Tuesday, February 21, 2012

There's a bit of dust ...

Over there, and here, and around the corner, and across the way.
There's a bit of dust filling up my day.

A smattering of laundry, just enough to fill the room,
happily I watch as the clean pile looms.

That means I must be doing something,
although it does not show here,
Clean bathrooms and a vacuumed floor,
brings about a certain amount of cheer!

The skies are too grey to take my camera out.
Also too wet ... that is without a doubt.

I can not run, because of the icky rain ...
Getting drenched while exercising ..
is a source of gigantasourus disdain.

AND that would be a Tuesday poetry session.
Now onto other things:

Did I mention that I don't really like hockey.
It's annoying.
Except for a certain someone.
He loves hockey.
More than me.
I just know it.
That's a reality folks, not jealousy.
It's fair.
I love my camera, and what it can do for me.
So we are even.
Except that I want a BIGGER lens.
Of course.

In other things spectacular:

Hm. Well it looks like I will have to get back to you on that.

In other things mundane:

I managed a crazy day on Saturday.
It was crazy.
I guess I am good at crazy .. somehow it's me.
Driving here, dropping off,  driving there, doing hair, setting up displays, gathering information, taking down numbers, driving over here, driving back, driving back, taking down displays, dropping off, driving back, picking up, getting home, throwing in some laundry, getting changed, darting out, ran 5 miles, getting home, cleaning up, going out to party one, then onto party two, then onto party three.... then finally home for crazy me.

By Sunday after work .. I was bit of a zombie like character .. and intensely wished for it to rain, so that I would for sure not want to get out there and rush around gathering some exercise ... but alas .. it didn't rain damn it - even though the freaking sky was threatening and threatening .. and I felt guilty ... I just didn't have any steam left. ... except to gather the jimmy at 11. I always am the person that hunts and gathers the jimmy. That alone is a full time job.

I reminded the jimmy to make sure he went to school today, despite Denny's having a 99 cent sale on grandslams. Talk about addiction ... I wonder if somewhere situated in the western world if we have access to a Denny's rehab centre .. surely there must be ... ? omagawd .. somehow I'm starving thinking about it .. however .. since the rain is falling intensely ... so does my likely hood of making my way there...

Well ... now that I have accomplished thirty millions posts in one single sitting I best be off ... of course I am happily sitting next to a pile of clean laundry .. that is saying something!

Lotso Nutso Loveso Notso

Found this in my EDIT file .... whew .. because really ... it's just something that shouldn't be missed!

Today would be Valentines Day.
A love filled event gone wildly afray.

Balloons, chocolate cakes, and sweets by the hour
nevermind the rainbow of bouquets of a multitude of flowers.

Scrumptious dinner by candlelight, where the eyes sparkle and dance,
Yes, a special time for love and romance.

In reality what we have is just another day,
and an excuse to be allowed to throw special love each others way.


Valentines Day at our house:

Helloooo out there ... (the house here's my cry),
fortunately for me ... I hear a faint echo pass me by.

The hum of the furnace starts the familiar sound.
Life in the real world .. where no one is around!

Happy Valentines Day!

Not really a day

In the life of me ... but you get the drift.

The first is a bear location ... where they magically slip through the tree line, and you would never know they were there ... I like the sun peaking through .. and at this time of year .. it's clear sailing walking up to the entrance .. because I also know somewhere behind me they are tucked away in the forest snoozing ...

I managed to figure out how to do this shot last week. The image could be focused a bit better, however it was a bit scary working in a group of strangers, and people were busily pressing down their shutters .. and then setting the group back even longer .. I didn't want to be one of them .. so I just took what I got ... and for the most part .. I managed to get the picture .. the subject was brilliant at being a subject. Just don't photograph his hands ...

The third picture was heading straight for the delete button. The skies were too grey, and the shot not quite focused .. but then I noticed something .. it had the cool image of one of our local ski mountains in the backdrop .. so in my mind this image is far better than it will ever be .. and had it been an EXCELLENT shot .. it would have been featured in a ski adventure film, or a tourist splash. OK .. maybe not .. but in the mind of ME .. it would have.
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Thursday, February 09, 2012

poems for the popper

The sun is hiding.
Behind the clouds.
The world has gone dull.
Beneath it's shroud.

