ...

Ring Ring ....

Hi this is Deanna ...

This is Dr. GP's office ... Dr GP would like to see you in follow up.....

Oh OK ...

Make the appointment .. The End.

Now I am left waiting to FIND OUT  what the fuck they found on the CT.

Mini breakdown ... fortunately a friend was here ...

Sue helped me through the mini meltdown.

THEN ... HI .. It's Dr Onccologist calling ... The CT Abdomen was clear ... except that they saw something on the left breast.

Ya ... but what about my NEW LEG that I am going to try on NEXT WEEK....  that is what my plans were ... those were my FREAKING plans ... not visiting the GP to deal with a new found suspicios something.

No Humour here today ..... other than ...

I got my hair coloured ... so now it's burgundy in flavour .... !! 

Monday, November 16, 2015

Hey Lady - over here!

So today I went for a CT Scan ... they had a pretty little look at my abdomen. Not that there is anything wrong with it, that I know of. Life will go to holy terrors of hell if it comes back that they have detected something.. as NOTHING should be living inside of me. Except for that gerbil, in my knee, when I am laying on my stomach, and bending my "little leg" up and down. What an UGLY feeling that is ... hence why I say I have a gerbil living in me ..

So that CT Scan dye is pretty awesomely cool ... and I did not notice "this" before as the dye flushes through your system ... and it crazily flushes ... then, just when you think you have been "scanned" into success .. your eyebrows slowly raise ... and now you are left feeling like you have peed your pants. Yes ... and then you lay on the table and think to yourself ... I really didn't pee my pants right ? The overwhelming flushing didn't wreck the boundaries of my bladder right ... ?

Fortunately ... all was well ... in the peeing of the pants department ... double PHEW!!!

And then, because adventures just get better and better ... I went to the MEAT store! Probably at this point, someone would be excited to go into the meat store. I was excited to GO to the meat store, not actually BUY anything at the meat store. Hence why the very hyped-up meat selling cow jockies kept calling out : "hey .. I can help you over here !" .... I turned them down ... four times.  I have a feeling that they have never been so happy to see someone leave their premises .... the one legged hopper with the walker left with nothing ... interesting ... I don't like meat. Except for bacon. Bacon is my friend ... and bacon (for me) is a completely edible interesting flavoured vegetable. For real.... so don't you faithful readers be "hey lady - over here" ... trying to point at me that it is ANYTHING different!

Sunday, November 15, 2015

All the wrong ways! ~ sort of

Check out the eyebulbs on this crazy character. He knows 10,000 times over where he is NOT supposed to be ... so he quickly, and quietly tucks himself in, and immediately starts the sleeping process. He knows that as long as he sleeps stealthily, this not so stealth in the "kicking him out" department will leave him where he is. 

So many rules ... forever changing ... 

ON yesterdays life adventures ... 

I paid actual real live money to go sit in a gym, and scrapbook. Crazy ... ! or not !! I LOVED IT!! 

Life is a changing ... I can feel it in the winds. Well, I can see that life has changed .. cause this little guy stands at three times the height, doesn't wear fleecy jammies, we don't own linoleum from the 1970's any longer, and that wood paneling is gone. AND the "wild west" CD, is long, and wild gone!! This little Bobe-dee sang along to "rawhide" .. and stomped up his feet .. and gee ODD, was a performer at this tiny of an age!!  All the worry and unknowns about raising children right ... "what will they become" ....well  at this very moment .. the boyson is currently reading a book about the first world war, which involved elephants. For real. That's what he has become ... a huge history LOVING, piano playing, song writing musician. Wowser mowsers ...this is definitely something that ISN'T the wrong way!

Friday, November 13, 2015

And ... moving on.

So I think it was about this time last year that the final confirmation came in about this foot. It was around this time last year that I was looking forward to January ... I wanted to skip the fricken December month, and move straight on into January. The Truth. How odd, no?

ANNND ... here we are almost a year of waiting ... but now for different things !! GAWD.

Life around here can be at times a bit montonous ... although .. I have to admit .. I have had good opportunity to "chill" ... for an extended period of time. In fact, unbeknownst to you, (ever so avid reader), I probably have stolen some of your "chill time" ... by pure osmosis.

Feeling ripped off now a little, I'm guessing ... ?

I know right !?

So I was doing a little contemplating this morning ... what the hell happens when I have obligations forced upon me ... what the hell am I going to do then .. ? Now that I have stolen most of mankinds "chill time" ... because .. in reality .. I have turned into a professional at it.

I will admittedly say ... that pretty much from morning till night, I am busy. Busy somehow. Busy being not really busy, but busy. Engaged. Doing something. Professional hour filler. Hand me your boredom, and I will fill your plate with "something".

This "chill time" could accurately be described as a prison sentence, ... and the days out, are escorted day passes. How lovely of a thought process. As I do not required electronic monitoring ... cutting off the leg managed that little problem. In the meantime .. I am exactly that ... an excited furry creatured beast ready to hit the road for any kind of car ride that will come for me!

Well in things way more exciting:

So I have had the opportunity to go scrapbooking for the day tomorrow. I have KNOWN about it for months upon months, and yes, upon months. Guess who is not ready? I mean really ... not ready ... that would be ME ... shit! I have contemplated my DAY LONG project ... and have come up with NOT MUCH !!! I have ideas upon ideas roaming in my brain ... and I have YET to get things organized ... so that will happen, post blog post. Trust me ... I am a professional ... !! Laughable ... 

And in other things that are weighing on my mind that I wish to divulge at this time ... so the leg is about an "eencie-weencie" amount worth of healing to go on .. and this bitch leg is DONE! done done done done done ... and done. It will be ready for the next phase of leg-less-ness ... and that is LEGNESSNESS .... hopefully I can be scanned ... and let the designing begin. MUCH to most readers grand disappointments ... I am going with a regular boring run of the mill leg ... one that pops on, and gets me places. This crazy woman does not require a STATEMENT of intactness ... meaning that I do not need designs & tattoos and flourescent colours screaming at me that I have a story .. christ ... everyone has a story ... EVERYONE ... mine, like EVERYONE's doesn't need to be plastered across the world stage for all those to wonder ... so pretty excited about THIS PHASE. I can't say that I was feeling this level of excitement LAST year at this time ... and now moving onnnnnnn .... 

Friday, November 06, 2015

Seriously Santa

So ... while I was cleaning out one of my cupboards a number of weeks ago .. I found a purple shimmery box. It was intriguing to me .. I knew there was something of completely NO value, except I did find some christmas ornaments. These guys needed some colourful TLC. What a project.

As GUILT has an evil way of commanding what happens in your life ... I decided that I couldn't possibly LIVE another christmas without having these ornaments all coloured and bedazzled in christmas craziness.

So now .. I sit ... and paint .. and fuss,... and paint ... and fuss ... and waste a whole bunch of time contemplating the colour red ... because as luck would have it ... I have managed to find myself a whole bunch of Santa's ... really, seriously santa!

IN other things of whimsy and value ... !!! .... A rather large expense will be purchased  NOW,  in the next coming months ... so I have managed to heal up this little leg!!!! Another week or so .. and off I go to catch a new leg ... or the process of getting a new leg ... hooray for the two legged-ness! So excited to be a believer in things do eventually work out!

