Sunday, March 08, 2015


Last week while I was twirling about in the bed because the little bitchfoot was exhausting my efforts at remaining asleep ... I came up with a plan ...

I had to figure out a way to set up shop with my camera, and use the remote button ... to get pictures of hummingbirds.

So amongst the sliding this way and that ... I managed to figure it out.

I did a little reading about the little fellas .. and so today ... I started my trap!

I bought some brightly coloured spring flowers, and then moved my hook allotted hummingbird gadget .. and I set to work cleaning up the feeders, and brewing up the mixture. All 10 seconds it took to make the swirling clear mixture!

So now ... the trap has been set ... however ... I am going to purchase more "hooks" & feeders for additonal hummers to find their way into the yard ... so it can be a festival of humming porportions!

Back to regular scheduled programming ...

Have yet to practice any of my exercises due to the continued wreck of a thigh muscle .. how hilarious (OK NOT) that I can't exercise lying down because I still managed to ruin a muscle.

I am not sure whether to cancel physio on Tuesday or not ... nahhhhh ... I won't ... it's better that I go ... I will hummmmm my way through things somehow!

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