Friday, November 06, 2015

Seriously Santa

So ... while I was cleaning out one of my cupboards a number of weeks ago .. I found a purple shimmery box. It was intriguing to me .. I knew there was something of completely NO value, except I did find some christmas ornaments. These guys needed some colourful TLC. What a project.

As GUILT has an evil way of commanding what happens in your life ... I decided that I couldn't possibly LIVE another christmas without having these ornaments all coloured and bedazzled in christmas craziness.

So now .. I sit ... and paint .. and fuss,... and paint ... and fuss ... and waste a whole bunch of time contemplating the colour red ... because as luck would have it ... I have managed to find myself a whole bunch of Santa's ... really, seriously santa!

IN other things of whimsy and value ... !!! .... A rather large expense will be purchased  NOW,  in the next coming months ... so I have managed to heal up this little leg!!!! Another week or so .. and off I go to catch a new leg ... or the process of getting a new leg ... hooray for the two legged-ness! So excited to be a believer in things do eventually work out!

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