Monday, November 02, 2015

Virtual Nothingness

Ok seriously ... how does one almost do nothing all day ? Is that even possible I ask? Because today is the day I perfected practically virtual nothingness. AND not for the real intention of doing nothing ... but accomplishing actual nothingness without actually trying for complete nothingness. Let's just label this full on loser award!

Well .. not really ...   I did stuff that I would simply like to label as "stupid shit" ... things that are just annoying unto themselves that the instant you complee the task .... it is just that easily forgotten ... like wiping down the bathroom counter with the lysol wipes because you don't really want to "actually" clean the counter with like ... stuff ... you know, that kind of time saving factors. (From the woman with LOTS of time on her hands!)

However in other nothing filled events ... I didn't even use my magical lights. AT all. How is that possbile ... since I don't actually have to be up scurrying about getting ready for "work life" stuff ... christ ... once one slips down that slope ... it's a helluva way to try and crawl back up ... gawd ... even the dishes did not get re-distributed to the cupboards ... Ok .. again LAZY ASSNESS ... sort of ...

I failed to mention that yesterday was a triple duty in the hopping department, and the cycling department, and going out department, and in the standing department, and therefore extra pressure in the hands being numb cause they are tired department ... so today ... being a little on the nothing side was probably virtual goodness ...

AND then I went through and got rid of bits and pieces of paper n junk, and folded laundry and did dumb dumb exercises that keeps this leg from totally getting smaller in the muscle department... and then hung out with the boy and the girl and the lovely friend that took me out wheeling, which lead to us talking to a fairly funny neighbour ... so all in all ... the day of virtual nothingness isn't really nothing .. just not a lot of accomplishments of great stupendous things !!

No worries though ... the minnie mouse wheeling will resume it's activity tomorrow ... 

Sunday, November 01, 2015

A workers guide to retirement

Ok ... so first things first.

One MUST work.

Well now there's a situation.

The End.

I just got home from a retirement "do". This lady "did" a lot. I will not compare myself to her. But gawd damn ... one can not HELP but compare their lives ... like "holy crap" ... where did she get the time, and all the vision ... to put forth change in so many ways !! And yet ... she is still very young ... VERY young ... and now what does retirement look like for her ... because THOSE ideas do not stop, that forward thinking, being a mentor to so. many. people.

So I think I still have "some time" left to make an impact. On something.

But GAWD what ... ?

And that is WHY my book on a workers guide to retirement will be a short non-descript snippet of words that simply says ... "And now, the adventure begins!"

In my non-retirement form I am fortunate to wake up everyday and ask myself ... "what is the goal for the day?" How do you foresee your day unfolding? Is there room for solitude, or spontaneity? Is it colourful, or is it planned out ? Big or small, I equate my days to adventures, even mini adventures, I am not changing peoples lives minute by minute, but I do add to the equation of "my peoples" lives, and that is important. Somedays.

In other things that are way less boring ...

I put my paints away for a titch of time. In reality, it's a make work project just to get them out again. That should be fun. NOT. However; in the meantime, I will carry on with my New York colouring book, and practice the art of turning a black and white picture to colour via pencil crayons.

Somehow it just doesn't seem worthy to talk about accomplishments, and "shoes to fill", retirement, and colouring ... "Hi ... I am here for our colouring date!" .... ya, not so much.

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Well, THAT was scary. NOT

So for over 498 moments I decided to change the look of my blog. I thought it was dying. The blog. Not me. I thought I was running out of words, and stories, and useless tales to tell. I thought that this was a "wash out" ... that I was going to pack up shop and be done.


I think I am BACK ... with more stories, useless details of life, and other random pieces of adult life that really isn't that humorous at all. However; I will now try to find a the humour in the day, and leave it here ... to be found. With attached labels and photos to further get the intention across.

Here's a photo now ... nope .. can't seem to make it happen. So at this point this blog will remain pictureless... which is really actually a good thing since I do not have many to share.

So here we are the end of October ... almost at the end of another year ... amazing how time doesn't fly. This time last year I was waiting upon people to tell me stories of life changing alterations that were in the works ... and a year later ... I am still waiting on the life altering fix ups .... "I hear that leg a comin, comin' down the track" ... it's that level of excitement around here ...

I watched a couple of videos a number of weeks back by the "AmputeeOT", she was interesting & informative, and clearly very smart. I can't say I was thrilled with her blaring BYYYEEES and child like waving into the youtube videos very enticing to keep me coming back ... in fact .. down right scary  ... perfect for a day like today .. when that is the amount of scariness that this one person can take. Perhaps what may have been very scary is the fact that she was strutting along at 10 weeks post amputation .. on her very own leg. Today marks three months in the calendar of time that I have managed to put behind me ... all minus a leg. Still alive, and hopping about to tell the tall tales of adventures ... and I am waiting for the excitement of the day when the adventure starts again on two legs!

So now ... amongst the rain storm ... I will go and observe the pumpkin carving adventures! 

Friday, October 30, 2015

Holy slow-pokes

So today .... miraculousy enough managed to submit some "artwork" to an art show, that fortunately is titled "anonymous" ... more than likely for ME, is a good thing! I actually FEARED having to put my name on the little 8x8 pieces of  "artwork" for the HUGE fear of embarressment !!! SO horrific! .. and well, timely .... VERY SCARY !!! Oh yes, very scared ... however .... I am intrigued as to what the gallery will look like, once all the gems are hung up for the show ... in the meantime ... the show is juried .. and now I will live in the HUGE fear that the people will call me with "thanks for coming out today with the artwork, but you need to take yours home" .....

And so .. moving on ....

Novembers project will be quickly approaching ... !! I found some christmas ornaments that need some sort of embellishments of christmas craziness ... so before the box of mega stash of paints is set away for safekeeping .. I will paint up a storm or red, greens & blues for the festival of christmas time fun colours!

In other things .... well ... that would be the above items ! Apart from the fact that I am still down ONE leg, and there is no real end site into "it's" arrival ... although NOW I am thinking that it is going to be closer to the END of the year ... so we could be talking Birthday Gifts for oneself !! Who knows .. the leg recovering gods only know that !!

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

When the loves runs out ...

So when Lady Ga Ga was dreaming up music ... little did she know, she perfected the minniemouse wheeling song ! My life has revolved around this piece of music .. and wheel away I go, on my mini-bike .. that's mini HAND bike that sits atop my counter top .. while I peddle up a storm .. trying to get this heart rate above a hundred. But alas we have the lovely Neil Diamond ... with his Brother Love's Travelin' Salvation Show ... now that is a quaint piece of music ... that keeps these mighty arms a peddlin!

I keep peddlin ... as the love has not run out ... YET!!

So in current events:

WE have had the grand transformation of the "girls" room ... she is now hoarder-less appearing now .. and is in fact .. most disgusted with the amount of "things" that she had stored away for another day... so in reality .. she might be swinging the other way now .. not interested in STuFF that crowd her world. Very freeing ... I would believe.

I am currently perplexed by my pickle trees. So I have been doing some painting for an "anonymous" show ... and good gawd .. this woman is keeping it anonymous !!! I wouldn't want my name on ANY of these absurd creations .. however .. they are painstakingly making me remain focused ... sort of .. I would rather do dishes than paint .. so that's telling ya something.

Waiting for the boyson to return to living in the homestead ... upon his return ... will he remain a band member, or forgo that passion and enter the mainstream population ... time and an apple pie will tell !

Well .. back to the pickle tree painting party ... 

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Well isnt this a numb ride!

