Friday, November 30, 2007

An interesting lesson.

The boy is currently grounded from all electronic equipment.... everything except for the digital piano, he is more than welcome to utilize that piece of equipment.

Well... until last night that was.

I was finding videos all on piano performances, or something like that.

Before I knew it... there was the boy... so, if we can watch old Liberace pieces of music.. what about the new pieces of music.

Try Halo.three.

AND THEN IT HAPPENED~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

That boy of mine was intent on playing all kinds of theme music that he found on He found step by step lessons to play halo.three.

Now I know what to get him for christmas.

I am heading to the music store today.

I don't think that he ever practiced his current music that he supposed to be learning... but you know.. you can't wish for everything.

So...with the kitchen adventures complete...

The King has moved to bigger and better ventures....since he has had a day of rest and all.

I liked the way he put up the kitchen light... during breaks in the hockey game.... if only he could have renovated in this fashion.... life would have been much easier on him.

He has decided to rebuild the mantle for the fireplace. He doesn't really like the fireplace anyways, and was hoping to rip it all down, and rebuild something in it's place. I politely asked him not to. PPPLLLEEAASSSEEE. It was a long please.... it could have even been understood as an angry please/plead.

I had to tell him the fireplace was fine, absolutely fine. Big breath in mr. Kingman..... OK, so he let that one go, but then insisted on the mantle. I am find with a new mantle... as he promised to rebuild it 10 years ago... so you know...I wouldn't mind one now. But I do not want to be construed as the instigator to the new mantle appearing.. I only agreed to it. (Not like I had a choice in that either...)

Besides.... I have to let him rest a month or two before he begins his next project.. but that could take a small while... as HE THE KING has to figure out what to do with all of his stuff in his garage, where he is intending on building the second family room.

I don't know why I call it a second family room... as the first one will not be used as a family room... as the king has decided that it will be under lock and key, AND... will require an invitation to sit in "the old family room". The KING and his plans...they are so mighty... but the rest of us will wear him down quickly....and his thoughts of grandure will be put to rest.

The END~!

I have a kitchen table, and a light fixture to go with it.

The King found his worklist, and crossed off the last item.

The kitchen is officially done.

The End.........

Thursday, November 29, 2007


I am waiting for the furniture people to bring the kitchen table.

It has been a very long time this home has had a kitchen table.

I don't think we even know how to use a kitchen table.. as when we did own one... we didn't use it as a kitchen table.

The Pipster used it as her personal crafting space, or office network.

Remember the "Bearly There" temp agency?

I will have to dream up new rules for the kitchen table now. Maybe starting today... if they arrive to deliver it.


The Mrs. Pickaspat and I went to embark on the Passport Experience yesterday.

Let's just say it was over even before it started. The tales of line ups and waiting, and people, and evil people behind the counter were completely nil. In actuality... it was the commissioners that were the real side show.

Stand in a straight line, single file!

No talking!

Get your information out!

I'm over-riding what the form says!

If you don't get this information out before you get up to the wicket, you will be sent to the back of the line!

We were both processed and done in under an hour. This included walking into the building, waiting outside the building, taken upstairs in the elevator, waiting inside in single file, then standing in line staring at a room full up people, the wicket lady, talking to the commissioner one last time to get his curled hair just an inch frizzier with anxiety, back down the elevator and to the car in under an hour.


The rest of the day was filled with shopping... now how glorius is that!


Monday, November 26, 2007

The boy comes clean..

So the boy tells me that he had a good day at school. He tried hard to be nice to his teacher, all day.

OK.. and these are the reasons that he gets himself into trouble:

He was staring at his substitute teacher on Friday, and was quite mesmerized with her nose. It was all he could think about, or concentrate on.

He claims it was quite large, and quite wide.

He was concerned as to how her nose actually worked...

Like if she had to blow her nose... does it keep moving when the rest of her has stopped.

OMG... I think I will blame this thought processing on his father... yes, certainly his father.

Oh man......

Freaky Friday on a


OK... the carpet guy was just plain weird.

Really weird.

Freaking really weird.

Maybe that is because... I don't know.

