Friday, March 06, 2015

Just dont mess my hair.

That is what I was thinking about this morning prior to me going to physio.

So here's my latest .....

Me doing CORE work .. and BREAKING a sweat.

Seriously folks, it's the truth.

I will say HAPPY sugarclumps over that one!!

How is that possible. Well it just is. Fuck. Take my word for it.

I pay a beautiful woman a lot of money, to make me sweat and almost fall off exercise balls!

That's OK .... I am feeling pretty trashed after being at her place for a single hour ... and I am not fucking kidding you bozo the clown eyebrow raisers! Gawd, or more like double gawd ...

I came home to sweepa the homestead since I didn't do it yesterday, so over night the regular two dog multiplying hair system that takes place while darkness penetrates the home ... it was more like a triple dog hair multiplying process ... and now today .. POST physio, and doing things like DEAD BUGS ... there is a whackadoodle amount of hair ... which I can barely sweepa....

OK and then in news that is even more horrifying ... the fixer upper massage therapist girl is busily going on spring break ... so I am out of commission from her as well ...

This is now life in the fast lane ... and more expressively ... every body has switched lanes ... so all I have to do is keep driving till these people come available to me again.

I am going to have to do something fascinating while on spring break ... except in my adult boring world there isn't much to break about .... maybe I will reminess over lasts year adventure ... New York !

In other things so muh less exciting:

I texted the girl yesterday ... "So I'm going to Costco ...." when I get the freakishly excited text back .. "NOT WITHOUT ME!!!!!". That's my girl ... always just so not excited about things.

Well ... it's best to venture on with the day ... although I am having a hard time standing ...  kind of funny actually ... I can barely stand cause I SAT and exercised for BARELY an hour!

And, my hair became messy. I rock the world.

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