Friday, December 31, 2010

Not quite the end ...

I spent a bit of the afternoon with a long time friend .... the last sunset of 2010 ... !
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How did we get here?

Hidden treasures that have happened

A pause in thought

Stopped to get the little things, but didn't let the little things stop me.

Opened some doors, slammed some others.

That's how we got here...

Happy New Year!

May 2011 lead you to health, good hearts, clear intentions and a renewed spirit.

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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Mr. Mugshot

Love this guy. Must stop taking pictures of him standing against walls ... there ... that is better ... against windows ... with roses.
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The other spy

In the very nick of time yesterday there was a knock on our little decrepit front door. Lo and behold it was the mailman ... sporting a camera that has spent more time in bubble wrap than in somebodies hands. Again Pippy's camera had been sent back to her. She joined me on my little adventure this afternoon ... and we got to see some pretty amazing images. Of course it helps when you have brand new SPYnoculars with you as well. ... which we did. And I was in celery green, and she was in lilac... so we weren't the best of spies .. but you know ... we were spy worthy.
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It's all a game ..

This one is checking out that one, and that one is spying this one, and in the middle of it all you get caught seeing double, so you don't know what you are supposed to be checking out.

BUT! I do know what I am checking out ... and it's these crazy raptors down at the dyke. I've marched down there the past three days. Of course the first day I didn't have the camera, the second day I had my camera but couldn't fid a decent photo opp, and the third day I just took whatever the world was giving to me ...

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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

It's blue in greenland.

Yes folks ... we have it ...


They have arrived from over the seas.

OK .. so maybe it is just a patch of blue sky,while in fact if you look out the front livingroom window, .. it is still raining.


Monday, December 27, 2010

whew ...

it's still green in this postchristmasfestiveland .. moss is exploding through all parts of the homeland ...

Went out walking for a lovely two hours today .. me and the ipid. Not ipod, but ipid. ... a couple of raindrops fell on the beautifully coiffed coiff. Met a man with german shepherds. They were all lovely.

Trying to read a book..... last one of the year I think.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Greetings from Greenland.

It's GREEN here people.

WE might as well live in leprechaunland.

I might live there already.

Yard is full of moss.

Branches flying from the trees above fill the ugly deck.

I have saved thousands flying to GREENLAND ... cause it's here.

I'll send postcards .. it might be faster than getting christmas cards out.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Cloud cover

Has got it all messed up.

We missed the eclipse last night.

IF ONLY it had been the night before ... it would have been a wonderful spectacle. I might have even brought my camera out of hiding. But that would have enabled me to study the BULB section of my camera. THAT could have been challenging for me .. RIGHT NOW.

I am hoping to get some christmas cards done .. it's only the 21st ... I'm sure there is still time... isn't there?

Of course I am having this huge dyslexia thing happening when I type, which is unbelievably irritating. How is it possible that my words are happening even faster in my head than what I am spreading out on the computer screen.


In other things... messed up...

I realized I forgot my friends birthday, at the end of November. YOU see ... if YOU are not born on CHRISTMAS DAY .. then I am having a feeling that no other days count. Seriously really. It is a self fulfilling prophecy ... I knew her birthday was coming up ... and me being a birthday despiser knew that I would just forget ... because that is something I am very good at.. and I did just that ... BUT I remembered ... at some point last week .. and then continued on ... I am completely convinced that her birthday should be in December. I can swear each and every year that her DECEMBER marks another year on her AGELESS calender... (just like it does mine!)

Happy Birthday Debbie ... whenever it is .. or whenever it was ... we will toast to us one night during our scrapbooking!

In more things ridiculous ...

Christmas tree is up ... has lights and 7 snowflakes on it, by the end of the day, it might have red ribbon, and perhaps some ornaments .. but that is a MAYBE.
Have offered to work even longer on Boxing Day ... THIS girl that doesn't take to working. What kind of fool am I ... ? ( OK .. a fool that has gone COMPLETELY mast$rcard & shopping crazy ... that is who!).
Am going to go to a cute little village in burnaby ... oh right Burnaby Village Museum.
Will invite people over for dinner on Saturday ... probably should talk to them about it!

Is this all a result of cloud cover ... ?

