Wednesday, April 29, 2009


It's kind of a strange word really... why can't we just spell it like we see it... in the early morning hours when the light is still the dark, we open one eye from beneath the softness of our pillows and ask... "whensday?"

It's true!

But this only happens on Wednesdays anyways....

In other things that happens on "whensdays"...

That BOY of mine... he will forever run according to his own clock. I could be up in the middle of the night rattling that boy to wake... and we would end up with the same story... he leaves for school in his own time, and at his own pace. It wouldn't matter if a pot of gold was sitting in the driveway for him, and after the stroke of eight it was gone... because he would never see it...

Well, moving on...

The dandelions are not so dandy out front.. and the moss is feeling less mossy outback. I am not EARTHGIRL extraordinaire... I am the CHEMICAL QUEEN of GREEN DELIGHT! Yes people... the chemicals have landed.. and hard! It happened so fast, I didn't even know I had done it.. which in reality... I hadn't. As I was driving past my husbandmans boyfriends house I was busily handing out directions that we needed to deweed the lawns... the conditions were perfect for killing off perfectly natural lawn specimans that I am fooled to believe that they are not... and the husbandman's boyfriend was excitedly talking about our Friday frontlawn get togethers... In the mixup of conversation the husbandman's boyfriend mixed up a batch of what any CHEMICAL QUEEN would love... and quickly spread it over the lawn... great job I say.... except that I didn't want the husbandman's boyfriend to do it... the husbandman was perfectly capable!

So... before the readership has a mindmelt for being a very bad EARTHGIRL... this very morning I watched a crow eat the tiny little WHITE pellets that you add to dirt for hanging baskets. Now this bloody pot has sat since the fall... and today he decides to eat tiny white pellets... or whatever they were...

These are the things that happen... when we insist on asking the question... whensday?

Monday, April 27, 2009

No Honey Pots in the City...

In an effort to "get away from it all"... we went for a drive into the city last night. Nothing beats driving around in the city in a 19 year old jeep... it might be 20 now.. who knows.

More importantly.... it's just fun. I am not sure if the actual ride is fun... or it's the chicklets that ride around in the back doing their antics that make it fun... not sure. The Fuss brings Prance, which then The Boy brings to life with his voice, but uses it for Prance, the stuffed animal dog to replace our long gone dead dog Cicely. Not that we couldn't just speak in normal voices... but then again.. maybe we can't. Everybody is used to talking to Prance. She asks questions.. and we answer. The collective WE being the husbandman and myself. there are times when we use the open windows of the jeep as the ultimate insult... as in she is tossed out, and therefore will forever more live in silence. Prance generally quietens down after that... but only momentarily.

So... I didn't get back to my favourite loitering place yesterday, with the exception of the morning. I think my stash of honey pots will have to wait for another day....

Sunday, April 26, 2009


That's the time....

Normally I am busying myself about.....getting ready for work.....but here I am thinking about whether the bears are up...maybe I will go check....because I can...

Friday, April 24, 2009

Bright and shiny

I started off going outside to put some food in my hummingbird feeder....

I think I have done everything else... but mix up the fruity coloured concoction....

Which is going to happen... RIGHT NOW!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Too far gone for help....

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seriouly bad addiction issues

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serious addiction issues

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Addiction issues

for a woman that takes a full minute to bend down and pick something up... it should be noted that she still claims to be able to somehow move at the speed of light... NOT!
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think pink testing

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Part of the set from the Twi.light series....

This is where the magical cow USED to live.. but who knows where the magical cow is now....
I did notice that the goats are back... so perhaps the magical cow will appear... as to the reason why he has such a name!
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work work work work... not!

I believe that I am forgetting to do something.

It's BIG.

I just know it is...

It has to be something, because every Wednesday for the past I don't know how many Wednesdays I have had to do something... I call it Wednesday works! For some reason today I seem to be Wednesday workless. I had a calender bible consult.. and it came up empty.

Of course that doesn't leave me with an empty plate on my hands... I surely have a whole dessert plate load of random things to perform.

