Tuesday, October 09, 2012

I forgot ...

That's always my story ...

I was just at the bulk store where they package up three dog toys and sell for ten big buckaroos ... and I forgot them. I also forgot the juice I was going to buy. BUT ... to give myself even amount of credit ... when I went to the freezer section I put back the back of frozen blueberries ... because I DID remember that I already owned this bag in my freezer. Close call people, close call.

I forgot how much I enjoy my hair when it is a tiny bit shorter ... so off I went and made it a tiny bit shorter.

I forgot how long I had been gone .. and had to quickly hightail it home to mr youngster crazy boy .. he seemed no worse for wear ... he can manage a two hour nap ... for the big almost 5 month old guy...

I forgot how interestingly odd my son is ... when he was an infant he was impossible to feed, he disliked everything ... just didn't like stuff. We were just talking yesterday, as him and his girlfriend went out for brunch type food .. or at least places where they make pancake stuffs topped with fruit. He said that it is the very same as candy, he doesn't like it because it's too sweet, much the same as fruit .. he really doesn't like it because of the sweetness, where he says apples are the worst .. topped with kiwis and strawberries. Interesting .. he doesn't bother with chocolate, and especially any little packages of sweetly colourful morsels ... of course that was all thrown out the window when along came Tim Horton's .. and he wanted a sprinkle donut ... I then wanted to know how come that didn't qualify ... and what about oreo cookies then .. ?? He said that he found balance in the wafer and the white stuffing, the same with the right amount of doughiness to the chocolate glaze. Odd. He is.

I BETTER NOT forget ... I got an email today .. the Miss Fussalot will be Trick or Treating at the Prime Minister and Governor Generals house this halloween. That seems exciting .. I think.

I forgot how much silly non-luck I am having this year with the whole camera catching photo shoot bear business ... I keep trying to capture a photo ... and I forget that I am having NO LUCK this year.

On top of forgetting juice .. I forgot WASA crackers .. HIGH in fibre, that downgrades the carbs ... right? I forget !

In other things forgetfilled:

I hope I do not forget how to do my job .. I have been missing since the end of July, not that anyone would know .... so I will return this weekend to see if I can still function .. otherwise ... I forget the exact wording of this ... up $%& creek without a snowshoe? steamship? ski? ... what is it ... !!

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