Wednesday, October 21, 2015

When the loves runs out ...

So when Lady Ga Ga was dreaming up music ... little did she know, she perfected the minniemouse wheeling song ! My life has revolved around this piece of music .. and wheel away I go, on my mini-bike .. that's mini HAND bike that sits atop my counter top .. while I peddle up a storm .. trying to get this heart rate above a hundred. But alas we have the lovely Neil Diamond ... with his Brother Love's Travelin' Salvation Show ... now that is a quaint piece of music ... that keeps these mighty arms a peddlin!

I keep peddlin ... as the love has not run out ... YET!!

So in current events:

WE have had the grand transformation of the "girls" room ... she is now hoarder-less appearing now .. and is in fact .. most disgusted with the amount of "things" that she had stored away for another day... so in reality .. she might be swinging the other way now .. not interested in STuFF that crowd her world. Very freeing ... I would believe.

I am currently perplexed by my pickle trees. So I have been doing some painting for an "anonymous" show ... and good gawd .. this woman is keeping it anonymous !!! I wouldn't want my name on ANY of these absurd creations .. however .. they are painstakingly making me remain focused ... sort of .. I would rather do dishes than paint .. so that's telling ya something.

Waiting for the boyson to return to living in the homestead ... upon his return ... will he remain a band member, or forgo that passion and enter the mainstream population ... time and an apple pie will tell !

Well .. back to the pickle tree painting party ... 

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