Friday, October 26, 2007

It's a full moon out there people.

I am greedily sad.

Yes I am.

A brand new kitchen... and what is it that I want?

A zoom lense, the camera to go with it... and some chocolate.

I could take a picture of the full moon... or something like that....

In the meantime:

The husbandman is putting the finishing touches on the kitchen. things like plugs, kitchen sinks, dishwashers, and something to do with a cocking gun, or something....

Monday, October 22, 2007

Yes.. this is true..

I sent away a resume today.... for a job that I really do not want, but I am wanting a change.. so I have to do something... I wonder if I am going to hear something.. as this was the cover letter that I sent:

Auxiliary Seniors Centre Assistant 12007 -100340
My resume is as boring as the paper it is presented on, and I never really know what to write on a cover letter, but I thought that I would add some additional comments:
I never thought I would see the day that my two existing jobs actually combined, and would become one… and I would see it listed on your website as an “Assisant”. .

After spending 20 years at RCH for a temporary position, I would consider myself as having a “black belt” in customer service. My other two real jobs revolve around older folks, or just folks in general. I have had a huge amount of experience dealing with lost folks, confused folks, slow folks, funny folks, stressed folks, and even appreciative folks.

My job at the hospital requires me to be “the smarty pants” of the ward in regards to the computer. Over time I have learned that these inanimate objects draw fear in some people, except for me, I have learned the ins & outs of the computers world, (also mainly so I can keep up with my children…).

As far as handling cash, I collect drop-in fees and put them in a little canister with a duck on it, which isn’t challenging. In regards to handling money in real life, I do so, on a daily basis, and by all accounts I am pretty good at handling money. I generally have to try and hang on to it tightly, as it seems to drift away very quickly.

I look forward to hearing from you...

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Sunday reality check.


How is it that the weekend should go by so quickly?

It's done and over.. and I haven't even done anything. Except work... oh yes, can't forget about that.

I am busily sucking back some Kirkland childrens vitamins ..... still..... they are just hideous tasting. I only have about 196 left to go before the bottle is finished, and I can chuck it into recycling. They don't expire until Jan 2009... rats again. I will just tuck them back into the left side of the computer monitor...

I sent away some emails to people that I know. Big thanks to those who emailed me back.. and a no comment to those that are busily in love and have no time for boring people entering your in boxes without a glint of fun in their lives....he h ehe he heh he

I boiled up a spot of tea in the new microwave earlier. This will probably freak my friend Susan out.. I am sure of it. I wanted a cup of tea.. and the kettle is sitting outside on the OLD STOVE.. and it isn't shiny enough to come back into the new kitchen. It did the trick, and I was happy... until the tea was gone, and I wanted more.. now it's almost too much work to go for a "do over".

I had a bunch of chairs delivered here today. They are sitting out in the garage at the moment. There was supposed to be a table attached to these chairs, but it got damaged in the process of arriving... so another one will be arriving in a couple of weeks, or something like that.

The KINGhusbandman is claiming that he will be completely done the kitchen by this upcoming weekend. He has installed all of the tile (backsplash).. and it looks wonderfully amazing. There are still the switches, light fixtures, sink and dishwasher to finish up with, and some grout for the walls.. but the time will be coming soon that everything should be complete.My camera batteries are currently charged and ready for picture taking... but with things not completed, I am not going to start snapping...

I think tomorrow I will unload my old refridgerator, and reload the new refridgerator...right now we are living out of both. It seems kind of weird.. I just haven't got around to emptying the beastly object.

The boy is currently learning the "jurassic park" theme on the piano... it is very pretty.. I didn't realize how pretty of a song it is... I would just not say that to him.. as he would not want to be learning a pretty song... or at least I don't think he would.

I have a new dryer as well.. we have had it for a couple of weeks actually. I like the way I can't even count to one mississippi before the buzzer has finished buzzing. That puts a smile on my face. Earlier... what didn't put a smile on my face was the music that they were playing at safe.way. The assistant manager told me that he just tuned it out. I said to him that is probably because he isn't a highly psychotic woman that has just come a frantic day at work, with twenty other things on her mind, plus an invisible shopping list to work through. He just stared at me. Hmmm... odd of him....