If I don't chat with you my friends in computer land... from near and far .. may you have a merry christmas with family and friends, eat lots, enjoy some drink, REJOICE in dessert and wish peace and health and happiness to those that surround you.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Friday, December 17, 2010

Fuzzy fingertips.

It's true, they are.

Except I am not wearing gloves of any fuzzy nature.

Ok .. perhaps I lied, and they are not so fuzzy... but they feel fuzzy.

Similar to such a hangover event ... when things are just fuzzy.

In a non alcohol hangover way.

If that's possible.

I believe I am ploomplopped.

My brain is tired from RUNNING THINKING PLANNING ORGANIZING in 25 different directions... and that new book that I just bought is looking very enticing... except I can not open it yet ... I have to open it next week, well next week as in a week from this Monday. That is when it will be safe to SIT, drink & enjoy ... but this week .. not a chance bucko!

Today would be a brilliant day to go out and see some eagles ... perhaps if I go like a BAT OUT OF HELL (the Jimmyson is learning this song in his brain & keyboard for next year, or the year after so he tells me ...) ...maybe I can get the girl to accompany me out to the eaglelands later ... it's an hour ride... but a worthy one....

In the meantime ... I have much to accomplish .... even the most mundane of importance ... with the thrill of present wrapping .., mixed in with loads of laundry, a vacuum and a toilet brush.... AND I say THIS with vim & vigor people!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I live in cracker world.

Yes I do.

I'm not even sure what that means.

Is it me ... I am crackers.

Or should I rephrase and comment that I live in NUTland.

Me being the biggest NUTgirl in the bunch.

Today I purchased the Charlie Brown Christmas with the bonus DVD along with the music CD. It was very very very exciting to me.

The beautiful young lady at St*rbucks proclaimed it was a classic. Yes, it is I agreed with her. It has to be a classic... it was produced the same year I was. Clearly it IS a classic.

Cracker world. It finds me.

In other things filled with crackers and nuts.

I am not the banker girl that I should probably be.

The "other" stroke group doesn't have a financial person to do their book keeping details. I find it all rather confusing. Someone counts the change, and write on scribbles of paper. Then I take the deposit to the bank, and the clerk comes up with another number. Then I do two deposits at once, and all those numbers are different than the inital scribbled napkin. Then I forget to write in the book, and then those numbers are gone... meanwhile I have a bank statement that I can't figure out ... cause it doesn't end smack dab at the end of the month, but on the 9th day of the next month, and by this time there are checks and money that have changed hands ... and I can't keep up. I looked at the books .. and I am still sitting in October ... FUC$ ... where is November .. what happened to November .. we are in freaking DECEMBER .. no wonder I haven't HANDMADE MY CHRISTMAS CARDS LUJZA ... I don't even know what time of year it is ... with the exception that I am buying out the stores for whatever I feel like to give to my chicklets ... cause I am. You would really think that I bought the largest lucky lottery ticket around .. but I haven't.

Right ... that is because I live in cracker world ... and there are just so many varieties I wish for them all ...

Monday, December 13, 2010


In events that are thrilling:

Or are they ... ?

The boy is involved in an amazingly talented young group called the faceplants.
They were doing a show on Saturday night ... to well over the three mountain tops, which were all filled with traffic, on a lovely and dark stormy night, with a hockey game going on to boot.... with every person known to inhabit the earth all heading to the city centre of Vancouver.

We made it.

Kind of.

I was just about to head home from work when the boy calls .. "do you have something for a stomach ache?"

Uhmmm . no.... (jitters... nervousness...)

By the time I got home ... the boy was in the bathroom, bugged eyed, and hanging onto the walls.

Oh .. so it looks as though you have had some busy times in this bathroom my boy I say.

How about you go sit down .. and I will go to collect your keyboard.

On the way home .. I stopped to pick up his two friends, and my new acquaintance friend the mother.

I text my boy.... "but can you still play...?"

He believed he could.

"Are you going to get sick in my car .?"

He wasn't sure he wouldn't, but felt good to go.

We arrive back home in our drieway ... the boy comes out, looking all pasty ... but you know .. he can walk, so he can still certainly play.


The show must go on.

And it did.

Luckily he had his two buddies with him... the roadies...

They packed up his keyboard, carried it, actually set it up as well.

They were a prince among the princes!