He asked me where I worked and I told him at a hospital. He whipped his shirt off and showed me both his underarms.

Imagine my surprise.

In his broken english he told me that it took 2 years for a doctor to cut him. OK... yes I can see why.

Once my eyebrows settled down, we carried onto other conversation.... he appeared openly depressed with everything.. including the amount of work that it was going to take to install the carpet.

Funny... he was the guy that knocked on my door with a carpet in his hand when I last checked this morning.

Maybe he wanted some food or something... are you supposed to offer labour people food when they come to your house... I don't think so.

When all was said and done he brought me another bill, which I knew I had to pay him. He asked me for more money than what was stated on the bill... so I suggested that he talk to his carpet installation place to figure that one out.

I meant to get his license plate number before he left... I just have a strange feeling.

So what did I do while this guy putted away at his job.....

I cleaned the PIPS room, or tried to clean... I mostly just get rid of excess toys, which I really wasn't very good at, and sent pounds and pounds of paper to the recycling bin.

As PRANCE would say in her high pitched stuff tone: TOO WEIRD!

The carpet guy.

OK.... he is here now....laying carpet.

He's TERRIFIED of dogs, and smokes.

So this is the situation so far......

He keeps taking smoke breaks, and the little "Tilly" has to sit in her cage. Well, if she were a real German Shepherd, she would be outside comanding the post.. but since she isn't, and very much dislikes being outside, she has to stay inside, in her cage. So every time he leaves for another smoke break.. I let the Miss Tilly out... she can't quite figure out why she is in the cage, and I am home. Worse yet... she doesn't like loud noises, so when he was busy banging away... she was all flat earred... I could have let her outside.. but she wouldn't know what to do out there since she is afraid of the cold and all.

He's close to finishing....

I guess it was bad timing for the husbandman to break the vacuum yesterday..

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Frigid tales

Ok.. it's cold out.

I don't have a thermometer.. all I know is that it's cold. It probably doesn't help that I am drinking limaide, which should be a refreshing summer drink... but not for me... I mix and swallow. I don't even take the time to add any ice.. now that I have regular ice, all the time from the super sonic fridge that I now own. Well, I am not even sure if I own it yet.... I will have to consult my bank statement for that one.

My friend Lujza stated it was going to snow. You know.. I was doing some digging in my blog archives.. because you know... I have to make my stat counter thingy move somehow.. I came to the realization that I don't even know why I have it.... anyways... when I was looking back to November 29th of last year.. it had snowed already.. HA! already... now we are talking the 26th.. you would think that we live right next to Santa's house with all this white stuff talk.

In other things frigid...

That boy of mine is busy being a busy body. He is currently grounded from all things electrical, with the exception of his digital piano, and his other little DVD gadget, that he thinks that he so smart that he watches... (but you know.. he is just watching the same movies over and over.. and how bad can "It's a mad mad mad mad mad world", "The magnificent seven", "The great escape", and even "the incredibles" really be.. over and over again?) He's walking with a perma scowl... which means that we have wronged him in some obscure way. Of course I just went to ask him what movies he watches... and since it is almost eleven... he was his normal sweet as pie kind self again.. although he was half asleep, and it was dark. All the same.. he was kind of scowly earlier. I have to remember to take him to the library this week.... since his great grounding he goes through his comic book thingys that he reads like wild fire. He used to read actual novels, and books... but he likes the graphic novels instead... (graphic as in pictures of super heros and villans... ). Although he did do the summer Harry Potter read.

Ok.. it is cold... and the news is on... you have to love Global news.. somehow our dead dog "Prance" who lives her new "stuffed animal life", and is bossy and is mouthy... and is wickedly crumpled loves the weather girl "Kristi Gordon", (Or so she does when "the boy" is busily venriliquisting with her... hmmmm). I think you would have to live in this house to understand that we are all ventriliquists when it comes to our deeply loved dead dog Cicely, but we still called her Prance...but that story is for another day.. maybe a little less cold...