I saw on the front of some magazine while standing in line to pay for groceries that prince william will not be king... well.. I was thinking that exact same thing.. my very own prince william will not be king. What a coincidence.

I had a meeting with the boys teacher the other day. The school gave us a days notice. It was a very tricky thing to do.. although I still managed to call and make an appointment. When I asked the secretary what spots were available, she quickly told me ..."all of them"... I met with the boys teacher, which I was very nervous about.. as I had made a list... a list of things that I wanted her to read. She probably thought (and still does) I was nuts. In the end she was most impressed with the fact that I had put some thought into our 1o minute meeting. She stated that he was an interesting mix, and he kept her on her toes. Well that's alright by me then. My friend didn't care to meet the teacher, all she cared about was the fact that her child was in the challenge program. Raw raw!

Yesterday instead of going to work, I went off to a meeting... it was a long drive... but it was a good drive.. because it was on a Saturday. In enjoyed it very much, and met a woman, who I had known only once a year for the last five years, ... that we are very much the same. She runs another branch of the stroke group... so now I am going to travel out to her space on one these Wednesdays.. and see what she is up to.... it's weird meeting someone so much like you... especially when you have a stalker/bookend that is already like you....

The new fridge is a little on the noisy side... I am not used to ice cubes tumbling about inside the freezer again... we used to have that.. but one night, many moons ago... water was pouring out of the freezer because the ice machine thingy had taken some steroids, and was ballooning out of control. I am certain I will become used to it very quickly.

I know that the water tastes flat. If water can taste flat at all... but it just does.

This nights research is including automatic speech. I have found an oxford journal to read from.. but it isn't giving me what I want... so I must return to another google page....I just want automatic speech... I don't want all the theories of retraining.... aaaahhhhhh!

Well it is time for me to go and print my jokes....but first I have to find them...

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Happy Birthday

The husbandman said that the granite counter tops were his birthday present.

The granite people have arrived, installed and left....

OMG.. they are beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!

This is ultimately the most wonderful birthday present ever.

Not including me of course.. ha ha ha h ah ha.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

piles of...


I seem to have lots of it.

It taunts me, and haunts me, and finds me, and sends me.

All kinds & all colours, with even more stuffed in already overstuffed envelopes.

I am a professional paper sorter.

The Daily Chaos

Yesterday a couple people fell down in my world.

It's true.

Very true.

Nothing exciting happened.

It's just what happened that made the people fall down.

I went to work.

Yes, the very work that I claim to dislike in a very great way, that work.

It's not that I planned on going to work, in fact I had just got home from work.

Well, I had just got home from Save.On.Foods actually.

Which prior to that I had driven down to the boys school to look for his teacher.

Just before that I was at home dealing with a very stressed out boy.

Which before that I was picking up the girl from school.

And prior to that I was driving home from work, but after all that I went back to work, but not before make the chicklets some dinner.

It doesn't make me dislike my work any more than the day before. Which I do.

I made it home in time to finish tucking the girl in to her bed, and watching an episode of Seinfeld. Despite the growing years on the show, and the reruns.. the humour continues to kill me!

The End.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

In things that I do...

That keep me sort of sane for a moment or three.

Today I decided that I needed to continue learning heart rhythms.... as I seem to always be watching the monitors at work, and wonder to myself ..."what exactly is going on here...."

Instead of printing off my pile of jokes for the stroke group tomorrow.. I am searching through googled heart rhythms....

I am my own make work project...

In other things....

There is a brand new installed microwave in my kitchen. It is lovely, and microwaveable. AND... for only a moment there was also a dishwasher put in place, but it was promptly removed and tucked back into its cardboard covering, just in case I started getting any evil thoughts about using such a non functional kitchen... oh the thoughts.

A couple more days until things will be even more completed... it is very exciting. I am just wondering who is really going to use this kitchen once it is up and functioning again... I know I am going to have fun filling cupboards... but other than that...I am certain that the king will not let me use the appliances... oh wait... that might just be a wish on my part... damn!

