Wednesday, February 18, 2015

We are talkin some serious ......

fruit salad !!

First off:

I read this book ... OK .. uhm. Wow. Yikes. Scaryville.

I probably would not do the best for a book review person. Since this is not something that I wish to read about on a regular basis ... I found it excruciatingly good, and yet awful at the same time. I can't stand reading books where woman are hurt or beaten or abused, even if it was the truth ... I do not wish to read about it.

Although ... in other things that are on the upswing:

Lot's of stuff !!

I got the girl her driving lessons! CRAZYVILLE yes, I know.

I managed to book a massage therapy appointment, even if it may not be with a person that I wish to stay with for a while, it's a first step in moving forward. Again, CRAZYVILLE, I have never been to a massage therapist before. I am looking for a specific type of one ... so who knows ....

I managed to make it through a quick trip to Costco yesterday. EXCITING TIMES FOLKS. One would think slugging it through the place is a work of pure chore-dom, and while it is/was ... it was HUGE in my world. Of course without fail ... the cashiers had to pause to count their freaking cash. OF COURSE ... as my minutes were dwindling standing on my foot by the second ... people that were 4 people deep cruised past me in the other line ups. I FUCKING HATE Costco for that reason. I guess I would be far more tolerant if this DOUBLE BEE-otch was a little more patient .. no wait .. make that COMFORTABLE while STANDING.

All the same ... I went someplace today that was ever so brave and again ... CRAZYVILLE. I went to a fitness center. YES. I. DID. I even went inside, and made them show me around ... I even touched a piece of equipment. As in rested my finger on a piece of equipment. So here's the situation you see: it's difficult when you live just 5 minutes away from your community recreation center ...  and yet, I find the price of attending the center EXPENSIVE. The gym/fitness center that I wish to attend is a 19 minute drive, past the mall (read TRAFFIC), and it just seems so FAR away, even though it isn't. It is WAY cheaper than trying to attend the local rec center .. and one can go as many times as you would like for FIFTEEN dollars a month. Seems worthwhile to me. My plan is to HIRE a personal trainer to START, and give me a work out plan .... and then meet up with this personal trainer down the road. I do not need an attendee by my side every time I wish to go ... I however wish for someone to give me a work out with the weights and such since my cardio time is limited due to the very reason I have to attend the gym in the first place. Treadmills, ellipticals, regular bikes, racing bikes are all out of the question for the time being, as are any types of classes where standing takes place, or where you have to work in a circuit. BUT .... in an effort to increase the metabolism I want to start doing some weight lifting ... so that will make a nice difference I am sure !!

I went to see the good Dr Rheumatologist the other day .... sigh. I knew he couldn't do anything for me ... but all I was there to see him for was advice. AND .. you can't call these speciality guys up and say ... "Hey Jim .... I have a question ..." so hence .... making an appointment .. and off one goes ... The question I was asking him about wasn't an easy one ... so again .. a bit difficult ...  So he says to me ... "OK wow ... so that was cancer ... wow ... " ... He claimed by the last time he had seen me that because the way it had failed numerous times to heal, that he finally had suspicions of cancer. Although he then said to me ... this is the way vascular ulcers present themselves ... so not only he didn't detect it, nor did the 5 other dermatologists, which he found incredible ... and yet claimed at how difficult this was to treat since the other people had no question marks swirling in their notes either that it was in a bad way. OK ... just for the record ... I could have SCREAMED to anyone and everyone I was in a bad way. He asked me where the graft was ... I told him the whole top portion of my foot.

So then I started thinking ... hmmmm ..... my GP said to me weeks ago that as GP's they don't see this in regular everyday practice ... and then the other day when the DR. Rheum said the same thing ... I thought NOR does he ... and then yesterday I had to buzz in for a prescription refill ... and the non GP woman that I have had to start seeing asked to see the foot, because she was the last to see it before the surgery ... so she to was fascinated ..... alrighty then .... the NICE NICE NICE part is .... this little graft is slowly disappearing into my tissues ... so how freaking ultra crazy cool is that .... this big huge oval looking entity is slowly melting away .. if that is such a thing.

It is a thing. And it is exciting. To be MOVING on. Sort of.

MY ankle has a big hole in it, or at least a hole that is now getting bigger. The Dr. Rheum suggested that perhaps we should start this biopsy business all over again.  Of course he asked why they didn't biopsy it at surgery. I asked him why did he ask me questions that make sense. It seemed obvious to me .. and yet ... it wasn't obvious to all those that do this sort of thing.


I managed to go over to the car wash today .... and wash up the car. Gotta laugh .... one can not just stand leaning on the car when the timer is ticking as the suds pass through the hose !! It was a bit of a chore ... but I struggled through it ! Again, I was very excited to move on doing boring daily chores!! 

OK .. so in SAD SAD SAD SAD news .... only a couple more episodes of my Mr. Patrick Jane. I so love his character that he portrays. One can not simply find that amount of humour, and that amount of drama. ... although I have to admit ... I have been fortunate in finding Columbo re-runs, which totally makes me laugh at the Patrick Jane similarity ... except ... sorry Peter, SIMON is HOT!

AND in news that I am excited for .. I bought a new blow dryer yesterday ... so I am hoping that my wild and crazy mop of straw disguised as hair will have some control back in it's form again ! 

So there it is .... not much going on with the crazy boy ... but rest assured he is crazy .... with his band, and his working, and his hair growing ... the same with the husband and his welder and his jeep rebuilding .. holy crab storms .. the furry boy is of course crazy ... and then so is crazy girl ... she is crazy too ... in a very cute and lovely way sort of crazy.... all this coming from QUEEN CRAZY ...  this is currently where I am in love with fruit salad. Every day. Good Gawd.

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