Tuesday, December 15, 2015

The Band No MORE Boy

So ... all good things must come to an end. Sometimes.  I am feeling a bit apprehensive for the boy today .... as I have a feeling he is very much feeling that way himself. He has remained hidden inside the confines of his room ... just "chillin" I am guessing.

He has decided to end his good times with the band that he is in. Mind you .. in reality he really doesn't wish to quit. He wishes to NOT quit so much that it's eating him up inside. However; in an effort to grow and expand into his adulthood he needs to move on. He can't move on, while he is forced to remain at something where he ONCE loved, but somehow knows he just needs to go.

He spent a month back in September/October traveling and playing ... he decided that THIS was not the life for him ... He didn't like imposing on complete strangers couches, and the unknown of where he would shower at the start of the day, or for how long would he get to sleep before they had to pack up and leave to their next destination. So not what he wishes to do for the "rest" of his life.

My boy has simply said that his style of music has changed, he doesn't wish to be a "part of the background." Not that he is going to "go it alone" in his musical ways, although he very much is wishing to move on with his musical self.

I have always said ... and still say ... He is completely Elton John, but a 21st century Elton John. He isn't meant for background .... this guy has just got what it takes in the front of the show talent department ... and yet has the graces to not let it go to his head ...

So today I am feeling sad for him ... he wants to tell them tonight at band practice, and yet is not going to, as they have a show tomorrow night ... so he doesn't wish to wreck their HIGH.

Well, ... but moving forward .. it may open doors and opportunities for other engagements that he can participate in ... a young lady said to him last week that she could sit and listen to him for hours ... the nice part about that comment was the fact that she was a piano teacher herself, and had been playing for twenty years ... so a compliment to the boy himself as to the level of talent that he possesses.

Interesting though ... eventually things change ... as time moves on.

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