Friday, October 30, 2015

Holy slow-pokes

So today .... miraculousy enough managed to submit some "artwork" to an art show, that fortunately is titled "anonymous" ... more than likely for ME, is a good thing! I actually FEARED having to put my name on the little 8x8 pieces of  "artwork" for the HUGE fear of embarressment !!! SO horrific! .. and well, timely .... VERY SCARY !!! Oh yes, very scared ... however .... I am intrigued as to what the gallery will look like, once all the gems are hung up for the show ... in the meantime ... the show is juried .. and now I will live in the HUGE fear that the people will call me with "thanks for coming out today with the artwork, but you need to take yours home" .....

And so .. moving on ....

Novembers project will be quickly approaching ... !! I found some christmas ornaments that need some sort of embellishments of christmas craziness ... so before the box of mega stash of paints is set away for safekeeping .. I will paint up a storm or red, greens & blues for the festival of christmas time fun colours!

In other things .... well ... that would be the above items ! Apart from the fact that I am still down ONE leg, and there is no real end site into "it's" arrival ... although NOW I am thinking that it is going to be closer to the END of the year ... so we could be talking Birthday Gifts for oneself !! Who knows .. the leg recovering gods only know that !!

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