Friday, November 23, 2007


Doing what she does best... hanging off the chair... just because, because why sit on the cushion below, with a towel on it for extra comfort when you can get your picture taken instead... just by sitting the blue chair. See... she really isn't as airheaded as she prooves herself to be most of the time.
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Rolling the clocks

I am going to have to do something... fairly quickly.

I have now changed all the clocks to the actual correct time in this world, or at least I think it is the correct time. ( It started out that Ichanged my cell phone so that it was the same time as the school clocks, I thought that that was the most obvious of choices to make.. since it is the school clock that actually counts in the day ).

Since that great feat I have managed to get the PIP to school for 8:59 exactly. Truely magnificent people. Next week I will shoot for the 58 mark. I am hoping that by the end of the school year that the PIP might even make it before the actual bell rings.

There are issues though... even if decide to drive, and be a little late-like... there is still the trap of the signal lights, turning left, and people crossing the road while trying to turn left, and then creeping towards the school, but not being able to open the door and let your child run up the right side of the vehicles.. as there is only a fence, and no sidewalk, but rather an icky muddy/grass path, which is kind of nightmarish. If only I could be 10minutes early.. the world would just be so different.

And the fog rolls in..

I just realized the little missy is outside. L.P. has been outside for all of a minute and a half. She doesn't like the deep dark great outdoors, considering that it is the backyard and all. I just looked up out the NEW window, and saw that the colours had become muted, because of the fog. I opened up the laundryroom door, and she was pressed against the logs outside, looking sheepishly about. She heard the turn of the doorknob and was at the door within milliseconds. See, this is how real German Shepherds behave. The little missy had herself watered and back up onto her favourite resting place.. the big blue chair within moments. Life is peaceful once again.

That guy that is on "at the end of my leash" would have a fit. .. A dog on the couch, which is an absolute NO NO. (They get confused by their status in the pack). I don't think this applies to the little missy, as she gets confused who she is on a regular basis, never mind sitting on a couch.

I just sent my boy off to school. I told him to be nice to his teacher. Right... it's Friday.. and it's the MAN teacher that he likes, there will be no problems today.

Mind you.. the four other days of the week have prooved to be a challenge. I have surmised this by the boys reactions and comments to me about himself. The four day a week teacher has no email address to reach her at, so I guess this situation will carry on until she goes on maternity leave. This situation didn't occur last year, at all. So I am thinking that it is a personality clash, and if the teacher wishes to chronically call upon the boy and point out his pitfalls, then she will have to bare the brunt of his reactions. Whatever. There could be bigger things in this world to be concerned about. I just ask that he be polite and treat her with respect at all times. Even when he is finished with his science text and the assignment, and cleans up the bookshelf, and she yells at him for fooling around, when he claims he was tidying it up... which she admits that he did tidy up.. but then yells at him anyway for fooling around. Oh brother.... life is funny... it's a good thing I am not living his classroom life.... he might just have to learn the hardway I guess.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Working boy.

I have set the KING up with a challenging task. He is painting the fireplace. Hopefully he is painting it the right colour... as he seems to be complaining about it a bit. The KING never complains, it's not in his nature... maybe he has turned over a new life, and is going to start complaining about his home renovation projects.

Infact,... just now the KING called out to me in a rather awful tone. I believe in fact that it seemed angry to me.... in fact I think he really doesn't like his current home renovation project. He just reported that he will be much happier tomorrow when he gets to paint the walls.

He might be happier if he took that really bright spotlight off of his working situation. It's the door that is angering him.. I am sure of it.

I just suggested that very idea to him.... I was met with a blinding look.


How the heck do I write a resume? I have been hunting through the internet to help me find some juicy bits to add to my non descript self.

I am not interested in the writing part, I am only interested at getting the job part.

So here I am .. with many words to spill across this screen... and when it comes to writing about ME... I can't seem to throw it all together. Well.. I will have to come up with something.. as I have found a job that I think kind of suits me. I called today and quizzed the human resources girl about it, because you know.. me with job offers flying through every window of my home on a regular basis should be very picky. I think.


I had my last wisdom tooth ripped out of my face yesterday.

I am no longer 1/4 wiser any more.