There is now the issue of returning the shoes bought for the PIP yesterday, as her only pair of flip-flops flapped. That girl is so absolutely rough on her shoes it is wicked. I have just bought her three pairs of heavy duty yet fashionably presentable foot soldiers for her... they will probably last until the end of the school year... which is about 8 weeks from now... we will be going shopping the day after... One good thing is the fact that I did convince her that her stylish and pretty light neon swooshed nikes fit her just fine. That took some doing.

I believe at this point I am merely here to avoid what is waiting for me.... yes.. a second cup of delicious coffee.... so I will savour it a moment longer... and then make my way outdoors to continue the springcleanup festival... which actually has been going on since the fall... which I never really stopped cleaning up. Like I said before.. if only I would have taken a moment to catch a picture of me raking the backyard on oneside, while the snow was piled high on the otherside... during the winter. Hey.. I have to make my tax dollars work for me.. which is filling my greenwaste container to the brim every 2nd week. I think I could fill two greenwaste containers everyweek... but this way I just poke away at the never ending work. One would think that I lived over near Le*sa's house where she has dogs carrying around deer legs... because they can. OK.. she has one dog carrying around one deer leg...... on a piece of property where deers live, and also die..... but not from dogs.. the dog only found the deer leg after the fact, but claimed it for his own. Of course he wishes to take the deer leg into the house... and that has become problematic. So, NO I do not live on mega-land... but I do have 28 trees that line the back yard with a constant barrage of needles... which end up on the lawn, and then kill the grass.. if I do not continue to rake them all. Cutting the lawn helps to pick up a needles, but if the wheel base is set to high it doesn't pick up the mass quantities that sit low into the grass... and in fact you wouldn't even know they were there.. but I know they are there... and it wrecks my lawn ( I think the poisons it actually....) but only if you insist on walking around with your head swaure to the ground.. like I tend to do.

Well,,... that cup of coffee is gone... that means so am I.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Trivial, yet not

I bought the Indigo Blue Mazda Five for it's colour. I needed colour..... BIG colour. I like the colour. Our Toyota had been white... so in an essance.. no colour. It was a long time with no colour.

Last night I could take it no more. I had to go to the car washplace and wash the car. My Indigo Blue Mazda Five was a varying display of I. Blue to a badly painted rainbow of squished plum. There were some troubling factors in doing the car wash thing. The City is fixing our road.. and has been for the past many number of weeks. Everyday there is sign girl out there.... smoking her cigarette, and doing bad traffic directing.. One day while driving down the road I had sign girl with her sign having an epilectic seizure, and her buddy the city worker waving at me to keep driving.... keep driving dumb woman in the dirty indigo blue mazda five... can you not read hand signals...?? I ignored their signals, as I put my car in reverse... before the digger almost dug up my windshield. Yes people... the frenzied hand signals told me to keep driving .... I am thinking that they were probably [] this close to getting points for a city truck hitting a grubby vehicle... city workers silly games... who knows.

The second tragedy of cleaning up the car is the fact that I can not race down to my favourite location to see the bears. Well, I can... but that would mean that I have to drive on unpaved road, with dust flying.

The third is the way that I drive to Costco... I take the backroute... those little copper buggers don't hang around a three way stop and give you traffic tickets for the magical rolling special stopping that people maybe might want to do ... we just drive fast, and hope that the mama and three baby dears aren't milling about on the roads....

It's supposed to be 21 degrees out today. That's 21 +21, and then you add 30 for the "other" way of figuring temperature. A perfect day to trick you into thinking that summer has arrived, when actually it is still spring. I absolutely need to throw some chemicals on my lawn... because you know.. it's fun and all.

Time to wake the chicklets... those silly chicklets ... always tricking me that they need to keep sleeping, and I need to keep telling them to wake up.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Psychotic event casefile # 13, 754

Yes... it is me I am talking about.

SHOCK of shocks!

I was working quickly with the fingertips this morning trying to get AC/DC tickets... when TICKETMASTER would not accept my password...

The computer had found very good seats.... lucky us... except that you have 2 MINUTES to flip through the screens and throw in the credit card information to get them... GONZO!

I tried again... and this time I was a tad bit psychotic... I had already let TWO tickets pass me by... I wasn't going to let a 2nd set go..