Yes it is folks. Numb all around. Currently the little "pawsies" are back up to their hissy fitting tricks and are numb as numb can be.

This couldn't possibly be due to the fact that I am a professional hopper maniac. I have crutches, but despise them ... the non cruise control walker gives me super sturdy ground to balance on. Gotta love balance. So the extreme pressure that I use to walk with is causing nerve damage to my hands .. which is the reason for the numbness, such dumbness .. No ?

BUT then I have the minnie-mouse wheely hand bike ... I am up to 43 minutes on that baby. AND cheesus .. I could break down the wheely biking to a couple of times a day .. but once you get on this piece of magic ONE DOES NOT WANT TO GET off this hand bike .. gawd NO ... reason: YOU would never get back on ... it is just obnoxious .... wheeling and wheeling and never getting the heart rate past 100 BPM. At least I think that's the case ... I have a heart rate monitor ... on the telephone ... but that means ... stopping (well once your torture of the minutes is up) .. it takes a good two minutes to get the app up and running ... pokey pokey .. in the meantime ... the wheeling has to stop ... and so does the freaking heart rate. Double damn on being the nosey parker as to whether I am still alive or not. Freak.

Let's talk hair. It's everywhere. All. The. Time. I usually have great plans to wear it down ... and it looks all great and lovely .. until I start HOPPING about .. and then it's a showdown in the "wild west of hair locks" ... they are everywhere! Of course washing this fine mane is another sub-par arrangement. I like washing the locks in the laundry room sink .. it seems to fit my head .. however the floor is tile, and by the time this wild hopper is done .. so it the leg & foot. It's done dead and gone. By then end of the hair washing .. I am now standing on what would be "high heels" in an effort to NOT stand on the remaining good foot. Double witchy wonderland.

to be continued ... 

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Five years ago ..

I was staring at a Bob Cat through the den window, and blazing about the backyard catching pictures of it .... terrified that it would come and get me, if I went back there .... gawd .. if only I had known that something for more severe would silently sneak up and try and kill me in the meantime. But it didn't ... and here I am.

The girlie girl has just set foot out the door and off to work she goes ... it is just so very lovely .. my graduated girl ... making her way to the Wally World of entertainment ... I wonder if the Sir let her drive on the way there ... he tends to NOT let her drive when the are out on short excursions .. gawd .. how those minutes count .. when the driving time is precious!

So the fact that I am MINUS a right leg leaves me whirling a bit in the NON driving department .. I am useless to the girl for a driving companion .. which is a shame ... beuse we have lots of time together while we could be out tooling around ... but apparently we are not supposed to be .. so says the universe. I have talked with the agencies that "report on" this sort of stuff .. one agency says I am allowed to drive with her .. and another agency says I can't ... and because the "yes" side has no names attached to it, or I have a "YES YOU CAN" in writing .. I am opting for the NOT driving with her .. because in the end ... the rather very large corporations will have me by the throat if something goes awry.

In things way less boring ... am still waiting on the leg. We have now reached October 10th ... (well duh) ... and no sign of a leg any day soon ... however ... probably at the end of October I am holding out hope that this is where I am heading ... to be "leg-filled" ... har har har ... So I have this "wound edge" from the chop off point that has refused to heal ... little bastard ... BUT NOW .. with some additional TLC and not just letting it sit .. it is getting smaller ... so happy for that. I think there are still some sutures left in the leg as well .. or something .. because on the end of the left side of the chop off point it is irritated enough ... and enough is MORE than enough to stop the "getting the leg" process .. so I have given the leg one more week of "sitting" around and made an appointment with the surgeon .. who hasn't been my surgeon at all .. but rather a covering surgeon who has only seen this wound once, for 22.3 seconds, and the other time just wrote a prescription for the homecare ladies to take out sutures .. kind of comedic .. all the same . a bit of a make work project ... but it may be worth it in the end if there is something niggling away at keeping it unhappy.

The boy has made it to Oshawa today ... him and the band are making their move across the country. This MAY be his breaking point as to whether he is IN or OUT of the music making industry. I have my fingers crossed that the "agents" and entertainment type loving people actually see their worth .. and "do" something to make their work finally worthwhile for them ... yes ... fingers crossed .. big time. OR ... he finds his way back home, and returns to life in the education ways .. and moves on.

Today ... we are in the final stages of changing the girls room for what she has known her whole life as beautiful and sweet, into a young ladies bedroom. It's all very exciting for her!

So here I sit .. with many tasks needed to be tended to, including this "anonymous show" that I am determined to accomplish ... but of coures that involves painting something ... and it is all in my head that this is swirling about ... I "simply" need to forge ahead with the painting process which is very tricky !!

So this time next year .. when it gets to be "six years ago" .. I will have a leg .. and probably wont be sitting here .. bu rather will be engaged in finding great camera adventures ... and slurping back coffee in a thermos along some roadway gathering "autumn"shots ... or EVEN better .. will be sitting organizing photos from a 25 year wedding celebration ... after a cruise !! That's what this chick is waiting for ...

Oh, and in other things .. paid off the mortgage yesterday. Things will be finalized by next week. That's a bit of a hooray.

Tuesday, September 01, 2015

So here we are folks ... a number of hours later, about 43 coats of paint, and the beginnings of a new beginning. I need more colour and more brushes, and more canvas and pieces of inspiration, and this free flowing colour will learn to take hold. For now, this is a start, and as I become accustomed to let the paint just sit pretty .. so will my paintings. This has to start somewhere ... this being the first, is a good first. 

Happy September first-stepping!!

Well phew .... have managed a whole long month with being the one legged wonder.

Exactly a month ago I was sitting in a hospital bed ... wishing away the long hours and long days ... and knowing that "things" would be so much better a month out ... and I will admit ... they really fucking are !!!!

All the things I currently do take about a gazillion extra steps, but I have come to the conclusion that I really am not going anywhere very fast anyways ... so the time that I eat up just "doing" things is really quite fine.

Am I frustrated .. hell ya ... Am I still wishing away the hours ... a little less of a hell ya .... Am I now looking forward to things that I can begin to do again ... HELL YA !!!

ONE doesn't know how far they have fallen until it becomes that moment when you look up from your pit of hell ... and surrender.... but not the surrender in giving up, however it's the surrender that this is finally the ground breaking moment when you find that little tiny etch in the wall, and KNOW that you can find your way back. It's knowing, REALLY knowing that there is light, and life OUT THERE ... and trusting that inch by inch, ONE can find there way back.

What I have been through, is completely "over-come-able" ... in the true sense of Deanna'isms this journey has been a dastardly ride in the rollercoaster of hell. For the most part, it is indescribable the horrific pain I have lived with and walked with. I can't even register now ... a SINGLE month out .. how I fucking lived like that. And yet BEFORE, every fucking day ... I would get up, get washed, fix my hair, brush my teeth, get dressed, get that lipstick on, and face the fucking day ... and cheesus ... this went on for months upon months. BECAUSE ... I knew that somehow ... this was "over-come-able".

So while I malingered in that pit of hell, I still had an amazingly wonderful supportive network of friends and family and people that surrounded me, and insulated me from that pit of hell ...and you know .. they kept me. There is no other word to truly describe it ... They helped to keep my resilience to the evils that although I was sitting in a pit ... I didn't seem touched by it ... and I wasn't going to let that pit of hell keep me locked into isolation and darkness. I wasn't going to be tricked that even though this was my lonely walk, I wasn't alone.

