Thursday, December 31, 2009

On the last day of the year....

I laughed!
  1. At myself
  2. At others
  3. At my dog
  4. And my kids
  5. Really at my husband
  6. And our friends & the neighbours
  7. Clearly at the sister & her chicklets
  8. at my yard, my garden
  9. at my bad book reads
  10. at my excellent book reads
  11. at my new glasses
  12. at my weirdness
  13. at my off the wall emails
  14. at my I wont mention the words on this blog
  15. at my great advice to strangers!
  16. at my complacency
  17. at my parking abilities
  18. at my cooking skills, or lack there of .. or complete disinterest in
  19. at my OCDness
  20. at my choice in music... (currently this second... " I don't feel like dancing")
  21. at my laundry methods
  22. at my useless task nights
  23. at my bear watching friends
  24. at my bear watching hours
  25. at my current job
  26. at my ability to drive down Prairie with my eyes closed
  27. at my intolerance to the boy being chronically late
  28. at my hair colouring skills
  29. at my facebook friends
  30. at my psycho circle walking
  31. at my not eating carb non carbish lifestyle plan
  32. ay my amount of chicken wings I ate
  33. at my giving away my closet
  34. at my ability to dance (ha ah ah ha hah ah!!)
  35. at my organizing a closet or TEN
  36. at my patience
  37. at my amount of money I have given to the boy
  38. at my number of subway stops I have made with him as well
  39. at my number of trips to safeway to collect airmiles
  40. at my number of trips to a grocery store on top of going to safeway
  41. at my fridge never really having anything in it
  42. at my GRAND idea of taking the Gramericason off milk
  43. at my stupidity of not watching OPRAHS " I gotta feeling"
  44. at my chronic buying of a new christmas table treasure again this year
  45. at my compulsion to buy runners... hmmmmm
  46. at my inability to shop like my sister .."I'll take this... price tag.. what pricetag?"
  47. at my son and his endless music making
  48. at my boys humour, it's probably weirder than mine
  49. at my girl... her humour qualifies
  50. at my stock photography
  51. at my schemes and plans for better pictures in 2010
  52. at where I will be in a years time from now....
Yes people... one laugh for each week of the year...although I know I laughed way more than only once a week... I hope for each of you reading that you will find lightness to laugh everyday... it's healthy you know.... says me.. and that isn't just me "Jive talking" (remix version I will add)

Happy New Year folks!

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Chaos is my Life said...

Can't wait to see what 2010 will bring here on your blog and our coffee/school visits....I look forward to the laughs more than anything!

Happy 2010 D....may it be a good one for you and all!!!