Sunday, November 01, 2015

A workers guide to retirement

Ok ... so first things first.

One MUST work.

Well now there's a situation.

The End.

I just got home from a retirement "do". This lady "did" a lot. I will not compare myself to her. But gawd damn ... one can not HELP but compare their lives ... like "holy crap" ... where did she get the time, and all the vision ... to put forth change in so many ways !! And yet ... she is still very young ... VERY young ... and now what does retirement look like for her ... because THOSE ideas do not stop, that forward thinking, being a mentor to so. many. people.

So I think I still have "some time" left to make an impact. On something.

But GAWD what ... ?

And that is WHY my book on a workers guide to retirement will be a short non-descript snippet of words that simply says ... "And now, the adventure begins!"

In my non-retirement form I am fortunate to wake up everyday and ask myself ... "what is the goal for the day?" How do you foresee your day unfolding? Is there room for solitude, or spontaneity? Is it colourful, or is it planned out ? Big or small, I equate my days to adventures, even mini adventures, I am not changing peoples lives minute by minute, but I do add to the equation of "my peoples" lives, and that is important. Somedays.

In other things that are way less boring ...

I put my paints away for a titch of time. In reality, it's a make work project just to get them out again. That should be fun. NOT. However; in the meantime, I will carry on with my New York colouring book, and practice the art of turning a black and white picture to colour via pencil crayons.

Somehow it just doesn't seem worthy to talk about accomplishments, and "shoes to fill", retirement, and colouring ... "Hi ... I am here for our colouring date!" .... ya, not so much.

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