And now ... a whole month later ...I still can't go up and down stairs, I am isolated from the rest of the world because of my inability for accessibility .... and do I care .. HELL NO ... because my first steps a whole long one month ago were now the first steps away from my pit ....

Yes, September first .. The previous month was a whole lot of firsts ... and am finally feeling free to enjoy this next month of firsts.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Welcome to Life Part III

So let's just do some damage control here:

January 6 - surgery & VAC, graft on little foot
March 16 - biopsy -all clear
March 31 - IV antibiotics & the thought that SOMETHING is NOT right.
April - WBC Scan, Bone Scan, MRI - hmmm - osteomyelitis
May 4 - Appt with Oncologist - he says "foot looks fine" - LATER that day appt with Inectious Disease- Foot DOESNT look fine
May 8- Back to Plastic Surgeon
May 16 - Biopsy Again
May 22 CT scan Abd - POSITIVE for enlarged lymph nodes groin
May 28 - IV Antibiotics D/C'd, Appt with Plastic Surgeon - POSITIVE for Re-current SCC
June 8 - Back to square one, might as well be January 6 all over again, plus a bone BX at surgery
June 18 - PET scan
June 22 - FNA lymph node groin
June 28 - appt with oncologist
July 13 - Excision lymph node groin
July 31 - Amputated the poor little foot, just below the knee.


THREE times the CHARM!

And now it starts ... exercising the leg .. and the body back to trying to get some re-conditioning happening ....

Thank you for your patience !!

Friday, March 13, 2015

Marjolins Ulcer VS Marian Keyes!

Which makes for light late night reading?

Clearly the first option will shock the living shit out of ones eye bulbs, and leave them reeling down even the flattest of driveway landscapes.

So don't go with option ONE, I'm telling you that right now.

Marian Keyes of course is the best choice award for late night LIGHT reading .... then there's the challenge  to actually open up the page where one left off ... to get that nice floaty feeling that goes with the as option two.

So life in the world where a little things like cancer and other related events impede your day ....

The surgeon is wondering if the pathology report was actually wrong ... for two reasons ....

The margins of ONE percent was actually more, and the LOCATION of the unclear margin was incorrect.


How the hell does this shit happen ... Are we talking a life long gong show event that continues to take place ... 

If I go back in time ... and review some of the idiotic events that have occured, one would spin their heads, and chuckle and point and admit ... yup ... "Look .. it's gong show girl !" Well then let's just admit it ... trust me people, ... this gong show girl is a professional.

Things like having the good doctory people tell you to keep using the majorly potent steroid cream.

Then have another dermatologist tell me that why didn't I listen to the other two good doctorly people, and put the potent steroid cream around the edges of this LESION. In fact ... put the majorly potent steroid cream over the whole LESION. And while we are talking NON WOUNDS, but lesions ... it is only a lesion, and not a non healing wound, and get the dressing off it ... because it's not helping it. (So I guess it's OK to walk around with socks and runners continuously soaked with draining fluid ...?) That doctorly person failed to answer that question. 

So I followed that REALLY BAD ADVICE, and the foot (fake wound I guess) burned to freaking living hell for four days ... that I remember now actually .. but it burned on and on and on and on .... I eventually made it back to my GP where I had to dispell the hellish event of seeing that doctorly sort of person. His consult also reported that what I needed was physio. That's what I really needed, and I had been lax in realizing this myself. 

My question to the GP had been .. OK ... I could do physio, except ... this foot is burning, violent and I can barely walk ... but I could consider physio ... IN OTHER LIFETIME OF HELL. She suggested I wait a bit before I embarked on physio ... considering that in reality nobody could actually touch the foot or manipulate it in any way as it was ... so maybe it was best to wait. OK... great thanks.

In other related stupid story events ... I appreciate people's (we are talking doctorly people) good regard for me demanding urgent health care. It's the truth peoples ... gawd. Yes ... many of the doctors I saw told me that I needed to tell the doctorly types that what I needed was on an urgent basis. Uhmmmmmmm ... just a note here peeps .. from what I REALLY know to be true, and what actually WORKS .. is that if you doctorly peoples actually talk to one another ... there's these handy devices such as telephones, and even handier such incidentals as well (!) paid secretaries to do the dialing if the whole telephoning event is a difficult process. Yes, it was up to me to supposedly demand that I get the ball rolling QUICKLY.  

Right. That works ... in the HELL FREEZES OVER scenario.

However today ... in the gong show events of life .. when the sugeon stated that things were NOT as they should be ... he told me I needed a biopsy ... just so we are CLEAR ... I need a biopsy two months and five days after surgery that was supposed to fix this mess.  


So I won't sign up at the gym then ... it could be a waste of money at this point ... 

Interestingly enough ... I am listening to the boys band The Face.plants song called WHY. Except their song is supposed to be a fun pop love song ... which it is ... in my circumstance ... I ask myself the question .. "Please tell me why" .....which are their lyrics ... however it's suddenly suiting for my life question in this moment ... 

So in todays office conversation with the surgeon he gave me a date of April 10th for a biopsy. I hmmmed and hawed (FUCKING LIE! .. I didn't) ... actually I sighed and said .. well ... this is what I know, and from experience now in our new found relationship ... I know that one month from now, this foot will just be a lot worse ... the pain will intensify, and in reality things are just going to deteriorate. I asked him if he really thought this was potentially cancer crawling it's way back ... because I have been watching all other parts of this foot HEAL the last two months .. except this one part, which has actually gotten worse ... and he wonders the same thing ... my obvious observations was the pain portion .. I said .. well, things in the pain department are very much better, and yet .. there is a huge reservation as to WHY this is still very painful, when in reality it shouldn't be. In the end things changed quickly ... 

My appointment for the oncologist was bypassed.

I suggested that I continue antibiotics for another week because the massive stupid infection in my ankle probably hadn't cleared yet, which could be a HUGE contributing factor the pain problem.

I have a DATE with the surgeon this MONDAY morning, just past sunrise.

He is going to biopsy the freshly fixed problem, and THEN we are going to attempt to biopsy the ankle, which I don't think I am going to be able to do ... unless we have a five minute knock out sledge hammer approach to throwing a needle in an area of tissue that is already badly wounded.

Then ... as badly as he wished to NOT DO ... if the biopsy results come back as positive he has already said .. well, we fix and graft all the portions of the foot. The NEW spot, the SPOT of original ONE percentness, and then the ANKLE. 

And then to make matters even more interesting in a casual office visit ... he said that I should start to swirl around in the back of my head that if this continues to be way ... that I should start considering the potential for amputating.

Yes, swallow that with your handful of caramel popcorn.

I need a drinking problem.

And THIS is what the story of LIGHT reading about Marjolin's Ulcers are ... they COME BACK.

I will stick to my LATE night Marian Keyes LIGHT reading ... thanks.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Just past twelve ...

And what exactly have I done?

So I have realized that I have a lot of clothes in my closet neatly piled with nothing to do.

Other than make me fret about finding a single pair of pants ... which of course I couldn't find. Gawd damn it. Thats OK .. I only have ten days to figure out where I might have put them in my neatly folded stack of clothes that have nothing wrong with them .. and yet I don't wear.