I used to be a full wise person, and slowly over the years the wiseness slowly got ripped away from me.

So now that I am zero for four on the wise scale, it's going to be difficult to monitor the wisecracks that are going to find me.

See, this has turned stupid already.

(the pip will not even let me help her with her homework... long division... not even an ounce worth).

Monday, November 19, 2007

HOLY crackersmackers.

I have just had the experience of high speed.


Do you know how many Liberace videos I have watched on Youtube?

I have started on some good viewings of the Lawrence Welk show!

Now I am really going to experience the high life...

Even Google Earth has intrigued me once again.

I don't know if I am every going to be able to shut this off.

I even missed Seinfeld tonight...

It is late.. must make the boy go to bed... he will stay up for the rest of the night reading... now that he has lost all privilages from the husbandman for not doing his homework.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Where do I take the glass.

The boy regularly reports on his "hotness" level. This is where he reports how many hugs he gets in a day. The more hugs, the hotter he is. Twelve year old logic, yes, it hurts.

Anyways.., it's a Saturday night, and I am on chronic hold with the telephone company, you know.. I have nothing better to do, as the husbandman is busily stripping wallpaper, and the children are at their friends houses.

There is a knock at the door which the husbandman goes to answer. It's four giggling girls all asking for the 12 year old boy. (Much to his "maybe" happiness, he was out). Then one of the girls asks for me. She tells me that her mother is having a party, and since they were banging on our frontdoor looking for the son, her mother suggested that I come to her party.


I love being the afterthought party guest.

I arrived with my 1/3 bottle of wine... ( I did not drink the other 2/3rds BTW)... and drove 9 houses down the other side of the street... the darker side of the street... which I guess to me equates to the "bad side"... where I knock on my friends door.

I was so glad that I joined in the party fun. I didn't have a clue who anyone was, except for my friend... I had seen two couples once before.. but I didn't know them.. and I didn't really care. I was going to stay for an hour, as I didn't bring that much juice with me... and since I was an afterthought.. I better not have overstayed my welcome. Yes, right.

A number of jello shooters, and a margarita and a half later.. I did arrive home. I forced myself to leave... as I had to get to work for the morning.. and only having four hours sleep the night before.. I thought I best make an attempt at being responsible. Well.. responsible to a limit.. since I jumped in the car and drove around the street to the homestead.... what a risk taker! HA.

The party goes people were hilarious. Completely. Some people don't even look like they would be as hilarious as they are... and I was sad to go. I was especially sad to exit the exploding conversations... exploring what is reality, and fantasy... interestingly enough the "men" in the conversation could not grasp the difference. The story teller had to move into graphic details as to the difference.. and they were just barely coping with that. OMG. We needed another round of jello shooters to connect the synapses.

So there it is... what was to be a boring night of wallpaper stripping watching turned into a third of a glass of red wine...


I have finally switched people... f.i.n.a.l.l.y.

But hold on.. not that fast.. I haven't quite I am having a hard time switching over.

I opened up the computer and popped in one of the antennae thingys, and then connected modems and cables and CD's... and I waited... lights flashed and screens popped up... except the confirmation of a secure wireless connection. I have all the right stuff... but somehow it isn't quite in working order.

It's a good thing that I did not get rid of my dial up quite yet. I would be so lost without it.

I am enjoying my new chincy computer desk with wheels. It has moved back and forth the kitchen a number of times already.. and it makes it easier trying to find the back of the computer.

I bought a new flat screen... I like that too, although with the limited amount of space, I can't have my super sonic speakers hooked up, so the monitor does have a built in speaker along the bottom of it... but it isn't quite the same.

Eventually things will come together... and I will be touring around the world via the internet much more.. as pictures will come in much quicker than the current snails space that we currently work at!

Friday, November 16, 2007

Today might be the day...

I think I will go and buy some christmas presents.

I will also buy paint, in three colours.. (big decisions here people).

I definitely will go and buy some picture hooks.

It's Friday... so it is important that I apply for a "new job". This is almost a hobby of mine now.

As always... laundry will be on the "to do" list, it's a given.