Alrighty then ... moving forward.

I bought a new jar of peanut butter yesterday. I can't help but love peanut butter. I do eat the reduced fat .... however I know that it isn't the complete greatest for you ... but then ... what do you eat for that hit of protein with the celery .. you can't chuck a piece of ham on a stick of celery. Well .. you can have cream cheese .. that's extra exciting ... but fricken expensive.

In the meantime while I ramble this is what is taking place:

My home doesn't echo. Except in the Jimmy's room. There's a lotta echoing going on in there. In the meantime the other end of the house is loaded up down and sideways with the Jimmy's stuff. Including Jimmy ... he's camping in the livingroom. Quite the camping situation we have going on here ... chaos before change. It's that simple. 

Monday, February 06, 2012

Welcome lalas.

AND .. in other things that I found ... I must hit DRAFT .. instead of PUBLISH .. because you know .. the two words look and read the same don't they ... ? I must publish this due to the fact that I like the title of this post. All of my posts have great titles .. and therefore MUST be published .. never mind what the following drizzle has to talk about ... I have a feeling that I must have been thinking about time going by as I wrote the following STUPENDOUS piece of poetry .. and my little ones growing into huge towering ones ...

AND .. an update .. the boy is back .. living in his bedroom, and now completely removed from the livingroom ... he LOVES his new room .. completely 17.

Now onto this DRAFT post from ... 3 weeks ago ... nothing has changed ... kind of ... just age and time.

That was my first thought.

Little lalas running around,
little lalas falling down,
little lalas spreading their wings,
little lalas doing great big things.

There, a Monday poem ... what an accomplishment!

In other things accomplished:

Haven't yet got the boy out of his makeshift bedroom yet. He is currently being housed in the livingroom while his room is in for renovations. I gave away his furniture over the weekend .. and he has been without ever since, so an air mattress an an excess of blankets have been his best friends ... when he needed to sleep. He went out the other night .. and got home at 0530 in the morning. Put your eyeballs back in your brains ... he went out to help a friend work on a project .. they went to the all day all night recording school. Jimmy and his billions of dollars worth of equipment. It's all good .. he managed to work 2 eight hour shifts over the weekend, plus stay out to help a friend, plus went to an 80th birthday dinner, plus took his date out! What a lazy ass.

In other things lazy:

That's how I feel on Monday mornings ... except that I can't be. My one task of the morning is getting that Jimmy to school .. and then I can have a bit of free time to myself .. and look around the house, and take mental notes of things that need to be accomplished. Then those mental notes, make me mental .. then I use a very well established habit ... and I MANAGE to forget everything that I thought about .. and go on with my day ... I am SO a professional at this! Not to fear .. all those thoughts come rushing back at a quarter past midnight ... hmm.

I have bought myself another day of free time. My last day at my group is March 1st. Sadly. BUT .. with the changes that have occured, and what has become a steady new norm of the association, I am not pleased with the lack of communication, and the expectation that half my work should be conducted as a volunteer. I was not happy having a volunteer as a volunteer, but rather should have been a paid position, on top of my position. AS odd as that sounds. Nonetheless ... I am out. Done. Complete-O. Quitsville. I wish the next person they find great successes .. because they are going to have to be someone that is willing to do a whole whack of stuff, for not really a lot of coin in their pockets. I think I might have been dumb for doing it this long. Oh well ... sometimes it takes time to realize that YES you really are that dumb!

In other other things so greatly exciting .. its .. "bring your camera to class" tonight at my photogroup! I am so so so so excited about that ! I am hoping today I can run around and gather some photos before going .. not that anything exciting will pop out at me ... but just fun enough to gather some images before I go ... I totally forgot about until now!

That has created a certain light footstep all of a sudden .. better get moving while the fever strikes!