Gotta admit ... the lovely physio girl is heading off to Portland .. but only for a single night .. not good in my books ... I need a Portland do-over. Hence my believing that her single day is just not adequate ... I want to go for a week ... and just chill ... except that I think I would have to go it alone .. the husbandman wouldn't be into wandering almost aimlessly about the crackerjack village for no real reasons ... he has no great understanding of the intense people watching that must take place ...

OK .. nope .. I think I want to get to the Oregon Coast more ... yes ! That's It! ... says Charlie Brown ... or Lucy ... but you get the connontation ... I wish to walk the sands of the Oregon Coast ... with my monopod. Perhaps the husband would do that with me ... or I could go it alone ... I think. The better part is we could bring the rascally BO BO meister ... he would make any little trip adventuresome.

So earlier we were talking about enjoying going out for dinner ... well .. I think I might .. if I had a husbandman who enjoyed going out for dinner ... except that since he is addicted to enjoying cooking, and the whole shopping portion of the cooking .. and the whole process ... he doesn't like going out for dinner ... because he quietly cesses out the cost comparison .. .and of course it is a KAJILLION times cheaper to create the exquisites in the homeland. All find and dandy ... but WHERE'S the adventure ? And the atmosphere ... and MOST importantly ... the PEOPLE !

Then there's the whole poler fleece addiction ... when one wishes to believe that polar fleece is all occasion wear ... then it's hard to go into finer establishments with the homeless looking person at your side. Gawd. I gotta get that shit right ! Wrong ... I will stick to eating my pineapple poles (that's what I call them) from Costco .. and my full on greek yogurt and hemp hearts .... cause living with me is just that simple.

OK ... back to the children that are not children in the sense that they are not under two feet high. So the boy was in an indescribable wickedly bad mood last eve .... so much so the signal of endearment was all but forgotten ... and no eye contact was made while he was sitting at his music making piano machine ... he even stealthily made it into his bedroom many hours later .. and not a single word was said to me ... OUCH. When these wildly talented musicians find themselves in a bad mood ... the world must be forced to dance upon eggshells. And be evermost diligent about that eggshell walk.

So the best thing to counteract the foulness of moods .. is still that awakening moments ... with happiness .. which included a chocolate chip muffin for the lad .... and of course for the beautiful young lady ... just past twelve ....

Sunday, March 08, 2015


Last week while I was twirling about in the bed because the little bitchfoot was exhausting my efforts at remaining asleep ... I came up with a plan ...

I had to figure out a way to set up shop with my camera, and use the remote button ... to get pictures of hummingbirds.

So amongst the sliding this way and that ... I managed to figure it out.

I did a little reading about the little fellas .. and so today ... I started my trap!

I bought some brightly coloured spring flowers, and then moved my hook allotted hummingbird gadget .. and I set to work cleaning up the feeders, and brewing up the mixture. All 10 seconds it took to make the swirling clear mixture!

So now ... the trap has been set ... however ... I am going to purchase more "hooks" & feeders for additonal hummers to find their way into the yard ... so it can be a festival of humming porportions!

Back to regular scheduled programming ...

Have yet to practice any of my exercises due to the continued wreck of a thigh muscle .. how hilarious (OK NOT) that I can't exercise lying down because I still managed to ruin a muscle.

I am not sure whether to cancel physio on Tuesday or not ... nahhhhh ... I won't ... it's better that I go ... I will hummmmm my way through things somehow!

Friday, March 06, 2015

Just dont mess my hair.

That is what I was thinking about this morning prior to me going to physio.

So here's my latest .....

Me doing CORE work .. and BREAKING a sweat.

Seriously folks, it's the truth.

I will say HAPPY sugarclumps over that one!!

How is that possible. Well it just is. Fuck. Take my word for it.

I pay a beautiful woman a lot of money, to make me sweat and almost fall off exercise balls!

That's OK .... I am feeling pretty trashed after being at her place for a single hour ... and I am not fucking kidding you bozo the clown eyebrow raisers! Gawd, or more like double gawd ...

I came home to sweepa the homestead since I didn't do it yesterday, so over night the regular two dog multiplying hair system that takes place while darkness penetrates the home ... it was more like a triple dog hair multiplying process ... and now today .. POST physio, and doing things like DEAD BUGS ... there is a whackadoodle amount of hair ... which I can barely sweepa....

OK and then in news that is even more horrifying ... the fixer upper massage therapist girl is busily going on spring break ... so I am out of commission from her as well ...

This is now life in the fast lane ... and more expressively ... every body has switched lanes ... so all I have to do is keep driving till these people come available to me again.

I am going to have to do something fascinating while on spring break ... except in my adult boring world there isn't much to break about .... maybe I will reminess over lasts year adventure ... New York !

In other things so muh less exciting:

I texted the girl yesterday ... "So I'm going to Costco ...." when I get the freakishly excited text back .. "NOT WITHOUT ME!!!!!". That's my girl ... always just so not excited about things.

Well ... it's best to venture on with the day ... although I am having a hard time standing ...  kind of funny actually ... I can barely stand cause I SAT and exercised for BARELY an hour!

And, my hair became messy. I rock the world.

Thursday, March 05, 2015

ONe nut bar at a time

That is how one walks through life ....

I am the perfect speciman for a nutbar ... or at least presentation style resemblers such as that.

Which is fine .. especially when you leave the people guessing.

So in things that I have become addicted to:


My head sings clearer already. Even if it is a nutbar approach to the head clearing station.

The lady at the desk laughed at me today when I walked in the place, and immediately touched their orchid. I was checking out the soil moisture. Mine has almost kicked the bucket, and I haven't bothered figuring out their life span. Sighhhhhhh. Then after I was done, I told her that I best be off to get some coffee. She again chuckled that this crazed vibrant person cruised through the door sans coffee.

The nice massage lady noticed that I was minus the polar fleece today ... I said I was braving it up a notch since it was going to be 14 degrees that perhaps the polar wasn't necessary, although a down vest truly the next best thing.

And now .. its spring break .. and people take time off and shit. How hugely annoying. I would recommend that NOBODY get sick during this time ... all the doctory types have left the villages and headed for the resorts a plenty ... so it's best to slice and dice yourself in a resort right now .. cause all the fixer upper types are at the ready, drink in one hand, and a numbing instrument in the other! Ha. not.


That is the word I have been using. Alot. It demonstrates the level of pain that I am currently trekking around with. Sometimes I might even say extra bigly FWWWWA... with accent on the W.

I went to the Doctory Lady yesterday ... the poor ankle has some idiotic bug in it ... which is now just killing me off ... a lot.The bug drugs will kill it off ... and I will be back in business. THEN .... I will be off to join the gym ... cause I am nut-bar-ish like that.

Now I have embarked on something furtherly fun ... Im meeting my friend next week to discuss some paint splatter to happen ... on a canvas, or something ... and be all  juicy and creative .... and that's all the way into next week.

Maybe after I finish my book .... more laughter .... !!

Tuesday, March 03, 2015

What have we got today ...

The dentist called me yesterday.

He told me he missed me. Of course he does. I bring him good money! Then, because he missed me so much, he called me back. So it was established that The Sir's jeep fund should in reality be called replacing Deanna's teeth fund. I love expensive CT scan's they reveal so much ... as in I have enough bone to replace the teeth that are now barely hanging in there .... I am such a superstar!

