Sunday, February 22, 2015

Matrimony 101

So I think the secret to successful marriage some days is just go and do what you please, whenever you please.

Since there are no real rules in life in regards to making relationships work .. other than being kind, and responsible, and treating each other wish respect ..... there are other times that one sees fit in just moving on.

I live one way, he lives another.

That is what I have determined.

Where I would actually derive the pleasure of his company, it seems that his agenda is full of his agenda, and there isn't any bending it.

Alright fine. I'm good with that.

So I went out the other night ... it was supposed to be WITH him, but given that he had forgotten, he wasn't prepared, hadn't taken the dog for a walk, needed to shower, was sitting on the couch after an exhausting week at work, the whole while dealing with a cold .... it might be forgivable that he didn't want to go out. Once you add up that scenario .. who would.

So I spelled it out to him that it was quite fine that he didn't want to go ... or that ... he did want to go, but later ... way later ... after he had done all his things. So we are not in sync with one another more than anything ... by the time he was ready to go, was the exact same time that I was prepared to come home.

It's that simple, we have two completely different clocks, and learning (and relearning) to make them work .. is work.

I wonder .... does anybody make it out of  the Matrimony 101 stage of wedded bliss?  

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