OH ma ma..

So the Pip and I were busy talking the other day about Halloween. She is the kind of girl that pretty much knows what she wants, most of the time... (unlike the crazy mother that doesn't really know what she wants for a only some of the time, and the rest of the time the mother forgets).. anyways.. this conversation was all about Halloween costumes....

"Oh you know Ma ma... I am just so tired of being beautiful all the time......" the Pip says to me.

"Yes Pip, that is really a curse, and if you could give it to me, I would gladly take it off your hands..." I said to her.

The Pip has decided that she wishes to be ghost this Halloween.. a classic non descript ghost... the mother was thinking of adding some sequins and some lipstick to the ghostly costume...
because really ... is there anything wrong with a beautiful ghost.....

The longest hours..

I have decided that I can not stand my job anymore.

I absolutely can not stand it.

I am tired of it.

I am bored of it.

I can not stand to hear the phone ring.

I can not stand to help one more lost soul.

I want to be completely done from this job.

It was only supposed to be temporary.

That was 20 years ago.

The only thing you do in this job is move on, you never move up.

I am tired of it, and would love to move on... but to what...

Today I was talking with a friend who has moved on.

I asked her about the job opportunities.

They seemed reasonable.

The chicklets are growing up, and do not need me "as much".

I think it's time for me to move on.

The sad thing is, I worked with a great group of people this weekend.

I am really tired of never going anywhere in this life.

Not that I am needing to go places, because considering how much his little family of mine travels... I really don't need to go anywhere at all.

One thing I do know.. is that I need to leave.

My favourite word of the week has been: "FUCK!"

Now I am FUCKING mad that I did not get all that I needed to get accomplished this weekend at work. The favourite FUCK word just isn't cutting it any longer, as many things seem to be pissing me off for no apparant reason. I think this ultimate evil is coming from my complete dissatisfaction from my work. Every FUCKING Friday I search for jobs, and to no avail.. I can not find any that suit my ideal. The real trouble with that is the fact that I am capable to do many things in work life, and am not just suited for only one type of job, hence the complete psychotic state that I have apparently entered.

I guess better luck next week... so for now... it's just another FUCKING DAY.

oh.. sorry to those with tender spots to the eyebulbs... it's just the fucking way it has to be for now.

Friday, October 12, 2007

That Pip...

She was doing some sentence writing homework last night. I am not entirely sure what it was all about, but none the less she appeared willing to do the required homework which is a big change for her. Something struck me... as she came up with her next sentence...

"My best friend M is sweeter than a desperate man in Paris."

Classic material people.
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Thursday, October 11, 2007

finding more green...

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blick bleck

Not that I am counting or anything.. but it is now less than a week before we can get this kitchen back in order.

I have been overly fortunate that I have had the laundryroom temporarily acting as an almost high functioning kitchen. In some cases, it could almost pass for a kitchen, minus the stove... but then there are ways around that.

I went to Safe.way today to collect groceries... and as I was driving towards home I remembered that I told the girl to wait for me out front of her school... that I would bring her her lunch. I am clearly an honestly pathetic mother some days!! But on an upswing.. I did stop at the school and managed to rummage through a couple of bags for something to keep her happy until the end of the day. The real turn of events was when I handed her over a pack of Mento's... she could have cared a less about anything else at that point. See, I still manage to make them happy despite the almost screw up of forgetting her.

Ok.. back to more kitchen talk... I have moved some things into the cupboards. The King does not know this.. and he wishes not to be using the cupboards until the countertops are in, but my rationale is that the "things" that are starting to appear in the cupboards are not items that will affect the planting of the countertops. The King and his rules.... who needs them?

AND.. for things that I wish not to be scared of....

Little Miss Elpster is still managing to hold her own. I do not think that she is in the clear quite yet, but I am not seeing any signs of kidney failure so far. She still continues to drink, and more importantly PEE, and remains quite bright (in her docile way). Everything that I have read says that it takes as long as 72 hours to clear her system. We are at 48 hours now, so the fingers are still crossed.

Moving into the backyard....