I might have to go and buy more groceries. The husbandman of mine has taken to making his lunch for work now.... it has only been 17 years worth of take out... so that's not bad. (Just so you know.. I read this book... it was his "memoirs"... so it's completely open to ones interpretations and perceptions). God.

I can't remember what the first line of my post actually was...

Thursday, November 15, 2007

A day late... but not.

I flipped up this page yesterday. I had many things to write, but got called away. It seems that I neve made it back here.... I am sorry to my loyal three readers. You are special people, thanks for coming back!

so.. the reason for my extreme writing need...

I am this "volunteer walk leader" .. or so the people say I am. Yesterday I had one person call and cancel, as she had a cold. I show up to do the walk... and I felt like I was loitering about the building. It was only me and my shadow that arrived for the walk today. It's a drop in thing, so if people do not come... well, they just don't come.

I wondered what I should do...

I left, and didn't walk down the trail. I am glad about this.. I went over to the Town Centre Stadium and joined the walking people there. I have walked there many times before... and came to the realization that I really like walking around this oval rubberized track. Yes I do. It seems kind of boring to walk in circles, but you know.. if you are out for the exercise of walking, with no thought process involved, this is the place to visit. Now, you do not get the same smells as you would walking through the trails, with the fish spawning, and dew drops falling, but in the whole scheme of life... I don't think they missed me. I was just extremely excited to walk as fast as I could, and not worry about puddles, slugs, hidden roots and dead rodents. (I saw this once on the trail).

It was a very exciting experience... again.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

the girl and I

That girl of mine. I always say that, for as long as I own the girl... I will always say that. Oh well. My life is boring. God.

Anyways... she tells me she has homework, and clearly states that "dada" will be helping her with her homework, as it's math, and he always does the math with her.

Last week she got a sucker from the teacher, as the teacher stated she was so proud of her. She was the only child in the class that understood the concept being discussed, and the girl got all the questions right that the teacher asked of her in class. This is big news here people.

On the other hand... the husbandman stood for hours in the kitchen with the girl... and discussed the math questions. I could hear dialogue and conversation for a great long time.

If the tables were turned and I would have been helping the PIP.. a psychotic event would have ensued, and we would have had a ritual math textbook burning.. I just know it.

This afternoon I ASKED the PIP if I could help her with her homework. Yes,... I asked her. Almost like an intervention really... I asked her for five minutes. I was quite happy when she agreed to letting me help her. Thank the lucky stars for me.. it was only multiplication... yes.. real math... real things that I could actually help her with. But then things took a downturn when she couldn't write her numbers in straight columns and then insisted that only "dada" could help her.

He eventually made it home... and they created math columns together.. in great straight lines. A miracle...

I frighten people

Yesterday the husbandman and I abandoned the homestead work to venture forth on a fieldtrip to buy wallpaper. We bought a little more than wallpaper. After we collected our wall wares, we went to find something to fix our ancient carpet. It's ancient, deeply ancient.. probably even before the Egyptians, or maybe just after.

Luckily we had the good fortune of owning a carpet that was basically beige. Beige is good for some things.... especially when you are an ugly carpet. It's only really ugly because it's flat and old, and probably really filthy underneath.

Have you ever tore up carpet and found a layer of fine silt? That is what we found in the hallway once upon a time, our bedroom once upon a time, and the den.. once upon a time. There was lots of silt then... I can only imagine what siltstorms are happening beneathing our feet as we roam about.... ick. But... since this room isn't a high traffic area, we decided to recarpet, rather than laminate floor it. Don't get me wrong.. I absolutely love the no carpet situation that I now live with... but I also like the warmth that a carpet brings to a room. Even if we spent a the money to put down laminate flooring, I would have only laid a area carpet over top of it. Now we are going to get some stain resistant minutely designed NEW beige like carpet. Absolutely perfect I say.

There is one small issue... the husbandman has been holding out on all his big overtime gigs, and decided that he was going to put forth all his cash towards his JEEP fund.

So... while we were at the carpet place I gave him the option of buying far cheaper flooring. I offered him up the chance. I had the carpet man howling in laughter with some of my questions to the husbandman. The king didn't know which way to answer... or just run.

