Friday, December 18, 2009

AND on the 18th day of December.

I sat back.

AND enjoyed....

The GIFTS of friendship.


Now I am totally pissed up drunk, hugely fat, completely lost and tragically in tears.


And it's just after eight in the morning.




But ... I do have the opportunity to be... only because...


I had two FANTABULOUS friends come over. Well,... one made it to the front door.. which is pretty good .... considering that we do not really ever see one another anyways.. except on schoolgrounds, or in schools... and that is all.

AND lucky for me... I received some gifts!

A book of poems, (the tragically tears parts), a banquet of places to see and go around Vancouver and beyond (the completely lost part), a plateful of homemade cookies (going all bigga bigga here), and a freshly bottled chocolate cherry port, or raspberry chocolate, or something BERRY chocolate... which I am quite certain I will like... or liked considering that I am supposed to be piss faced drunk already...


So ya.. isn't that the nicest!


BUT NOW ... on the real 18th.... I scurried, and hurried and frazzled about.
Laundered and sorted ... and cleaned the girls room out.

Forgot about gift giving, and all that assorted stuff.
Made a list for myself, so the gift giving wouldn't be so rough.

Thought about the plans, and how things should go.
Worried about wrapping paper, tapes and bows.

I wondered if Mr UPS would stop by soon.
Hopefully to drop off a gift, before I go out at noon.

I wished to go walking, but this morning there's rain.
Ahhh... I feel like today that I am in a little pain.

A wonderful excuse for a woman with lots to do.
As I am sure most of the world is very likely too.

But, natter as I may, you will laugh at this:
I have already managed to clean my gift bag cupboard.. in complete merry bliss!

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Chaos is my Life said...

Oh my gosh....I thought you were serious for a second!!!