Monday, June 04, 2012

If I was really a smartie pants:

I would be eating smarties.
Love the smarties.
Whoever thought of smarties anyways?
smart smart smart ...
How many does one have to eat to become a smartie?
One can't be the simple qualifier...
There has to be some sort of smartie investment  ... wouldn't you think?

Does a coffee bean make you a coffee drinker?
I mean .. you have to hoard the coffee beans to get the coffees happening.

Back to the comment at hand ... the lone smartie pants.

I would be prepared if I was a smartie pants ...
Except I am no good at being prepared .. just semi prepared!


With the weekend now over .. I can just sigh...

Relief .....

I have to admit ... it's hard keeping up to that boy. He's here .. there.. and back .. and then repeat .. x 10.

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