Sunday, November 15, 2015

All the wrong ways! ~ sort of

Check out the eyebulbs on this crazy character. He knows 10,000 times over where he is NOT supposed to be ... so he quickly, and quietly tucks himself in, and immediately starts the sleeping process. He knows that as long as he sleeps stealthily, this not so stealth in the "kicking him out" department will leave him where he is. 

So many rules ... forever changing ... 

ON yesterdays life adventures ... 

I paid actual real live money to go sit in a gym, and scrapbook. Crazy ... ! or not !! I LOVED IT!! 

Life is a changing ... I can feel it in the winds. Well, I can see that life has changed .. cause this little guy stands at three times the height, doesn't wear fleecy jammies, we don't own linoleum from the 1970's any longer, and that wood paneling is gone. AND the "wild west" CD, is long, and wild gone!! This little Bobe-dee sang along to "rawhide" .. and stomped up his feet .. and gee ODD, was a performer at this tiny of an age!!  All the worry and unknowns about raising children right ... "what will they become" ....well  at this very moment .. the boyson is currently reading a book about the first world war, which involved elephants. For real. That's what he has become ... a huge history LOVING, piano playing, song writing musician. Wowser mowsers ...this is definitely something that ISN'T the wrong way!

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