Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Just past twelve ...

And what exactly have I done?

So I have realized that I have a lot of clothes in my closet neatly piled with nothing to do.

Other than make me fret about finding a single pair of pants ... which of course I couldn't find. Gawd damn it. Thats OK .. I only have ten days to figure out where I might have put them in my neatly folded stack of clothes that have nothing wrong with them .. and yet I don't wear.

Gotta admit ... the lovely physio girl is heading off to Portland .. but only for a single night .. not good in my books ... I need a Portland do-over. Hence my believing that her single day is just not adequate ... I want to go for a week ... and just chill ... except that I think I would have to go it alone .. the husbandman wouldn't be into wandering almost aimlessly about the crackerjack village for no real reasons ... he has no great understanding of the intense people watching that must take place ...

OK .. nope .. I think I want to get to the Oregon Coast more ... yes ! That's It! ... says Charlie Brown ... or Lucy ... but you get the connontation ... I wish to walk the sands of the Oregon Coast ... with my monopod. Perhaps the husband would do that with me ... or I could go it alone ... I think. The better part is we could bring the rascally BO BO meister ... he would make any little trip adventuresome.

So earlier we were talking about enjoying going out for dinner ... well .. I think I might .. if I had a husbandman who enjoyed going out for dinner ... except that since he is addicted to enjoying cooking, and the whole shopping portion of the cooking .. and the whole process ... he doesn't like going out for dinner ... because he quietly cesses out the cost comparison .. .and of course it is a KAJILLION times cheaper to create the exquisites in the homeland. All find and dandy ... but WHERE'S the adventure ? And the atmosphere ... and MOST importantly ... the PEOPLE !

Then there's the whole poler fleece addiction ... when one wishes to believe that polar fleece is all occasion wear ... then it's hard to go into finer establishments with the homeless looking person at your side. Gawd. I gotta get that shit right ! Wrong ... I will stick to eating my pineapple poles (that's what I call them) from Costco .. and my full on greek yogurt and hemp hearts .... cause living with me is just that simple.

OK ... back to the children that are not children in the sense that they are not under two feet high. So the boy was in an indescribable wickedly bad mood last eve .... so much so the signal of endearment was all but forgotten ... and no eye contact was made while he was sitting at his music making piano machine ... he even stealthily made it into his bedroom many hours later .. and not a single word was said to me ... OUCH. When these wildly talented musicians find themselves in a bad mood ... the world must be forced to dance upon eggshells. And be evermost diligent about that eggshell walk.

So the best thing to counteract the foulness of moods .. is still that awakening moments ... with happiness .. which included a chocolate chip muffin for the lad .... and of course for the beautiful young lady ... just past twelve ....

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