I was trying to read through screens, and click on the right the boxes to get these things.. and the husbandman walks away... DONT WALK AWAY YOU FOOL!!!! I told him he had to be my eyes if I made speelliingg mistakes.... because the computer isn't going to tell you that until you have almost timed out....

In the end I got the tickets.... not quite where the first ones were... but WHO CARES... the Gramsterson and the Husbandman get to go see AC/DC, with actual tickets this time.

My heart ran a marathon this morning... and I didn't even enter for the SunRun or the Boston Marathon.... hmmmmm.


Well, I have got some bad baking going on here... so should get back to it.... one little phone call and I get distracted...

My friend Susan came over the other day... and I didn't have anything exciting to munch on... so either she was a couple days early, or a couple days late... today would be the day to arrive on the doorstep!


I will be heading down to the bears in a while... because what is a good day without an ample quantity of time spent staring into wide open empty fields... BECAUSE... you never know when they will arrive... just like they did the other day... I was just visiting the field... with nothing insite.. when along goes my bro-in-law 15 minutes later... and whala~~~~! Mama and her two cubs back for his viewing pleasure....


Enough... my spatula is calling.

Monday, April 13, 2009

non busy busy-ness...

It wasn't raining when I woke up this morning. That was nice... today was adventures in picture taking, but not really...

I drove around in circles this morning starting at 06:55. It was sunny, but a very large cloud loomed overhead, but I took my chances.

I was sporting an illegal pony tail... so I couldn't be out in real public, for fear not to scare someone.

I returned home at 0815, and looked about the kitchen, and decided that a cup of coffee was next on my list...

At 0850 my friend called, and like a shot, with a fresh coat of lipstick and two coffee containers later... I was off again. I think I brushed my teeth again, just in case the memory had failed me, and I hadn't brushed my teeth...but I was pretty positive I had.

I dragged along my camera gear, which prooved to be exciting for me. There was a guy chopping some limbs off a tree... that isn't that exciting... except when that tree chopper is standing next to an eagles nest! That was very exciting... we made our way to the new Pitt River bridge, where more little photos were placed on the memory card.

I dropped my friend off back home, and returned to our homestead... just in time to do something with laundry, and then pack up and left again and headed over to Port Moody to Rocky Point... surely there had to be some pictures for me there!

We were just about to return to the homestead where then we decided to head down to Minnekhada Lodge, as they were having their open house, being that it was a stat holiday and such. We talked to Vern and his wife, then made our way home.

It was then that I decided that I needed to get serious about this laundry basket issue.... of course not to be distracted by the laptop... and the world of excitement that I could let unfold, at my fingertips.... eventually I made it to and madly typed away with a far away acquaintance.... I have decided that my love affair with paper and pens must truly not only be a singular affliction... as I learned today that my friend CHAS loved all sorts of paper scraps & shoebox types of things... now that we have grown up slightly ( me more than her in earth years), we have had to tone down our level of love for the X tree items... except that now I have to hand over all my most beloved items to my ONE girl... where she is going to have her hands filled handing over her papery/shoeboxed items to all three of her girls!

It was while I was busily chatting away that a police helicopter found it's way flying over our rooftops. This city (Vancouver & IT'S outer limits has unfortunately seen it's far too fair share of bad things come it's way...) so when they start making their way into the air, it's a far too close to home ominous sign that something has yet again gone bad. Fortunately, but unfortunately it was the police acting as a search and rescue as a man had left for a walk this morning along the dyke, and he hadn't been found by the early afternoon. I happily put my camera into action for this high drama....

My camera has one more round of photo ops before the night is done... and that is take pictures of the dozen roses that are sitting on the kitchen table. That good husbandman brought home the special flowers to commemorate the day that he should have gone camping with his bestman, rather than to stand at the alter with him.... it was a life changing event....! We collected the children, and drove to our favourite sushi place. And that was that...

Sunday, April 12, 2009

In bad form

So, I am an evil mother for LIEING to my children....

Social Services STEP right in....

Oh... sorry... did you once BELIEVE in the Easter Bunny as well....?

Do I have to pay for your therapy now too?


I was at work yesterday.... where I was in holiday mode... which just means that I choose to remain silent over issues that get discussed over the course of the day.

Not sure why this makes a big difference, but it does.