Yesterday was the first day back at the Stroke Group. I was excited to be back, and yet highly reserved to think that I was going to be unhappy at the end of the day. Well, truth be told, I was happy.... the whole right side of my body wasn't.  So I told it to fuck off. That worked till later in the night when I was continuosly telling the body to fuck off, and it wasn't slicing the mustard.

So I got my hair coloured last week. It has taken on a bit of a red like appearance .. not really super red, but red enough indeed. AND, my bangs are still missing. The hairdresser lady has put the fear of gawd into me that I am not to go near my head of hair with a crappy pair of scissors and chop at my bangs. So far, so good. Yesterday I spent an undeterminate degree of time and equipment to recreate the freshly coiffed look and appeal that I left the hairdresser ladies home with. Despite magicals oils, big brushes, flat blow dryers and smoking hot straightening irons, I still wasn't able to achieve what the hairdresser lady was in a matter of moments, and a single blow dryer. It made me laugh. A lot. Yesterday .. and now today. The truth of the matter is ... I am home alone ... laughing by myself. We might have a situation here ...

I have a make believe list of the great details of what I wish to do today are ... and again ... I am troubled by which to go about my great imaginary list. I most definitely have a problem. Albeit a very manageable problem, but a problem all the same. I am perplexed by the very notion of what to do, and what not to do. Today the foot is kinda stinging like a vinegar bath, with an ache as big as frying pan thumped upon a log. Do I weather the feeling, and carry out my mundane tasks with some frivolity, or do I simply say ... ok .. fuck it, forget it ... just do nothing, and rest it. The conflict remains the regular source of confusion, ... as in "use it, or lose it" ...  Trying to regain some mobility and stamina for carrying out routines of the day ... however ... that inflicts a certain amount of trauma .. and I can't seem to balance out pain between perservence, vs extending the length of time this foot remains wounded.

Well .. I will move into my exercise room and unleash my fury on my exercise aparatus. Oh wait ... that is non existant. Although ... I did have the great revelation from the exercise rehab physio that I found how to tie my arm exercise pulley system to a door handle, without it smacking me in the face.

So as much as The Sir explained his huge dis-satisfaction with his lack of space for his jeep like repairs and the fact that he needed a garage built to sooth his car addicted soul ... I pointed out to him a couple small things ... that which I did not have, or which my inner artistic soul has not been  tapped into, nor replensihed in a very great number of years ... the fact that I once was a painter, and I used to draw, as well, I used to sew, and then along came scrapbooking, which as nice as that is, is far too big (the end product being the albums), for this tiny house (we do not even have a bookshelf - apart from my closet!), and the new onset task of enjoying to knit (despite what my facebook posts depict), as well as a scaled down version of scrapbooking, but card making .. I enjoy that as well, along with taking photographs..... which in all it's smallness still takes up space. So while the Sir complains about lacking of his great passions ... I pointed out that all my great passions were neatly (and haphazardly) tucked away in closets awaiting their turn for a revival.

No Sir, you are not alone in your wants.

And that's what we have for today!

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Matrimony 101

So I think the secret to successful marriage some days is just go and do what you please, whenever you please.

Since there are no real rules in life in regards to making relationships work .. other than being kind, and responsible, and treating each other wish respect ..... there are other times that one sees fit in just moving on.

I live one way, he lives another.

That is what I have determined.

Where I would actually derive the pleasure of his company, it seems that his agenda is full of his agenda, and there isn't any bending it.

Alright fine. I'm good with that.

So I went out the other night ... it was supposed to be WITH him, but given that he had forgotten, he wasn't prepared, hadn't taken the dog for a walk, needed to shower, was sitting on the couch after an exhausting week at work, the whole while dealing with a cold .... it might be forgivable that he didn't want to go out. Once you add up that scenario .. who would.

So I spelled it out to him that it was quite fine that he didn't want to go ... or that ... he did want to go, but later ... way later ... after he had done all his things. So we are not in sync with one another more than anything ... by the time he was ready to go, was the exact same time that I was prepared to come home.

It's that simple, we have two completely different clocks, and learning (and relearning) to make them work .. is work.

I wonder .... does anybody make it out of  the Matrimony 101 stage of wedded bliss?  

This book, that you CAN'T see!

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

We are talkin some serious ......

fruit salad !!

First off:

I read this book ... OK .. uhm. Wow. Yikes. Scaryville.

I probably would not do the best for a book review person. Since this is not something that I wish to read about on a regular basis ... I found it excruciatingly good, and yet awful at the same time. I can't stand reading books where woman are hurt or beaten or abused, even if it was the truth ... I do not wish to read about it.

Although ... in other things that are on the upswing:

Lot's of stuff !!

I got the girl her driving lessons! CRAZYVILLE yes, I know.

I managed to book a massage therapy appointment, even if it may not be with a person that I wish to stay with for a while, it's a first step in moving forward. Again, CRAZYVILLE, I have never been to a massage therapist before. I am looking for a specific type of one ... so who knows ....

I managed to make it through a quick trip to Costco yesterday. EXCITING TIMES FOLKS. One would think slugging it through the place is a work of pure chore-dom, and while it is/was ... it was HUGE in my world. Of course without fail ... the cashiers had to pause to count their freaking cash. OF COURSE ... as my minutes were dwindling standing on my foot by the second ... people that were 4 people deep cruised past me in the other line ups. I FUCKING HATE Costco for that reason. I guess I would be far more tolerant if this DOUBLE BEE-otch was a little more patient .. no wait .. make that COMFORTABLE while STANDING.

All the same ... I went someplace today that was ever so brave and again ... CRAZYVILLE. I went to a fitness center. YES. I. DID. I even went inside, and made them show me around ... I even touched a piece of equipment. As in rested my finger on a piece of equipment. So here's the situation you see: it's difficult when you live just 5 minutes away from your community recreation center ...  and yet, I find the price of attending the center EXPENSIVE. The gym/fitness center that I wish to attend is a 19 minute drive, past the mall (read TRAFFIC), and it just seems so FAR away, even though it isn't. It is WAY cheaper than trying to attend the local rec center .. and one can go as many times as you would like for FIFTEEN dollars a month. Seems worthwhile to me. My plan is to HIRE a personal trainer to START, and give me a work out plan .... and then meet up with this personal trainer down the road. I do not need an attendee by my side every time I wish to go ... I however wish for someone to give me a work out with the weights and such since my cardio time is limited due to the very reason I have to attend the gym in the first place. Treadmills, ellipticals, regular bikes, racing bikes are all out of the question for the time being, as are any types of classes where standing takes place, or where you have to work in a circuit. BUT .... in an effort to increase the metabolism I want to start doing some weight lifting ... so that will make a nice difference I am sure !!

I went to see the good Dr Rheumatologist the other day .... sigh. I knew he couldn't do anything for me ... but all I was there to see him for was advice. AND .. you can't call these speciality guys up and say ... "Hey Jim .... I have a question ..." so hence .... making an appointment .. and off one goes ... The question I was asking him about wasn't an easy one ... so again .. a bit difficult ...  So he says to me ... "OK wow ... so that was cancer ... wow ... " ... He claimed by the last time he had seen me that because the way it had failed numerous times to heal, that he finally had suspicions of cancer. Although he then said to me ... this is the way vascular ulcers present themselves ... so not only he didn't detect it, nor did the 5 other dermatologists, which he found incredible ... and yet claimed at how difficult this was to treat since the other people had no question marks swirling in their notes either that it was in a bad way. OK ... just for the record ... I could have SCREAMED to anyone and everyone I was in a bad way. He asked me where the graft was ... I told him the whole top portion of my foot.

