Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I think I'm...

Saving for my next lens... and I think a NEW BODY. OK.. ha ah ah ahh aha ha.. in more ways than ONE can I write that down! Yes people... I think 500 mm would suit me just fine. This lovely guy was happily munching up a storm while I stood there and snapped a couple of these. It was nice to see the light settle on the field, as well there were deer in the background.
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Notice something if you will:

The last pic here is of the gates to Minnekhada being locked... perfect! that way... it keeps the people out of the cameras range when I get my bear shots... mind you... they are mostly of them walking in the other direction... but that is OK... I like watching them walk to their berrypatch ... free from distraction of the lookyloos ... such as myself. I am enjoying the LOCKED gates... because you know... all the people gather on through the other side... because you know... they are tempting fate with locked gates after all.
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There's something interesting ...

When you stand on the roadside long enough... wishful thinking happens. Notice how this bikerider morphs into a blackbear. It's just that simple... it really is!
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more-on the carnival..

One would think with the little boring life that I lead, that it may just be acutely mundane with a glint spark thrown in to keep the eyelids popping.

I have more things popping than my current bag of popcorn, or thankfully NOT the button on my shorts.

ONE thing that is very funny would be this...

Last week the Pipenzadoll and myself went to the PNE. It was good,... but HOT... which I planned for... but still... it was HOT. Funnily enough... as we walked through the gates I stared at a beautiful young lady... and thought to myself... she looks just like Jessica.... but the name tag says Veronica.... it can't be her.... BECAUSE it just can't be... talk about people looking like other people in life.  I saw her at work on the weekend... and I proceeded to tell her that she has a look alike in the city, with the name of Veronica... ... the beautiful young woman WAS the same person... she had misplaced her nametag that day.

IN other things that will now right you back into your seats:

Lots of bear sightings... but not by my camera lens.
I rummaged up the courage to ask for a favour from a friend... much to my procured happiness!
Realized that I still have 48 hours worth of vacation to take. How does someone manage to NOT organize that many hours...?
JimmyDean's NEW "do" is ever so suiting of him... much to my angst. I like the coiffed JimmyDean... AND yet... he looks good with his attempts at Beatleness.
I realized that the Pipenzadolls hair is incredibly LONG... but that's ok... it's blond-ISH.
Husbandman is VERY grey, and I continue to be FAKE brown. Of course I will go with a piece of advice that somone offered up .... "colour till the grave Deanna, colour till the grave....." I have a feeling that I might just do that.

AND... because I just need to add this... so uhm.. ya.. raising children IS NOT EASY. It can change by the minute, and has a new challenge every hour... even when you do not realize it's a challenge.. it just is.

OH.. and it's expensive. I thought that things were expensive when me and the KING were starting out with our little "bobe-de-doe" ... but now ... YIKES.

ALSO.... somedays I just feel TRAUMATIZED by being a mother... level headed vs knee jerk. AS we all know.. there is no book of "the best of..."

WHICH is why I .... "will colour to the grave Deanna... colour to the grave...."

Friday, August 27, 2010

So I think

Somedays are just like running a carnival.

A lion tamer, a juggler, an organizer, ......

Or maybe I am a kindergarten teacher.....

"No, don't point fingers, and call people names...."

"Are you allergic to bee stings ...?"

"OK... good now that you are going to live... you need to stop screaming...."

"Please do not take things that are not yours...."


My brain hurts.

But at least it's not foggy induced brain hurting...

Just a hurting brain from the constant whirling of spinning wheels....

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Some days...

The toaster calls to me...especially when it's fresh from usage. I was once built from bread, but now I am built from blueberries. I am thinking that toasted blueberries are not all that inviting... but I do find fried tomatoes fantasmical.

I have to say though... once that toaster smell dissipates, then it's back to non-toaster business, and all is well... until a certain PRINCESS like CREATURE that inhabits the home asks for some toasterlike creation... and like a good soldier like character that I am... engage in toaster combat.

But that is only somedays...

Other days there are things like FRENCH BREAD fresh out of the oven at Safeway..!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

In things that...


Well... the skunk will splunk, if we choose to chase him through our backyard junk.

I have no plans to have a face-off the with our resident skunk, so he can splunk alone.

BUT in things that go splunk in the great indoors....

Tomatoes will splunk, when slapping to the floor all sliced.

I have sliced up a bunch of tomatoes.... they are ready for the dunking, and splunking.... but in a frying pan instead.

I love fried tomatoes.

Especially the splunking kind.

Monday, August 16, 2010

In other things way less time and life consuming:

  1. Afte a weeks worth of phone calls, managed to get in with the Dr....  to have a prescription filled... I wonder if I was really sick!
  2. Saw an amazing band yesterday afternoon... "Big Yahoo".
  3. Plants look a little too withered... I am hopeful that some loving caretaker will come and be their friend, as I haven't been a very good friend to them. Well.. as in I haven't fed them every 2 days...  BUT in fact have found these green pellety things that you just throw in .. that counts doesn't it?
  4. JimmyDean is looking ever so much different with his hippyhair. It's grown just past the top of his ears now. He looks a bit egg like in fact.
  5. Fusslina.. her hair is growing... she had developed a nasty hair pulling habit.. so her patches of hair are approximately three inches long... or shorter.
  6. I used the hair straightener the other day. I look very different.. almost unrecognizable actually... but then I put my glasses on. Oh. There I am.
  7. Decided I am a spinach junky. How many L's can you add in love?
  8. Mind you.. tomatoes are an LOVE IN as well - so add that to the list.
  9. Tsk tsk... not enough picture taking happening. What's my story on that... ? Will have to make up some sort of lies and tales to further answer that question.
  10. The track is currently closed, so I went up and down the set of stairs 30 times, and now it has become hot... I am NOT feeling the love to go back for a do-over


I must get a little more serious about chasing these bears. As they are HIDING from me... of course one could be like the crazy woman from a week ago, and just stand in front of them and take photos.... which is different from me semi-sort of... as I just happened to be driving by in a jeep with a roof off... so you know.. I had wheels attached if I needed to scoot away fast!
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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Much to Dave's unhappiness:

The only image I have is yet another book to report:

Another novel by Lorna Landvik.
This was a cute book, until it made me cry, then I kind of disliked it. There were many characters that almost kept you guessing what was coming next. The title alone makes you want to read it!

FYI: I did go bear hunting last evening... TWICE... but the only thing I found was plop on the ground.. ... not very picture worthy.

Sunday, August 08, 2010

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

eetsa lika thees

firsta take the chile (d) toa thea stora

lettera pickouta ingregants

turna onda thea ovena

anda whala !!

pizza makinga girl -

(Her signature pizza)

Non other than a  "Fussy Deluxe".

Monday, August 02, 2010


By Susanna Kearsley

Surprising to say... this was a good book. I enjoyed the story. The book was easy to follow, which made for increased enjoyment when one puts the book down every ten minutes, and picking it up two days later.

Happy BC Day.

What a lovely cool morning.

How LAZY am I for not falling out of bed and going to do my thing...?


The guilt will kick in later... when it's closing in on the end of the day... and I am still unexercised... or something like that..


Instead.. I am drinking coffee, and reading a book, and tumbling laundry.

AND cleaning out a cupboard.

Wow, I am spectacular.

Almost award winning I am thinking.

There is one thing that I need to clean out... and that is the BIG pickle jar that is holding a large portion of the top part of our fridge ransom... that PICKLE jar needs to go, and so does the perfect slice of pickle inside of it. It's high on the list of MUST DO's today.. being a STAT holiday and all.

BUT.. back to book reading... because that is a good thing. For TODAY at least.