Saturday, October 31, 2015

Well, THAT was scary. NOT

So for over 498 moments I decided to change the look of my blog. I thought it was dying. The blog. Not me. I thought I was running out of words, and stories, and useless tales to tell. I thought that this was a "wash out" ... that I was going to pack up shop and be done.


I think I am BACK ... with more stories, useless details of life, and other random pieces of adult life that really isn't that humorous at all. However; I will now try to find a the humour in the day, and leave it here ... to be found. With attached labels and photos to further get the intention across.

Here's a photo now ... nope .. can't seem to make it happen. So at this point this blog will remain pictureless... which is really actually a good thing since I do not have many to share.

So here we are the end of October ... almost at the end of another year ... amazing how time doesn't fly. This time last year I was waiting upon people to tell me stories of life changing alterations that were in the works ... and a year later ... I am still waiting on the life altering fix ups .... "I hear that leg a comin, comin' down the track" ... it's that level of excitement around here ...

I watched a couple of videos a number of weeks back by the "AmputeeOT", she was interesting & informative, and clearly very smart. I can't say I was thrilled with her blaring BYYYEEES and child like waving into the youtube videos very enticing to keep me coming back ... in fact .. down right scary  ... perfect for a day like today .. when that is the amount of scariness that this one person can take. Perhaps what may have been very scary is the fact that she was strutting along at 10 weeks post amputation .. on her very own leg. Today marks three months in the calendar of time that I have managed to put behind me ... all minus a leg. Still alive, and hopping about to tell the tall tales of adventures ... and I am waiting for the excitement of the day when the adventure starts again on two legs!

So now ... amongst the rain storm ... I will go and observe the pumpkin carving adventures! 

Friday, October 30, 2015

Holy slow-pokes

So today .... miraculousy enough managed to submit some "artwork" to an art show, that fortunately is titled "anonymous" ... more than likely for ME, is a good thing! I actually FEARED having to put my name on the little 8x8 pieces of  "artwork" for the HUGE fear of embarressment !!! SO horrific! .. and well, timely .... VERY SCARY !!! Oh yes, very scared ... however .... I am intrigued as to what the gallery will look like, once all the gems are hung up for the show ... in the meantime ... the show is juried .. and now I will live in the HUGE fear that the people will call me with "thanks for coming out today with the artwork, but you need to take yours home" .....

And so .. moving on ....

Novembers project will be quickly approaching ... !! I found some christmas ornaments that need some sort of embellishments of christmas craziness ... so before the box of mega stash of paints is set away for safekeeping .. I will paint up a storm or red, greens & blues for the festival of christmas time fun colours!

In other things .... well ... that would be the above items ! Apart from the fact that I am still down ONE leg, and there is no real end site into "it's" arrival ... although NOW I am thinking that it is going to be closer to the END of the year ... so we could be talking Birthday Gifts for oneself !! Who knows .. the leg recovering gods only know that !!

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

When the loves runs out ...

So when Lady Ga Ga was dreaming up music ... little did she know, she perfected the minniemouse wheeling song ! My life has revolved around this piece of music .. and wheel away I go, on my mini-bike .. that's mini HAND bike that sits atop my counter top .. while I peddle up a storm .. trying to get this heart rate above a hundred. But alas we have the lovely Neil Diamond ... with his Brother Love's Travelin' Salvation Show ... now that is a quaint piece of music ... that keeps these mighty arms a peddlin!

I keep peddlin ... as the love has not run out ... YET!!

So in current events:

WE have had the grand transformation of the "girls" room ... she is now hoarder-less appearing now .. and is in fact .. most disgusted with the amount of "things" that she had stored away for another day... so in reality .. she might be swinging the other way now .. not interested in STuFF that crowd her world. Very freeing ... I would believe.

I am currently perplexed by my pickle trees. So I have been doing some painting for an "anonymous" show ... and good gawd .. this woman is keeping it anonymous !!! I wouldn't want my name on ANY of these absurd creations .. however .. they are painstakingly making me remain focused ... sort of .. I would rather do dishes than paint .. so that's telling ya something.

Waiting for the boyson to return to living in the homestead ... upon his return ... will he remain a band member, or forgo that passion and enter the mainstream population ... time and an apple pie will tell !

Well .. back to the pickle tree painting party ... 

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Well isnt this a numb ride!

Yes it is folks. Numb all around. Currently the little "pawsies" are back up to their hissy fitting tricks and are numb as numb can be.

This couldn't possibly be due to the fact that I am a professional hopper maniac. I have crutches, but despise them ... the non cruise control walker gives me super sturdy ground to balance on. Gotta love balance. So the extreme pressure that I use to walk with is causing nerve damage to my hands .. which is the reason for the numbness, such dumbness .. No ?

