Wednesday, December 23, 2009

On the 23rd...

I fretted.

Some how I missed the 22nd.

Could have been the margaritas.

Yes, I think it was.

Oh well... with just a little extra done... I am one step closer to gift giving day.


However... NOW I am baking.

OK, not really baking... I just have the oven on, and am thinking about baking.

I showed my friend my kitchen the other day.... she said she'd seen it before....

BUT what I didn't get to say was....

"Look, it's just like brand new.... it doesn't get used much by me...."

So today... I am .... making caramel popcorn.

I think I burned the first batch.

Yes, how the hell is that possible?

Hmmm... tragically troubling...

I think I might have just burnt the second batch.

What the DOUBLE hell.., I have been following the directions.

I DESPISE using my kitchen..

So, on the 23rd.... I shut down all operations that involved the kitchen.

The End.


Chaos is my Life said... ...the best site on earth! "My Amish Friends Pop Corn"...or something or other...the best stuff!! And speaking of new must come and see my new sink!

Susan said...

Dont take offence...but... Perhaps if you stood and watched the pot instead of blogging you would be more succsessful in the kitchen!!!
My baking is getting done right now too. But in this house, it's now Heidi who creates edible masterpieces. I am just the sampler lady!!!