Thursday, April 26, 2012

Frozen in time.

That's me all the time, most of the time, some of the time, the majority of the time.


Todays moment of frozen in time was capturing the Jimmyson in a tuxedo. Very cool. I only got a yicky iphone picture of him ... as I was trying to be the low key mother and yet perpetual paparazzi queen that I really am .... BUT ... what I did secure for myself today was the very consent of the girlfriend of the Jimmy that I could YES in fact come and take pictures ... YES I could ... and since the JIMMY has stated that he is a talking mannequin, he has no weight in this picture taking event ... since it is all about her ... and not him .. he's just her date .. her being the one graduating, her being the one that it is all about .. hence him being just the mannequin that she wished to dress up. One hundred and eight five bucks later dress up like. What a bargain of a barbie doll, but rather a Jimmy Doll.

In other things of funness and trivia worth typing about ...

The Jimmy loved his driving lesson yesterday. LOVED it ... yae me. The instructor told me that one minute this couldn't drive, and after doing some figure eights in a parking lot ... he exited the lot, and could drive. Very well. Not my words, but what was said to me. Cool .. Jimmy the driving boy. Now that's an odd sound.

I reminded the fuss that in exactly a little over a year from now I will purchase her driving lessons. She's the type of chickster that just wont need them ... she will just get driving .. I can already tell ... she gets a lot of stuff ... because that girl has a whack of common sense. Lucky chickster. EXCEPT ... she is still going to get driving lessons ... surprise ... or not. Yes .. can't believe that the PIP will be 15 in a few short weeks. What a babe! Doing what she does in life with a certain ease and style of her own. At least at this rate she will be driving after her brother ... because it was looking like the young lady would be purchasing her own ride, and then riding around with her brother and his band shit all loaded down in her vehicle ... in fact ... I can see that happening ... because somehow I see the jimmy's car sitting in the driveway .. un-insured, out of gas, and a flat tire ... of which he will not figure out how all of that happened ... ! except he will be able to sing and play something for someone to gain his supper.

Wow .. I win the mother award ... I will pass it along to someone else ... as I tend to win this award very often! ha ha ah ah ah

In other things of even more excitement but non adventurous ... I had to quit running for a bit. STOPSVILLE. My little foot has taken a little backslide in the good health department ... so until it heals up all nice ... I wont pound the living shit out of it by running ... makes sense .. no?

In things that make a difference in the world ...

I wore a scarf today. And a T-Shirt that was comfortable, ... ALONG with a jean jacket that I am equally as uncomfortable in as the scarf. GAWD .. I am making headway in the COMPLETE style department. Lesssons in life that the sister has taught me ... wear it, own it. Doesn't always apply mind you when one frequents the aisles of walma.rt.Seriously some bad style happening there. .. however ... it doesn make for some pretty humourous views while waiting for the Jimmy to be done his shift at the local wal.mart location!

Well .. I'm off .. to drive the Jimmy. That is what I do ... wonder what I will do when I don't drive the Jimmy ...

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

THE magic of call display!

I looked around the internet world yesterday afternoon, and hunted for a driving school. I decided to call one person. Answering machine - so I hung up. I wanted a human .. my computer time was done!

My wish ... came true .. the fellow called me back .. and sold me on his service (him).

Today, the Jimston starts his driving lessons.

Could we teach him!


Would we teach him!


Do we have a car to teach him!


Well .. we have a car ... a singular vehicle that is a five speed in a world where hills are in abundance. WE have a work truck, which if it isn't being driven for work .. doesn't get driven. We have a jeep, if it isn't being driven to mountain sides with challenging driving skills, it otherwise can not be driven. dun dun dunnnnnn.

And now for the greatest challenge of all ... get that boy his driving lessons!

He has now decided that buying a car is high on his priority list .. .... sonny boy has seen the sun, the light, the stars and the moon all in one sitting. Large praises for small miracles.

OH . and because the pipster is in in the know of these driving lessons that are occuring .. I told the young lady that will soon be 15 ... she too will have driving lessons ... in a YEAR .. oh good gawd ...  ONE LESS THING TO TAKE CARE OF on MY END!

Yes ... all this because the magic of call display.

Monday, April 16, 2012

This really happened:

I learned how to use my manual setting on my camera. (SUCCESSFULLY)

I learned how to pan. (SUCCESSFULLY)

I learned how to create abstract art. (HOW CAN THIS BE UNSUCCESSFUL?)

I was thrilled to be a part of the next step of photography ... now my job is to practice non stop. NON stop. I don't really like taking pictures of flowers .. well .. I do ... but then I don't.

In other things way less exciting ... but extremely exciting ....

It's only almost thirty years coming ... but it's back ...

I'm taking up my drawing interests again ...

Once upon a time, well ... 25 PLUS years ago .. I used to draw. Might as well start again ... as the days are not any less busy now, as they were a zillion years ago, and another zillion to come ... might as well look to now to get the job done.

Now ... I just need to find an image to reproduce ... this could take a while. HA!

Meanwhile .. back at the ranch ... we limbed up a number of trees last week. Wow ... we can see the mountain behind us.... as well as the dumb dumb neighbours .. that just stare - and stare some more. Now the SIR is convinced there is a glitch in the system of the city that since we didn't plant these overly annoying trees, that certainly there must be a way that he can be rid of them, despite the one tree a year removal law.

In other things equally exciting .. it looks like we have a little furball arriving on our doorstep in the summer. At least I think we do ...

Monday, April 02, 2012

struck gold!

After 25 years plugging away at a little job, with the majority of that time spent working on the weekends I get to have a little gift. I had a choice of binoculars, a bracelet, two types of clocks and a gold necklace .... well ... I struck gold ... the Pippy Doll doesn't have a gold necklace ... so I will give it to her ... 25 years of plugging away will bring my Pip a little bit of gold digger happiness.

In other small parts of happiness:

Who couldn't like Vanilla yogurt?

Be ALL end ALL.

That's how much I love it.

And ... since I have consumed my little container .. I am moving on to Cuban Coffee. Thanks ... to the Pip. Although I guess we can get Cuban coffee here ... it seems more genuine since it came home in the Pip's suitcase.

In other things time consuming ... the boy is playing tonight, and again on Friday. Not sure where he is tonight .. except that he has to be their at 5, and they do not go on til midnight. Downtown. I'm the driver. Gawd ... this is business for a bunch of clowns.

That is all ... sip sip sippin away ...