BUT then I have the minnie-mouse wheely hand bike ... I am up to 43 minutes on that baby. AND cheesus .. I could break down the wheely biking to a couple of times a day .. but once you get on this piece of magic ONE DOES NOT WANT TO GET off this hand bike .. gawd NO ... reason: YOU would never get back on ... it is just obnoxious .... wheeling and wheeling and never getting the heart rate past 100 BPM. At least I think that's the case ... I have a heart rate monitor ... on the telephone ... but that means ... stopping (well once your torture of the minutes is up) .. it takes a good two minutes to get the app up and running ... pokey pokey .. in the meantime ... the wheeling has to stop ... and so does the freaking heart rate. Double damn on being the nosey parker as to whether I am still alive or not. Freak.

Let's talk hair. It's everywhere. All. The. Time. I usually have great plans to wear it down ... and it looks all great and lovely .. until I start HOPPING about .. and then it's a showdown in the "wild west of hair locks" ... they are everywhere! Of course washing this fine mane is another sub-par arrangement. I like washing the locks in the laundry room sink .. it seems to fit my head .. however the floor is tile, and by the time this wild hopper is done .. so it the leg & foot. It's done dead and gone. By then end of the hair washing .. I am now standing on what would be "high heels" in an effort to NOT stand on the remaining good foot. Double witchy wonderland.

to be continued ... 

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Five years ago ..

I was staring at a Bob Cat through the den window, and blazing about the backyard catching pictures of it .... terrified that it would come and get me, if I went back there .... gawd .. if only I had known that something for more severe would silently sneak up and try and kill me in the meantime. But it didn't ... and here I am.

The girlie girl has just set foot out the door and off to work she goes ... it is just so very lovely .. my graduated girl ... making her way to the Wally World of entertainment ... I wonder if the Sir let her drive on the way there ... he tends to NOT let her drive when the are out on short excursions .. gawd .. how those minutes count .. when the driving time is precious!

So the fact that I am MINUS a right leg leaves me whirling a bit in the NON driving department .. I am useless to the girl for a driving companion .. which is a shame ... beuse we have lots of time together while we could be out tooling around ... but apparently we are not supposed to be .. so says the universe. I have talked with the agencies that "report on" this sort of stuff .. one agency says I am allowed to drive with her .. and another agency says I can't ... and because the "yes" side has no names attached to it, or I have a "YES YOU CAN" in writing .. I am opting for the NOT driving with her .. because in the end ... the rather very large corporations will have me by the throat if something goes awry.

In things way less boring ... am still waiting on the leg. We have now reached October 10th ... (well duh) ... and no sign of a leg any day soon ... however ... probably at the end of October I am holding out hope that this is where I am heading ... to be "leg-filled" ... har har har ... So I have this "wound edge" from the chop off point that has refused to heal ... little bastard ... BUT NOW .. with some additional TLC and not just letting it sit .. it is getting smaller ... so happy for that. I think there are still some sutures left in the leg as well .. or something .. because on the end of the left side of the chop off point it is irritated enough ... and enough is MORE than enough to stop the "getting the leg" process .. so I have given the leg one more week of "sitting" around and made an appointment with the surgeon .. who hasn't been my surgeon at all .. but rather a covering surgeon who has only seen this wound once, for 22.3 seconds, and the other time just wrote a prescription for the homecare ladies to take out sutures .. kind of comedic .. all the same . a bit of a make work project ... but it may be worth it in the end if there is something niggling away at keeping it unhappy.

The boy has made it to Oshawa today ... him and the band are making their move across the country. This MAY be his breaking point as to whether he is IN or OUT of the music making industry. I have my fingers crossed that the "agents" and entertainment type loving people actually see their worth .. and "do" something to make their work finally worthwhile for them ... yes ... fingers crossed .. big time. OR ... he finds his way back home, and returns to life in the education ways .. and moves on.

Today ... we are in the final stages of changing the girls room for what she has known her whole life as beautiful and sweet, into a young ladies bedroom. It's all very exciting for her!

So here I sit .. with many tasks needed to be tended to, including this "anonymous show" that I am determined to accomplish ... but of coures that involves painting something ... and it is all in my head that this is swirling about ... I "simply" need to forge ahead with the painting process which is very tricky !!

So this time next year .. when it gets to be "six years ago" .. I will have a leg .. and probably wont be sitting here .. bu rather will be engaged in finding great camera adventures ... and slurping back coffee in a thermos along some roadway gathering "autumn"shots ... or EVEN better .. will be sitting organizing photos from a 25 year wedding celebration ... after a cruise !! That's what this chick is waiting for ...

Oh, and in other things .. paid off the mortgage yesterday. Things will be finalized by next week. That's a bit of a hooray.