Tuesday, December 29, 2009

ARE we human?

So... now that there is an extra MP3 player in the house... guess which song I have downloaded 10,000 times!!

I can say that I do love THAT song by The Killers!

Now I am looking for music to throw onto this thing... of course I only want DANCE music on this little baby... and it just a LITTLE baby... compared to the boys 32 GB iPod touch.

HOWEVER... my 4 GB is more than enough for this non-kitchen loving lady. (Don't worry folks.. I wont purposely burn it down.... I feel though it is probably just much better that I do not UTILIZE this space... but rather spend my time downloading music...!)

So now.... I will muster up a little soft shoe gentle sway... oh right.. I don't feel like dancing! That's a lie.


Chaos is my Life said...

What song is that...by "the Killers"?

Deanna said...


You would love it lady lujza