I quizzed the husbandman how much longer I would be on the scene, and would it be worth it for him in the long run to invest in such a carpet. I then asked him if this was part of the JEEP fund, or would we have to come up with this carpet cash somewhere else. Then I asked him if the new carpet would draw him to the livingroom where we would sit and "chat". Now if anyone knows this man... they know he doesn't chat..... EVER. Then I asked him the question of whether or not $250.00 really does make a difference over the course of the next 25 years. As I sat at the counter/register I made the claim that the husbandman would have to forfit his JEEP fund at this time so that we could fork over the cash for the new carpet... otherwise I was taking the cheap stuff that we would most likely have to replace in a couple of years. Now.. anyone knowing the husbandman would know that he would never stand for that.... needless to say... I left the carpet place happy, the husbandman left the carpet place poorer... and we left the carpet selling guy shaking his head and laughing. Although .. I think I may have frightened him.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

I was at work today

My friendly friend the heart surgeon choked on his salt free soda crackers.

I let him.

I claimed that I wasn't entirely high strung and psychotic all the time.

He told me that there was no possible way that my personality could change that drastically ....


I offered him another package of soda crackers... with a smile.

I'm missing something...

the Pip!

She has left for the Pickaspats for a sleepover.

I call home to the workaholic husband, and the world is silent in the background... the Pip has left the building. That PIP she is always around doing something.

So.. in things left over .....

We went out Saturday night. I wasn't remotely psychotic from work... because I was able to actually leave work unpsychoticlike. How big of me I say.

We didn't actually just go out the two of us, for that would never happen, we had an invitation to attend a "do". It was good, the husband and I were one of the first people to show up.. the rest was family people sitting in the location of fun. I announced that we were the neighbours, and for people not to be alarmed. Other neighbours arrived, so it was all good.

My one neighbour friend is extremely out of this world. She has a remarkable ability to reel in the husband of hers, *and keeps me splitting a gut in laughter* and yet her ideas in her mainstream life attack me like a bad batch of spiders in a banana plantation. So anyways... she announced to the husband that she is wearing "the boots"... he arrives to see her wearing "the boots", and then has to hurry home to put the children to bed, and then himself. She claims she holds the power, as she is the wearer of "the boots", and they have magical powers.

Many drinks of wine, and other assorted beverages later... and I almost believed her.

I live a simple life.

Enough said, we don't want to delve further into that last statement.. it could get scary.

Friday, November 09, 2007

Friday files...

This week has been beautifully sweet.

No running around like a crazywoman.. (although the hair doesn't reflect that fact), no panicked committments to uphold... it has been lovely. I didn't manage to even do all the laundry....and I have no idea why... but you know what... I DON'T CARE!!!!

So earlier....

I bought the dog a bone. I have felt rather sad for her... as she has started a love affair with an old bone that has sat outside for the longest of times.. and she marches around the house with... which has us all wincing... as she narrowly misses all the fresh new walls around this place. So now... she is scraping away at her lovely new friend... it's almost like living in the dentist chair having your teeth cleaned... except the noise isn't coming from inside your head, but rather from the livingroom, where her cage is.

The girl and I went to a movie. We were going to see the B.Movie.. but at the very last second she spotted another movie that she wished to see... in fact I don't even know the name of it.. something to do with a football player that has a daughter show up out of the blue. It ended up being a very cute movie, and we ate popcorn for dinner.

I plucked colours from the colour rack thingy from Home.Depot earlier. It was a stat visit. I had already spent time at the Benjamin.Moore paint place today, and yesterday.. and still didn't manage to come up with colours. Well, I came up with colours... just not the colours that I wished to have...I think I got it right the third time around now.

My friend came over. She was wowed by the change in the house. She didn't believe that it would have looked so different. I think I am used to it now... well except for the fact that I keep opening up the wrong drawer to find cutlery. I haven't even unpacked any of the kitchen stuff from the garage yet.... it is all deeply hidden out there somewhere...

