Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Walk...? Not. Not walk?

So this morning... I have already attempted to go walking.

On the fifteenth day of December I wished to go walking first thing.

Well almost wished.

I wish for many things.. walking as the forefront not so much.. but you know.. when the boy refuses to go to school, one must CAVE and drive him.

I realized very quickly that was the very basis on him not wishing to go to school.

Of course being a ROCK SOLID mother.... ha ah aha ha ha h haahh a... of course being the true evil person that I am proceeded to go into great details about how HIS FATHER is deeply concerned for his future... and this could greatly put him at risk of turning out like a washed up musician playing at bad events... and him and his scruffy dog living on the streets. While that didn't really get him out of bed.. the whole "ride to school" was the ticket to my success.

So.. since I was out.. and looking ever so ugly in the process... I dressed for the event, and drove to my favourite track. (The one in which I lone-lll-leeee walked around on Saturday night...). This time the gates were still locked. OK.. what's the deal... it's 0810... why can't the gates be open... ? I was hopeful that the track would be far less slippy than the walkways leading to the track... but you know.. I really wished to walk.

Now I am home... with the smell of coffee still brewing in the home...and once inside this inner sanctum... it's hard to return to once was.

I am trapped inside a virtual vortex.... and that is how it is on the 15th!

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