Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Well isnt this a numb ride!

Yes it is folks. Numb all around. Currently the little "pawsies" are back up to their hissy fitting tricks and are numb as numb can be.

This couldn't possibly be due to the fact that I am a professional hopper maniac. I have crutches, but despise them ... the non cruise control walker gives me super sturdy ground to balance on. Gotta love balance. So the extreme pressure that I use to walk with is causing nerve damage to my hands .. which is the reason for the numbness, such dumbness .. No ?

BUT then I have the minnie-mouse wheely hand bike ... I am up to 43 minutes on that baby. AND cheesus .. I could break down the wheely biking to a couple of times a day .. but once you get on this piece of magic ONE DOES NOT WANT TO GET off this hand bike .. gawd NO ... reason: YOU would never get back on ... it is just obnoxious .... wheeling and wheeling and never getting the heart rate past 100 BPM. At least I think that's the case ... I have a heart rate monitor ... on the telephone ... but that means ... stopping (well once your torture of the minutes is up) .. it takes a good two minutes to get the app up and running ... pokey pokey .. in the meantime ... the wheeling has to stop ... and so does the freaking heart rate. Double damn on being the nosey parker as to whether I am still alive or not. Freak.

Let's talk hair. It's everywhere. All. The. Time. I usually have great plans to wear it down ... and it looks all great and lovely .. until I start HOPPING about .. and then it's a showdown in the "wild west of hair locks" ... they are everywhere! Of course washing this fine mane is another sub-par arrangement. I like washing the locks in the laundry room sink .. it seems to fit my head .. however the floor is tile, and by the time this wild hopper is done .. so it the leg & foot. It's done dead and gone. By then end of the hair washing .. I am now standing on what would be "high heels" in an effort to NOT stand on the remaining good foot. Double witchy wonderland.

to be continued ... 

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