Saturday, October 31, 2015

Well, THAT was scary. NOT

So for over 498 moments I decided to change the look of my blog. I thought it was dying. The blog. Not me. I thought I was running out of words, and stories, and useless tales to tell. I thought that this was a "wash out" ... that I was going to pack up shop and be done.


I think I am BACK ... with more stories, useless details of life, and other random pieces of adult life that really isn't that humorous at all. However; I will now try to find a the humour in the day, and leave it here ... to be found. With attached labels and photos to further get the intention across.

Here's a photo now ... nope .. can't seem to make it happen. So at this point this blog will remain pictureless... which is really actually a good thing since I do not have many to share.

So here we are the end of October ... almost at the end of another year ... amazing how time doesn't fly. This time last year I was waiting upon people to tell me stories of life changing alterations that were in the works ... and a year later ... I am still waiting on the life altering fix ups .... "I hear that leg a comin, comin' down the track" ... it's that level of excitement around here ...

I watched a couple of videos a number of weeks back by the "AmputeeOT", she was interesting & informative, and clearly very smart. I can't say I was thrilled with her blaring BYYYEEES and child like waving into the youtube videos very enticing to keep me coming back ... in fact .. down right scary  ... perfect for a day like today .. when that is the amount of scariness that this one person can take. Perhaps what may have been very scary is the fact that she was strutting along at 10 weeks post amputation .. on her very own leg. Today marks three months in the calendar of time that I have managed to put behind me ... all minus a leg. Still alive, and hopping about to tell the tall tales of adventures ... and I am waiting for the excitement of the day when the adventure starts again on two legs!

So now ... amongst the rain storm ... I will go and observe the pumpkin carving adventures! 

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