I took the boy to get a videogame. I told him I wasn't going to pay for it, so he brought his wallet. He is such a sweet guy, so tall, genuine, handsome, witty... but not strong.. he managed to drop his wallet, which sent his $200.00 that he is packing around flailing about. I wish him "enough" in the smarts department.... but I think his lovely blue eyes, and dark eyelashes will get him where he needs to go..... as he won't be able to hang onto money. I think the next visit is to the bank.. he needs a bank card.

I had about four hairstyles today. I didn't really do it on purpose... it just happened that way. I have to admit... all the ways were not exactly exciting, but when your hair controls who you are, then you have just let some things go. I particularly enjoy chatting with people that have just come from the hair salon.. as I did earlier while I was waiting for the PIP from her swim club. So there's this woman perfectly coiffed... and then me... slightly psychotic me... with hair to match. So the whole while we are having a conversation, I am having a secondary one in my head. "For crap sakes Deanna!!!!..... why do you insist on this hair controlling you... ??... see her hair.. she wants a change, she gets it cut...." and on and on it went.

well... it must go read a book... has anyone read "the kite runner"....? it's coming out in the movies, and I keep picking up the book to read, and never do....

Monday, November 05, 2007

Still studying.

Now the girl is busy helping the boy study.

I am completely ignoring them.

All I hear is the boy nattering and nattering and nattering... and the girl is cheering him on.

The tired little proper bone eating dog (sorry Lujza) is trying to sleep in her cage, but has now left the livingroom.

I have the hiccups from drinking some wine. GGGGGGGGAAAAWWWWWDDDDD.

The husbandman is still working on the kitchen. I don't think he is ever going to be finished working on the kitchen. He claims that he is not going to officially turn it over to me any time soon. ( I am OK with this people... as I am not responsible for the cleaning, and food churning that the kitchen can provide.. mind you... I wandered through save on foods earliers and managed to find lots of people to talk to.....) Well, he might be done soon, as he is going to start painting the livingroom this weekend.

So... I am planning on going to bed fairly soon... I wonder if I should tell my children this same thought.

I am wondering what is going to happen to my boy. The quirky prinicipal said hello to "the handsome young devil" today as he walked past, and without missing a beat.. the boy responded "that I am", and just kept going.

I can't even keep up with his voices and mimickry, and other weird things that he does. Although.. I am liking the fact that he is busily putting together "the wedding march" music that he hears in his head.... in fact tonight he adventured forth even further than I could imagine on his own. Yikes! I find that interesting. He is also finding the music to "welcome to the black parade" on his own. I like this song.

Well... it is closing in on almost 10:00... I think I should put children to bed...or something remotely parently responsible. The KING is currently mesmerized with his kitchen tasks... as he always is.

Must go...

Still studying.

I need help.

I am not sure if anyone can actually help me. But really.... I need some help.

I have a complete comedian as a child. I can see why his teacher is truly frustrated with him. He is chronically funny, or attempts to be, and has no regard for the fact that school might actually be a serious undertaking.

IN reality... the boy is getting worse. I have spent the evening trying to study with him... and I am not sure why I am bothering. He has had about 10 different voices come out of his face, and played five different songs on the piano, and has come up with at least 5 different characters to mimic, and then worst of all... he has told me 20 separate stories of all the things that he has watched and observed on TV.

This is dangerous territory people... very dangerous territory.

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Fog & Light

It's Standard Time around here. We set our clocks an hour back. I love it really... because now it is light out again in the morning. Currently it is foggy out there, but once it burns off, it is guaranteed a sunny day... that is if the fog leaves, as some days, it has been known not to leave.

In the evening it is now dark earlier... but really that is alright.. only because now I can stop fussing about getting things done outside.. and read what's on my book list.

...... hmmmmm

I was just enlightened to the fact that we do not have any coffee left here... the KING is the cause of this. Him and his KINGLY ways. He will pay.......

The KING is done?

So I was talking to the KING.

It is the rare occasion that do speak with him, as he generally does not speak to anyone.

I asked if the kitchen was done. He sighed and said "no", and then ws just about to start on his list of things that he had to attend to, when all of a sudden I saw one of the undermount lights fade out and then come back.

