Monday, February 02, 2015

Silence amongst us.

The ever so beautiful and amazing young lady of a daughter had her wisdom removed from that beautiful head of hers on Friday. She is just such a rock star, in a huge amount of ways. In her delirious perfectly good but high state, she texted her friends afterwords. Stating she was fine, no big deal. What a girl of epic porportions .... calm and steady .... with a small sentiment that she was ever so slightly nervous, as she had right to be.

So now that she has had her teeth sent to wisdom heaven, she has had to be only slightly quieter this past weekend. That's alright she has all her gadget that she needs surrounding her ..which is perfect in keeping one silent. Well, that and pain drugs ... do the trick.

In feats that will leave the readership astounded into even more silence would be the fact that I was actually able to make some jello for her. Sounds incredulous .. .seriously .. a feat such as boiling water, and stirring a powdery substance. Surely to gawd I am exagerating ... NOPE. That is how far I have fallen my loyals readerships. One would begin to guess and assume that surely to good gawdliness that I tell the lies of highest of mountains ... but no, the sad quiet detail of my life ..... that I have spent living it from the bed to a chair, and if I were to be out, it was always on tortuous borrowed time. ....  However ...  gasps that will truly shock ... I, in the same kitchen experience was able to boil up some macaroni noodles, and grate cheese, and offer up that as an offering off a soft and yet filling dinner for her. In regular joe times ... who would even speak of such ridiculouness ... boiling water, dumping noodles, grating cheese, and presenting that is a feat the same as discovering North America porportions ... YUP. After that amount of insane standing, and manuevering the little foot/leg recovered .. a number of hours later ... the truly nice part of all of this jaw dropping silence .. is the mere fact I was actually able to do it, ... and clean up after .... something that has been so absent from my life, for so many months. Long months.

In other things of great silence ... there is still an err of unease that exists inside this body beyond the 1 percent of badlike things that still resemble the horrid cancer bullshit. I have a whole arm / underarm thing where the poor arms are just swollen feeling and hard. I used the similar describing words as a great sale going on at Target, where the doors are pulsating and bulging from the people pushing on them .. with every added desperate shopper the doors bulge a little more ... I'm not a Target fan .. but my friend is .. she appreciated my humour ... as her beloved Target is going to close down ... and I sorta laughed at that ! And that is still the silence that I am living with ... hoping that all will settle itself down without a devious undermining developing.

I went to see the very nice surgeon last week. He agreed in acknowledgement that I was not comfortable knowlingly letting 1 percent still remain, and hoping that the inflammation alone would kill things off, I said I wasn't comfortable waiting for that eventuality to unfold.. The sugeon nodded, and did agree .. then said he would send me to a radiation oncologist. OK .. well ... that's alright except the three options of which none I was content with have now become one. A surgeon that wishes to NOT do surgery. Interesting. From what I know .... is that surgeons LOVE to do surgery. That's why they are surgeons, they don't really want the messy life components .. they want to cut, chop and refurbish. Now he is handing me off ... to see if a little zap will do me .. even though the surgeon said that even a little zap will melt my newly acquired graft. As pure life comedy would have it ... the best looking part of the graft is where the itty bitty 1 percent remains.

In other things of silence is the Jimstonson. He's silent, but not. He came forward with the plans from the crazy band. Holy not-silenceville-whatsoever .... they will be gone for three weeks, of which they will be playing twice a day ... well rock and roll charlie .... that's a good thing. The Elton John influence has truly come to show in his playing ... I will never forget the night that him and I got to go ... I was in horrific pain ... but yet .... what an impact it had on him. A silent smile creeps across my face on that one!

So in keeping with enjoying my chickalots ... a lot ... I had kept some tissue paper hearts from the Micheal Buble concert that the girl and I went to ... we had an awesome time .. her and I .... what a moment in time ... so all these pink and red hearts floated from the ceiling at the end of the show .. I of course picked up a couple of them, and safely put them in my phone case ... and I enjoy knowing they are there, as they always remind me of what a great time the girl and I had enjoying that good fellow Micheal ... ! So the other day I had a great idea to clean out the tub ... and swoosh like no tomorrow my iphone fell in the tub ... phone ended up dead, the tissue hearts water logged and destroyed ... so what did I end up doing ... i ploughed my phone into a rice bag, and then in an attempt to revive the hearts, I dumped rice on them ... well bless my soul ... I have a phone revival as well as tissue heart retrieval ... how awesome is that !

And now ... with both the chick a lots home ... I will inquire as to what is maintaining their silence .. amongst us.

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