So then I started thinking ... hmmmm ..... my GP said to me weeks ago that as GP's they don't see this in regular everyday practice ... and then the other day when the DR. Rheum said the same thing ... I thought NOR does he ... and then yesterday I had to buzz in for a prescription refill ... and the non GP woman that I have had to start seeing asked to see the foot, because she was the last to see it before the surgery ... so she to was fascinated ..... alrighty then .... the NICE NICE NICE part is .... this little graft is slowly disappearing into my tissues ... so how freaking ultra crazy cool is that .... this big huge oval looking entity is slowly melting away .. if that is such a thing.

It is a thing. And it is exciting. To be MOVING on. Sort of.

MY ankle has a big hole in it, or at least a hole that is now getting bigger. The Dr. Rheum suggested that perhaps we should start this biopsy business all over again.  Of course he asked why they didn't biopsy it at surgery. I asked him why did he ask me questions that make sense. It seemed obvious to me .. and yet ... it wasn't obvious to all those that do this sort of thing.


I managed to go over to the car wash today .... and wash up the car. Gotta laugh .... one can not just stand leaning on the car when the timer is ticking as the suds pass through the hose !! It was a bit of a chore ... but I struggled through it ! Again, I was very excited to move on doing boring daily chores!! 

OK .. so in SAD SAD SAD SAD news .... only a couple more episodes of my Mr. Patrick Jane. I so love his character that he portrays. One can not simply find that amount of humour, and that amount of drama. ... although I have to admit ... I have been fortunate in finding Columbo re-runs, which totally makes me laugh at the Patrick Jane similarity ... except ... sorry Peter, SIMON is HOT!

AND in news that I am excited for .. I bought a new blow dryer yesterday ... so I am hoping that my wild and crazy mop of straw disguised as hair will have some control back in it's form again ! 

So there it is .... not much going on with the crazy boy ... but rest assured he is crazy .... with his band, and his working, and his hair growing ... the same with the husband and his welder and his jeep rebuilding .. holy crab storms .. the furry boy is of course crazy ... and then so is crazy girl ... she is crazy too ... in a very cute and lovely way sort of crazy.... all this coming from QUEEN CRAZY ...  this is currently where I am in love with fruit salad. Every day. Good Gawd.

Saturday, February 07, 2015

Frantically frantic.

I think.

I might be.

I am very much needing to make up for lost time.

I have lost a lot of time.

HUGE-a-MONGO amounts of time.


Like I have made my out of the longest Survivor maze ever. 

Forever present in the moment, and the beauty of the surroundings, but enveloped to the point of being strangled.

So now I am feeling frantic.


In need of ... something.

Like I need to get going, get moving, get living again.

Fortunately .. the weather is a bit nasty ... so that is keeping me locked up, and out of trouble.


Plus, I just realized tonight that the boy had borrowed my camera .. a great long while ago, and even that isn't at my disposal. OUCH. 

I have taken up scrolling through Pinterest. Rhymes with interest, for great reason.

The passions of all the whackadoodle creativity is slowly coming alive, and I find myself longing for some magic to begin to unfold!!

But first I need a darning needle .. to finish the boys toque. MUST. FINISH. THE. TOQUE.

It's comedy actually that this project has been dithering about ... since November. All of the winter months .. where the boy essentially wears a toque everywhere he goes ... kind of like it's going to be the grand unveiling of his LONG hair. Comedic. 

In things that are greatly comedic:

I had the great opportunity to witness the GIRLIE girl sit and teach herself a lovely STAY WITH ME song, and the boy toodle about on the ukulele. Talk about changing tides!

I fisnihed these two books ...

One was TOTALLY CUTE, and made me laugh, laugh and laugh. It was not a book that an adult would read, but rather a younger kid .. I DON'T CARE .... it was as cute as the sweetest kitten picture ever posted on Facebok could ever be ... 

The OTHER book was abysmall ... deeply disturbing in a horrid motherly way .... very well written, but just so sadly disturbing ... I should have really read what the title was telling me ... 

So now .. moving onto my next book .. in keeping with the bluster of activity in the news of late .. I have To Kill a Mockingbird in my grasp!!

AND then .. when I get bored .. its back to Pinterest I go to continue gathering great ideas for my gardening adventures !!

Monday, February 02, 2015

Silence amongst us.

The ever so beautiful and amazing young lady of a daughter had her wisdom removed from that beautiful head of hers on Friday. She is just such a rock star, in a huge amount of ways. In her delirious perfectly good but high state, she texted her friends afterwords. Stating she was fine, no big deal. What a girl of epic porportions .... calm and steady .... with a small sentiment that she was ever so slightly nervous, as she had right to be.

So now that she has had her teeth sent to wisdom heaven, she has had to be only slightly quieter this past weekend. That's alright she has all her gadget that she needs surrounding her ..which is perfect in keeping one silent. Well, that and pain drugs ... do the trick.

In feats that will leave the readership astounded into even more silence would be the fact that I was actually able to make some jello for her. Sounds incredulous .. .seriously .. a feat such as boiling water, and stirring a powdery substance. Surely to gawd I am exagerating ... NOPE. That is how far I have fallen my loyals readerships. One would begin to guess and assume that surely to good gawdliness that I tell the lies of highest of mountains ... but no, the sad quiet detail of my life ..... that I have spent living it from the bed to a chair, and if I were to be out, it was always on tortuous borrowed time. ....  However ...  gasps that will truly shock ... I, in the same kitchen experience was able to boil up some macaroni noodles, and grate cheese, and offer up that as an offering off a soft and yet filling dinner for her. In regular joe times ... who would even speak of such ridiculouness ... boiling water, dumping noodles, grating cheese, and presenting that is a feat the same as discovering North America porportions ... YUP. After that amount of insane standing, and manuevering the little foot/leg recovered .. a number of hours later ... the truly nice part of all of this jaw dropping silence .. is the mere fact I was actually able to do it, ... and clean up after .... something that has been so absent from my life, for so many months. Long months.

In other things of great silence ... there is still an err of unease that exists inside this body beyond the 1 percent of badlike things that still resemble the horrid cancer bullshit. I have a whole arm / underarm thing where the poor arms are just swollen feeling and hard. I used the similar describing words as a great sale going on at Target, where the doors are pulsating and bulging from the people pushing on them .. with every added desperate shopper the doors bulge a little more ... I'm not a Target fan .. but my friend is .. she appreciated my humour ... as her beloved Target is going to close down ... and I sorta laughed at that ! And that is still the silence that I am living with ... hoping that all will settle itself down without a devious undermining developing.

I went to see the very nice surgeon last week. He agreed in acknowledgement that I was not comfortable knowlingly letting 1 percent still remain, and hoping that the inflammation alone would kill things off, I said I wasn't comfortable waiting for that eventuality to unfold.. The sugeon nodded, and did agree .. then said he would send me to a radiation oncologist. OK .. well ... that's alright except the three options of which none I was content with have now become one. A surgeon that wishes to NOT do surgery. Interesting. From what I know .... is that surgeons LOVE to do surgery. That's why they are surgeons, they don't really want the messy life components .. they want to cut, chop and refurbish. Now he is handing me off ... to see if a little zap will do me .. even though the surgeon said that even a little zap will melt my newly acquired graft. As pure life comedy would have it ... the best looking part of the graft is where the itty bitty 1 percent remains.

