Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Where do you purchase

a smart brain from.

Mine has given up the ghost.

Or given to the ghost, or the boogieman, or the rocket man. At any rate, it has been given away, and the current state of brainiator that I am experiencing is similar to lala-mu-chacha. What ever that is.

Just kidding.

Got your attention that potentially my brain was missing.

I win queen of the dog mothers award. Little guy was just sitting in his morning spot of wishing to be on the couch, but he is not allowed, well .. his do-do bird was on the floor, and I heard these little cries .. he was staring at do-do .. so instead of asking him to remove himself from the couch, I picked up do-do and gave it to him. Somehow I believe that is the wrong action. That's OK ... I know the lil guy isn't going to complain .. and with the crinkle of his little tiny food prompting devices he will be history off that couch, before it even made it's first recording of the event.

In other things that make me quiver and laugh ... I went bear watching yesterday .. and sure enough there was a lovely hugely fellow standing on the road. Of course .. there was a little furry buddy now standing in the passenger seat taking up glass space, barking like a fool at the bear, which stood there, quite conveniently waiting for me to take a picture ... however the only thing I was going to collect was the fur flying from the lil guy. If I could humoursly hashtag here ... surely it would be FML. Just like the videod bear chase from our neighbourhood the other night .. the JIM got the video as I manned the wheel. Then there was the neighbours carport .. with the light that conveniently goes off ... if I wasn't so busy switching my setting to darkness. Then of course there was the fact that I simply drove out of the neighbourhood, as the bear strolled in.... in pure afternoon daylight. Surely by the end of this bear season I am going to have to come up with a photograph.

I think I need a whole whack of cash deposited in front of me. That would be nice. Then I could greetily start my bucket list. I kid you not .. I would pack up .. and just start my life trek ... immediately. There are a trillion locations to take pictures across this province, and each day I wake up in my same bed, I have missed a million more. I am addicted to light and shadows, and filling a frame with such creative visions .. oh wait, but those visions linger just below the surface ... EVERY DAY.

I have checked out an acquaintances blog ... he has done some great adventuring ... and am waiting patiently to see what visions he has captured. I am not so patient, so he better freaking get to it. GDI.

That said .. I will leave for a bit .. leave the sleeping buddy in his sleeping location, take my camera, and travel the same trails that I do pretty much everyday.... however .. TODAY will be a great shot day.

Back later .. with a picture of my new brain!

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