The last pic is my favourite.

The first "gig" that the mother got to watch @ The Wired Monk on 4th in Kitsalano.

Cool. I have been planted.

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Friday, December 10, 2010

No wheely

I really got it!

The UPS man showed up today !!

The UPS man showed up today !!

The UPS man showed up today !!

and brought ME a wonderful ELECTRIC scooter !

Yes, just like a regular child's scooters... except now there is BATTERY power to move on this baby!

Who is it for you ask  ....

WELL .. I haven't figured that out yet ... except that it will be for the people that are all TALLER than me in our home, and younger ... at least that is what I am believing.

 It is wheely wheely thrilling I say!

In other things far less thrilling:

BOUGHT the husbandman a toaster today. It's a present. AND it's already wrapped. How about that people ! AND it's designed to toast up the bagel just perfectly .. which he does do every single morning ... that bagel toasting husbandman. He's been complaining about the CURRENT & STILL working toaster every single morning when he toasts a bagel. I believe this to be a very strong hint. At least I think it's a strong hint.

In far far less thrilling:

I still haven't done any Christmas cards, but have admired those that have MADE them & sent them. In fact ... almost kinda FREAKY actually. Sometimes I wonder if their clocks tick slower than mine... cause I can't figure out when they find the time ...

In far far far less thrilling to you .. but EXHILARATING to me:

I believe I have spent this years, and nexts year income on Christmas presents ... so I think I am done! At least for today.... maybe.

In things that will make you laugh:

At least it made me laugh ... a lot.

The husband man is technically a very very very silent soul. He just is. BUT we like him anyways. Not sure of why his ways keep him stealthily silent ... but they have the him locked up tight like a ziplock freezer bag (!) anyways ...

I was saying to "the Jimmy" the other night ... "what do you suppose we should get the sir?"

In less than a lub in a dub heartbeat he answers back ... "maybe we should buy him some dictionaries .. that way he could find some words to say".

OK PEOPLE ... that just killed me. In laughter. Maybe I am easily amused.

Interestingly enough ... the very next night ... I went over to friends house to a party .. and what do I spy on her shelf in the kitchen ... a stack of dictionaries. Of course I looked like the complete fool when I started laughing at the stack of dictionaries ... cause one would tend to think that a stack of books that are filled with alphabetical words, and weird slashes wouldn't really be that funny. OK .. for some NO .. me YES!

No wheely ...

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Okay so maybe you don't want me to ....

Mail you a letter.

Well... or maybe you do!

I sent along a letter to my friend this morning.

It was typed out nicely.

All 75 pages of it.

I kid you not.

AND it was printed on good copy paper ... you know... the thick kind!

All the better to withstand the elements that will happen in Cape Town, South Africa!

Monday, December 06, 2010

While I was away

The Fussiliscious and the KING made their way up to the top of Eagle. This is what they saw prior to leaving. NOW .. the trick here is people .. that the Fussy & the KING have now taken to using my OLD camera to take these shots ... the very camera that was not OLD until two weeks ago. HOWEVER ... I am thinking that I am glad that they have helped themselves to it ... cause I am quite liking their workmanship!
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Still toys for the Jimmy.

I know it's all been done before ... I was fiddling with the camera .. and the boy fiddles with his guitar. If that's possible. Which it is highly possible. He's talking, singing, obviously strumming, checking his text messages, answering questions on his ipod. AND I watch all this on my live view with the camera. Surreal I say ... SIR-real.
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Jimmy & his toys.

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Thursday, December 02, 2010

On this 2nd of December this is what came to me:

A crazy woman.

She complained that our cookies were stale.

But then she left, which put a smile on my face.

And a bunch of other peoples.

THAT woman is crazy.

I recognize crazy when I see it.

AND I wasn't looking a mirror, and I don't eat cookies!

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

jeep club !

The husbandman and his jeep club organized a toy run ... which he then organized that I take the toys and deliver them ... which is exactly what I did .. and the sis .. after a stop to also pick up his CB radio thingy thing .... the bureau people brought a cart ... but howled at my packing it to get it inside.. ... well.... I just wanted the items to be displayed rather than just shoved on shelves ... isn't that the way it should be done ... ?

Anyways ... it was a good deed for the day ... being that it's the first day of December and all . ...

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