Monday, January 26, 2015

Pinch pinch - pinch an inch

As time and calories have built up, so have the inches. Not an uncommon entity when it comes to being unable to move much, if at all.

So I go to the surgeon today ..... I fail to ask a thousand and three questions, oh wait ... or really any questions at all.

You know .. the small details in life ...

When can I really start back at standing and walking again?
I can't wait for the pain to wear off, because that could be an eternity.

So, I'm using Bactigras, and from what I have learned from having a graft is that they start to dry out. OK, so when do I start moisturizing? ... not sure how you moisturize around weeping spots ... but that is saved for a day when prettier conversation prevails.

I didn't bother to ask about numbness, or the fact that there is complete numbness. That should maybe return in ..... how about never amount of time.

The real trickster portion of the day is the very fact that I can not walk on it with out a runner; however, I am supposed to leave it open to air, which is all fine except when I go to walk ... So I have to protect it ... while being in a shoe ... which means it's all wrapped up. It's a make work project really ... then when I am done ... I unwrap it again ... so gawd help me if all the gadgets of life are not at my disposal ...  or I forget to switch the load of laundry !

Now in the meantime ... I am looking at ways I can get back to doing something that has a little cardiovascular component, as well as a little bit of a stretching exercise ... to be moveable again .... I think there is an app for that !

In the meantime ... I am not seemingly dissatisfied with the inches that I can now pinches .... after the endless hours of non stop walking and running .... that's OK ... I will make it back .... 

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