There was a woman who was a JC and the boys fellow fan club member that was working.... where she proclaimed that the easter bunny & the evil man in the red suit was just plain and simple lieing.

Fair enough.

Shall I pack up the chocolate eggs & Lindt bunny when the chicklets are forcibly removed from this wretched home...?

Perhaps I will also confess that I fed the children Wendy's last night as well......because really... is that a form of lieing... teaching your children that a chicken wrap and fries is adequeate nutrition...

What day and what time did I turn to be so evil and disturbed...?

I guess my lowley standards of teaching my children to treat others as you would wish to be treated; and the fact that even though the letter K comes in almost the middle of the alphabet, it is first and foremost the most important letter as to me it represents "kindness.".. which in my BLACKbook of motherhood is the ultimate in teaching my chicklets the importance of treating all things with.

But ... I am a liar non the less....

Oh... and Happy Easter.... hopefully all anew will bring blessings to you...
Unless of course you serve chocolate for breakfast...

Friday, April 10, 2009

Happy GOOD Friday

I will pass along to you.

This morning has brought nothing but contemplation and procrastination.

That's OK, because yesterday at this time I was just leaving the hospital in Vancouver.

It's nice to sit back and reflect!

I found it weird to be a commuter though. I skytrained it into Vancouver, just so I didn't have to find a place to park the Mazda5. First I drove into New West and parked the car their, then hopped on board the people mover. I really give it to people that do this on a daily basis. It seemed a surreal existance that a body of individuals made up masses, and dispersed in all directions. We are a human anthill... with the exception that we don't kill people and bring them home for dinner.... OK... some people kill people, and leave them for other peoples dinners of late... but in general not the average populace.
This past number of days has been oddly productive, yet unproductive. I have to admit that I became ultimately human on Tuesday when I did not attend my walking group, but in fact, contemplated going until the given time, and then when I decided that my head was pounding a little too hard, and the nose wouldn't quit running long enough to stuff another kleenex up it... I should just call off the whole "daily routine", and start again later, ... when I could manage to walk around my house not wearing my sunglasses, with out lights on. Guilt from the absense of your daily routine begs you to reconsider.... and I did not... until I had to go and fetch my beautiful PIP from her school. That is when I forced the routine of grocery shopping onto her. She's only happy once she has been fed and watered... which I quickly took care of... otherwise... she is kind of lioness-ish if she doesn't keep to her feeding and watering schedule! The sister managed to manuever myself and little lady PIPster off to "my much disliked but generally funny adventures to Walmart".... which was very quiet for a change. Perhaps it's a way of breaking in the PIP to thinking that this is somewhat of a normal place.... well, tonight was trickery of trickery... as it was just that... NORMAL... which is a complete 180 to our regular walmart adventures.
Wednesday started out with promise and projects.
Nothing like making TWO attempts to get a criminal record check done only because I need to drive the PIP and three of her friends across town five minutes away to the arts village. ... because you know.. my time is worth nothing... and the gas that I put in my vehicle doesn't cost me anything...

AND.. because I wanted to qualify that thought I drove to Pitt Meadows to the SAFEWAY their because at the bottom of my grocery bill it said that I had amassed $97.45 dollars in gas credits. I went to test the theory.... only to discover that I got 7 cents of a litre, and continued to waste my time driving around the country side.

I stopped in at Costco because their garden store is open.... I bought a pewter cat planter for the front door.... because the noseless plastic cat "sculpter" needs a friend. OH.. alas.... I arrived at the book section.... and because I need to make up rules in my life .... BECAUSE people OK.. just get that I NEED little rules in my life... GAWD.... it just so happened to be my father's birthday... and because it is his birthday I had made the rule... (before he had died, or after he had died... not really sure actually...)... that I would buy a book in memory of him... because that is what I bought him for all his birthdays... because what do you buy a man that two loves in life are(were) to drink & read.... (not including my mother... because he really liked her first... although the drinking part probably proclaimed itself as being first and foremost....)... ANYWAYS... there I was at Costco... desperate to find a book... "oh for christ sake..., (there's that religious in me coming out again...)... there has to be a book that I can buy.... surely ... something... something... something that doesn't kill a woman, or put woman in a position of being/feeling powerless... something that doesn't have much to do with death or sadness, or dogs dieing.. or babies dieing, or young mothers dieing... or about the roots of where is.lam is from, or the sadness of others womans tales from being oppressed...... GAWDDDDDD..... ( oh my ,highly religious here....or hysterical ... you choose...)... there has to be something. NOPE. I did consider the newish Ken Follet book.... i might still buy it... as I heard it was even better than Pillars.... and I really liked that.