In other things of silence is the Jimstonson. He's silent, but not. He came forward with the plans from the crazy band. Holy not-silenceville-whatsoever .... they will be gone for three weeks, of which they will be playing twice a day ... well rock and roll charlie .... that's a good thing. The Elton John influence has truly come to show in his playing ... I will never forget the night that him and I got to go ... I was in horrific pain ... but yet .... what an impact it had on him. A silent smile creeps across my face on that one!

So in keeping with enjoying my chickalots ... a lot ... I had kept some tissue paper hearts from the Micheal Buble concert that the girl and I went to ... we had an awesome time .. her and I .... what a moment in time ... so all these pink and red hearts floated from the ceiling at the end of the show .. I of course picked up a couple of them, and safely put them in my phone case ... and I enjoy knowing they are there, as they always remind me of what a great time the girl and I had enjoying that good fellow Micheal ... ! So the other day I had a great idea to clean out the tub ... and swoosh like no tomorrow my iphone fell in the tub ... phone ended up dead, the tissue hearts water logged and destroyed ... so what did I end up doing ... i ploughed my phone into a rice bag, and then in an attempt to revive the hearts, I dumped rice on them ... well bless my soul ... I have a phone revival as well as tissue heart retrieval ... how awesome is that !

And now ... with both the chick a lots home ... I will inquire as to what is maintaining their silence .. amongst us.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Pinch pinch - pinch an inch

As time and calories have built up, so have the inches. Not an uncommon entity when it comes to being unable to move much, if at all.

So I go to the surgeon today ..... I fail to ask a thousand and three questions, oh wait ... or really any questions at all.

You know .. the small details in life ...

When can I really start back at standing and walking again?
I can't wait for the pain to wear off, because that could be an eternity.

So, I'm using Bactigras, and from what I have learned from having a graft is that they start to dry out. OK, so when do I start moisturizing? ... not sure how you moisturize around weeping spots ... but that is saved for a day when prettier conversation prevails.

I didn't bother to ask about numbness, or the fact that there is complete numbness. That should maybe return in ..... how about never amount of time.

The real trickster portion of the day is the very fact that I can not walk on it with out a runner; however, I am supposed to leave it open to air, which is all fine except when I go to walk ... So I have to protect it ... while being in a shoe ... which means it's all wrapped up. It's a make work project really ... then when I am done ... I unwrap it again ... so gawd help me if all the gadgets of life are not at my disposal ...  or I forget to switch the load of laundry !

Now in the meantime ... I am looking at ways I can get back to doing something that has a little cardiovascular component, as well as a little bit of a stretching exercise ... to be moveable again .... I think there is an app for that !

In the meantime ... I am not seemingly dissatisfied with the inches that I can now pinches .... after the endless hours of non stop walking and running .... that's OK ... I will make it back .... 

Friday, January 16, 2015

I am graft worthy!!

The graft seems to be happy.  Look at me doing things right.

For a change.


Except not completely.

There is no tissue left on one of the tendons. Tendons don't bond to grafts. Time will tell as to what it decides to do.

Then there is the little issue of ... somehow they managed to remove the whole 99% of this cancerous mess.

What about the remaining ONE PERCENT?

So ONE PERCENT of remaining cancer, is still cancer.

That's how that story goes.

The steps to what is next, is TIME.

TIME is what I need to be on my side before "they" proceed to removing the remaining ONE PERCENT.

This means that the Dr. is handing out options as to which the team of "people" whoever "they" are will make decisions as to which way to proceed ...whethers is another sugery, or whether they radiate the area. The surgeon said surgery would be tricky ... not sure how that is the case ... from what I see I have been through the biggest trickfest of my life. The next equally unfavoured option is to radiate the area ... to which the surgeon said it would melt away the prervious graft.

Yowsers. Grand options.

The hilarity of today was removing the staples. Ya, not recommended on skin that is super hard. I think I lost 15 pounds in sweat that poured from me as the staples were plucked out. So, for all you ninny cats out there ... staples are not THAT painful .... I have had to have them twice before ... and what do they feel like ... a little tug ... a swift little tug .. not so bad ... not so bad . when the skin actually gives way to the swift little tug .... but when the skin has no give, at all ... it's like pulling nails out of a piece of wood. THAT's the TRUTH you NINNY CATS!

But I'm alive. And I have a feeling I'm so not a NINNY CAT.

In things are way moe hilarious in this worldy life ....

SO we have the now LONG since graduated son ... coming up two years worthy of graduation from HIGH school .. and then we move on to the ever so beautifulest girlie girt in the world ... The Min Min!! Her graduation is slowly setting upon us .  So like the boy ... I also got a grad photo of them ... except not dressed in grad garb, but just a nice photo of their last year in high school ... the boy has a respectible 9x12 photo ... set in an 12 x 14 frame. It's all respectable and within not overly screaming in your face PHOTOGRAPHS ... and then along comes The Min Min ... somehow I managed to purchase a TRUE to LIFE 16 x 20 portrait of her ... HILARIOUS ... the bigger than life girlie girl happily smiling along side of the suave looking handsome gentlemen brother ... TOO FUNNY !!

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Welcome to the scary world

So my job currently is just sitting here ... ever so still ... not moving this foot really one iota!!

I did some googled up reading on grafts ... and the one thing that I read about them .. is the fact that they are not supposed to move .. at all ... so being that this rather large graft is sitting on the top of my foot .. and I am still walking on this foot .. well, semi walking .. I am semi sorta scared crapless that this graft is not going to take .. and just peel off when I show up in the surgeons office on Tuesday. So I am doing almost everything in my power to keep this foot busily grafting until then.

I think tomorrow I MIGHT go sit in the livingroom ... for a bit ... I will see how my leg likes the semi elevation ... it might not .. and I will find myself just sitting atop this bed ... I am better off here anyways ... I have all my super gadgets and pieces of equipment .. and really .. at this time of year, the weather outdoors doesn't look so drastically different !

So yes ... scary google graft reading ... probably better that I did .. since I didn't really have any true discharge instructions .. other than the very basic .. "my job was to keep my foot up". Not much to go on, and really it's the implications of what happens if you don't do it according to plan ...

Go me ... 

Friday, January 09, 2015

Thank. Freaking. Gawd.

Another Friday ... but the first of the 2015 story.

Probably couldn't have lived another lifetime of the past number of weeks over again. Unbelievable!

Now ... 4 days post surgery ... although I can not walk on my foot ... I feel hugely better.

The Good Lord was working for me the other day when the surgeon refused to do the surgery after the pathologist didn't show up ... we needed a pathologist this day ... very much so ... so it has all ended favourably ... now will just wait the final pathology .. and then hope for the best that this beastly disease didn't migrate while everybody was busy holidaying and being jovial (I wasn't included in the jovial part!)

I will admit ... the time spent living for most of December was pretty despicable .. and the first couple of days into January was moving still in that direction .. but now ... I'm off and running!



NOW .. is when I get to start getting better.
NOW .. is when I get to start getting excited.
NOW when I get to start planning for better things to happen.
NOW .. is when I get to feel that I am finally out of the woods.

This endless story has just gone on too long, It almost seems impossible to believe that this has been so long and drawn out .. to the point of stupid.

Well ... moving forward then ... I can focus on all the adventures that I can now take! So it's exciting to sit back and fathom the possibilities.