He walked to the counter, leaned on it, stared at the light switch, and responded... "that is very strange...." and then sauntered away.

The KING has a longer list than he anticipated.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Let's go for another....

The girl has no school today. Which is why I am here. I have time to type. Well, not a lot of time, but enough time to jot down some thoughts, comments, weirdities and assorted events.

OK, so the boy was completely put out that the girl has no school. He was kind of freakish about it really, that "the little babies" can't handle staying up late. "Yes, that is right Mr. Nightowl, they can't," I said to him. He told me he wasn't going to school. I wished him good luck on that part. He very reluctantly got up this morning, got himself ready, and was almost out the door when the princess called from across the street. Her dad was giving her a ride to school today. I almost didn't think anything otherwise, as she went out as Paris.Hilton last night for halloween and walked around in 3 - 4 inch heels. Poor Paris, being driven in a domestic vehicle...

In other big ticket items of the day:

I have a full compliment of assorted lightswitches, plugs and dimmers installed in my kitchen now.There is enough lights in this space to almost believe that we live next door to the sun. Bare in mind that our kitchen once upon a time had ONE light fixture installed in the centre of the kitchen. OH, I lie.. another flourescent tube thing above the sink with that weird glass. GAWD.. I am such a lying liar double lying lady....

OK, but now I am not... I kid you not people... the SUN lives in my home, and I am at the mercy of making it shine or not.

So ya....

More random thoughts....

The sister told me she was dressing up for halloween. OK. Have fun with that. I did not even fathom for a second that she was completely dressing up. Someone knocked on my door yesterday, into the late afternoon... it was a Jack Sparrow and Harry Potter. They were very cute, and I welcomed them inside... (on any other day they would commonly be known as "the mitchy and lexy"... or, the nephews. Anyways.. I see this blond haired woman scampering across the front lawn carrying a pumpkin.. and I think ... "who in the heck is that?".... and that's when it dawned on me.. it was the sister. HOLY CRAP did I howl. So there's the sister dressed in a bright turquiose poodle skirt, a white shirt, a blond wig, pink scarf, black rimmed glasses, and saddle shoes. She was a scream. I couldn't stop laughing. Actually neither could she when she handed me the Millecicinthe costume to put on. She said it captured my true nature.... especially when I started yelling at a guy to slow down on our street. The sister said to me.. "how can he take you serious in that get up Deanna..... think about it"... So true.

Oh this has been so luxurious to sit down and write random thoughts... absolutely luxurious. I am even drinking a cup of coffee while doing so... I have so many thoughts to spill.. I only hope that I can retain the images for me long enough to write them... but for now I must start my traintrack ritual... and get out in the real world to do things... it's almost as if I was riding in first class this past hour........

thanks Mrs. Pickaspat.

The other night I was talking to Mrs. Pickaspat on MSN. It's a very handy little tool. We started talking pumpkins. Well, the fact that I did not have one, and she had an extra one. PERFECTO BEANS I say! It arrived on my doorstep at lightening speed, and was sliced, hollowed and carved for the little pumpkin paraders that came around. It had a very cool stalk, so I kept the stalk and carved some squinty eyes, and a gritting semi smile, and put a clown wig on top. There. A job well done... thanks to Mrs. Pickaspat!

Next year I am growing pumpkins again.... apparently this year, there was a shortage.

Annnnnnd.... I'm back.

I have been riding an endless railway track I think.

Giga, giga choo, giga giga choo.

I have the constant flow of words running through my head "now do this, now do this, now do this, now do this", which was translated to the above music. Every moment of my days have been a thinking process, and then yesterday, all of a sudden, the train hit a station for a bit of break, and I talked on the phone for an hour and a half. OMG!

I did try and post a halloween picture yesterday, but when it didn't take the allotted 2 minutes time, I aborted the mission. The train I am on doesn't quit until Monday, but I can make it that many more times around the track, now that I know the ride is coming to a close. Interestingly enough I am going no where, it's just the amount of jobs that I have had to accomplish that have kept me thinking and busy.

giga giga choo, giga giga choo, giga giga choo...............