I walked away with my cat tin full of flowers, a cruise through the redundant scrapbooking aisle and a package 170 piece tissue paper ... and even at that I am not sure that I like the colours.... (I thinks it's still a good deal Debbie!)...

BUT... in an effort to not be defeated... I made my way to home depot.. and bought two white heathers... and came home and quickly shuffled about my front yard garden patch. I think it now looks quite cute... I just need to water it, and watch everything grow. Of course I have to be quick on the watering detail... as it rains here... but it doesn't rain under the eaves.... and everything is quite dry... BELIEVE that!

I surveyed the back yard for any signs of life from my bamboo trees... I think they have met their demise.... so now I need to come up with a plan to FILL a large huge portion of my backyard with something. WEll... garden portion that is... not like a whole back yard.

The hamsterson made his way to piano via me... where he learned a new page of his bohemian rhapsody... so now that he has it memorized... he will play it.... but up until that point... there is no way in the world that he would have played it... AND he wouldn't even try... I am used to this... no SHOCK here.. although ... the day he takes to reading and attempting music on his very lonesome... (rather than hearing & watching)... I will go into heart failure... so I hope he knows the number to nine one one at that point.....


Thursday was adventuresome... a nice neurologist, a visit to St Pauls... which could have easily have been r.c.h. (exactly where I parked my car), then later,... 2 litres of fluid later & a visit to an ultrasound tech rounds out a good day. Not including a visit to the pub with our chicken wing friends... which even though I really really wanted something else... I still enjoyed the chicken wings. I don't even know if I knew what I wanted anyways.... it's a new day here now... and I still want something... but so far,.. it's been an apple. What the HELL!! ( OH... that's bad religion on such a GOOD day....)


And now today... the very GOOD Friday of all.... I woke up early.. and listened for rain.. RAIN was the indicator to the adventures that were to begin taking place.... like BEGIN has any meaning in my vocabulary today...

I guess I should have prefaced the BEGIN with... the day will start AFTER beginning it with a blog... which is where I start it now....

PS remind me to write about my hockey game experience....because I will truly forget... really...

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Sunday times...

So this is how it goes.

Boys go and girls go to pub.

Buy drinks, get tickets.

Reverse draw.

Hey... they (we) won!

Free dinner at pub.

Limo ride.

Wear gifted apparel.

Free tickets to Canuck's hockey game.


I am in attendance... to a hockey game.

Doesn't make sense... but is true....

Friday, April 03, 2009

Blue skies & green grass

It is sooooo beautiful outside today that I am going to give my lawn a treat.

The grass will get some extra supergreenjuice...

And the moss... well....

It is about to be KILLED!

How's that for the niceness in me.....

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Moving on....

I bought the Pip a lemon yellow jacket. EVERYBODY wears jackets. I asked her to keep it for TODAY, so that when she said her speech about marshmallows... she would look all lemony... no really... actually so she would just look cute.. with that wild hair of hers...

Yesterday was picture day.. so she wore her new lemon yellow jacket to picture day..

... and therefore could not wear it today... it had splatters of something all over it. That girl... trust her, and her ability to stay clean. She had asked for the pink and sparkly item to be purchased for todays (non) event... but I came up short.

I did however make it back to the mall and buy her a new periwinkle blue jacket, and a cute patterned shirt to wear underneath it. Now she will be even more adorabley cute when she tries to sell her marshmallow story.


And yet... much to everybodys impatience... it did really snow around here yesterday. Now that was quite funny.. considering that I just had my snow tires taken off last week...

Go my periwinkle PIP go... you get out there and sell that marshmallow story.. people are going to love you girl!!!

Hey... 2009 in 2009

I just noticed on that other page before you get here....that this is my 2009th post.

See, it's just that exciting around here....

In other things accomplishable...

I read this yesterday:
The Reader by Bernhard Schlink