I will go and pull up some more pots and things. The dahlia's look like they have had their fun in the sun, and wish only to be put to rest for the winter, so I guess I should chop them back. The impatience are still patiently blooming, so I will let them be. The only problem with that is, if it should turn cold, then that will be it for them, and then I will be cleaning up tuberous slimy creatures from the dirt. That's ick.

Must return to regular life now.

The book club

I would never have read this if the book club hadn't decided to. I thought it was good, a portrayal of ones mans life through a twenty year span. So for me, it was way better than the obituary section of the newspaper.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

14, 001

I was once hopeful that we would make it to this fall. This is out of the question simply due to the fact that we still do not have passports, and zero dollars to travel with. I am still banking on the air.miles situation to take us places, and with the amount of business that has been transacted on that master.card of mine.. the count is slowly climbing, and so is the amount of air.miles required for travel...

Welcoming Wednesday

Thanksgiving was a couple of days ago, but I will continue to be thankful long after the named occasion.

A couple of weeks ago the little Miss Elpster took to clawing the husbandmans newly drywalled, primed and painted wall next to the bathroom. He then asked that when we are out, put her in her cage, to keep her safe since she continues to behave like a total moron. I did just that yesterday. I went out, and put her in her cage, where of course when I came home, I found her safe and sound, and the home free from damage. I let her outside, gave her a nice pat, and continued with the business of the day. Little Miss Elpster loves to spend time relaxing and sleeping in the den on the green leather couch. This is the bulk of her daily activities, and it tires her greatly. It's actually quite amusing. That was until yesterday when I had an inkling to check on her, which I never check on her as she is in the den sleeping. Yesterday I found her cleaning up a bag of chocolate covered raisins. Nice, very very nice. This home doesn't really keep chocolate covered anything around these parts, simply due to the fact that none of need it, although it's nice for a treat on occasion.

We watched her all evening, and she seemed not to worse for wear, except for the fact that she seemed to be peeing all over the place, which we didn't realize for a couple of hours actually. I thought she was just being overly exited by lapping up water due to the chocolate consumption, oh and the fact that she vomited all over her dog cage. Upon doing some research last night on the internet I came to the saddened realization that not only is chocolate damaging to a dog based on a per pound consumption, but raisins were equally if not more damaging to a dog. NICE, fucking nice! Today she is still drinking, and has eaten her food, and by all accounts it appears that she is behaving just as she does on any regular day... sleeping on the green leather couch. Of course there is the fear that sits in the back of my mind that she could quite possibly go into renal failure, and I am not sure how many dogs I know that live on dialysis. I don't think that I will ever bring choclate covered raisins into the home again.

So... onto other things that do not make my hair turn that grey....

What's the deal with the comment left on my last post....? Is this spam, or did a real person write this?

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

The rain is back...

WE got lucky this morning.

The sideways rain stopped for a time being, so we could have our walking group. Mind you the large and looming grey clouds scared us into believing that we were doomed at any time. Since we are all hardened "wet coasters" we decided to continue to walk despite the rain. I did not divulge the true fact that I personally hate walking in the rain, but I figured it would not do me in for an hour twice a week, although I am certain that it will try.

I went on Sunday and added another expense to our already smoking credit card. I found a table and chair set that will fit the newly almost remodeled kitchen. I was all for the pub table and chair style, but the husbandman wanted the "old fashioned regular" table and chairs, especially for the one time in the year that we have guests over. I quizzed him on the fact that we have people over once in 365 days, and that is how we base our kitchen table buying? He claimed it was. Whatever.

Our refridgerator is currently in our livingroom. I suggested that we just put it outside and plug it in the great outdoors, but the husbandman looked at me strangely. He is just so non-comical about these things.

We would put things in our garage, but there isn't an ounce of room left. It has been stock piled with new fridges, microwaves, old & new dishwashers, a perfectly good gas range, brand new kitchen cabinets that will not be getting installed into the brand new kitchen, and a rather large assortment of boxes. Our kitchen however.. remains a little on the empty side.

I forgot to tell the husbandman that the new kitchen table and chairs are being delivered sooner than later.. which should add to the chaos... probably in between coats of paint on the crown moldings.