Friday, March 13, 2015

Marjolins Ulcer VS Marian Keyes!

Which makes for light late night reading?

Clearly the first option will shock the living shit out of ones eye bulbs, and leave them reeling down even the flattest of driveway landscapes.

So don't go with option ONE, I'm telling you that right now.

Marian Keyes of course is the best choice award for late night LIGHT reading .... then there's the challenge  to actually open up the page where one left off ... to get that nice floaty feeling that goes with the as option two.

So life in the world where a little things like cancer and other related events impede your day ....

The surgeon is wondering if the pathology report was actually wrong ... for two reasons ....

The margins of ONE percent was actually more, and the LOCATION of the unclear margin was incorrect.


How the hell does this shit happen ... Are we talking a life long gong show event that continues to take place ... 

If I go back in time ... and review some of the idiotic events that have occured, one would spin their heads, and chuckle and point and admit ... yup ... "Look .. it's gong show girl !" Well then let's just admit it ... trust me people, ... this gong show girl is a professional.

Things like having the good doctory people tell you to keep using the majorly potent steroid cream.

Then have another dermatologist tell me that why didn't I listen to the other two good doctorly people, and put the potent steroid cream around the edges of this LESION. In fact ... put the majorly potent steroid cream over the whole LESION. And while we are talking NON WOUNDS, but lesions ... it is only a lesion, and not a non healing wound, and get the dressing off it ... because it's not helping it. (So I guess it's OK to walk around with socks and runners continuously soaked with draining fluid ...?) That doctorly person failed to answer that question. 

So I followed that REALLY BAD ADVICE, and the foot (fake wound I guess) burned to freaking living hell for four days ... that I remember now actually .. but it burned on and on and on and on .... I eventually made it back to my GP where I had to dispell the hellish event of seeing that doctorly sort of person. His consult also reported that what I needed was physio. That's what I really needed, and I had been lax in realizing this myself. 

My question to the GP had been .. OK ... I could do physio, except ... this foot is burning, violent and I can barely walk ... but I could consider physio ... IN OTHER LIFETIME OF HELL. She suggested I wait a bit before I embarked on physio ... considering that in reality nobody could actually touch the foot or manipulate it in any way as it was ... so maybe it was best to wait. OK... great thanks.

In other related stupid story events ... I appreciate people's (we are talking doctorly people) good regard for me demanding urgent health care. It's the truth peoples ... gawd. Yes ... many of the doctors I saw told me that I needed to tell the doctorly types that what I needed was on an urgent basis. Uhmmmmmmm ... just a note here peeps .. from what I REALLY know to be true, and what actually WORKS .. is that if you doctorly peoples actually talk to one another ... there's these handy devices such as telephones, and even handier such incidentals as well (!) paid secretaries to do the dialing if the whole telephoning event is a difficult process. Yes, it was up to me to supposedly demand that I get the ball rolling QUICKLY.  

Right. That works ... in the HELL FREEZES OVER scenario.

However today ... in the gong show events of life .. when the sugeon stated that things were NOT as they should be ... he told me I needed a biopsy ... just so we are CLEAR ... I need a biopsy two months and five days after surgery that was supposed to fix this mess.  


So I won't sign up at the gym then ... it could be a waste of money at this point ... 

Interestingly enough ... I am listening to the boys band The Face.plants song called WHY. Except their song is supposed to be a fun pop love song ... which it is ... in my circumstance ... I ask myself the question .. "Please tell me why" .....which are their lyrics ... however it's suddenly suiting for my life question in this moment ... 

So in todays office conversation with the surgeon he gave me a date of April 10th for a biopsy. I hmmmed and hawed (FUCKING LIE! .. I didn't) ... actually I sighed and said .. well ... this is what I know, and from experience now in our new found relationship ... I know that one month from now, this foot will just be a lot worse ... the pain will intensify, and in reality things are just going to deteriorate. I asked him if he really thought this was potentially cancer crawling it's way back ... because I have been watching all other parts of this foot HEAL the last two months .. except this one part, which has actually gotten worse ... and he wonders the same thing ... my obvious observations was the pain portion .. I said .. well, things in the pain department are very much better, and yet .. there is a huge reservation as to WHY this is still very painful, when in reality it shouldn't be. In the end things changed quickly ... 

My appointment for the oncologist was bypassed.

I suggested that I continue antibiotics for another week because the massive stupid infection in my ankle probably hadn't cleared yet, which could be a HUGE contributing factor the pain problem.

I have a DATE with the surgeon this MONDAY morning, just past sunrise.

He is going to biopsy the freshly fixed problem, and THEN we are going to attempt to biopsy the ankle, which I don't think I am going to be able to do ... unless we have a five minute knock out sledge hammer approach to throwing a needle in an area of tissue that is already badly wounded.

Then ... as badly as he wished to NOT DO ... if the biopsy results come back as positive he has already said .. well, we fix and graft all the portions of the foot. The NEW spot, the SPOT of original ONE percentness, and then the ANKLE. 

And then to make matters even more interesting in a casual office visit ... he said that I should start to swirl around in the back of my head that if this continues to be way ... that I should start considering the potential for amputating.

Yes, swallow that with your handful of caramel popcorn.

I need a drinking problem.

And THIS is what the story of LIGHT reading about Marjolin's Ulcers are ... they COME BACK.

I will stick to my LATE night Marian Keyes LIGHT reading ... thanks.

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