Monday, December 14, 2009

Fussy Mussy Fourteen

Now typically I would speaking of the crazy haired blond girl with a title like that.

Today I am not.

However... you know that ALL my titles are the opening statement to the words going down the page.... certainly... as that is the way.

Today is different.....

Today I PERSONALLY have been fussing, and fussing and fussing.

AND.. because I am me.. more fussing.

Another true feeling of christmas has arrived in our homeland, if only it is all temporary.


Snow is nice.. snow is lovely.. snow is... you know... all white and crispy and clean feeling, and welcoming at this time of year.

It brings out that extra flavour of festive to this lovely season.


Today is supposed to be our last meeting for the group...

And with snow... that just hampers the whole little shin dig.

Do I continue, do I not... what do I do... do I cancel.. do I not... what do I do... should I make it next week, should I not ... what do I do... I shouldn't cancel because some people will come, but maybe they wont, is this asking people to do something they do not want to do... what do I do....

AND that is where the lovely OCD part of the brain kicks into high gear..... and endless round of questions. I am the image of the hamster on the running wheel at 3:26 in the morning. (Well.. except last night... my brain was too tired to be bothered to wake up with any more thoughts on the subject actually...)

Hence now the Fussy Mussy Me this morning..... sporting Frizzy-Izzy hair to make the look complete.


Chaos is my Life said...

My sister came by early this go over some pension paperwork....I heard "them" say they were going to go for coffee. I pouted to myself....but to my surprise..."he" ended up just where I wanted him to....with you and your "group"...and he said he had a wonderful time! Lots of food...only four people....but your mama made/brought a spread....I was glad.

But I'm still crazy!....I made borscht AND goulash!

Deanna said...

yes, you are correct in your self assessment of claiming you are crazy.

Here... let me tell you again....


Ok... and who is doing all the borscht and goulash eating... that is craziness all in itself.

I must say... I stir fried some chicken... which the date was for yesterday... and quickly froze it.... hopefully I will not take myself out in the process of eating it.

Now who is CRAZY?


oh.. i just noticed below this is on Miss Pippys account... rats.. I don't want to retype this...hoe did Pippy get here... get out Pippy ... get out.