Saturday, December 26, 2009

well well well well

Isn't it just like me to forgot to post on the 25th day.

Well you know... of course it is just that day that I become ONE year older.... silly me.

To celebrate I drank wine, ate turkey, indulged in bugles and dark chocolate after eights... and forgot about the world of weightloss for only but a moment...

Today it all came crashing back to me when two of the boys at work whispered to me.... so how much exactly have you lost..... and the other wanted to know how I did it.

I told them it was a trade secret... I don't even know how I did it.....

AND on the 26th... I worked.

ICK!.. to make up for all the wreckless shopping of course!


Chaos is my Life said...

Good grief...I cannot get it dear friend...I wish you a new year (older of course) full of many blessings, love, health and happiness!!!! You are an inspiration to those that know you (ie. me) and a blessing to all of us as well. You bring joy to my days and I thank you! And in return....I hope you have joy in your days...on your birthday...and always.

From one crazy lady to another!

Susan said...

OOps looks like you missed the 27th as well! Not like me who posts EVERY day!!! Well, maybe every month these days!
Sounds like you had a wonderful family holiday!