Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Welcome to Life Part III

So let's just do some damage control here:

January 6 - surgery & VAC, graft on little foot
March 16 - biopsy -all clear
March 31 - IV antibiotics & the thought that SOMETHING is NOT right.
April - WBC Scan, Bone Scan, MRI - hmmm - osteomyelitis
May 4 - Appt with Oncologist - he says "foot looks fine" - LATER that day appt with Inectious Disease- Foot DOESNT look fine
May 8- Back to Plastic Surgeon
May 16 - Biopsy Again
May 22 CT scan Abd - POSITIVE for enlarged lymph nodes groin
May 28 - IV Antibiotics D/C'd, Appt with Plastic Surgeon - POSITIVE for Re-current SCC
June 8 - Back to square one, might as well be January 6 all over again, plus a bone BX at surgery
June 18 - PET scan
June 22 - FNA lymph node groin
June 28 - appt with oncologist
July 13 - Excision lymph node groin
July 31 - Amputated the poor little foot, just below the knee.


THREE times the CHARM!

And now it starts ... exercising the leg .. and the body back to trying to get some re-conditioning happening ....

Thank you for your patience !!

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